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Mel fils her exams and enters the Human Cow program
It is September 2056, many years after the revolution and famine and the high school grades have just been announced, Melissa a hard working grade A student is shocked to find she had failed and been offered a place at a very different institution to the university she planned to go to.

Mel the Human Cow pt 1.

"What's a human cow program, Daddy?" Melissa asked not understanding the implications of her exam results.

Walt looked at his sweet eighteen year old daughter, "Well you know how the top twenty per cent of kids go to the Universities, and the middle sixty per cent go to tech school," he explained.

"And the next ten per cent work in McDonals," her mom added stupidly.

"Well see the bottom ten per cent," he paused, "Well if they are that stupid there ain't no place in society so they go on a program."

"But what's a human cow daddy?" Melissa asked anxiously.

"They make baby milk honey, you know the baby milk at the mall?" her mom said.

"What?" Melissa demanded, "How, why?"

"On a milking machine hon," her mom explained, "You know."

"See they have to have the right diet and exercise so they get the right consistent product," her dad explained, "You'll like it there."

"What do you mean Daddy?" Melissa asked anxiously.

"Well," her dad said firmly, "The best deal we can see right now is the Human Cow program Mel."

"But I want to be a doctor!" Melissa squealed.

"You failed the exam hon," her Dad said, "Nobody ever got zero per cent in math before Mel, hell Principal Miller wants to do tests to see how anyone can be that stupid and still breathe."

"But I got an A last time!" Melissa protested.

"You must have cheated Hon," he mother suggested, "Because this certificate says you're a certified moron, anyways it's all decided."

"I can appeal!" Mel said, "I'll appeal!"

"Hell we get fifty credits a week for you are in the program," Her Dad said. "We have to pay thousands of credits for books and that if you went to Uni, why in the hell would we appeal?"

"Don't you care about me?" Melissa cried.

"Look Mel," her Mom explained, "We talked about this when you was eighteen, I said it was time you moved into your father's bed and gave me a rest and you said no!"

"Are you punishing me!" she demanded, "For not sleeping with my own Dad? After all the study I did?"

"You could have fucked Alan from next door," her Dad observed, "And had a kid, got child support, a free condo on the city, but no you kept your stupid frigid ass tight shut and your legs together and passed up all that cause you was too stupid to see you was stupid."

"No!" Melissa wailed, she thought furiously, "Maybe there's time, maybe I could get pregnant?"

"Like how?" her Dad asked as he slipped a hand down his shorts and rearranged his now swelling cock.

"Alan," Melissa suggested, "Maybe he could donate some stuff and I could use a Turkey Baster."

"Sure," her Dad agreed, "You give it a try."

Melissa's mind was in turmoil, she hadn't just failed her math she had set a new benchmark in stupidity with no per cent at all, she rushed from the house and around to Alan's place.

"Hi," Alan said as Mel came up the path to the front porch, "You come to say goodbye?"

"Uh," Mel replied.

"You're off to med school right," Alan asked, "It's results day, you're going to Princeton, right?"

"I failed," Mel admitted.

"So you're staying round," Alan chuckled, "What you'll be a nurse or something?"

"No, I failed, I failed, big time!" Mel admitted, "Mom says I have to go on a Human Cow program, unless."

"Unless what?" Alan asked.

"I get pregnant?" Melissa suggested, "I can get child support and a condo if I get pregnant."

"Gee," Alan said, "Like I have to chip in if its my kid."

"There's no need to tell whose it is," Melissa pleaded.

Alan looked at Melissa, once he got a hard on just looking at her 38DD tits now he was repelled at the thought that his kid could be a really stupid if Melissa was actually a certified failure.

"Please, we can put your stuff in a Turkey Baster," Melissa pleaded.

"Uh, no, you want fucked, you get fucked bareback, ok?" Alan said.

"Ok," Melissa smiled with relief.

Alan remembered all the times Melissa had rejected his advances, kneed him in the groin, called him names like moron and idiot, well he would show her, "You a virgin?" he asked.

Melissa nodded coyly.

"Come in the garage and show me," Alan suggested, and he led the way under the up and over door and Melissa followed as he flicked the light on and then shut the door behind them.

"Show me," Alan insisted.

"No!" Melissa protested.

