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Hot Springs- Chapter One

kimono: formal Japanese dress
-sama: title meant to show respect to the receiver
hakama: formal divided skirt for Japanese men

Glancing up at the noon sky, Rin took in a large gulp of air as the scent of spring's cherry blossoms gently drifted to her. The breeze was strong that day, and it blew her long, silky black hair around her in swirling tendrils, as buoyant as if supported by water. Her newest kimono, light blue with intricate navy blue embroidering along the sides and chest, ruffled slightly in the wind, letting in a small amount of air to cool her body, which was getting a bit warm in the day's heat. It wasn't summer yet, but Rin could smell it coming in the air.

"Rin. Do not fall behind." Rin looked down from the clouds rushing by overhead to look at her one and only master. Sesshoumaru, still in the same attire in which she had first seen him so many years ago, looked as handsome now as he did then. The cool look on his face told her he was as serious today as he was then, too. He never was very easy to read, but Rin had learned a few small things over the years. Giving him her sweetest smile, she continued her earlier pace as she accompanied Sesshoumaru, who roamed his lands territorially, marking it as his property by simply exuding his demon scent. Rin, as a human, knew that she could not smell nearly as well as her Sesshoumaru-sama, but she once picked up his scent one early morning when she was around sixteen. It had been over a year since that day, but she clearly remembered every moment with her master...

It was nearing dawn, and Rin was aware that she was dreaming as she turned onto her stomach near the fire pit, which had died out long ago. It was not a cold night, though, only a bit cool, so Rin didn't feel the absence of heat and continued dreaming, squirming under her covers every few minutes. Her blankets were twisted around her legs, showing off some lightly tanned, smooth skin that was delicately pulled over toned muscles. Breathing heavily, she vaguely thought to herself that the dream was one of a very different nature versus the ones she had dreamt before. When she was younger, her dreams haunted her with memories of her parents' death, and with memories of the abusive villagers who would beat her up for stealing food. They were unhappy dreams, to say the least, but they always ended with her coming upon Sesshoumaru, and wishing that it could be she that was forever by his side. When she had first found him, she tried to be kind to the demon, even knowing what he was. He had not hurt her the way the villagers had, and no one had told her specifically that demons were all evil and bloodthirsty, so at the time, she was naive as to the extent of the danger that approaching demons would bring. He had looked exotic and new, someone unique and alone, like her--someone she could feel close to.

Her dreams slowly evolved as the years went by, and she became accustomed to traveling with her master. She would dream of bringing him flowers, or of cooking meals for him. Father used to always bring her mother flowers, and mother would cook his favorite dishes for him every night. Nearing the age when most girls would start to blush when handsome young boys glanced their way, Rin was still unaware of the changes in her body. Sesshoumaru certainly knew, though. The first time he smelled blood on her, he knew that she had become capable of bearing pups. Rin had been scared to find herself bleeding, but Sesshoumaru ordered Jaken to explain how to deal with it. He did not, however, tell her why she was bleeding. For a few days before the times when she sporadically bled again, Sesshoumaru would leave without explanation. He didn't want Rin to know that her body held the scent of a female in heat.

Once her monthly cycles had become evenly timed, she slowly became aware of little knots in her stomach that became increasingly evident. She would feel empty, even if she had eaten and had quenched her thirst. At this point, her dreams took on an entirely different theme. She dreamed of strong hands holding her, a firmly muscled chest against hers, and a pressure over her pelvis. The dreams were breathless and warm, and she would feel itchy and damp in her most private of places. It was so again this morning. Dawn's light was beginning to color the sky in lighter tones of blue and purple when she had rolled onto her back again. The secret place between her thighs began to throb, and she felt warm all over. The dream intensified as the strong hands rubbed her chest, and the pressure on her pelvis shifted slightly, pushing against her and then letting up. The cadence of pushing quickened, making Rin's secret place throb quite heavily.

