I was 22 at the time of this incident.
I had just barely moved in with my sister in her new apartment.
At the age of 18 I moved out of my parents home and had moved in with roommates and lived like a party animal day and night,
drinking alcohol, doing drugs, having sex and getting into trouble.
Living in this fast paced life took its toll on my body,
my finances and on my police record.
My sister allowed me to pay one third of what I was paying in my old apartment and also
I would save money by not eating out as much.
To me it was a win, win situation.
The only draw back to all this was I had to promise to quit my partying and stay away from my old friends and since she lived out side of the city
and just lived in a small rural area.
And there wasn’t that much to do or get into trouble with where she lived.
Since I no longer had a car, after totaling it in a drunken crash I had to walk or take a bus to wherever I wanted to go.
Luckily my sister’s apartment was only 2 blocks away from a small shopping center that had a small clothing store in there also.
Once in a while I would go in there and buy
some of my clothing from there.
The first couple of days I went in there I had noticed a very young girl working there.
She looked like she couldn’t have been more than 18 years old.
I honestly thought she was 18 and had no doubt about it.
I soon was just stopping by to say hello and flirt with her
every and any chance I could just to kill time.
I learned her name was Amy; she lived with her mother
and one brother.
I learned that she and her brother had dropped out
of school in the 9th grade.
I later learned that she and her brother were twins.
She truly wasn’t my type, she was scrawny, small and had small B sized tits but since I had moved from my old place
and from my friends (Girls) with benefits
I was by now feeling very horny and
just masturbating wasn’t cutting it anymore.
Within the 2nd week of knowing her
I asked her out on a date for this coming Saturday.
She accepted but said that she needed
to ask her mom for permission.
I thought that was strange for an 18 year old to ask her mom for permission but concluded that maybe since she was still living under her mom’s roof she was under her rules.
I gave her my phone number so that she could call me back and see if her mom would allow her to go out on a date.
She called several hours later and happily said that her mom had allowed her to go out on a date.
I agreed to meet her at the movie theater by 6:00 pm. Saturday.
I borrowed my sisters car and had bought some condoms
to use for later that night.
I saw her walking towards me about half a block away accompanied by a woman around 40’ish
and a little on the heavy side.
It turned out to be her mom.
They said that they were a little late because they had taken the bus since they didn’t own a car.
Amy introduced me to her mom and vise versa.
Amy’s moms name was Tonya.
Amy’s mom Tonya asked Amy if she wanted her to come by after the movie and pick her up I told her that I had brought my car and that I would be happy to take her home.
Tonya looked me right in my eyes and said OK but that she wanted her back home right after the movie. I agreed. My plans of having sex with Amy was cut short because
her mom wanted her back right after.
We sat almost to the back of the movie theater and talked a bit before the movie started. That’s when I learned that Amy was just 16 years old. Oh my! Shit, jail bait!
There’s no way I was going to have sex with her
at all. I felt defrauded, cheated and still horny.
As the movie progressed Amy reached for my hand and held it, like two school age kids.
I thought there’s no harm in holding hands so I let her.
By the end of the movie her head was resting on my shoulder and I couldn’t wait to get out of there and away from her.
After the movie we walked to my car with both of us still holding hands. As soon as we got into the car I told her, “Look I didn’t know you were 16,
I thought you were 18.” I said “I’m 22 it’s against the law for me to be with you. I like you a lot
but I don’t think this is going to work.
She began to tear up and sob telling me she liked me and
that she didn’t care if I was 22.
I leaned over and kissed her on her cheek and said maybe when you’re older we can go out.
I dropped her off at her apartment which was just conveniently across the street from my apartment.
That was that for that night.
Amy called me on Sunday night 3 times
but I never picked up the phone.
Monday came and I had to go and buy some groceries and walked over to the grocery store that was over on the other side of where Amy worked.
I knew that sooner or later we would have to meet again and as I was walking past her store I heard her call out to me.
“David!” I turned around and she was running to me
and she had a very big smile on her face
as she threw her arms around me and said,
“I told my mom about you and she said it’s OK if I go out with you!” What? Wait! Hold on, I said.
You told your mom what?
She said “I told my mom how old you were and that I loved you
very much and that I wanted to be with you.
At first she didn’t want us to but she saw how depressed I was about you that she finally agreed, isn’t that great?”
In my head I was shocked!
I was perplexed!
I at no time even thought she felt this way about me
in such a sort time.
And at no time did I believe
I was leading her on to such a relationship.
