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I really enjoyed writeing this. Enjoy the story
I jumped in head first. "No since in waiting..." I thought. Nick would be there soon enough but I wanted to cool off. We had agreed to go hiking today, but the weather was so hot I couldn't take it anymore. I had taken off my cloths and laid them on a tree limb so they wouldn't get wet.

The water felt great, and tasted almost sweet. As I did the back stroke I heard the sound of a voice. It was muffled by the water and as I came up, I saw Nick standing on the shore.

"Ya' couldn't wait?"I smile as he waves at me. I swim to a shallow part where the water meets just below my ass cheeks. He was already partially hard, his cock making a very apparent tent in his pants. I look down and realize the effect the water's had on my body. My skins gone a soft pink from the cold water, my nipples are standing up like small pebbles on my skin and my hair is all the way to my ass.

"Wanna cum in? "I ask teasingly. I smile and run my hands over my breast, "I'm all wet." Nick gets this huge smile on his face and before I can ask any more he's in the small pond with me. It took him all of four giant steps for him to be belly to belly with me. The water doing NOTHING to dampen his desire. Pressed up against me he pulls me to him and kisses me deeply. I respond , nibbling his lip and grinding gently against him.

Jumping up I wrap my legs around him, making sure that his cock is pressed between us, though it almost manages to slide in. WIth me wrapped around him, he takes a hand and cups my breast, and runs his thumb over my nipple. I gasp into his mouth as I instinctively bite down on his lower lip. This draws a growl from him and I smile.

He turns and starts to walk toward the shore, as we get to were water meets land he lays me down, and then lays atop me. Wrapping my legs around him I continue to grind, and as he get comfortable, so dose he. The head of his cock pressed against my pussy makes me wet and I can't help but wine with pleasure.

"Tell me what you want" Nick whispers. I turn red with embarrassment. He knows me well enough to know that's a good sign. That I enjoy the pleasure of him. That if he keeps pushing I'll give way and spill my naughtiest secrets to him. "Tell me." He presses. Pushing hard against my clit and it makes my back arch.

" I want you to fuck me hard and long. I want you to cum in my mouth and down my throat. I want it hard and fast... Please. Please give it to me. " I'm already so close to an orgasm that it's not even funny. He bites down on my neck, nibbling at the skin. I tilt my head to give him better access and push up against him. Driving me a little closer to the edge. Then he stops. I wine and pout in protest.

"Not fair." I complain. He looks at me and smiles happily.

"You'll just have ta wait, ya insatiable thing. Come on. We got to get down this hill before sunset."Getting up he climbs back into his cloths. And I watch him put his hard cock away and pout a little. My husband will be down at the bottom of the mountain in a short while waiting for us so we can set up tent for the night. He's said he has a surprise for me, but he wouldn't tell me what, but he wouldn't let me have any orgasms this morning , or even get off for me. So I'm practically starving for just five minuets of hard passionate sex.

Getting out I get dressed, and wring out my sopping wet hair.

It takes us over half the day, and the sun is setting by the time we get there . A beautiful sight next to the water fall, but what catches my attention isn't the scenery , but my naked husband in the pool. Nick walks past me and drops his backpack by the tent. I strip were I am and run to the little pond by the river and tackle hug Adam.

Surprised he turns round and smiles at me. He picks me up and kisses me, kneading my ass as he holds me.

"Dude! Save her for later. She's ready to burst any moment. " Nick calls.

"Have you been a good girl?" He asks me. I nod biting my lip and smile innocently at him

"Really very good ,Sir." He nods and puts me down. Patting my head he climbs out and grabs two towels that were sitting on a branch. Wrapping one around himself he holds the other out for me.

"Come on. It's supper time." as we climb out I dont' bother to put the towel around me, but rather dry off thurouly, then lay it over a rail by the fire pit. Nick watches hungrily as I walk by, earning me a swat in the ass. I jump , but turn and smile at him as I bend over and grab the plates. Sticking my ass out and exposing my pussy for him to see. "Stop teasing him Lily." Adam says and I pout, but stand up and walk over with the plates and hand them to him.

