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The first of Rays many sexual adventures.
First I would like to say the story is fiction, or is it, I will let you be to judge. This is my first story ever so please be kind. Ray had many adventures while he lived there. These are some of the stories. I welcome criticism and if people really like it, The Adventures of Ray will continue with all things that happened to him in this tiny little town. This is a little long but I wanted to get it all in.

The Adventures of Ray – The Bankers Daughter
How it all started….

Ray lived in a small town of about 10,000 people. He owned a little computer shop repairing computers for a living. Ray was 25 years old rather good-looking and single. Ray had a few girlfriends here and there but nobody seemed right for him. Over the years Ray had seen all this friends computers and the pictures inside them he'd seen most of his client’s wife's and girlfriends completely naked from the pictures they left behind on the computer. Most of Ray's friends figured he'd seen the pictures but no one ever talked about them. One thing about Ray he can keep his mouth shut. Anything he found on one of his clients computers was never spoke to anyone including his client. Do to this Ray gained great trust in the community.
On Thursday night, Ray was over at Randy's house along with a group of others playing poker. Andy has a beautiful wife Carol, and a cute 13-year-old daughter Mary. Andy was the local banker. His daughter was coming of age and curious about the ways of life. This was getting to be an issue for Andy and his wife. Two weeks ago Andy had caught Mary fingering herself. Then last week Mary went her father and asked “Daddy I want to become a woman”. Now he was dumbfounded not knowing what to do, so he spoke to his wife. They talked to her and they were very afraid that Mary was going to do something that she would regret with one of the local boys. They wanted her first time to be special. Carol thought that maybe Andy could be the special person, but her dear father did not want to have any part of it. So they decided to find someone to take care of the problem. Someone that they could trust and know would not hurt her daughter. This is where Ray came in. Both of them knew Mary loved having Ray around Ray would play with her teaser almost like a big brother. So the next week after the poker game they would sit down and have a talk with Ray.
Well that night Ray was the lucky winner it seem like he couldn't lose a hand. It was 9 PM and most of the crew gone home. Carol this particular night had dressed very sexy and was walking around displaying herself to everyone at the table. Not really showing anything but being more of a distraction. Andy and Ray were sitting around having a beer finishing off a few more hands. There is $100 on the table and Andy had a full house. Ray being the lucky person that night had two pair. Andy decided now is the time to talk to Ray. Ray asked Andy “lets see what you got?” Andy replied “how about we upped the stakes? I will put up something very special something that you can't ever tell anybody about”. Ray sat there thinking wondering what could Andy be up to? Was his wife a part of it? So he said “okay tell me more” Andy replied “ if you win, you get my daughter for the night. You can do anything you want with her, you just can't hurt her. If I win I get all the money in the table and we don't talk about this again.”

Now Ray sat there dumbfounded not knowing what to do, had he just heard what he thought he heard? So he asked ”Are you saying I can have sex with your daughter if I win this hand and there'll be no repercussions?” Andy looked him directly in the eye and said “yes”. Ray’s immediate response was what will Carol say? Of which Andy replied “she won't say a thing”. Now Ray wondered what was going on here so they sat and chatted. Andy explained the situation and what they were looking for. Ray immediately had a sigh of relief. He thought Andy was prostituting his daughter. Carol and I talked about the legal ramifications of such a deed and found that here 13 was of legal age with parental consent. By this time the poker game was long over and nobody cared about the hand they were playing. Ray handed the money over to Andy and said you win this hand I want talk with your daughter and see what she thinks. Andy thought for a second and said well it's 10:30 she should be up in her room, go upstairs knock on the door and ask her. If she agrees we will support this and you will be as a member of our family.
Ray got up, put the winnings in his pocket and walked into the living room passing Carol, she smiled at him and said please don't hurt my daughter. Ray looked back at her smiled and said not a lifetime could I harm such a precious girl. Ray walked upstairs to knock on her door. He stood there outside her door for about 30 seconds wondering what he had gotten himself into, hesitating should I knock or just say I can't do this. Before he could put his hand to the door Mary opened it. Hello Ray would you like to come in? Ray looked at her beautiful golden hair and her shapely figure, small B cup breasts and thought what a treasure she was. He smiled and he said that he had been talking to her mom and dad. They said that “you want to become a women” and they're afraid to do something with the local boy that you shouldn't. She smiled, looked at him and said “why would they tell you”?. Ray replied ”They want me to help you figure this out”. She looked him in the eye and said “I won’t let you or anybody else stop me”. With that Ray walked up to her and said “You don’t understand, they want me to help you”. He sat down by himself in the chair next to the bed and they talked. After about an hour they came out of the room and Mary ran all the way downstairs to talk to her parents. Her dad was waiting for her and scared, had his daughter just been deflowered he wondered? Mary ran up to him and gave a big hug and said “is it true you will let me have sex with Ray”? Both Andy and Carol looked Mary in the eyes and said “honey it's up to you”. We know you are going to have sex and we only want the best for you. Both parents looked at Ray and smiled with relief.