Before she knew it, though, her eyes snapped open, and she sat up, looking around the forest clearing where they had spent the night. She shifted her legs only slightly, confirming that the same odd wetness was there again. Then, starting from her left, she saw Jaken on the other side of the clearing with his head leaning back on a tree trunk and the Staff of Heads on his lap. In front of her was the dead fire, still smoldering a bit. Rin didn't spare it a second thought, though, since Jaken usually stoked the fire in order to cook breakfast. To her right, she stifled a gasp when she saw her Sesshoumaru-sama, glaring at her intently. His breathing was irregular, and he was crouched low in almost a fighting stance. It was then that she could smell him. A musky, but light smell, and it only caused her nether parts to throb more. Confused, she was unsure as to why her body ached. She opened her mouth to ask Sesshoumaru why, but he suddenly growled and took off into the woods. Scared that she had upset her master, she made to get up, but realized her feet were still tangled in the blanket. She looked down and found with a gasp that her kimono had fallen open, baring her chest to the world. Knowing that it was a serious offense when she had lived with her parents to ever reveal more than her face and arms to the public eye, she gasped and clutched at her clothing. Sesshoumaru-sama, is this why you were angry?

Sesshoumaru, already a quarter mile away from the campsite by the time Rin had adjusted her bedclothes, stopped next to a tree and leaned on it, glad to be away from the intoxicating scent that Rin was giving off. For about ten minutes, he had sat there while the scent increased, not wanting to leave, but realizing that his body was reacting in kind. When Rin had sat up, though, and had bared her chest to his hungry eyes, he crouched low, ready to leave the area without her seeing him. However, her gaze had settled on him before he could leave, and she stared at him for what felt like a full minute, not covering herself. Her eyes held an emotion close to confusion, but mixed in was the arousal she had felt in her dreams. Suddenly, though, her scent intensified even further, letting Sesshoumaru know full well that being there had only increased her stimulation. That's when he forced himself to leave, even though at that moment, he would have done almost anything to stay there and make her ache go away.

---End Flashback---
Rin, lost in her own thoughts, did not realize that her master had stopped until she bumped into him. He did not react, but she could tell by the way he paused for a few seconds before speaking to her that it had annoyed him. Rin moved to his side and bowed her head, silently apologizing. She had been rambunctious when she was young, but living with someone who spoke so little for nine years--well, it wore off on her. Rin still showed her affection for the demon whenever she could. She was exceedingly grateful that he took care of her, even if he showed his feelings in odd, subtle ways: refreshing the fire on cold nights when she was still asleep; giving her new kimonos whenever she needed one, without even asking if she wanted one; pausing for a rest if she seemed tired. It had taken she nearly a year to work up the courage to ask if she could help him groom his hair--he had given her an odd stare. It had been expressionless, except for the way his mouth opened just a tiny bit. He had nodded his ascent, and she had finally gotten to touch what she had wanted to touch ever since she first met him.

"We are stopping for half an hour." Rin looked up at her Sesshoumaru-sama and smiled, running her hand down his arm as she left to sit at the base of a cherry tree. The arm, which her master had finally found a replacement for three years after she met him, had been taken from the body of another dog demon who died after he attacked a village deep in the western lands. The village's resident priest, a powerful one, had defeated him after an hour-long battle, or so Jaken said after he had retrieved the arm. Sesshoumaru had taken the arm and attached it to his shoulder, though he didn't let her see him do it. Telling Jaken that he had done well, it was months before the annoying toad stopped boasting about master's praise to her. However, Rin was thankful that Jaken at least spoke to her once in a while, teaching her a few things that he said master wanted her to know, but she still hated his guts, and would always hide his stuff where he couldn't find it unless he searched for at least an hour. This stopped after a while, though. Sesshoumaru didn't like their squabbling--he said it annoyed him--so she stopped pestering Jaken for Sesshoumaru's sake.