Taking one he puts the other two in each of my hands then puts a good size stake and baked potatoes on each plate. Before putting the veggie skewers on he punches my nipples on my large breast, pulling them a little. It's everything I can do to keep hold of the plates. Knowing if I drop them I'll be punished.

After a few moments he stops. But by then my pussy is soaked and I have a small stream running down my legs. Putting the skewers on the plates, he puts a finger under my chin and pulls up my face and kisses me tenderly. "Don't drop them. Take Nick his food, then you can eat." I pout again. All I want is to cum. I want to be fucked and I want to cum for my husband and Master. But I do as told and walk over, handing Nick his pate.

Taking it, he sits and eats, a satisfied grin on his face. Adam's unreadable for the time being and I can't help but wonder what the surprise is. As we finish, I take the plates and things over and wash them real quick before putting them away.

As I finish and zip everything up, I feel a hand on my pussy and can't help but push against it. The hand slides in, fingering my wetness and runs over my G-spot. I tremble and can feel pressure building as my body prepares to explode and squirt everywhere. I close my eyes and allow the pleasure to take over.

"She really loves it doesn't she?" Nick asks Adam. I can hear him walk around and pull me forward. His cock touches my lips and I spread my legs wide to allow Adam better accesses.

"May I ?" I ask, before swallowing Nicks cock whole.

"Yes. But he better cum before you stop. And not a drop spilled. Do you understand My Angel?" I nod and start to suck and bob as my Master has instructed me. I hear Nick moan and feel him throb in the back of my throat. Then something I don't expect happens. Adam and Nick pick me up and flip me over so I'm suspended above the ground by their hands. Nick starts to face fuck me and Adam starts to fuck my pussy. It's everything I can do to keep from cumming right then and there. Then I hear a hum.

Unable to look up, for the cock that's throat fucking me, I wait. I feel adam pull out of my pussy and I feel my dildo take it's place. It's turned on and inserted till it's on my g-spot. I can feel myself dripping,my cum thurouly coating my ass.

"No fair man. I wanna fuck that." Nick complains teasingly . I hear adam laugh.

"Don't worry man. She don't wear out like most. She can go aaaaall night if need be." Then I feel his head on my ass. "Are you close Angel?" He ask . "Squeeze my arm if your close." He orders and I reach up and squeeze his arm, hard. "You are not allowed to cum until I'm bearied in you ass Angel. If you cum before then, you WILL be punished. Understood. If so squeeze my arm. " I squeeze again. His head pops in and the sensation drives me crazy. I can feel my head getting light from the lack of oxygen that my brain needs, and the pleasure that my body is over receiving.

I moan and suck for all I'm worth, lapping at Nicks cock as Adam slowly inserts his cock into my ass. Half way there my body shakes from exertion and I'm sweating heavily. Just as I think I can't hold it any more, that my body will betray me I feel Adams belly pressed against the vibrator that's inside of me and it forces me to orgasm.

My body shakes violently and I can't hold back as I tremble and moan around the cock in my mouth. Just as my orgasm ebbs, I feel Nick explode in my mouth and I seal my lips around him to keep all the cum inside of my mouth. As I finish and lick him clean, he pops out and I feel my feet hit the ground , but before I have a chance to get my balance, Adam leads me to the tent and lays me on top of him.

Sliding out the dildo, he puts it to the side, and replaces it with himself, which is much thicker and warmer. After a few strokes, I feel Nick pressing against my ass and I can't help the squeal that escapes my lips as I push back on the two. No matter how I move I get more of one or the other, and there seems to be a never ending tide to them. Adam grabs my breast and starts to suckle on it as Nick leans forward and kisses my shoulder and neck.

As I begin to shake they both bite down and the sensation is earth moving.

"P-p-p-please.. Please may I..cuuum?" I hear Adam chuckle , but Nick growls.

