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Joseph, Autumn and Emily are friends. Emily and Autumn have been best friends for 7 years. Joseph is Autumn’s Boyfriend for about 2 years. Lately Joseph has been asking Autumn for a three way with another girl. Autumn has turned the subject to something else or gotten mad at him and stormed off so he went to talk to her best friend Emily. Emily listened to him and felt bad.
Emily is 5’4, 130 lbs, red hair with sparking blue eyes. Autumn is 5’2, 140 lbs black hair with green eyes. Joseph is 5’8 blonde hair and built with abs.
Emily knew how stubborn Autumn could be about things like this. Also Joseph knew a little secret of Emily’s. So Joseph decided to give Autumn a little surprise the next night. They went into a sex shop to prepare for the next night. While there they brought two strap-ons that could be filled with water so that it cums, handcuffs, and some rope. Joseph dropped Emily off at her house and went home to Autumn.
When he got home Autumn had dinner ready and was setting the table. They ate dinner and made small talk about their day. When it came time for bed Autumn was expecting Joseph to be all over her but he instead just said goodnight and went to sleep. The next morning he got up showered, ate breakfast. Joseph kissed Autumn goodbye before he left for work. Autumn called Emily up and asked her to come over. Autumn was upset when Emily got there, Autumn thought Joseph was acting strange and didn’t know why. Emily told Autumn to relax and go lay down. She told Autumn that she (Autumn) was over reacting.
Autumn went to the bed room and laid down. A few minutes later she heard the door open and Emily entered the room. Autumn stood up and asked Emily what she was doing in her room. First Emily laid Autumn down on the bed and madeout with her for a few minutes. After a few seconds Autumn's tongue started circling Emily's. Emily was shocked Autumn wasn't fighting her and kissing back instead. Emily then took off Autumn's shirt and black laced bra. She then started kissing Autumn again. Autumn cummed as Emily kissed and licked autumn's neck. Emily licked down Autumn's neck to her nipples. Emily licked slowly and softly around each of Autumn's nipples without touching the tips of Autumn's nipples. Autumn's moans could be heard by Joseph from where he was spying on them. Emily started sucking on Autumn's right nipple then switched to autumn's left. She kept going back and forth for 10 minutes. When Autumn had cummed 5 times Emily licked back up Autumn's neck and they madeout again. Meanwhile Joseph stroked his 7 inch dick hard and fast while listening and watching his girlfriend and her bestfriend through the door creak.
Emily licked down Autumn's neck between her breasts, she licked and teased Autumn's belly button which made Autumn cum. Emily took off Autumn's pants and rubbed Autumn's pussy through Autumn's panties. Emily pulled of Autumn's panties. Autumn moaned as Emily spread her pussy lips. The cold air from the air condition touched Autumn's pussy and clit making her shiver and cum.
Emily slowly licked up and Autumn's slit then she started to tongue fuck her best friend. Without warning Emily stuck her tongue deep in Autumn's pussy and wiggled it around hitting Autumn's gspot. Which made Autumn cum and face fuck Emily for a few minutes till her orgasm calmed down. When Autumn let go of Emily's head, Emily came up and they made out with Autumn's cum on their tongues. Now it was Autumn's turn to make Emily feel good. Autumn took off Emily's shirt and pants leaving Emily in a matching red lace bra and thong set. She then took off Emily's bra. Autumn sucked on Emily's nipples while she fingered Emily. Then she licked down Emily's body and pulled off Emily's thong with her teeth.
Autumn buried her face in Emily's pussy. Autumn slide two fingers in Emily's pussy while she licked Emily's slit. Emily cummed, so did Joseph. Both girls looked at the closet in surprise when they heard a moan coming from it.
Autumn got off the bed and opened the closet door. Standing there naked covered in his cum was Joseph. Autumn went to hit Joseph but Emily was faster and grabbed Autumn’s arms pinning them behind her back. “Quick grab the handcuffs” Emily told Joseph. Joseph grabbed the handcuffs and Emily put them on Autumn.
Emily and Joseph put Autumn on the bed and went to talk about what they should do with her. Next thing Autumn knew was they came back into the room and she was getting tied to the bed while Emily put a strap on. Joseph sat in a chair he dragged in from the kitchen while Emily went over to Autumn’s head and told her to suck the strap on. Autumn shook her head and turned her face away. Joseph got mad at Autumn because here she was ruining his fantasy once again. He got a whip out of the bag. “You either suck it or I will whip your thighs and pussy lips till you do Autumn.” Autumn refused till Joseph brought the whip down hard on Autumn’s right thigh, then she began sucking the strap on fast and deep till she was gagging on it.
Emily stroked Autumn’s hair and pulled the strap on out of Autumn’s mouth. “Let me face fuck you Autumn, I’ll go easy and Joseph will problemy go sit back down then.” Emily face fucked Autumn and wondered how she ever let Joseph blackmail her into this. Emily face fucked Autumn till Joseph told Emily to fuck Autumn now. Emily got on top of Autumn and slide all the 9 inches of the strap on deep in Autumn slowly. Emily started fucking Autumn while saying sorry. Autumn kissed Emily and asked why she was letting Joseph do this to them.
Emily quietly replied “He caught me cheating on my husband and was going to tell him when he gets back from his business trip. I told Joseph I would do anything for him to keep quiet. I’m sorry Autumn.”
Emily kept fucking Autumn till Joseph told her to make the strap on cum. Emily made the strap on cum and then pulled out of Autumn’s pussy. Joseph went over to Autumn and held his dick in front of her mouth till she opened her mouth and started sucking him off. Emily fingered Autumn while Autumn sucked Joseph till he suddenly pulled out and started fucking Autumn hard and deep in her pussy. Joseph told Emily to sit on Autumn’s face. Autumn started licking Emily’s clit and tongue fucking her. When Emily had cummed 3 times she moved down and laid down next to Autumn. She then started fingering Autumn’s ass.
Joseph nodded to Emily and Emily slide the strap on into Autumn’s ass and started fucking her ass lightly. Emily started fuck Autumn harder till Autumn was moaning and cumming. Autumn’s cumming caused Joseph to cum deep inside her pussy. Joseph untied Autumn and told her to get into a 69 with him. Joseph ate her out while pushing her head down so she was deep throating him. Emily tried to leave but Joseph threw Autumn off him and pulled Emily to him. He bent her over his knee and spanked her ass. Joseph gave Emily 15 smacks on each cheek, first right then left. He then put her on top of him and fucked her till he came. Joseph decided he wanted to make Emily squirt some. Joseph laid her on the bed and tongue fucked her fast for 10mins till she squirted covering his face in her cum.
Emily squirting all over his face made him rock hard so he pushed her onto the bed. Joseph push 2 inches of his dick inside Emily teasing her pussy. Then Joseph suddenly pushed all his 7inches into her ass hard. Joseph fucked her ass hard and fast till he creampied her ass. Joseph passed out soon after. Autumn and Emily looked at him then at each other. Revenge sparked in their eyes.


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Good story hope to havensure a part 2

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That's a wise answer to a trkicy question

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