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Someone asked me on one of the poems, "What is your inspiration?" I have decided to tell it it the story section. I will still post regularly in the poem section, and I'll let you know as soon as I post it. My life has been a little, different, so to speak. But know that ever word of it is true.
I lay across from your side,
From each other we need not hide.

And despite life’s turns and twists,
In the confusion I still find your lips.

Your soft warm body I eagerly caress,
As I hold you tight and massage your breasts.

Trust in me baby; give me your faith,
As long as I’m here, you are safe.

You’re what I live for, you make me strong,
What we’re doing could never be wrong.

I make this last, it’s not to be hurried.
For all the world knows, we could be buried.

When your eyes shut you blissfully sleep,
Life is a gift that we happily reap.

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2013-02-27 04:02:27
I'm glad you've finally setatrd to get some answers to those million questions you had (and hoping that you'll share some with me lol). I think it will be really interesting for you to write out his story. He's pretty twisted, and there must be a lot of unusual events in his past for him to have turned out the way he has and to make him want to create Delaney and her sisters. Even if you never end up turning these into a novel, you're going to have a pretty unqiue set of short stories when you're done.

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2012-08-05 22:58:07
Dude I love your poems!!!!!!!!!

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