"No wait. I'm almost there." His thrust quicken and I howl with pure pleasure as he thrust into me deeply, his nails digging into my skin, almost painfully. Adam picks up as well, continuing to suckle my breast, biting the nipple. I find it almost impossible to hold back. Just as I feel I might disobey, Nick screams and grabs one of my hips, raking his nails down my thigh, leaving angry red marks that threaten to bleed. Then Adam moans loudly, spilling himself into me. That's all I need and my body dose the rest, milking and shaking as the orgasm of a lifetime fills me and pushes away all counsiousnes. The world falling away in that one perfect moment.

I wake to the cold. My nipples and nose the only cold parts of me. Nick on one side, hand cupping my pussy. The vibrator inside, ready for use, adams hand on one of my breast cupping it. There morning wood pressed against my thigh temptingly. I can feel myself getting wet at the thought of sucking or fucking them to explosion. I can't help but squerm a little, and as I do, I see Nick smile.

"That irrisistable?"I push against his hand, pushing the dildo further into me and causeing me to moan with need and pleasure. I wrap a hand around his hard cock and slowly jack him. Then reach over and grab Adam's and start to do the same. Adam wakes up smileing at me.

"Good morning My Angel. How was your sleep?" I smile loveingly and kiss my Master good morning. Nibbling his lip greedily and again grinding against Nicks hand.

"I think she's hungry, Adam." Nick states ,"Shall we feed her?" Adam keels and shakes his hard cock at me and I smile before sitting up to swallow him and then he holds up a hand.

"Hold on. Stand up Angel. " Standing he inserts a larger dildo with a clit stemulator into me and I squerm with pleasure. Then he pulls out another dildo. One with a thin base and a wide head. "This is one of your new toy's my Angel." He inserts it and turns it on full blast, as well as the one in my pussy. I suck in a breath , my mouth hanging open in shock and glazed lust. "That's much better. Now. Lay down so I can throat fuck you My Angle." I lay on my back and tilt my head back.

I manage to get my mouth open before he thrust his cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat. All 9 inches. I stiffen at first .Then , relaxed,he starts to thrust and I start to suck. As he gets into a good rythem I reach for Nick, jacking him slowly as Adam gives me my morning protine shot. A puddle forming under my ass, as the Dildo's work their majick on me.

"You may Cum when I do." I hear Adam pant out. I spread my legs wide. I know I will squiert. I know I'm going to make a mess, but Adam loves to watch me. So I spread my legs wide even though I shake with the need to cum, even though it pulls the fake cocks further into me, forceing them to my g-spots from both sides.

As my body trembles Adam and Nick pinch and pull at my nipples and as Adam stiffens I wrap my arms around his legs and pull him forward. All the way into my throat. Sucking as hard as I can, he fucks my throat, giving me every drop, allowing me to milk for more.

Though as he pulls out my orgasm burst through me, and as I shake I howl with pleasure. My mouth open and head back, Nick takes full attvantige and thrust his cock into my throat. My lips automatically seal around them as my orgasm continues. My eyes closed to keep the typhoon of pleasure going.

Nick mangaes to last a few thrust as he face fucks me. I suck his fluids completely out and down my throat and I feel him kiss my nipples , pulling each in turn, allowing me to reach orgasm two of the day. And as I lay there spasming ,Adam holds open my pussy lips and the stemulator to my pussy and Nick sucks and pulls at my titty's .

It's another hour before they allow me to bath and get dressed for the trip down the mountain. The outfit almost scandilouse. White daisy dukes and a cropped tank top so short if I strech you can see the bottom of my nipples. It's so hot I'm wet just thinking about it.

I orgasm one more time manually before getting dressed. And as I walk back to the camp, Adam bends me over and inserts an autmated egg then turns on my MP3 player. putting it in my back pocket. "Now," He says, " It's gonna be a long walk down the mountain." Smileing I know.. there will be more fun before we get to the Jeep.

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