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We are In Love but it is not to be
The foregoing is true and the only way I can write about it is in some kind of rhyme. Writing about it somehow eases my broken heart yet the pain will never ever go away.
She is my one true love yet circumstances, which are to long to explain, had kept us from being together but those are:
The Pitfalls of Love and Sex

Like it can and should happen we first fell deeply in Love
and had a long friendly relationship before ever having sex.
Not in a religious way we feel that it was ordained from above
yet once the sex act is done it can get complicated and perplex.

She was young and slender and I was large and much older
this wasn't a problem but I thought it was just her disguise.
Coming to me and baring her soul then crying on my shoulder
we grew so much much closer and she inquired about my size.

Agreeing we could take it to the next step we finally went to bed,
we both had plenty of experience and knew this can have a price.
We got completely naked, I ate her pussy and she gave me head.
needless to say it was so very hot, very intense and incredibly nice.

Seeing my cock she wasn't nervous rather it only increased her lust
with her laid back I was quickly positioned between her slender legs.
She wanted me deep inside and cumming in her was an absolute must
I didn't use a condom, she used birth control as she had plenty of eggs.

My initial entry was certainly tough as my girth stretched her tiny hole
with both of us excited and horny we wanted to get on with it and fuck.
Once inside we went at it hard, not long the intensity had taken its toll
I was pounding deep holding her arms which was causing her to buck.

We knew for our first time that neither of us would last all that long
I moaned loudly, she grunted and screamed in pleasure at being taken.
Despite everything else we were lost in sex and knew this was wrong
we wanted this bad, her husband and my new wife would be forsaken.

I could barely hold on and was groaning very loudly just to keep it in
it was the hottest and most intensive sex I have ever had to that date.
I only cared about one thing and this was hot because it was also a sin
we succumbed to our lust but we had to have each other so it was to late.

Enjoying it as long as I could until I couldn't think about holding it anymore
she wanted me to do it real bad and began shouting PLEASE CUM INSIDE.
It drove me crazy that she was acting like this, like such a nasty little whore
but it was each others love and integrity going forward on which we relied.

I painfully groaned out as semen began to spurt and shoot in long streams
holding her wrists in my hands the cum was flowing like I was taking a piss.
I worried about the loudness and possible attention of our combined screams
but then as the torrent of cum subsided we each breathed out in depraved bliss.

I finally pulled out and fell to one side then rolled over to lay out on my back
my cock was dripping from being soaked with combined love, mostly my cum.
She stayed laying on her back while our love juices just ran down her crack
we smiled at each other knowing this isn't the last time we'd be getting some.

Once rested we faced each other then we embraced and deeply we kissed
with our pent up desires now finally relieved our initial feelings did return.
We knew each other going forward we would certainly not be able to resist
while our combined love and need to have each other would continue to burn.

Our next time was just as intense except we made love yet so much slower
upon warming her up I entered her cunt, rolling my back with each thrust.
We knew it was wrong but it was far to late and felt we couldn't get lower
there was no doubt it would stay between us forever, in each other we trust.

We were passionate, I was pushing in deep while she squeezed with her cunt
while kissing and talking to each other about our endless love and also our life.
Once we were done we spoke of future issues and we had to be rather blunt
knowing things couldn't remain this way, if it did we knew it would cause strife.

Her husband and her would be moving real soon, there was no time to waste
with things we hadn't experienced yet we needed more and we couldn't wait.
She said she wanted to do something for herself, it was me she needed to taste
wanting me to cum in her mouth, she swallowed then she told me she was late.

I was stunned and shocked this happened and the way she told me was crass
I asked what she would say to her husband because about us he can't know.
It couldn't be undone and with our lust still in control, I had to have her ass
she gave it to me despite my size, it hurt her but let me go until I had to blow.

We had as many sessions as we could arrange up until the time they had left
there would be a result and memory of our love which was still yet to be born.
A part of me was happy yet with my true love leaving me it felt just like a theft
plus our unborn love child along with not being able to see them left me torn.

We did keep in touch as time went on, we wanted so bad just to be together
it didn't seem it would happen our spouses were actually good to each of us.
We each married others not being "in love", her and I were birds of a feather
but if we did leave our spouses and got together it would cause to much fuss.

Her husband thought the baby was his there was nothing ever even suspected
my wife is also unaware which keeps things quiet, it doesn't make any of it fair.
It's hard to be in love, create a life then keep it hidden so everyone is respected
yet somehow some way we both wish it could be open to all and be in the air.

After the baby was born her and our child made the trip here to see her mother
with so much time apart, the baby now born, we would see if our love did remain.
My feelings never changed and it was confirmed once we held and felt each other
we made passionate love knowing we would part but it was pointless to complain.

Our session was amazing my cock she deep throated and her titties I gave a squeeze
I thoroughly licked her pussy then inserted my cock I also took her ass nice and deep.
She breathed heavily from the anal intrusion, I worked my girth in but not with ease
but we missed each other and wanted to be together, we talked about making the leap.

It is only on very rare occasions that we have been able to see each other or to relate
we remained with our spouses and went on with our life, of each other we can't forget.
The hardest thing is to go on with life after finding then living without your one soulmate
sometimes I wish I had never found or even known true love, this may be my only regret.

Stealth EagleReport

2017-07-11 19:18:45
This is good.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-11-24 15:06:07
moan, moan, complain, complain. The author wrote this in rhyme and meter. What do you want, choirs of angels? Lighten up.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-29 01:26:46
contradicts the "true" incest story about karen and her/your daughter. (surprise then complicity or before and after) whether thats because of poor writing continuity or what I dont know. Or maybe this chick IS the daughter in question, which would make her the latina your tag mentions. either way, not well composed compared to your other work. also, f*ck off, letting another man raise your child you PoS.

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-28 23:44:27
Good story. The only thing that would improve it would for your "love" to get pregnant again after your last sexual situation.

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-26 05:19:46
You can barely write prose, wanker, never mind poetry.

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