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second part of the story, there are about 4-5 parts so hope you enjoy, and please pm me to tell me if i dont write my sentences very good. thank you and enjoy
Part two

Well i woke up from an hour of sleep, and laid there from 6:30 to 7:00 just thinking about how today was going to go. And suddenly my mom came in "kyle wake up, were late for school" she said.

"Alright" i replied while getting up and stretching my arms. I got dressed and got in the car with my mom and looked at the time. It was only 7:15, i said "mom why are we leaving this early, school doesnt start for another 30 minutes."

"Do you ever know when to just not ask questions? She replied with a attitude and was about to cry.

"Momma are you ok?" I asked

We stopped at a red light and she burst out crying "i just dont know anymore, your father is just alwys mad about something and takes it out on me, blaming me all the time. I just dont know"

Now i could always tell when she was lying. Because for one my father is a loving guy, he is a sensitive guy but not bipolar or anything. So i just stopped talking the rest of the way. We finally got there and i jetted for the cafeteria, i had missed my breakfast and was super hungry. I got in line, grabbed my cereal banana and milk and sat down with my normal friends. Mikey, isaiah, john, joseph and phoenix.

"Whats up guys?" I said while sitting down.

"I dont know, you tell me loverboy?" Mikey said with a weird look on his face, i just opened my milk and stared at him.

"What are you talking about mikey?" I replied

"Well a certain someone told me what you and cookie did in the hallway yesterday" he said with a smirk on his face.

"How many people know and who told you?" I asked kind of annoyed.

"I dont know but karina told me in algebra yesterday" he replied. 'I didnt even know anyone was in the hallway yesterday, and rumors spread like wildfire in highschool. I had to face what ever consequences came at me' and here comes one right now. I looked over and saw kristen walking fast towards me with anger and tears all over her face.

"Oh shit, you better run kyle" isaiah said.

"What in the fuck were you and that skank denisse doing in the hallway yesterday!!!" She technically announced to the whole cafeteria who started turning heads towards the yelling broad in front of me.

I took a big gulp of air and then remembered. "I dont know, you tell me what you and dushawn are sneaking around for?" I said with confidence.

John's eyes widened and jaw dropped.

"Wh-what?" She finally got out.

"Yeah, i know. After all that ive done for you and you just stab me in the heart and stomp on it. By cheating on me with him." I said getting kind of angry

"I..I dont know what your talking about" she said getting quiet.

"You DO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IM TALKING ABOUT YOU STUPID BITCH!!!" I screamed at her for the whole school to hear. Now ive never hit a woman but i was getting damn close to doing it. And mikey could see the anger building up inside of me and jumped up and said "come on bro she isnt worth it"

He started pushing me back and all i could see was dushawn jump up like he was going to do something but he stayed on the other side of the cafeteria the whole time. I pushed mikey out of the way and put my hand up until a moniter talked me into the wall

"Get off of me!" I screamed.. it took 4 moniters to retain me from beating that bitch senseless. They started walking me to the office when dushawn jumped in front of me and said "look at you now, thats why yo bitch wants this dick"

I snapped and got loose of the moniters and started beating the fuck out of him and then blacked out. I woke up in the office to find cookie holding me and crying like i was going to die or something. 'I hope not'

"Hey cookie" i said looking up into her beautiful brown eyes.

She sniffled and said "hey sleepyhead"

"Whats wrong boo?" I asked

"I just hate what dushawn and kristen did to you." She replied

I sat up and wiped her tears, its ok cookie. Thats there fault ok. Im alright so you should be"

"Ok" she said and managed a beautiful smile with those sexy dimples of hers.

"How long have you been in here with me? "

"2 hours." She replied. 'What the fuck, she has been in this office for 2 hours sitting with me. Oh my god im puzzled and confused.'

"Wow, ive been out awhile now huh?"

"Yes you have" she smiled

"Denisse, do you think he could stay with you for tonight?" My mom came out of no where and asked

"Can i call my sister really quick and ask?"

"Sure thing" my mom replied.

I walked over to my mom and asked "why are you letting me stay over at her house mom?"

" for one i need some alone time with your dad and two i think you need to relieve your self of some stress." She smiled and winked at me. Leaving me completely dumbfounded. What has gotten into my mom lately and i dont wanna know about them fucking. Its kind of gross to think about actually. But whatever

"Yeah.. okay. No tonight karina. Okay ill tell him.. bye" she hung up the phone and then said "she said she would love for you to come over " she smiled big.

"Okay" was all i could say. Because my mom technically said go fuck her it will be good for you. But who knows if she'll even want to, like i always say,'fuck it'

"Great you'll need a note so you can get on our bus" she told me, my mom wrote it down fast as hell.