Rin played with her hair while they rested, combing her fingers through it. She watched the way the breeze rolled over the field of grass and wildflowers in the distance, making it look like a green sea, and began to weave little braids into the tips of her hair. Hearing the soft crunch of grass behind her, signaling that someone was there, Rin jumped a little, looking over her shoulder at her Sesshoumaru-sama. She watched, almost mystified, as Sesshoumaru sat down next to her and very nonchalantly pulled her into his lap. Rin had been happy enough that he had even sat next to her, but being pulled into his lap made her downright giddy, and she smiled sweetly up at him. Sesshoumaru quietly grumbled that he needed grooming, and was seemingly aghast at how affectionate Rin was being. Reaching to her bag next to the cherry tree trunk, Rin pulled out a small comb, which her master had given to her when she was still quite young. The teeth were a bit worn but still in as good a shape as they had ever been. Rin started at the ends, carefully pulling the comb through his hair. Her master simply stared out into the field, relaxed but alert. Once Rin had made her way around the ends of his hair, she was unable to reach farther up to his scalp from her position, and shifted slightly so that she could finish combing the tangles out. Tugging her kimono up her legs, she squirmed around and straddled her master's lap, unaware of the way in which his muscles tensed.

Sesshoumaru was quite aware, though. Her womanhood was pressed against his pelvis, and whenever she pulled the comb through his hair (an act that felt good in its own right), her pelvis would put pressure on his groin--an act that felt tremendously good. He had folded his arms in front of his chest once he had settled her in his lap, but when she turned around to straddle his hips, he was obligated to move his arms, and had automatically placed his hands on her thighs. Rin, concentrating on the task at hand, had not noticed where his hands were until she felt them squeeze her thighs. It had been light and quick, but her combing stopped in mid-stroke, and she began to breathe a bit more shallowly when she realized that something was growing underneath her. His hands squeezed her thighs again, a bit more insistently and for a longer period of time. The hardness quickly building beneath her was pressed to the spot that had been aching for quite a while now, and without thinking, she pushed herself down against it, lowering her hands.

Sesshoumaru growled and suddenly plucked her up off his lap. She grasped at his wrists, mouth open and heart pounding. Standing up easily, he put her on her feet and strode away, both hands fisted. Rin, worried that she had made her master angry, stuttered out,

"I-I'm so sorry, Sesshoumaru-sama! I didn't mean to upset you!" She was answered with a growl, and from further down the path, where Jaken was sitting, Jaken glared at her, even though he probably didn't know the reason for Sesshoumaru's piqued ire.

"Pick up your things and follow," was all Sesshoumaru said. Knowing this to be close enough to forgiveness as she was going to get, she adjusted her kimono and snatched up her bag, reattaching it to Un's side of the saddle. She stayed with the pack animal as she walked, though, not certain if her Sesshoumaru-sama wanted her company just yet. After about half an hour, she heard her name, and jogged up to Sesshoumaru as best as she could in her constrictive kimono. Though she wore clothes that only draped down a bit past her knees when she was a young child, he eventually only provided the longer ones that made running harder. Slowing to walk next to him, she looked up at him, but he didn't glance her way. Looking ahead again, she coyly slid her hand into her master's, and was relieved to feel him curl his fingers around hers. For the rest of the day, they walked as such, and Rin earned a lot of glares from Jaken, who walked ahead a good fifty feet.

Sesshoumaru, when Rin had unconsciously rubbed against his arousal, had used all his strength to keep from shoving his hands up the skirt of her kimono and grabbing her hind end so that he could grind her pelvis against his. Instead, he put her body away from the ache in his groin, and stalked off, fists clenched to remind himself that bedding down with a human was beneath his station. Though his mind had gone through the arguments countless times before, the debate in his head began again.

She's weak, only a human. Any pups from her would be weak as well.

But, being half-demon does not diminish the blood's power--if a strong demon mates with a human, an equally strong half-demon is born.

Humans are fickle and vain. She will abandon me once her weak human heart is swayed.

But, she has been with me for a decade, showing loyalty only to me and my retainers.

...She will make me weak.

As he told her to prepare to leave, he walked ahead, needing time to cool his ardor before letting her near him again. She stumbled out an apology, and Sesshoumaru inwardly winced. You have nothing to apologize for. He knew very well that Rin was at the age when humans married and mated. He knew that her mind was no longer like a child's, just as her body was no longer like a child's. How well he knew that last fact. Rolling his thoughts around in his mind, Sesshoumaru pondered on what he should do with Rin now that she could be taken care of by someone else...a husband. Fighting hard not to admit it to himself, he didn't want to give Rin to anyone, but his mind screamed to him... She's mine! No one else can have her!