Mary's eyes lit up like it was Christmas time. “Really” she said, “with Ray? I can really do it with Ray?” Carol looked at Mary and said honey we want your first time to be special. With that plans were made. First Mary would need to go on the pill. Mary agreed to wait until everything was ready. She would be on the pill 3 months before she was allowed to be with Ray. Andy and Carol carefully planned things out. Over the holiday weekend they would go on a mini vacation and leave Mary with Ray. This way anyone outside would just think Ray was being nice and babysitting. Everyone agreed that Mary would be dropped off at Ray's house at 6 PM Friday and return Monday at 6 PM. Mary knew she could never talk of this to anyone. It was her special treat. Deep down both parents knew this would not be the only time. Once the door was opened it could not be closed.
Over the next few months Mary grew with excitement. Carol took her to the store to buy some sexy underthings. Mary was becoming more mature. She no longer acted like a typical teenager but more like a young women. Andy watched as his daughter grew up. Hoping that afterward she would go back to being the bubbly blonde he loved so much.
Finally the day came. Mary put on a good show for the neighbors. While outside Ray’s house she yelled “why can’t I come with?” Andy just yelled back “Your Mom and I need some alone time, Ray will take good care of you” and they drove off. Both walked inside like nothing was going on. As soon as the door was closed Mary was jumping and Ray’s arms. “Ray can we do it now? Can we do it now?” she yelled. Ray looked at Mary and said we have all weekend let's not rush things. This will be something you never forget. Mary looked at him and said well what do we do now than. Well first things first let's get something to eat you must be hungry. Mary looked kind of down and said yeah guess I am a little hungry I haven't eaten since lunch time. With that Ray said well do you want to go out for dinner or would you rather have a pizza here? Mary looked at him and said I think I want a pizza here because this way to be alone with you. Ray smiled again and said we have all weekend and will have lots of fun. With that Ray ordered pizza and they sat down at the kitchen table and talked. Ray wanted to be sure that everything that was going to happen was okay with Mary. That Mary would enjoy as well as learn and mostly understand. Friday evening was spent mostly talking about what was going to occur. About eight o'clock both of them stripped down and explored each other. Mary had lots and lots of questions and Ray gave straight to the point answers. Mary talked about all the stuff she learned in school and wanted to know how to give pleasure and receive it. Mary told Ray what she had learned from her girlfriends or should I say miss-learned from her girlfriends about sex. Ray took the time to explain everything out in detail if needed. Mary could not have asked for a better teacher.
Ray explained that tonight was for fun and exploring. He was not going penetrate her pussy tonight. That would be left for Saturday. Tonight they were only going to use their mouths. Tonight’s lesson was to be on Oral sex. Saturday he will have her tight pussy and Sunday if she was up to it he would fuck her ass.
Now Ray was hard as a rock and could barely keep from blowing so he decided to start with a hand job. Maybe after he shot off once he could relax a bit. He took Mary’s hand and showed her how to wrap it around his shaft and how to message his dick. He told her how beautiful she looked and that he was going to cum all over her breasts and face. It didn’t take long… he exploded more than he ever has before, shooting huge streams of cum all over her. Mary smiled and said “wow that was awesome. I made you do that”? He replied “of course” and without saying another word she started scooping it off herself and eating all he had shot out. About half way she looked up at him and said “damn it even tastes good”. Ray looked at her and said “well I think you have hand jobs down, how about a blow job”? She looked at him and said “finally I get to suck your cock. It’s about time. You don’t know how long I have wanted to do this”. (She had dreamed of it since she was 10) With that down her throat his cock went. He was surprised because he was about 9 inches long at 3 inches around and she took him all the way down to his base. He looked at her and said “Have you done this before”? She looked up and smiled and said “Kinda… Mom showed me what to do with a cucumber”. After that he knew this was going to be and interesting weekend.