"Here you go, yall can stay in here for the rest of the schoolday if yall want." My mom said. So we did and just talked about random stuff, like favorite music, movies, etc. Then we left and got on the bus, as we got on the bus we went straight to the back and sat together.karina sat infront of us and that was it. Not a lot of people rode this bus, but what made me kind of giggle was dushawn and kristen rode this bus and sat kind of towards us but not enough. I looked at dushawn and his face was all kinds of fucked up. He looked back at me and sat with kristen really fast.

"So what are we going to do when we get to your house cookie?" I said still looking forward.

"Cookie?" I looked over and saw her biting her bottom lip and her hand down her shorts doing a circular motion. I thought 'what the fuck!?! Is she really masturbating right in front of me on a bus?'

"Cookie, what are you doing?" I whispered.

"Nothing just thinking about tonight." She replied and grabbed my crotch, my dick was at full attention now at a solid 8 1/2 inches. 'Oh my god, was this really happening? Was she really doing this?'

"Oh..oh..oh!" She moaned but not loud. Karina looked back, smiled and winked at me. 'Tuesdays rule now'

"Lets see what you have in those shorts" karina whispered as she reached back and unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. 'This is the best day ever' karina then jumped to the back seat and pulled my shorts down. I was starting to worry, because what if we have to get off. So i asked "when do we get off?"

"Last stop, dont worry we still have about 40 minutes until we get off" karina answered. The whole time cookie just sat there and played with her pussy and i just realized 'holy shit im going to get double teamed by two fine latinas, all of my wet dreams are coming true tonight' karina got on the floor in front of me. Not much room but she could fit there and then pulled my dick through the whole of my boxers and started rubbing it.

"Ooo, looks like we got a big one right herw sis." Karina said and started sucking the head of my dick and teasing me with her tongue. I looked over at cookie and her mouth wide open and shocked.

"Are you okay cookie" i asked

"Thats bigger than what i see on the porn movies that karina has." She replied as i smiled with confidence and was proud. Well karina started going down deeper on each stroke making eye contact with me the entire time. It was seriously making me wanna just cum right there but i wasnt at that point yet and didnt want to end this moment so i stayed strong. She got to the stroke where she was deep throating me. I started thrusting in a little bit on every other stroke. She gagged once or twice, and started humming on my dick. 'Im about to cum 'i thought. I leaned my head back and she grabbed my balls and they tightened up and i came deep down her throat and rope after rope after rope of my hite creamy cum straight down her throat. And she swallowed every bit of it. I was breathing hysterically.

She pulled her mouth off, opened her mouth and said "all gone" she smiled and got up and jumped back in the seat in front of us. I just sat there my shorts and boxers still around my ankles, i looked over at cookie and she was smiling and whispered "wait until we get home" i pulled my boxers and shorts up and buttoned them up. We all got off and i gave the note the busdriver and he winked at me and said have fun kiddo. 'How much better can this day get' i thought. Well we got to the house and i noticed that there parents had died when they was very young. There was R.I.P pictures of there gravesite.

"You can sit down if you want to. Here is a glass of lemonade" cookie said and gave me.

"Thanks cookie, and im sorry for the loss of your mom and dad."

"Its alright and you can call me baby, if you want" she said as she blushed.

"You mean im your boyfriend?" I asked kind of confused.

"Only.. only if you want to." She said

"Of coarse, baby" i said and then kissed her on the lips. Now she was the one standing there like a statue smiling. I laughed and sat down.

"Cookie, why the hell are you just standing in the middle of the living room?" Karina said.

"Sorry." She sat next to me and cuddled up with me, karina put a cd in. Some love music i guess and started swaying her hips side to side. And started stripping, she unbuttoned her pants and unzipped them. Now i forgot to mention. Karina is 5'6, same hair length as cookie, her hair is dark brown with blonde streaks, same size breast as cookie's (34C), slim figure with some curves, and her ass is slightly smaller than cookie's.

She had a tight black tee on and slipped it off very slowly still dancing and revealing those nice round tits, with light brown nipples. I was getting a hard on just thinking about them in my mouth. Cookie started unbuttoning my shorts and pulled them down and off of me completely, she then started rubbing my dick through my boxers and had a little precum seeping through them. She smiled and pulled them down as well. Meanwhile, karina walked behind the couch, took her pants off all the way now and leaned over me and put her tits in my face, i took it as an advantage and started sucking on her right nipple and pinching the left nipple with my left hand. She moaned out loud and kissed my chest through my shirt. Cookie was going at my dick like there was no tomorrow trying to deep throat the whole thing but just couldnt. Her soft mouth on my dick was incredible, i was in heaven. If i hadnt of cum in karina's mouth earlier, i would have blew my load right there. But i did so i guess i get to savor this moment. Cookie put my dick all the way in her mouth and kept it there for like 10 seconds while she licked around my shaft. I felt my balls start to tighten up again and i started breathing hard.

