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Another poem
A fallen angel with wings so dark
fell from heaven straight to earth
crashed down hard in the dead of night
goes unseen in the darkest light

Walks this earth with broken wings
no shadow, no trail just a feather or two
late at night you still hear his call's
as they echoe through heavens halls

An angel as different as night and day
swallowed by darkness, turned evil inside
fought his friends and family alike
now on earth to his own dislike

An angel so dark from high above
Tainted with thoughts of forbidden love
Watched her walk away with tears from crying
Too late he whispered..dont go, im trying

A fallen angel with blood so pure
Tainted by love of that im sure
Took one look at her beautiful face
Now spends eternity alone leaving no trace

Unlucky in love he joined the nightmare
In the shadows alone with only pain to share
He goes unseen in the darkest midnight
The shimmering form his only light

One day his punishment shall pass
heaven will call back there hero once more
darkness shall rise, the light shall be pure
when they find the darkness's cure

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2012-09-09 09:42:39
I would contact the MINDFREAK store.If u call them DO NOT use the phone numebr they give u on the Luxor website. I called it and it was the wrong numebr.Here is the right numebr: (702)730-5930 I hope I helped.


2012-07-17 15:01:41
Its two poems made into one, moved a few lines around and tryed to make it into one whole poem, give people something to read that isnt to do with sex


2012-07-17 14:56:36
It's deep, I'll give it that. If you really look for the meaning its not half bad.

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