Shaking the thought out of his head, he grumbled her name to get her attention, and soon she caught up to him. He knew she was looking at him, but he didn't want to look down at her. He didn't want her to see the fierce possessiveness in his eyes. Just as the western lands were his territory, so was Rin. Rin belonged to him alone. Feeling her hand creep into his, he conceded to give her a small measure of the territoriality he was feeling over her, and closed his fingers.

About half an hour before sunset, Sesshoumaru stopped them near a hot spring. Knowing that he did not like the smell of sweat that humans gave off, Rin bathed every chance she could. Since he would be gone for a short while to hunt for food, an easy task, she retrieved her bag from Ah-Un and walked off in the direction of the hot spring, not knowing that her master was watching her. Sesshoumaru beckoned to Jaken.

"I will bring back food for the girl. Make sure she behaves." Then taking off, he practically vanished from the clearing, his nose already picking up the scent of a young doe nearby. Jaken snorted to himself,

"There's no way I'm going over there. She'll call me a pervert like she did last time and throw rocks at my head." Sitting down on the grass near master's beast of burden, Jaken continued grumbling to himself, hoping Rin returned from her bath before master returned from hunting.

Rin, having gathered some cherry blossoms earlier that day, let them spill out of the bag onto the surface of the hot spring. Hoping the scent would linger on her skin if she could not bathe again for a few days, Rin set her bag on the rock near the edge, and pulled off her kimono. Carefully folding it, she set it next to her bag, and finally removed her shoes and under-robe. Sliding into the hot spring, Rin fought the urge to take some of her skin out of the water because the warmth of the water caused her to gasp. Smelling the cherry blossoms as they released their scent into the air, Rin waded to a rock in the middle and found a seat below the water's surface. The seat was a bit high, and she could only sink in as far as the underside of her breasts, but it was good enough. Leaning back against the rock, Rin let her thoughts wander, but they inevitably settled on the events of the afternoon.

Rin might have blushed if her skin wasn't already warm from the hot spring. It had taken a while, but Jaken had finally explained to her how humans made offspring about a year ago. He had grudgingly explained with a disgusted look on his face the whole time. He never explained what the monthly bleeding had to do with anything, though Rin was sure that it had something to do with mating, but she at least knew that Sesshoumaru had been aroused when she had been combing his hair. She had not realized until she thought on it while sitting in the hot spring--when she first felt something growing beneath her, she had been completely stumped as to what was going on, and just reacted. Recalling it now, she felt embarrassed beyond belief that she had been so bold, and tried to sink a little lower in the water. She did realize, though, what this meant...that she had excited Sesshoumaru, and that thought alone made her heart pound.

She still felt that ache, however, and pushing her secret place against him had scratched the itch slightly. Wondering if it would still work, Rin hesitantly moved her hand between her thighs. She felt a little awkward and embarrassed doing so, but Rin was desperate at this point. Scooting her rear end a little further out and sinking lower, she opened her legs a bit farther and tried to find out what it was that she was aching for. Imagining that it was her master's hand between her thighs, confidently manipulating her body with those long, strong fingers, Rin's mind conjured up a scene in which Sesshoumaru was bent over her and the rock, standing thigh-deep in the warm water between her legs. Rin was a bit amused when she could not imagine him naked. After about a minute of searching, Rin inhaled softly as her finger hit a little bump, almost like a tiny ball, the size of a pearl, hidden underneath a smooth layer of skin. Her legs spread a bit further, and she rubbed the spot harder...

Breathing heavily now, Rin leaned her head back against the rock, closing her eyes, and letting a sigh escape her mouth. The water was very warm, so it only stimulated her faster, making the secret muscles throb slowly. Rin didn't understand why this felt good, but she was glad that it did--because it was somehow helping her. So close...Sesshoumaru-sama... Hearing a small splash, Rin's eyes shot open, and she pulled her hand away, clamping her legs shut. Sesshoumaru stood knee-deep in the edge of the hot spring, looking at her with an expressionless face. However, Rin could tell that he was breathing a little faster than normal, lips ajar. She would have been embarrassed that she was nude and vulnerable in front of him, but the fact that he was completely naked had thoroughly distracted her. He's so... Rin couldn't describe it to herself. Just looking at him made her feel itchy in that same spot. She didn't realize she had been staring for a long time until Sesshoumaru spoke,

"Does it still ache?" Rin's mouth went dry as it fell open. Her heart was beating so fast in her chest that it hurt, and blood pounded in her head. Her eyes were automatically drawn to the arousal pointing at her, and she stood up from where she sat, water dripping from her body to the water at her knees. Sesshoumaru's eyes drifted low, and Rin watched his breaths become heavy as he clenched his fists. Rin, ever obedient, answered her master's question.