Well Mary and Ray finally decided to go up to the bedroom. Both were already naked and Ray decided to lie down on his bed. Mary climbed right up on top of him and grabbed hold of his cock. Without saying a word she started to suck again. She sucked and sucked and sucked Ray was in heaven. After a few short moments Ray shot his load again right in Mary's mouth. Without even thinking Mary sucked it all right down her throat and swallowed every bit. Ray was having some of the best sex ever and couldn't believe how much fun Mary was. Mary kind of looked up at him and wondered what will be next. Ray glanced back and said “okay now it's my turn roll over on your back.” Mary did as she was told closed her eyes and waited to see what would happen. Ray turned around and started dipping his tongue into her tight little pussy. At first Mary didn't know what to do she laid there with her eyes open watching Ray and couldn't believe the feeling she was feeling. All the sudden she shrieked and said “Ray wait I need use the bathroom”. Ray looked up at Mary and said “Honey you don't need to use the bathroom watch and see what happens.” Mary did as she was told. Ray dipped his tongue in and out of her cute little vagina and licked and sucked and nibbled her clit. Mary felt like she was in heaven. Then all the sudden Mary's tight little body tensed up and began to shudder and scream and moan wildly that was when Ray knew she had her first orgasm. Her juices were flowing like a river. Ray sucked them all right down. After a few moments Mary settled back down and said “Wow what was that? It was awesome!!” Ray looked up at Mary and said “you just had your first orgasm baby. This weekend you will have many more and some will feel much better”.
By this time things were getting late. Mary still wanted to play but Ray was tired. This cute little girl was wearing him out. Ray looked at Mary's little eyes and said it's time for bed. Let's go to sleep and get up tomorrow and start the next round. Mary looked at Ray said “Can't we just have a little more fun”? Ray looked back at her and said “Baby we need to get some sleep.” Mary thought for a second and said “Just cum one more time in my mouth then we can go to sleep” Ray looked into her deep eyes and said “okay…one more time then sleep”. With that Mary had his raised dick in her mouth faster than he could think, and she sucked and sucked it wasn't long before Ray exploded once again and Mary got her prize. She looked up at Ray and said I think that's going to be my favorite thing to do to boys. Ray looked down at her and said “Baby we have even started. The things you'll experience over the next two days are going to be something you've never even thought about. The feelings you're going to have are going to be feelings that you're never going to want to go away”. Mary looked up at Ray smiled with devilish grin and said “yeah I kind of figured”. With that Ray pulled the covers over the both of them and off they went to sleep.
The next morning Mary woke up before Ray. She saw Ray was still sleeping so she reached under the sheets to see what his cock was doing. Finding it hard she did the one thing she thought she must do, she started sucking again. It didn't take long for Ray to wake up. Waking up to a beautiful young lady sucking away on his cock, Ray had never had a better wake up call. Ray shot another load off very quickly which was gobbled down quickly. Mary asked “Was that breakfast”? Ray looked at her and said “I wasn't planning on that been your breakfast. How about if we get up and get some bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast”?

So both of them went downstairs and Ray made the best breakfast ever. Both of them sat down to eat and started the talk. They chatted about things at school things at home and everything except what happened the night before. Once they were finished the dishes were promptly put into the dishwasher and Ray decided to go into the family room. Mary was confused at first not knowing what was going on. She expected the both of them to go back up to the bedroom. Ray told her to sit down on the couch and watch the big screen once he turned on. The TV came alive and the DVD started, she looked at Ray and said “Is this in a porn DVD?” Ray said “of course I want you to see what type of things that are going to happen today”. They started watching and she was asking questions. When she saw the man push his cock into the woman's pussy she said “That looks like fun”. Ray said “Have you ever put anything up in your pussy before?” Mary looked at him and said “Just one of my fingers”. So Ray pulled her closer and said “Mary when I put my cock in you it's going to hurt. I will be as gentle as I can and do everything I can to keep the pain to a minimum”. She looked at him and said “Well if it hurts so much why does everyone love to do it”? Ray explained that she was still a virgin and that there was a little piece of tissue inside her that needs to be torn away for her to have pleasure. When he puts his cock inside her and that tissue tears all she will want is for him to take it out. Ray said “Once I feel the tissue tear I will push all of my cock inside you. Then you will no longer be a little girl. When I push myself all the way in you just breathe deep relax the pain will go away I promise”.
