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One little argument cost me my world
One little spat cost me my girl
I still love her yes i do
Without her here my life is through

My heart still beats when i see her smile
I still get butterflies everytime we speak
We gave it our all but couldn't make it a week
I wasn't good enough, i failed again

Said it was over, she didn't love me now
I asked her why she lead me on, not how
My heart now broken, shattered again
Never to be whole, never to be fixed

I was in love with her, of that im sure
She said she loved me, but now we know the truth
I cant bear to live my life without her in it
Goodbye cruel world, i hope you suffer

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2012-11-22 02:08:26
At last! Somheintg clear I can understand. Thanks!


2012-07-17 14:57:55
Aye the feeling sucks but hey its life, got to suffer through a lot of pain to sooner or later realise that you dont need the person in your life anymore


2012-07-17 14:49:16
I know the feeling brah, I'm sorry you have to face the worst feeling ever experienced. People tell ya to move on, that it'll would be better to forget about her. But ya can't. Just know that alot of people understand what ya goin' through

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