"Y-yes." Sesshoumaru felt his arousal become even tighter at her hesitant words, but he let his eyes roam over her body for a brief moment. She really had become beautiful. Toned muscles, a flat stomach, long legs, full breasts... Unable to stand it anymore, Sesshoumaru began to walk towards her. Rin stood stock-still, unsure of what she should be doing. Hoping that her Sesshoumaru-sama would let her know, she remained in place, heart still thumping loudly against her ribs. She had wanted this, wanted him, ever since that night a year ago. Once she realized that, as a young, healthy human female, she was attracted to her master, in more ways than just physical, Rin wanted to be closer to him. That's when she began to touch him more rather than bring him lopsided bouquets of wild flowers. It's when she began running her fingers through her hair when she knew he was looking, or brushing her fingers down her hip when speaking to him. It's also when she began to sleep with the blanket pushed down to her waist, letting the under-robe work open throughout the night and knowing that at some point when he came to check on her, he certainly got an eyeful of what Rin covered up every morning.

Sesshoumaru stopped about a foot away from her, and Rin was forced to crane her neck back in order to keep eye contact. Then bending slightly, Sesshoumaru slid his arms underneath her shoulders and brought her chest to his, standing up and bringing Rin out of the water. Rin wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she wrapped her legs around his waist, and audibly cried out ever so softly at the feel of his bare skin against hers. Sesshoumaru tightened his arms, pressing the young breasts against his chest. He had desired to hold her like this for several years, even before the night when Rin had sat up from sleep, showing off those tender, buoyant mounds of flesh. His torture only seemed to escalate after, though. Rin, whether unconsciously or not, became more sensual and feminine almost immediately, and Sesshoumaru wondered if he had simply not noticed before.

Sesshoumaru walked them to a deeper part of the hot spring, going far enough to bring the water level up to his chest. Rin had been hiding her face in his neck the whole time, but when he stopped moving, she brought her head up and looked into his eyes. He could tell she was scared, but he could also see that she was already physically excited. He did know, of course, what she had been doing before he made his presence known. He had been tempted to continue hiding himself and watch her from a distance. Wondering what Rin had been fantasizing while pleasuring herself, Sesshoumaru let his feet find better purchase in the rock below the water. His right arm tightened around her back as he moved his left hand down along her side, rubbing her posterior. Rin's mouth opened at that, and Sesshoumaru took the opportunity to kiss her. Sliding his tongue into her mouth, he slanted his mouth over hers again and again, delighted that she was responding, and still squeezing the flesh in his hand.

Kissing Rin, after so many frustrating erections and after so many long nights of unfulfilled lust, was more than enough to make his arousal painful and demanding. Sesshoumaru, as perhaps the strongest demon, was humbled by the power that Rin held over his body. If she ever withheld her favors until she got something she wanted, he knew that he would not be able to deny her heart's desires. Rin was almost breathless when he broke away, and her mouth followed his, silently coaxing him to continue. Instead, he spoke softly, his voice breathless and rumbling against her chest,

"When I returned, I could smell your arousal. It was...strong, to say the least." His words were aphrodisiacs, and Rin found herself pressing her chest against him. "From now on,'re only mine," he said fiercely, his eyes burning with possessiveness. Her eyes softened, and though it could have been a trick of the hot springs, her eyes shined with tears.