For the first time Mary looked truly concerned. “Will I bleed?” she asked. Ray looked at her and said “Of course you will baby that's normal. But unlike other times like when you cut yourself and bleed, this stops almost immediately”. She looked back at him and said “It's really going to hurt isn't it?” Ray looked at her and said “Baby sometimes it hurts a lot sometimes it hurts a little and I just want you to be prepared for it.” Mary looked at him and said “Can we do this tonight?” Ray said “Of course we can do it tonight, Whenever you're ready we don't have to rush this. Would you like to do something else instead?” Mary got that devilish look on her face and said “yeah I want to suck your cock again, I really like that”. Ray smiled and said “Mary from this point forward you don't have to ask as long as were together here. You can just suck it anytime you want. Mary smiled and said “really?” Ray looked at her and said “I don't think you understand why you're here… This weekend is about you. It's about making you a woman, it's about making sure that all your questions are answered, and I want you to have the best time of your life. I want you look back on this 20 years, 30 years, 40 years from now and think this is one of the weekends ever.” Mary looked at him puzzled and said “I already think that's happened. I'm never going to forget last night.” Ray smiled and said “Baby and it’s going to get better.”
After about another hour of oral sex between the two of them Mary looked at Ray and said “What about all those toys we saw in the movie? Do you have anything like that?” Now this caught Ray well off guard. He wasn't ready for toys or anything like that. He looked down and Mary and said “Baby I don't have any of those things. Those are for women to play with… Mary looked up with this depressed look on her face. Ray looked at her and said “Well I guess I can go get some. Mary couldn't believe what he had just said, again she got one of the biggest grins on her face and said “Ray I love you.” Ray looked down at her and said I guess you approve of the idea then. For now, how about if we both go upstairs and take a shower?” Then and afterward see about the toys.”
With that both went upstairs and climbed into the shower they watched each other others backs and fronts and hair and everything else. Mary looked up at Ray and said “you like my little landing strip?” Ray snickered and said “it's beautiful.” Mary looked up again and said “well would you prefer that I had it shaved off we can shave it off right now.” Ray smiled and said “Mary it's up to you. Do you want to shave the rest of it off?” She said “yeah I think I do and I don't like it, it'll grow back.” Ray went to hand Mary the razor and Mary snickered and said “no I want you to do it.” So Ray did as he was told. Within a few minutes Mary was as bald as the day she was born. Both of them rinsed off and just as Ray was about to get out of the shower Mary grabbed his cock and sucked him off again. This time with no warning and no asking, without even thinking twice, she just went down on her knees and started sucking away on Ray's cock. Now Ray was starting to get used to this and it didn't take him long for him to shoot his load again (to of which Mary gobbled the whole thing down). He looked down at her and said “don't you get tired of doing that?” Mary replied “hell no.” With that both of them climbed out of the shower and dried off.
Ray & Mary walked in the Ray's bedroom and Ray grabbed clothes for Mary to put on. Mary looked at Ray and said “When we get back home can we take it them off again?” Ray replied “Sure just remember that if the doorbell rings or somebody's at the door you get up to the bathroom as quick as possible. I want you to put your clothes in the bathroom so if anybody asks you're going to the bathroom and you get dressed real quick.” Mary smiled and agreed. Both Ray and Mary got dressed and Mary settled down in front of the TV to watch cartoons.
Ray looked at her and said I can't get you into the store because you have to be 18. I could take you with but if someone saw you in the car what would they say. Ray figured he'd be gone for about an hour. Ray wrote his mobile number down on the refrigerator and told Mary if “there were any problems to give him a call” and he be home as quickly as possible. With that he went out to his car and headed off for the adult store.
Now Mary she was still horny and sat there thinking to herself and then she started the finger her little pussy. After a few minutes she decided I can’t do this, I will wait for Ray to get home I have more fun with him. So she laid down relaxed and watched regular TV.
Now Ray had to drive all the way out of town to go to the adult shop. He walked in the door and looked around trying to decide what to get. The young woman walked up to him and asked if she could help him. Now Ray couldn't tell her what he really needed so he decided to improvise. Ray said “I have a girlfriend she's about 4’9” 100 pounds. I'm looking for some toys for her to explore her sexuality with.” Now the girl looked at him funny for a second and said sure I can help with that. They went over to the counter and she showed him some vibrating dildos. She showed him a few small ones and some medium ones finally Ray decided to pick up one about same size as himself. He also picked up a small battery-operated vibrator with a wire attached to a controller for her to play with. As he was about check out she showed him a new product they had just gotten in, some power balls. Ray looked at them with a puzzled look and she said “you insert the one of a time up inside her and each one vibrates in a special way.” He thought for a second and decided to add that to the bill. Having his new toys he headed back home.