I was still trying to understand what she was trying to say, when I heard her say, “But my mom wants to talk to you first”
Your crazy, I thought. I don’t even want to date you and you want me to go and talk to your mom?
But, I kept it to my self. I was sort of speechless.
And all I could hear coming out from Amy’s mouth was
“My mother said I can be your girlfriend”
I paused for a moment and started to think
“Well if her own mother wants me to be her daughter’s
boyfriend and fuck her why not?”
I don’t know if it was because I was too horny or
because it was taboo since she was 16 years old and I would soon be fucking her, that I agreed to go over and actually see if what Amy had said was true
or it was just a way for Tonya, Amy’s mom,
to let me have it, for a 22 year old man to be going out with her 16 year old daughter, a minor.
Last time I went to a girls house to meet her parents was when I was 17 and a junior in high school.
I arrived at 7:00 pm to her apartment door as Amy and I had agreed. I had butterflies in my stomach.
I was nervous because I knew if it was true it would still be something very taboo and very illegal.
I rang the door bell and Amy answered it, I walked in and Tonya was in the kitchen. Amy held my hand as she guided me over to the living room couch.
Tonya asked me if I drank beer and I told her yes,
she said all I got are miller lites and I told thanks but I’m OK.
She said nonsense have one with me, so I said OK.
Tonya looked like an average mom. 5’ 6” and around 185 lbs.
As she brought me my beer I could see a sarcastic grin on her face as she handed me my beer.
Amy sat next to me holding my hand.
Tonya sat across from us and I could tell she had already had a beer buzz on her.
She began “So you want to date my daughter don’t you?
I just turned and looked at Amy to see if Amy would say
“no it’s me who wants to date him” but she didn’t say anything.
I just took a drink and said nothing back.
She continued to ask me
“You know she is only 16, right? I said yes I know that now.
Then she asked everything else a good mother would ask anyone wanting to date her child. Where I work? Where I live?
Where I come from? Ect…
After about an hour and a half later and 2 beers Tonya concludes by saying “All I want from you is to treat her right or you’ll have me to deal with.
” I said no problem mam and she said call me Tonya.
She got up and said come here give me a hug and so I did.
She said if I wanted another beer and I told her no
I’m ok with these two.
Tonya took my hand and placed it with her daughters hand and
said well I’m going to my room now.
I was glad it was all over but still could not understand how she could allow a 22 year old man to be with her
16 year old daughter?
As soon as Tonya had closed the door to her room Amy gives me a kiss on the mouth, our first kiss.
I still wasn’t sure if this was all a dream or not?
I wasn’t even attracted to Amy to be her boyfriend.
I just wanted to date her for a fuck.
As Amy kissed on me, her kissing skills sucked,
they were very sloppy.
I didn’t even feel comfortable kissing her that same way
not only because she was 16 but because her mom
and her brother were both
in their rooms in the same apartment.
I wanted to talk with Amy before anything else happened.
I said “Amy, I have been with lots of girls I don’t just hold hands and kiss I think your mom thinks I'm still a virgin
because that I am not.”
Amy said that it was ok with her that I was not a virgin
and that she was still a virgin.
She said she had never kissed a real boy before
nor had ever seen a boy naked either.
She said she knew what sex was and what a blow job was but that she had never done them at all.
I can honestly say that the way Amy was carrying on she wanted me to go all the way with her but I just couldn’t do it.
I held Amy and told her “Look, I know you want me to be your boyfriend but I don’t know if it will work out, I’m 22 years old.
I like going out and drinking beers and these places I go to you just can’t go to because you’re under age.
She just kept saying “I don’t care, I want you.
I was now getting ready to go when her brother’s door to his room opened and he stepped out and walked into the bathroom.
I did not see his face but just said Hi,
and he just waved and said Hi back.
His name was Jamy.
He also had long blond hair almost as long as Amy.
From the back I could tell they looked alike.
Out of his room I could smell incense and the aroma of pot.
I could hear the music coming out from his room
it was heavy metal rock.
I kissed Amy one last time and told her I had to go but she wanted me to stay longer, saying that her mother
didn’t mind how long I stayed.
But I just couldn’t go though it and left.
The next day Amy called me every half hour
wanting me to come over and
after awhile I stopped answering the phone.
2 days went by without me going over to Amy’s Apartment
and I hardly ever answered her calls
because all this was just too weird for me.
When I did answer her calls I would tell her I was with friends drinking beers and couldn’t come over so early.
She told me that her mother had taken her to the planed parenthood clinic to start her on the pill.
I still wasn’t interested.
On the third day after I first went to meet her mother Tonya,
my phone rang and it was a different number that I didn’t have and answered it.