" aches so badly." She was mortified to admit it, but she got the desired result. He brought her hips a bit higher up on his waist, and began to nuzzle the spot just below her ear. Licking it, he kissed his way to the bend of her neck and shoulder, and breathed in her scent. She smells so divine--I wish I could saturate myself in it. She leaned her head to the side slightly, allowing him better access, but gasped when she felt his hand between her legs. He had slid his left hand between their bodies and was teasing the little bump she had found earlier. She shifted slightly so that he could reach more easily, and was rewarded when he rolled the spot between his fingers, bringing a sweet moan out of her. Gripping his shoulders more tightly, she made uncontrollable little hitching noises as pulses of gratifying pleasure followed every movement made by his fingers. He was finding it hard to believe that he was aroused to this extent. He had not had many previous lovers--most were one time only, but he had thought that they were all exciting enough for his attention. Rin, however...with her, he wanted to bring her to a climax at least twice before taking her, but was fighting to keep from slamming his way home inside her warmth right now. Rubbing a bit harder with his thumb, he nearly growled when he heard her cry of surprise.

I'm so close...just a little more...please... As he massaged the sensitive spot and licked her neck, Rin was bursting with things to say. Tightening her arms around his shoulders, she brought her lips close to his ear,

"It feels so good." He did growl at that, and decided to carefully press the tip of his longest finger into her body as his thumb rubbed her pearl. Her thighs began to clench around his waist, and the excited noises she made were making him so stiff and ready for her. The hot water around them audibly shifted as their movements became more frenzied. She clamped her arms around his shoulders, holding tight as her head started to swim. The pleasure seemed to come from her four limbs and converged onto the spot her master was rubbing, and when it finally reached her womanhood, the muscles began to throb and flex as the pleasure spill out of her into the water. She let out a high-pitched groan and felt her master's right arm tighten around her waist.

"S-so good!" she brokenly whispered, happy beyond belief that her Sesshoumaru-sama had done this for her. He knew he wouldn't be able to bring her to another peak before taking her. I'll just have to make up for it afterwards. He withdrew his hand as her grip on his shoulders lessened somewhat. Her legs slowly fell away from his waist, and he turned her slightly, hooking his arm underneath her knees. She looked up at him, and he couldn't describe to himself what her eyes held--it was too many emotions at once.

Pulling on his shoulders, Rin brought her face closer to his, silently begging him for something with those warm brown eyes. Sesshoumaru conceded easily, unable to deny her, and pressed another kiss upon her. I could kiss her forever, he thought to himself. Her mouth was small, but it was warm and responded well. She loved the way he languidly thrust his tongue between her lips, taking his time.

Though her sweet-tasting mouth was like a decadent desert to him, he broke the kiss and glanced around in the deeper end to find a rock that he could lean her up against. Finding something suitable off to his left, he waded over to it and reached out his right hand to find the edge of the rock. It sloped perfectly into the water and he set Rin on the edge. Spreading her thighs beneath the water, he glided his hands along the smooth skin, causing her to gasp again and look up at him.

"I'm going to mate with you, Rin. Your first time will hurt, but I'm telling you now that I won't stop. Do you understand?" She nodded and planted her heels on the edge of the rock ledge, which brought her knees out of the water. Seeing her in such a position, he growled softly and placed one hand below the water to grab hold of himself. Shifting his feet a little closer, his other hand found her womanhood and spread the lips apart. Her mouth fell open. A bit of the hot water from the springs was now intimately touching her, but it wasn't long before the tip of his engorged length prodded at her virginal entrance. She felt a pang of fright, scared since this experience was so new to her.

"Rin," Sesshoumaru whispered, almost to himself, but she heard him clearly. It made her relax a little more, and he pushed slowly into her body. She gasped as his member spread her open. He was too big, but she knew that once she had time to recover, their next time would be much better. Now that the tip of his arousal was inside, he put his hands on the ledge, behind her legs. He pushed a bit deeper, and she gripped his forearms. Though he was big, it wasn't painful yet, and she couldn't contain the satisfied sigh that issued from her mouth.