Be Ray got home without further incident and pulled right into the garage. Hearing the garage door open Mary came running to the car. What did you buy she asked? Ray smiled looked at her and said “oh just a few things. If your parents approve I will let you take one of them home with you.” As soon as they got into the house Mary jumped right up in the Ray's arms giving them a big hug and kiss right on the lips. I missed you so much while you were gone. I couldn't stop thinking about the different things you might have bought. With that she started opening the bag and started to look at all the nice new toys. Mary looked at each one and started to decide what she would like to try first. Ray looked at all the items in the bag and decided there is only one thing they could use before a he popped her cherry. And that was the tiny little vibrator with the remote control.
Mary was excited beyond belief. So Ray told her now run upstairs, go bathroom get undressed and come back down. Without a word and like a lightning bolt Mary was gone. It took a grand total of about 30 seconds for her to get undressed and be back down naked right front Ray. Ray looked at her and said I haven't even had time to make myself a drink. Now Mary was thinking to herself… I bad he doesn't expect me to do what I'm going to do now. And with that she unzipped Ray's fly grabbed his cock and started sucking. Ray looked down at Mary's Golden hair and her lips wrapped around his cock and thought this was well worth it. He only stopped Mary for a short time so he could unbutton his pants get them down. It didn't take long for Ray to come again. Mary as usual gobbled all of Ray’s cum down. Ray smiled at her and said “baby go lie on the couch.” He placed batteries and a control unit for the vibrator and showed Mary how to use it. Mary looked at him and a puzzled and said “aren't you going to use this on me.” Ray looked and said “no baby… I'm going to sit here and watch you explore your pussy with it. I wont always be around so you need to learn how to please yourself.” She started to use it not knowing really where to put it. But it didn't take long.. Mary found the proper spots to put the device and how she could put it in and pull it out, rub it and all the little things that make her feel good. While Mary was busy pleasuring herself Ray went into the kitchen and made himself a drink. Then with drink in hand he went back to the La-Z-Boy sat down and watched Mary.
Mary played with her toy for about an hour cumming several times. Ray fully dressed sat back and watched. He was afraid that if he got undressed his cock would go back in the Mary's mouth and she wouldn't get the chance to play with her new toy. Mary finally looked completely drained. So Ray said” its about time to get some dinner what do you think?” Mary looked at him and said yeah “I'm starved. “ Ray said “good.. tonight were going out.” Mary looked disappointed and said “why do we have to?” Ray looked her the eye and said “I need a break from you and besides you deserve good meal out.” With that Ray sent Mary to the bathroom to take a shower. It was now around five o'clock in the evening so Ray thought about the place take Mary for a meal. Mary came walking downstairs dressed like a pretty young lady. Ray asked her “would you like steak, seafood or Italian?” Mary thought for a second and said “well mom and dad never take me out for steak, how about steak.” Ray looked at her and said “steak it is.” With that both of them jumped in the car and off they went to a local steakhouse.
Ray & Mary walked in the front door and the hostess immediately said “Hi Ray table for two?” Ray looked at her and said “This is my date for the weekend. Her mom and dad are out of town on vacation so I get to babysit.” She looked at Mary and said “What a beautiful young lady you have.” While she guided them to their table. A few minutes later the waitress walked up and asked them if they're ready to order. Now Mary she was looking at the kiddie menu. When she started to order when Ray promptly stopped her and said no tonight Mary you order off the adult side. Mary looked at him and said anything I want? Ray replied anything even the most costly item on the menu. Mary thought for a second and said “I will just have what you're having” with that Ray ordered Ribeye’s for both of them.
Both of them quietly ate their meal and enjoyed it, although Mary was only able to eat about a third of it. Ray thought to himself I wonder if she wants to do anything else before we go home. So he asked her and she replied not really been looking forward to things for so long she just wanted to get back to Rays. With that they had Mary's meal placed in a doggie bag and back home they went.