It was Tonya on the other line and asked me if I could come over.
She wanted to talk with me again.
I said sure, I’ll be right over.
Amy was there and was the one that opened the door and kissed me as I walked in and held my hand till we sat down.
Once again Tonya was already drinking and invited me to a beer.
This time she talked more like a friend than a mother in law.
Tonya told me that she and her daughter talked about everything and that she always wanted to know everything about her daughter and her life.
She said she knew that I had not taken advantage of her daughter and that Amy had said how I told her I was afraid of being with a 16 year old minor.
She said “You know I approve of you too being together,
don’t you?
I said yes. Well what’s the problem then?
Isn’t my Amy good enough for you?
I didn’t know what to say.
I told her, look I don’t think this is going to work at all.
I’m a grown man I don’t date holding hands anymore
and I don’t want you to think that’s what I want because
I am not a virgin. After I said this I thought her mom would tell me to leave or something like that but instead
she took a big gulp of her beer and wiped her mouth and said, when I told you that you could date my daughter
I knew exactly what was going to happen between you too.
I know Amy is still a virgin and has never had a boyfriend before but I knew you weren’t a virgin at all.
Amy has said that you haven’t come over because you’re too busy but I think you’re afraid to be sexual
with her because you might go to jail.
I said exactly!
She said, look she’s going to lose her virginity sooner or later
and I know that.
Amy wants you and I just can’t see my little Amy
broken hearted. She’s on the pill you know that right?
I said Amy told me she was.
Well dummy who do you think took her? I did! She said.
Because I know that if she was going to date a 22 year old guy
she was going to be having sex right away.
I now knew what Tonya was actually saying to me.
Amy’s mother Tonya was telling me I could fuck
her 16 year old daughter.
I still wasn’t willing to do anything like that with Amy even
thou I knew Tonya was giving me her OK to fuck her daughter.
Tonya said if you want anymore beers help yourself to them they’re in the fridge. Then she turned around grabbed something from her purse and threw it on the center table.
It was a box of condoms and then said “don’t use them all at one time” as she was walking into her room.
This is crazy! This is insane! I am not having sex with her here
in the middle of the living room I thought.
I turned to Amy and said look I like you but I’m not too sure I want to have sex with you right now, I can wait you should too. She grabbed my hand and kissed me, sloppy like but still kissed me and said what about kissing?
I said yes that’s OK. I spent the next hour eating their food, drinking beers and cuddling with Amy watching T.V.
When I told Amy I had to leave she didn’t want me too
but I got up and walked to the door anyway.
Amy started to cup my cock through my pants and
I wasn’t cool with that because I thought
that too was wrong to do with a 16 year old.
She asked me to teach her how to give a blow job and
that if that was OK to do?
I told her no. I’m the first one she has ever kissed and it shows,
so I knew she would suck at sucking.
She would take my hand and put it under her T shirt
to feel her up but I really wasn’t trying to play
hard to get or was I?
She did get me hard but I left anyway.
I left very confused emotionally and morally.
That night I asked myself what’s wrong with me?
I knew very well that if I had not stopped smoking pot and getting wasted every night this wouldn’t even by a factor.
I know I would have fucked her that Saturday after the movie.
I wouldn’t have cared.
But this was different, no I was different.
Months of being sober from doing drugs and getting wasted had cleared my head from childish thoughts and ways.
Life had consequences but it also had pleasures.
Either stop this childish fantasy and quit being this knight in shinning armor that I’m not because this can get you in to big jail trouble or just go with it since no one cares
and no one knows what’s happening behind closed walls.
Either one I had to choose.
The next day at work, the work stated to pile on
and I had to stay for a double shift and did not see Amy that day.
I wanted to go over to her house the next day but staying up all night that first night thinking about my life choices and that second night working double shift left me too tired. I talked to Amy on the phone everyday and I told her that today I would be able to go visit her if she wanted.
She happily invited me over and told me her mom had yelled out “Tell him when he comes over if he can bring me some beers?”
I said sure no problem.
I was now on my way to Amy’s with a 12 pack of miller lites.
I don’t know how far I would go this time with Amy
but I knew I was going there and be free to be with Amy
as my girlfriend in front of her mom and brother.
When I arrived Amy was waiting for me at the parking lot already and ran to my sisters car and was just jumping
like a little girl all excited.
As I got out of the car she threw herself at me
and started to kiss me.
I forcefully pushed her away,
I was not ready to be her boyfriend in public, no way.
I took her by the arm and told her “Not here!”