Sesshoumaru wanted to shove into her body, but he also was hoping to bring her to climax despite the fact that it would be her first time mating. He looked into her eyes, holding their gaze as he pushed in another inch. He needed to say more...he knew that he should and was frustrated that his intelligent mind couldn't find the right words. Leaning his head down without moving his lower half, he shared another kiss with Rin, hoping that this conveyed what he wanted to say, but couldn't. Bringing one hand up from the ledge and making a splashing noise as the excess water fell from his hand, he pressed the pad of his thumb against her chin, holding her jaw open. Then tilting his head slightly, he slid his tongue between her lips, slowly and gently pumping it in and out to mimic what his manhood would soon do as well. She very softly groaned, inexplicably aroused by the erotic, suggestive moves of his tongue. Slowly removing his thumb and placing his hand back the ledge, he pumped his tongue a little faster, no longer needing to hold her lower jaw. He brought his mouth away only a breath after another minute of this, opening his eyes to see her dilated pupils staring back at him. Spreading her knees wider, Rin whispered to him again,

"Deeper, master..." A desperate look came over Sesshoumaru's face, and he pushed in fairly deep, reaching her maidenhead. She took in a shaky breath and moaned sexily, adjusting her grip on his forearms. I feel so stretched...and it's such a good feeling. She prepared herself, though, knowing that the pleasure would probably end here. Relaxing her deepest muscles and taking a big breath, she nodded. Sesshoumaru gratefully bucked his hips. Rin... Realizing almost immediately that he was not yet through, his face tightened in frustration. He had tried to end her innocence with one thrust, but had been too gentle. For Rin, the pain wasn't unbearable, but it still hurt pretty badly. Grimacing with regret but also with strain since his instincts were practically shouting that he just begin pumping into her young body, he thrust again. Breaking through, he pushed his hips forward, pressing very hard against her pelvis until he was seated deeply. He groaned gutturally, wondering how Rin was able to make his heart pound this fast.

From the shore of the hot springs, the scene they presented was utterly licentious. A young human girl, innocently pinned against a rock and sitting chest-deep in steamy water, was mating for the first time. Her lover was a powerful dog demon whose long mane of white hair heavily hung from his aristocratic head and floated easily in the mineral-rich water. With her hands gripping his arms and his pelvis between her open silky thighs, the girl was flushed and glistening with steam, having been penetrated deeply until the head of her debaucher's arousal touched the mouth of her womb, and the enigmatic, powerful demon towering over her was practically panting for air, also shimmering with the hot springs' steam.

"Rin, put your legs around me again." She did as she was told, and also braced one hand on the ledge, fighting to keep the tears swimming in her eyes from falling. He leaned close to her and wrapped his free arm around her torso, holding her against his body. Looking up at him, she saw the apology in his gaze, and nodded at him again.

Closing his eyes, he pulled back and pushed in again, moving his arousal in and out of her at a speed that made sweet friction along his length. So warm... He knew that she wasn't liking it, and so sped up his thrusts in order finish as soon as possible. good... With his eyes closed, he could hear splashes of water as he pumped his hips beneath the surface, and he could also hear her agonized sighs. His heart contracted painfully, knowing that he was causing her such pain. Why do human females have to have such an unnecessary piece of flesh when it will only be torn asunder in adulthood? Rin sighed again, a little longer this time, and the tone sounded different.

"Ohhh, Sesshoumaru-sama," she moaned, surprising her master. He let his eyes open, and was once again surprised to see Rin looking at him, obviously aroused. She bit down on her lower lip, but not in pain. "Master," she whispered, ending the word with a drawn out, sensual groan. How?, he thought to himself.

For Rin, the warm water, filtering into her body with every thrust, had done well to make her feel better. The mineral-rich water had soothed and lubricated the battered skin as well as softened it, making the wonderful, tight slides easier. The sensation was very raw, but still...he was rubbing against that spot again, and she loved how well he filled her. Planting her hands on the ledge, she used the leverage to buck into him, causing her master to growl and shove back.

"" Sesshoumaru asked gruffly, still thrusting intently at her womanhood. She was trying to push back at the right time, a little off, and began breathing just as heavily as her master.

"The water," she answered, hoping it was enough explanation since she was too out of breath to say much else. Sesshoumaru nodded once, pulling out a bit farther than he had been. Rin, now also participating, pulled her hips down a little as well, and his throbbing member slipped from her body. She made a disappointed noise, a little embarrassed, and gasped out a quick 'sorry' while Sesshoumaru used the arm that had been around her body to insert himself again.