After arriving back home Mary was in a very playful mood. She looked at Ray and said “I have a surprise for you now, I’ll be right back.” and again before Ray could even think she was gone. A few minutes later Mary showed up wearing a sexy baby doll. Ray took one look and couldn't believe his eyes. Mary went from being a 13-year-old girl to a 20+-year-old woman right before his eyes. She looked right at him and said well what do you think? Ray stood there with his mouth wide open. After finally returning to reality he said “baby your the hottest thing I've seen in years.” Without a word Mary once again jumped right up in his arms and started kissing him. Now Ray thought to himself it’s time.. I'm going to make her a woman. Ray carried Mary up the stairs, through the bedroom door and placed her on his bed. Without another word he undressed. Mary once again sought Ray's hard cock immediately. She grabbed it and started to stick it in her mouth. Before she could get her mouth around his cock Ray stopped her. “No baby not right now.” But why “she asked”. Ray looked at her and said “now is the time to become a woman. I will need all my energy to make you feel like you've never felt before.” Mary smiled at him and took off the baby doll. This was the moment she had been waiting for.
Now Ray decided to lick Mary’s clit to make sure she was good and wet. Before he could even touch is tongue to her he found her to be wetter than she'd ever been before ripe for the picking. So he climbed on top and started the slide his cock up and down getting her juices all over his cock. He slid his head in a little bit at a time. In and out.. just touching her hymen. She smiled at him and said this feels good. Her pussy was clamping down trying to push Rays cock out. With that Ray pulled out and slammed it in as heard as he could busting through her hymen and making her a woman. Now Mary tensed up with her tiny pussy clamping around Ray’s cock. He could tell she was in pain so he just held that there and said “let me know when he feels better.” After a few minutes he gently slid back and forth inside her pussy. It didn't take long for Mary to feel better much better. Five minutes later she was asking him to go faster and faster and harder and harder. Within a few minutes Mary started shaking and squirting all over Ray. She came like Niagara Falls. Ray started the pullout and Mary grabbed a hold of his ass and said “don't you dare. This was one of the most awesome feelings I've ever had. You were right it hurt at first but the pleasure afterward was worth the pain.” Ray looked at her and said “you will be a little sore tonight so we won't do much more. That way you can heal.” Mary looked a little depressed but understood. With that both of them drifted off to sleep.
The next morning Mary awoke and saw the blood on the sheets. She knew there'd be a little blood but she was still scared. She gently woke up Ray to apologize. Ray said that was normal. Let’s go take a shower and then we wash the bed. Both of them jumped in the shower and cleaned up. Mary performed her morning blow job and had a big smile. Now both of them dried off and headed back for the bedroom. Ray looked over at the clock and said my gosh Mary it's 4 AM what time did you wake me up. Mary chuckled and said “well we went to sleep early. I had enough sleep so I woke up early.” Ray had not been up this early in years but still he felt refreshed like he had a good nights sleep. Both of them pulled the sheets off the bed and Ray threw them in the washing machine. Mary pulled the new sheets out and started making the bed. Ray walked back into the bedroom and asked Mary if she was hungry, of course she was so both of them went downstairs and he made an early breakfast. Mary wondered what the plans for today were. This was Sunday and she still had two more days with Ray. Ray looked at her and said “having sex all day will drain all our energy. Neither of us will have any energy to do anything else. How about something fun and have sex later.” Now Mary was okay with this after all she was sore from last night so both of them sat down and watched a regular movie. Once it warmed up outside they decided it was time to go swimming. Now Mary she wanted to go skinny dipping but Ray would have none of that. What would the neighbors say he asked. Mary put on a little frown went upstairs and put on her bikini.
Both of them headed out for the pool. It was about 10 AM the weather was getting up into the 80s just right for swimming. Ray would grab ahold them Mary thrower up in the air and she would come splashing down. She was having a lot of fun when all the sudden over the fence they heard “Ray can we come swimming to?” It was Sue and Lisa both of them in their early teens. Now Ray new both girls very well along with your parents they would come over and go swimming all the time. Ray looked at Mary and said, “I them it's okay but don't talk about anything that's happened this weekend. Mary looked up at Ray and said “do I look stupid of course not.” So Ray yelled back “sure Mary's over here, come on over.” Within 5 minutes Ray had three teenagers in his pool with him. All three of them with perfect bodies. Sue was 14 about 5 foot 2 and 110 pounds. She had jet black hair and B size breasts, not to mention tight little ass. Now Lisa she had just turned 13 but didn't look it. Unlike her sister she was 5 foot 3 115 pounds and D size breasts. Anyone looking at her would swear she was 19 or 20. Now both of these girls liked to tease Ray. They always wore bikinis that would magically become undone or were too small for their proportions. There were many days where they would be swimming and things would pop out or become undone. Ray being the gentleman that he was never said a word. This time was no different both the girls seemed to have a wardrobe malfunction at least once or twice an hour. Mary looked at them wondering was Ray doing anything with them as well. She was actually becoming a little jealous. Ray asked everybody if they want some lemonade and everyone agreed. So he went into the house to get it. Mary followed promptly. She looked up at Ray and said “Do you like those girls?” He said “of course I do and my neighbors.” She looked back and said you know what I mean” have you done things with them to?” He looked her right in the eye and said “Baby they're too young.All they know how to do this flirt. If I were to do something with them it would hurt them. Also their parents wouldn't approve. So currently you're the only one that gets me. And if that changes you'll know. Also please keep in mind I'm too old to be your boyfriend. I know you're having fun but when the time is right you'll find the right guy settle down and get married..”
