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Alone walked a young boy through the city of Bradford, it was Kenny Miller's fifteenth birthday and he was spending it alone, he looked across the road at all the other people his age playing with their friends, he walked on thinking about how he could try to reach out to people, maybe he should try more...he dismissed that thought and walked on alone. After ten more minutes of walking he finally made it home, he lived in a small two bedroomed apartment with his mum, they once lived in a three bedroom semi-detached house, kenny loved that house and hated when him and his mum had to move out, while he lived there he became best friends with his next door neighbour Lily Jones, they used to do everything together they were inseparable but after he moved away he lost contact with her. It had been nearly five years since he moved and he had not seen Lily since, she was his first and last friend.

He opened his front door and was greeted by his mum, she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek then wished him happy birthday, she had spent most of the day preparing a little party for him, she’d baked him a cake, made some finger foods and invited his family round, the only people who turned up though were his grandparents, his auntie from his mums side and his cousin Ben, Ben was only ten years old and he and kenny didn’t really get on too well probably cause of the age difference, Kenny was hoping to see his auntie and uncle from his fathers side due to the fact he hadn’t seen them since the funeral, his father was killed in a car accident when he was 10 years old, after everyone had wished him happy birthday they all got some food and sat around the room talking about there days, kenny told them how bad a day he’d had, he woke up late, missed his bus and had to walk to school in the rain, he’d forgot his tie and ended up getting in trouble.

After they had finished talking and eating it was time for presents, the first present he opened was from his auntie she had bought him a brand new watch, the second present he opened was from his grandparents his grandma had knitted him a homemade jumper and his grandad gave him £20, the third present was from his mum she had saved up enough money to buy him an xbox 360, there was one last present for him but nobody wanted to tell him who it was from, on top of the presen there was a note which read “happy fifteenth birthday kenny hope you like your present love dad”, he read the note again and again, he couldn’t believe his dad had got him a present for his fifteenth birthday, he quickly opened it and froze he couldnt believe what he was looking was his dads old ninja costume and weapons, his dad was a big fan of ninja movies and collected ninja weapons, his mum walked over to him and explained to him that his dad left them to him in his will and was to be given to him on his fifteenth birthday, he looked at her for a minute then down at the present, he felt tears gather but blinked and hugged his mum tightly, smiling. After he was done hugging his mum she decided it was time for them to sing happy birthday so she went over to the fridge and took it out, it was a chocolate cake covered in melted chocolate, she had put it in the fridge to harden the chocolate, after it was hard enough she had wrote *happy birthday kenny* on it in icing, they all gathered around the cake and sung happy birthday to him, after they was finished singing he made a wish *he wished to make a friend* and blew out his candles, once they were out everyone cheered and his mum took out a knife and cut five slices out of the cake, after everyone had finished eating the cake they all said there goodbyes and left. After everyone had left kenny sided his presents then went back into the room and set up his xbox 360, after it was all set up he and his mum started playing it,after an hour or so she gave up playing and just left kenny to play, after an hour of playing by himself he got a bit bored so he decided to call it a night, he helped his mum tidy up.

After he had finished tidying up and made sure everything was clean he decided it was time for him to take a shower so he went into the bathroom and set the shower running, while it was warming up he went to his bedroom with a towel and got undressed, once he was undressed he wrapped the towel around himself and made the short journey back to the bathroom, once back in the bathroom he shut the door and got in the shower. Fifteen minutes later he was done in the shower so he got out, he wrapped a towel around himself and walked back to his bedroom where he closed his door and dried himself off, meanwhile while he was getting dry his mum went into her room with her towel and undressed then went and took a shower, after he had dried off and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt he went back into the room to watch some t.v, once his mum was done showering she went back to her room and dried off, once she was dry and dressed she went back into the room and sat next to kenny on the sofa, he was flicking through channels then settled on a movie *pirates of the carribean*, they watched the movie and when it ended they both decided it was time to call it a night and go to bed so he said goodnight to his mum then gave her a hug before going to his room, he got into bed and fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next morning kenny woke up to she sounds of people screaming and shouting, he quickly jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes before heading to his window to see what all the fuss was about, he looks out and see’s people fleeing in terror but from what he did not know, he quickly out of his room and into his mums expecting her to be still in bed but she wasn’t so had a quick search of the apartment hoping she might be hiding somewhere but alas there was know sign of her, he put his trainers on and ran out of the apartment, he ran down all the floors then out of the front door, as soon as he got outside he saw her, he saw his own mum dead killed by a ninja star, he looked around to see who threw it but he saw no one.

He spent the next hour sitting alone next to his mum, he was upset but angry at the same time, he wanted revenge on the person who killed her, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye but when he turned round there was nothing, he felt like someone was watching him, following him, he saw something again but this time when he turned round he saw him, he saw for a split second a samurai like no other, this samurai was bigger than any he had ever seen before and he was faster than anything he had ever seen, he only got to see him for a split second before he was gone again, he looked around to make sure he was gone and he was.

Over the next hour he had managed to remove the ninja star from his mum and drag her body inside to make sure that it took no more damage, he knew the samurai would be back and he knew that he would be coming for him, he was terrified, all he could was pray as he ran up the stairs and back into his apartment, he wanted to hide but he also wanted to fight, he wanted to stop the samurai before he killed someone else but he knew he would be killed if he went back out there, He so badly wanted to hide from the samurai but knew that wherever he went he would be found so there was only one choice for him he had to fight there was one small problem for him though he had no clue how to fight, the only fighting he had ever seen was on the ninja movies he used to watch with his dad, oh how he wished his dad was still alive he would of been able to fight he knew everything about ninja's/samurai's and everything about fighting, *its time to make my dad proud* he said to himself he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance but he was going to fight anyway, live or die he knew he would be a hero.

This would be his first ever fight and it maybe his last, he needed to prepare but he knew he didnt have time the longer he stalled the more people he knew would be killed. he heard another scream, he rushed to the window but saw nothing, he knew someone else must of been killed and he knew it was his fault, he knew the samurai was after him and was only killing the others to get him to reveal himself, he didn't know why he was the target why the samurai was targeting him, *why me* he said to himself *whats so special about me*.

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2012-11-22 14:01:46
Wow! thanks so much for your updetas on motherhood.Amy - you really are in the thick of things - super busy with your young cherubs and homeschooling - I take my hat off to you - I don't know how you do it!Carolyn - you cherubs are still really young and I love that you are trying to work out a better option for your family. You have their best interest at heart and that is the most important. Good luck finding something closer.Susan - I think it is great that you can still be at home and help out with the business. No matter what you do it is always hard when kids need your attention. They need it all the time! Love that you are feeling that things are getting easier.Heather - I can so relate to you. We had one car for a couple of years and I was home all the time. In a way it was lovely but in another way it drove me crazy because I felt trapped some days. Lucky you have the internet to connect with other mothers these days and I hope you can have some friends come visit YOU instead


2012-07-31 03:39:34
it needs another chapter - I see promise but no delivery - until I see delivery, I will not vote


2012-07-19 19:02:53
Come on people, get some negative votes on this piece of..well piece of scrap to be fair

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