"We'll get plenty of chances to practice," Sesshoumaru said, brushing aside her apology. Rubbing the tip of his arousal again the soft lips of her body, he worked them open slowly, deliberately stalling his re-entry. She made a frustrated noise, wiggling her hips a little.

"Please, Sesshoumaru-sama...I want you inside me," she begged, not breathing quite as fast anymore. He wanted to continue teasing her, but his body was no longer able to stand the lure of the explosive release he knew he would find with her. Positioning the tip and flexing his thigh muscles, he slowly sunk into her body, automatically folding his arm around her torso again and holding her close to him.

"You feel good, Rin...warm and tight." Sesshoumaru touched home and swiveled his hips over her, rubbing against the swollen jewel of her body. "Do you like this?" he asked huskily, making small jabs into her muscles. After about a minute, he pulled back farther and pushed in again, rocking her back with each thrust as he rapidly increased the pace. She secured her hands on the ledge and more conservatively met his thrusts, moaning as her head started to swim again. It wasn't long before she tired, though, and it was all she could do to just kept her hips up and clamp her inner muscles around him. He stiffened as a particularly intense throb of pleasure slid up his spine. He could feel it coming...only a few more thrusts. Her little moans soon turned into longer, higher sounds, and she began to quickly crescendo into loud cries.

"It's so hot inside! Sesshoumaru-sama, please!" Rin cried out, letting her head fall back. Pumping faster, his muscles tensed from the build-up, and she could only sit there as he pushed into her tight sheath over and over. He could tell that she was seconds from her climax--her scent was changing. He wasn't sure if there was a better scent in the entire world than Rin. He had always loved it. Even when she first found him, he had noticed how appealing her scent was. She suddenly clamped her arms around his shoulders, feeling a peculiar but not at all uncomfortable build-up rising inside her belly. When the sensations suddenly came at her, she shakily cried into Sesshoumaru's ear, feeling a warm, heavy force throbbing down her womanhood. "Ahhhh! M-master!"

Groaning as her shudders continued, he felt heat shoot up his length and into her. He pressed the tip of his arousal to the mouth of her womb and let his seed fill her, growling as it throbbed out of him. He gasped several times, out of breath and being drained of all his strength. It has never felt this good with anyone else. His whole body ached for some reason, which astounded him to no end. It's as if my body has been tense with need ever since I realized that I wanted Rin for my own. Feeling a few more pulsations coming on, he tightened his arms around her and pushed a little deeper, convulsing as the throbs traveled down his member. They stayed there for a while, with her legs wrapped around her master's waist. He licked and suckled at her lips as their ardor cooled slightly, his right hand gently squeezing her right breast as his fingers lightly pinched her nipple. Having him treat her body so well, she was more content than she had ever been. She only hoped that he returned her deep affections.

Sesshoumaru leaned back finally, placing his hands on the ledge beneath his mate. Rin let her arms drop away from him as well. Looking exhausted but happy, she gave him a content smile. Sesshoumaru, with his face close to hers and with his phallus still buried inside her body, felt an entirely different kind of warmth spread throughout his chest, as if his heart was also expressing its happiness. He removed himself as gently as he could, watching her for any sign of discomfort. She pinched her bottom lip with her teeth, but otherwise didn't make a sound. She let her legs close, pondering how sore she would feel later. He sat down on the ledge next to her, splashing a bit, and reached over to take hold of her trim sides, pulling her to his lap like he had earlier that afternoon. Though the water hadn't changed temperature, she felt as if it were much cooler than before and smiled up at her master.

"I love you, Sesshoumaru-sama." Sesshoumaru, if anyone else could have seen his face, would be astounded at the emotion it contained. Her eyebrows turned upwards as she looked at him, silently sharing his joy with him. He looked so happy, and closed his eyes to turn his head and nuzzle her temple. Whispering softly, he brought his mouth close to her ear,

"I love you, too, Rin." She felt tears swimming in her eyes as he brought his head up. A lone tear, a hot as the water around them, fell down her cheek, following his clawed fingers as they brushed the soft skin. "Why are you crying, love?" he asked, his voice gruff. He held her closer, overjoyed that he could finally show her the affection that had built up in him for the past decade. Her response was true for the both of them.

"I'm happy, Sesshoumaru-sama. You've made my dreams come true."

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