Now Mary was kind of depressed at this point she had so much fun and experienced so much with Ray she didn't think she wanted another man. Ray seen the look on her face and said “baby don't worry about things. I will always be here for you.” She looked back at Ray and said “does this mean we can have sex after this weekend?” Ray gazed upon her and said “if it's okay with your parents it's okay with me, just keep in mind I do go out with women my age”. Mary looked at him and said “but I want you all to myself.” Ray smiled and said “if I was your age you could, but this weekend is about you become a woman. Beginning to enjoy life, and you can't do that with someone like me. You need someone your age.” Before Mary could say another word in walked Sue and Lisa. Hey what's taken so long they asked? “Mary and I were just chatting” Ray replied back. “Okay well are you coming back this to the pool?” Ray looked at her and said “we sure are” and all of them headed back up the pool. After a few hours everyone was hungry so Ray put some burgers and dogs on the grill and they all ate. It was about 6 PM when the girls finally went back home. A few minutes after they walked out the door thier father called and said thanks for feeding them and that he owed one.
Mary settled down on the couch still a little depressed about the chat they had earlier. Ray asked her would you like to do? Mary replied “I don't know.” Ray smiled and said “why don't you go upstairs get undressed then come back down with the toys I bought.” Now Mary perked right up. Again like lightning Mary was gone. Before Ray had finished closing all the drapes and shutting down the house little Mary was naked again in front of him. She looked at him and said ”what should I try first?” Now Ray put some batteries the vibrating dildo and said “How about this?” With that he turned the thing on and ran up and down her arms and legs and all the other parts of her body. Finally he started to insert it into her pussy which by now was as wet is the pool. Because it was about the same size as Ray it went in with little difficulty. Ray gently stroked it in and out of her as she gasped with pleasure. He then took her soft little hand put on the bottom and told her to go ahead and use it yourself. With that he started off with soft gentle strokes until finally Ray saw her working it in full force. She thought to herself this was one great toy, why had she never seen anything like it before. Next Mary decided to try the balls so she inserted all three of them insider and turned on the power of the feeling she got she loved. The next thing she did was take the vibrator and drop that right on her clit. She just loved the feeling of the vibrations inside and outside of her. She played for about an hour cumming several times. By now Ray was hard as a rock and needed to be serviced. He took off his clothes and started to stroke his cock in front of Mary. Mary watched him for a few minutes and said hey that's my job. Ran up to him and in her mouth his cock went. Ray looked down at her beautiful Golden hair again and thought she really loves to suck cock. I think we've created a monster. After about 30 min. both of them decided to head back up to the bedroom. They went through all the motions that they gone to the previous nights. Ray looked at Mary and said “there is still one hole my cock has not been in.” Mary looked at him and a puzzled. “Where is that she asked?” Ray smiled and said “Mary if you don't want to do this we don't have to, but I think you'll be missing out on a lot.” Mary still looked at him confused. So Ray said “Go to the bathroom and try her hardest to do number two.” Mary looked at him and said “Your going to stick your cock up my ass?” Ray looked at her and said “That's the plan when you come back. B ring the Vaseline.” Now Mary thought for a second and said “This is going to hurt isn't it?” Ray looked back and said “Last night hurt to but then what happened?” Mary got a huge smile on her face and said “I'll be right back.” and off she went to the bathroom.