"IM CUMMINNG!!!" I screamed and she wwnt all the way down again and i came down her throat. And she swallowed it all. Just like her sister. And she opened her mouth,showing me that there was nothing in her mouth. I smiled but i couldnt take anymore right now.

"Girls im to exhausted and drained for anymore." I said. Cookie smiles and winks at karina.

"Your done when we say your done." Karina said. Cookie started taking off her shirt now and her to was bra-less. The same as karina's, she then took off her shorts revealing a dark wet spot, she was wet as hell. She thenn rolled her panties down her legs very slowly. She had a bald pussy. No hair anywhere down there 'my favorite saying' she grabbed my hand and led me to the bed where karina laid, waiting for cookie.

"Come on cookie, lets show him what we do on the weekends." Karina said. Cookie ran over and laid down, and karina got on top. 'A 69!! This day gets better and better by the second.'

They both started licking and moaning, and i just stood there holding my now limp dick.

"Ohh.. yess. Cookie, right there." Karina moaned out.

"Kyle come here please i need you for a minute or 2" karina said

"Yes. What is it?" I said very excitedly

"Fuck me up the ass please. There is some lube on the dresser." She replied

"Okay." I ran over to the dresser, grabbed it and just thinking about being in that nice firm and round ass got my dick hard again. I walked back over and applied some lube to her asshole and rubbing it in. Then applied some to my rock hard cock. Put my dick at the entrance of her asshole and pushed in, she moaned even louder and it felt so good and tight. I started thrusting in and out of her multiple times and after a certain amount of strokes i shoved it all the way in making her scream and moan in pleasure.

"EY PAPI, IDIOS MIOS" she screamed out. I was going in pretty hard and at a incredible rate. After about 15 minutes of it i felt my balls start to tighten up again. I groaned really loud and she automatically knew what that meant and started fucking me back. I groaned one more time and then screamed out once again.

"IM CUMMINNNGGG!!" I came rope after rope of the most cum i have ever harvested. And right after i came, karina came her pussy juices all over cookie's face. I pulled my limp dick out and layed next to them while karina still tried to get cookie to cum. But after a lil bit i heard her breathing increase at a rapid rate and she squealed out and i saw karina's face get splashed more than cookie's face. I laid there and thought to myself (as i always do) ' so far i got 2 great blowjobs (the best blowjobs ive ever had) and went anal with karina. That means ill still have to fuck them both in the pussy.' Im seriously tired until i had a sign of relief when karina told me "im done for the night, im to tired for anymore." 'Bitch you dont know what tired is, i came 3 times today in under a hour and a half.' I thought.

"You to kids have fun" karina finally said and fell asleep. I thought 'so damn weak' well i laid on top of cookie and kissed her on the neck up to her lips and she whispered "hey, baby im a virgin."

'What the fuck.A virgin. For how sexually active this girl is. Maybe its just keeping all of it bottled up for so long she just started releasing it.'

"I saved it for you, ive liked you ever since 7th grade kyle. I was starting to think we would never get together." She smiled and i replied with a "baby i liked you to. Your the most beautiful girl ive ever met. I thought we wouldnt either but tonight changed those thoughts into reality." She blushed after hearing that and giggled that cute little giggle of hers.

She pulled me in close "now i want you to make love to me" that sounded so sexy when she said that..

"Ok."honestly i was to tired to really carry on, but if she really meant that and really wanted to be with me then i would go all night long with her. So i jacked off my member until he stood hard enough to fuck with and slid it in slowly until i hit a barrier. I stopped and said.

"Baby this is gunna hurt."

She closed her eyes and wrapped around my back and said "just do it"

I pulled back and shoved it through and popped her cherry and stopped where i was. She was gripping her nails into my back and crying. It broke my heart to see her cry. It made me want to just pack my bags and say were done for tonight but i sat there and kissed her on the lips. She finally gave the nod and i started thrusting in and out of her very slowly. She was still gripping my back until she started moaning in pleasure, so i guess the pain subsided and i started fucking her faster and a bit harder than before. She was moaning louder than she screamed. "Oh yes.. give it to me papi" i started to go as fast and as hard as i could when she opened her eyes wide and screamed "IM CUMMING." As she did her pussy juices hit my dick and it felt so good.

I was still going the same rate and she was in total ecstacy, after another minute i started getting really tired and made her cum again and harder than she did before. This time i was at the verge of it and said "im gunna cum baby." As soon as i said that she pulled me in with her arms and legs and i came as much as i could inside of her and fell on top of her and rolled off. She looked at me with those light brown eyes that always got me. And said.

"I love you kyle"

"I love you to cookie." I fell asleep naked with the girl of my dreams in my arms."


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