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A girl named Christie gets her first orgasm. This is my first time posting. :)
Se Christie and Erica were best friends. They always were together. They've known eachother forever, and knew their likes and dislikes. One thing Christie and Erica shared together was the love for historical romance novels. Erica's mother had a large collection of them and Erica out of curiosity always took them to analyze with Christie. Erica, always felt the need to share these stories with Christie. She could never not share them. She know they both enjoyed it too much to do that. Christie never said anything, but the deions the authors gave were always vivid and intense. The readings always made her feel different. The sensation she felt come from within made her wet inside her panties and Christie felt like she had to pee. She tried to every time, but nothing happened. Christie knew of sex, but never made the connection of the way she felt to these erotic writings. This time at Erica's house, she would soon discover the bliss she had been denying. When entering Erica's room, Erica immediately pulled out a new romance book she had stolen from her mother.
"You ready to read?" She asked with a smirk.
"Of course!" Christie retorted excitedly.
The beginning of novel was the same as most others they encountered. It started off with royalty, the parents setting a royal man and woman up against their will, and sexual tensions leading up to the climax. As Erica read aloud, a solo section of the dutchess thinking playfully about her duke came about.
"Ooohhh, this is about to get steamy!" Exclaimed Erica.
Christie lit up and continued listening to the tempting read.
Erica kept on and read through the intimate section. Christie felt the sensation fill about again, and her labia moistened. The lining of her panties started to absorb all her wetness, which made Christie quite uncomfortable. The details in the woman in the book masturbating made her hornier, and gave her ideas of what to do to herself. These thoughts were all new to her and she knew something down there was to be relieved. Christie stopped Erica mid-sentenced,
" I have to go home, I feel sick."
Erica gave her a suspicious look, but surpassed the probability of her not being actually sick. Christie and her were best friends, and figured she'd never lie about something like that.
"Okay." Erica dismally said.
" Hope you get better soon!" She said with praise in her voice.
As Christie furthered the charade of her sudden 'illness', Erica gave her the book. Christie looked up with surprise, and Erica jokingly replied,
"To pass the time."
Christie said her goodbye and acted of pain until she reached her house across the street. The book in hand, made her excited. She could barely wait to try the relief method the lady performed in the story. When entering inside, she saw her mom preparing dinner, and explained to her the early arrival. Christie walked up the stairs and shut the door to her bedroom. She opened the book and started of where Erica ended. More scenes of the Same nature were coming up, and Christie could tell. As she began a new one she decided it was the perfect time to touch her taboo, unknown, territory. She drove her right hand down her tight skinny jeans, and rubbed the soaking panties above her pink flesh. It didn't feel like much, but it was a start she thought continuing. She felt a nub near her opening and when rubbed seemed to give her pleasure more than any other place. She couldn't take her right hand being suffocated, and pulled it out. Putting down the book, she then pulled off the panties and jeans. She was a little cold, and draped a blanket on her. She picked up the book and read on about the sexual performances taking place. Again feeling a great deal of horniness put her hand in between her crevices, and spreading her legs for more access. She rubbed the sweet, virgin spots and rubbed all over for the release to happen. Christie put a finger in her tight hole, and felt more of the lubricants she produced inside. She brought her finger back up and decided to ravish the nub that gave her tingling all over. The intensity in her body quickly escalated, and she had to put the book down. She took her free hand and used two fingers to give better showing of the pleasing spot. Christies' other finger traced circles around the unknown part, with built a fire up inside. The inexperienced thirteen year old felt a greater force build up. Christie without warning moaned. She could feel her heart start to pound against her as she thought about the naughty texts she encountered. She was rubbing harder and faster on the nub, abusing it. By instinct Christie knew this was part of what she was doing, but the feelings she gave herself overwhelmed her. She held her breath and kept rubbing. All of a sudden a mass amount of wetness succumbed between her legs. She rubbed faster and faster. The feelings too much she started lifting her ass off the bed. A sensual feel within her spread throughout her whole body and Christie felt the wave of her first orgasm come on. She continued with her hands faster and felt the build up of pleasure radiate through her whole being. Christie was in a euphoria and rasping for air as the first orgasm took control. A sheer of sweat coated her. The nub sort of contracting, from the welcoming touch of her fingers. Christie soon felt her orgasm die off, and crashed back on the bed. She was tired and still out of breath from the experience. Christie she layed there, and replayed the marvelous moment over and over. She then drifted to sleep happily, knowing this was only the beginning.

This is my first post. Hope it was readable :)

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-26 22:20:45
good work. i do not like masterbation but i red the full story.

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2012-08-03 23:13:19
All sexy females txt me @ 704-241-1850

Trib FanReport

2012-07-18 11:06:53
Good deion....Would have loved watching that! The first part was easier to read but needs more paragraphs to break it up in the second part especially. But a good first effort....
Hope to read a sequel.....

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2012-07-18 01:07:14
That made me so fucking wet. It reminded me of my first orgasm!

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