She walked in front of me and opened the door as soon as she closed it she again threw her self at me with bunches of kisses.
Tonya yelled out “let him come in at least”
I said hello to Tonya as she welcomed me in.
Tonya told Amy to give me something to eat.
I said thank you. Then I handed Tonya the beers
and she looked pleased.
Amy was all over me saying over and over “I can’t believe your really here!” Tonya looked happy in two different ways.
One she was happy that her daughter was happy and
the second was because she now had a cold beer in her hand.
I was made to feel very welcomed as I ate.
I heard the loud rock music coming from Jamy’s room as he came out then I smelled that familiar sent of bud once again.
He entered the kitchen area and Tonya asked me if we had met?
I said no, Jamy flip his long hair away from his face as he shook my hand and said “O’ yea, Hi.
I looked and sure enough their facial features were quite similar and I could tell they were twins except
one was a guy and the other a girl.
He made me feel he was cool with me dating his sister or just didn’t care but treated me well.
After we finished with supper Tonya told Amy to take me to the living room to watch T.V. while they both did the dishes.
Amy was bumming because she wanted to be with me.
But I told her “Amy you better do as your mom says, ok?”
She did. Tonya and I talked most of the time that they were watching dishes nothing important just small talk.
By the time they both came to the couch to sit with me, Tonya was already on her 4th beer. And I was on my 2nd only.
Amy kept telling her mom “Look I have a boyfriend And His mine!
She would kiss me on my cheek and hug me so tight it was embarrassing but she was just 16.
I tried not to hug Amy in front of her mom.
When I looked to see what Tonya was doing
as Amy kissed me I could see that Tonya’s eyesight
was focused on whether I had a hard on bulge or not
and did not see me looking at her.
Well there was a bulge in my pants because
even thou Amy’s mom was there I knew she wanted me
to have sex with her daughter.
It was now 9:00 pm and Tonya was on her 7th beer,
she got up grabbed another beer from the fridge and
said she was going to bed now.
She blew a kiss to her daughter and said “Have fun”
As she winked at me.
Amy quickly turned the T.V volume down and I could hear the music coming from Jamy’s room.
Amy started kissing me on the lips and I could tell she was getting better at it by now.
As we kissed I was thinking about Amy being just 16 years old and that I was going to have my way with her.
With one hand Amy began to fondle my cock through my pants and with the other hand she picked my hand and placed it on her left breast. This time I left it there and played with her small young tit through her shirt as we both kissed.
Not just having a 16 year old in my arms was a turn on but knowing her mother was just in the other room
and knowing that Tonya knew we were going to have sex
was a turn on too.
It was just at that time that we heard the loud music once again as Jamy opened the door and saw us going at it that he said
“Sorry, I have to go to the rest room”
again that old familiar smell of marijuana came from his room.
I asked Amy if her mother allowed him to smoke pot in the house and Amy said “Our mom lets us do anything we want.”
As we waited for Jamy to go back into his room Amy began to unbuckle my pants I instinctively held her hands back from unbuckling them but I realized it was OK since her mother
and brother didn’t care, so I let her.
When we heard his bed room door close and the music fade we knew we could go ahead and start where we left off.
By now my pants were down to my ankles and Amy was now tugging at my underwear.
I could see in Amy’s eyes her anticipation of wanting to see
her boyfriends cock for the first time.
She pulled them way down and it sprang up in front of her face then she just looked at me and dove unto my cock like a pro. Wow, and here I was thinking that since she didn’t know how to kiss she wouldn’t know how to suck. But I was wrong.
She sucked me good and jerked me well.
3 months had passed since I last had sex.
and with me being sexually frustrated and the excitement
of being with Amy sexually in her home with her mother and brother near by was just too much.
I told her I was going to cum but she did not allow me to pull out
and I shot my hot load in her mouth she spilled some but swallowed most of it as she giggled at the same time.
She said “How was that?” I just looked at her and said “that was amazing!"

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Part too please :-) !

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I think the thing that got me the most about this story is you didn't describe some Miss Teen America pageant contestant and try to pass her off as average only then to describe how hot she was.

You kept it consistent. She was skinny, had small breasts (although with skinny girls a b-cup can look pretty good), and I'm guessing short. Which seems to me an all around average, but cute or cutish girl that you were hoping for just a quick bang from and thought you could get it fast and cheap.

Still doesn't explain why you stuck around exactly or why you didn't try another girl or have another girl around who was more to your standards for a 'real' relationship, but love the premise of the story.

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Short lines and too many of them makes for a negative reading.

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