A few minutes later Mary returned Vaseline in hand. She asked what the Vaseline was for, so Ray explained when I put my cock in your pussy your body produces your juices naturally and lubricates things. There's nothing lubricate your ass so we will use the Vaseline. She looked at Ray and he told her rub a good amount on my cock. She did as she was told. He placed her up on the bed and told her to get into doggy style. He took his fingers dipped them into the Vaseline and spread it inside her ass hole. Next he took the vibrator and gently guided it inside her anus. She didn't complain much but you could tell she was in a little pain. After she had the dildo in her for a few minutes Ray popped out and decided it was time for her to get the real thing. With that he took his rock hard cock and gently slid it into her ass she bucked for a few minutes and then settled down. Ray gently stroked her in and out and soon she started to enjoy it. Ray had successfully been able to do everything with this 13-year-old girl. After Mary came once or twice Ray decided to shoot his load in her ass. With that he unloaded his remaining juices. Now Mary thought this was wonderful. The rest of the night consisted of having sex in all the positions they could think of, both of them enjoying each other's bodies to the fullest extent.
Next morning Mary again was the first to awaken hungry she looked down at Ray and seen his cock needed attention. So she did what comes naturally, yep she started sucking him again. It didn't take long Ray once again blew in her mouth and awoke wondering how much energy this little package dynamite had. Good morning sunshine he said. Mary smiled and said “Good morning. Do you like how I wake you up?” His reply “I can't think of a better way. Are you hungry?” Hell yeah she said I just got the first course now I'm ready for the meat and potatoes. Okay Mary said let's take a shower head downstairs and make breakfast. With that both of them headed to the shower and once again and Mary did her thing before they got out. Now Ray was thinking to himself if this girl is 10 years older he'd never look at another woman. Both of them now dressed headed downstairs and had a good breakfast. Mary said it's now Monday and we have about 12 hours till I have to go home what else can we do? Ray thought to himself and said well there's a lot of things you can do, but I choose not to. Mary looked puzzled and Ray said Mary there's lots of different ways to have sex I showed you the ways between a man or woman. There are other things you can do but I don't approve of them. They degrade you and make you a worse person. If you want to try one last thing today about if we try this. You can take to dildo and push it in one of your holes while I fuck the other. This will give you the sensation of having two guys but really you only have one. Now Mary thought this would be fun and wanted to try. By lunchtime Mary and Ray had done just that if first the dildo in her pussy and vice versa. Mary gave Ray several more blow jobs and Ray ate her pussy. They did all the conventional positions and tried all the conventional things. After lunch both showered and dressed. Ray sat down with Mary and said “Look you've learned a lot of stuff, boys would do anything to be with someone like you. You need to be very selective and never have sex without the use of a condom.” Now Ray had a box of them sitting up in the bedroom just ready for now, so both of them went upstairs and Mary practiced placing them on Ray. Ray explained that there are many many diseases and that sex was not worth dying for. Even if she was going to give somebody a blow job should make sure they're wearing a condom and not eat sperm they produce. You never know what diseases someone may have. They may not even know that they have one. One of the reasons we waited three months was so that I can go to the doctor and be 100% sure I was clean before I touched you.
Mary thought about everything he'd said and finally said “Ray if I can't eat cum from the boys at school can come and get some from you?” Again Ray said “If your parents don't mind and you're very discreet that's fine. I'd rather have you come visit me and take a chance with your life.” That's when things really struck Mary and she understood the importance of being safe.
A few hours later the phone rang it was Andy “How is my little angel doing he asked?” ”Just great” Ray replied “I don't think she wants to go home.” Andy said “I hope she does. We will be there in 5 min.” Ray replied back great the wife is with you then.” “Of which he replied she sure is.” What are you planning to meet in for dinner? “No plans as yet… why?” Well how about if I put some steaks on the grill and we throw Mary out in the pool so we can talk.” “Sounds good was the reply”
30 minutes later all were sitting down at the table with a feast in front of them. Mary did most of the talking during the meal telling her parents about all that had happened. Once they had finished Ray called the girls next door and told them the pool was open for a night swim. They were over in a flash. With that the 3 girls went swimming while Ray explained all that had gone on to Andy and Carol.

Little did Ray know … his adventures have just begun…..

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hey research nerd dont be dick just go with it

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i didn't see anywhere that they showed their hands. And besides it sounded like the plan was to open up and see what Andy would do? I think that's why he said they chatted and ray knew she wasn't being prostituted out. That's how i read it at least. Overall a bit boring but well done for the most part. I look forward to the next chapter.

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You should continue with it it was real good.

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Do your research AND proofread before you post your stories. 3 of a kind ALWAYS beats 2 pair, so Andy actually won the last hand. Ray lost & SHOULD have given the pot to Andy & also lost the option to deflower Mary.

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