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The following day she found herself in the same room again, the same black walls and floor...and the same red chaise lounge. She looked around but he was out of sight and she couldn’t help shaking in fear and wonder what his twisted mind had in store for her this time.

She looked around once more and finally spotted him. He was standing in one corner silently staring at her, watching her every move. He slowly approached her, flipped his hand and stripped her off her clothes. She instinctively tried to cover her body with her hands and arms and he smiled thinking "Oh, so if I hadn't seen all of her already".

She took a few steps away but he immediately made her stand still. She had no control of her body, the way it’d happened during their last session together. He placed himself behind her and hooked his arms around her in order to tie her hands up with what seemed to be a silk scarf. She felt his careful touch and the softness of the material against her skin, and wondered why he was being so gentle this time.

He rested his hands on her shoulders and led her towards the chaise lounge, where he made her stand on all fours. At this point, she was already breathing raggedly and trembling in fear. Her heart was racing and her eyes were filled with unshed tears. He noticed and smiled to himself as he stood behind her and stretched her legs out.

He slowly knelt behind her and spread her legs even farther apart while he positioned himself between them and placed his hands on her hips. He tenderly caressed her hair and glided his fingers along her spine all the way down to the small of her back. He continued exploring her with his fingers and ghosted them between her thighs and then up her slit till they reached her stomach. He caressed her sweetly and, after a while, he softly removed his hand and placed it back on her hip.

She then felt his length slowly sliding between her thighs and rubbing against her core. She heard his deep sighs and his breath growing heavy. She felt the tip of his manhood nudging against her and realized what he was doing: he wasn’t being aggressive or violent this time, he was actually being…loving. That realization didn't make it any better, though. And when he finally entered her, she was terrified.

She remembered everything he’d done to her so far, and the mere thought of what he’d do this time, kept her on edge. She was frightened, shaking and gasping when she felt him slowly making his way inside of her. “Honey, you’re so tight,” he said in a low husky voice while he bent down till he was leaning against her back and hooking his arms around her. She groaned in pain and squirmed under his weight, but deep down she knew she couldn't get away so she tried to calm down and hold her tears. She repeated her mantra in her head, trying to find some comfort.

He realized what she was trying to do and he wasn't going to allow it. "Oh, that’s not gonna happen, baby, I want you with me," he thought. So, he shifted his right hand from her hip to her core and started stroking her mound. He glided his fingers through her slit more firmly this time and started stimulating her clit. She soon felt her arousal building up. "Good, she’s getting on with the program…finally!" he thought. “There, see?’s gonna be so good...gonna make it real good for you...promise,” he whispered in her ear and continued rubbing her clit until she was so wet his hand was slick with her juices. "Yeah...that's it, we're talking."

He intensified his thrusts and the pain she'd felt at first turned into a pleasant sensation and then, as he started hitting her g-spot, an amazing pleasure came over her. She felt waves of ecstasy washing all over her body, and she dug her nails on the chaise lounge as she bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning. She bit it hard till the skin broke and started bleeding, that way she could focus on the pain and escape from him. She could close her eyes tightly and try to think of something else. There was no way she was going to let him know she was enjoying this, well, not really her, but her treacherous body.

He lifted her wrists with his left hand and placed them around his neck so that they rested on his nape as he sensually slid his hand down her side. They were both kneeling now and their bodies were at a 90-degree angle from the chaise lounge. His chest was pressed against her back and her head was resting on his shoulder.

He now had full access to her front so he went on to knead her breasts and tweak her nipples as he kept stimulating her clit while he pumped inside her. He noticed her bleeding lip and healed it immediately. Clearly, he wasn’t interested in hurting her this time, on the contrary, he wanted her aroused, he wanted to make her agree to it, to enjoy it.

She felt her body betraying her and unexpectedly heard herself moaning. She was completely aroused and her brain had shut down. Her back was fully arched and she was sitting on him now, slowly rocking into him, pushing him farther inside of her, her hands resting on the back of his neck for support, stroking his soft spiky hair. He was smiling and licking his lips as he thought "Yes, that’s it,’re almost there."

Her eyes were half-closed and then he said “Open your eyes, baby, I want you to see me...I want you to see us”. She complied and saw the dark walls around them moving closer towards them and turning into mirrors. Whichever way she looked, she saw herself completely wrapped around him, moaning and writhing in pleasure. “Don’t we look great together? If you ask me, you look as good as you feel.” They were both covered by a shiny film of sweat, eyes black with lust, bodies rhythmically moving as he penetrated her deeply.

He then intensified his thrusts and when she was about to climax, he slowed down till he was almost still. It took all of him to control himself but the pleasure he was deriving from having her almost beg him to make her come was so overwhelming that it was totally worth it. He did this repeatedly and kept her on edge till her body became so sensitive that the smallest move made her react.

She was fluttering her lashes, her mouth wide open for air and her heart racing. He tilted his head and kissed her deeply. He began by licking and sucking her lips, and then shoved his tongue into her mouth. He explored it slowly and was gladly surprised when he noticed that she was responding to him, her tongue intertwined with his. She moaned inside his mouth as his hands continued stimulating her body and then, she felt an incredibly powerful orgasm.

She was gasping and panting trying to put herself together when it all started again. That went on for hours till she lost count of all the orgasms he’d given her. At the end of the day, she was exhausted, almost limp and boneless, and he gently helped her lie on her back as he laid still half his body on top of her.

Finally, when he had his breath back, he looked into her eyes smiling and stroked her face. He kissed her softly and cupped her face caressing her cheek with his thumb. Then, it hit her: she became aware of what had happened and felt sick. Above all, she hated herself for what she’d done. He was acting as if they were lovers: they were cuddling after sex...what the hell was going on? And worse still, she was responding to it.

She tried to free herself from him but he held her tight in his arms and wrapped himself around her. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s stay like this a little longer...don’t you like it? I sure do!" He was being sweet, caring, even loving, and she was totally confused. She frowned and locked her dizzy gaze with his. He grinned in turn, brushed his nose against hers, and said “See, I told you you’d be mine. Come on, beautiful, admit it, say you’re mine...after all, you gave yourself to me today.” She wept and looked away. He didn’t hide his satisfaction and rested his forehead on her temple while he brushed his nose against her wet cheek and left a trail of tender kisses.

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This story is ace!!! I've been looking for a fic like this one for a while and this is great and what tops it off is the fact it's well written which is a rarity. I hope there is a new chapter soon :-)

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great story, can't wait for the next one!

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