"Then the deal is off!" Melissa insisted.

"Ok," Melissa agreed, "Ok, and she pulled her dress up and showed her sweet white polka dot panties.

"Big deal," Alan said, "Lose the panties ok?"

"Please!" Melissa pleaded, her big dark eyes flooding with tears.

"No way, you strip down and let me see," Alan said, "Here hang your dress on this hanger," and he handed Melissa a coat hanger.

Melissa coyly removed her green knitted cardigan and her yellow knee length dress and stood in her panties and well filled brassiere, Alan's tool swelled warmly as he stared at her, "Pants!" he ordered and Melissa eased her sweet red spotted white panties down revealing her neatly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair.

"Wow!" he exclaimed, "Let me feel," he said and he roughly pulled at her pussy lips and pushed a finger against hymen before he spread her pussy lips for a better look.

"Yep, grade A virgin," Alan agreed, "You want a baby?" he asked.

"Yes," Melissa agreed.

"Then you want me to fuck you right?" Alan asked.

"Can't we use a Turkey Baster?" Melissa asked.

"Hell no, we need to bust you wide open," Alan advised her, "You just sit on the edge of the work bench and I'll do the rest."

Melissa just stared, Alan couldn't belive how stupid Melissa was, everyone knew virgins weren't allowed on the Human Cow program, gee, he thought, she must be real stupid!

Alan watched as Melissa eased herself up onto the edge of the workbench, "Spread your legs apart doll," Alan advised as he dropped his pants and his rock hard tool sprang up damn near vertical.

Alan took hold of Melissa's waist and then he stooped slightly aimed the tip of his tool between Melissa's sweet pussy lips and thrust upwards.

"Agghhhhh," Melissa screamed.

"Gee," Alan scowled, "If you're gonna make that fuss forget it!" and he pulled out of Melissa's dry and wounded pussy and tried to force his swollen tool back inside his pants.

"Alan, you can't!" Melissa said.

"Sure can," Alan said, "There you're fucked, happy?"

"No!" Melissa burst into tears.

"All them times I tried to fuck you and you just threw it back in my face," Alan said nastily, "Well it's pay back time bitch!"

"No!" Melissa pleaded,"Please, I need your stuff, I need a baby!"

"Fuck you!" Alan replied, "Get back in there you bastard!" he snarled at his rampant cock which refused to shrink down.

"Ohhh Mommy!" Melissa cried as she ran back to her home, "Alan, he!"

"He fucked you right?" her mom replied.

"He just stuck it in my Mommy,"Melissa confided, it was horrible!"

"Maybe you should have gotten dressed before you come back?" her mom suggested as Melissa hugged up to her wearing just her shoes and brassiere.

"What am I going to do Mommy?" Melissa asked.

"I'll ring the program, get you booked in." her dad said, "Sooner it's done the better."

"No!" Melissa said, "I won't let you!"

"You got no choice Melissa," her mom said, "They sent your moron certificate, me and your dad have responsibility for you now, you're too stupid to decide for yourself."

"No," Melissa cried and proved how stupid she was by crying in her room instead of running away.

"Melissa," her mom said softly a few hours later, "The guys from the program are here."

"Go away!" Melissa snapped.

"It's ok Ma'am, Paddy O'Driscol the senior collector replied, as he head butted the bedroom door and crashed through in a shower of splinters, "We're used to this."

"Gee, it wasn't even locked!" Melissa's mom muttered to Aiden Flaherty Paddy's assistant.

"You been fucked girl?" Paddy asked as he grabbed Melissa's thin nightdress and ripped it from her.

"Just once," she admitted.

"Once is enough," Paddy replied, "You got the pacifier Ade?"

"Sure have boss," Aiden agreed as he pulled a ten inch pink rubberised cock from his back pack and smeared it liberally with lube.

"No!" Melissa squealed and tried to push Paddy away, but he grabbed her hands and held her.

"Got the cuffs Ade?" he asked.

"Hell I got the cock all lubed up now," Aidan protested, "Will you hold my cock please Ma'am or Sir," he asked Melissa's parents.

"Hey I ain't that way inclined!" Melissa's dad insissted.

"He meant the rubber cock," Meelissa's mom explained as she took the slippery rubber and promptly dropped it on account of it being so slippery.

"Handcuffs damn you!" Paddy cried as Melissa kicked out, so Aiden quickly cuffed Melissa's hands and tried to cuff her ankles as well.

"Damn bitch kicks like a mule!" Aiden declared as he checked his nose to see if it was broke where Melissa kicked him.

"Get that cock up her now!" Paddy insisted.

"It's all fluffy," Aiden explained.

"Who cares, shove it up her," Paddy ordered so despite her flailing legs Aiden unerringly forced the monster up between Melissa's sweet pink and slightly bruised pussy lips.

"That's about it," Aiden said with two inches or so still to go as Melissa kicked him again.

"Amateur!" Paddy chuckled as he got his knee under the end or the rubber cock and shoved it all the way in.

"Aggghhhhh!" Melissa screamed as she stopped squirming and fighting, "I can't breathe!"

"Got the ass plug?" Paddy asked.

"Sure," Aiden agreed.

"So shove it in, maybe two bar pressure should do it?" Paddy suggested.

"Gee, that will hurt like hell," Aiden protested.

"You been testing one?" Paddy asked pointedly.

"Nope," Aiden lied and he shover the well lubed one inch rubber tube up Melissa's virgin ass hole and conneted up the hand pump and began to pump it up.

"No!" Melissa screamed for the pain was intolerable, "No!"

The rubber in her ass swelled into a huge baloon stretching her ass cavity and pressing the cock in her vagina into her bladder and crushing her clit against the bed.

"Nooooo!" Melissa screamed.

"Sounds like the guys from the program come for Melissa," Alan's father said, "Why the hell didn't you say she needed fucking, hell we could have put your mom on the program and screwed Melissa instead."

"Sorry dad, I didn't think." Alan admitted.

"You never do, and think on, is Mel really a moron?" Alan's dad asked. "You could have done well for yourself boy, that just has to be a mistake."

"Sorry dad," Alan apologised.

"Well think on." he said, "If you had a brain you'd be fucking Melissa's brains out right now and praying for a kid."

"All right, I'll go round!" Alan sighed.

"Too late son, she just been turned, you hear that sound," he indicated the wailing sound coming from Melissa's home, "She just had her first human cow orgasm son."

Melissa couldn't help herself, one minute she was in agony and then everything went purple and fluffy and her head exploded and she was in heaven, her ass was filled and her vagina was filled and the pressure on her clit and bladder was intolerable until something had to give, "Ohhhhhh." she cried in ecstasy.

"Look out!" Paddy warned but Aiden was too slow to avoid the violent jet of urine which shot across the room to splash the bedside cabinet.

"Noooo." Melissa cried.

"Sign here," Paddy ordered, "Incontinent Moron, formerly known as Melissa Fforbes, now cow 14357 of Medina County, signed this day the 3rd of September 2056.

"I can read," Melissa's mom insisted and she scrawled her mark across the form.

"You want milk or credits?" Paddy asked.

"Credits," her Mom insisted, "Buy you own milk down Wal Mart," she snarled, "I want a new car!"

"Mom," Melissa asked, "What happened?"

"You had an orgasm bitch," Paddy said, "You;ll get used to it, roll over."

Melissa was too exhausted to protest, "Put the suckers on Aiden," Paddy ordered, "See we starts right away, takes maybe a fortnight to get any decent flow but sooner we start the better."

Aiden carefully cut the cups out of Melissa's Brassiere and slopped a big dollop of hormone gel on each of Meissa's prominent nipples before he tugged the nipples through a tight gold ring and fixed a small brass cup like an egg cup over each nipple before hitching up the suction pump and evacuating it to get seven inches of mercury on the gauge.

"Mommy!" Melissa protested before she lost her train of though in the mists of another orgasm.

"Got the bell," Paddy asked, "And the ring?" Aiden nodded.

"Nose or Clit Mr Fforbes, Mrs Fforbes.

"What do you recommend?" Melissa's dad asked.

"Well if you do the nose it's cheaper except it makes it hard for them to speak and eat, because you only need to buy one ring," Paddy explained, "But the clit ring gives better orgasms and makes the milk taste better."

"What ever's cheapest," Melissa's dad said.

"No!" Melissa's mom insisted, "No we'll have a stainless steel clit ring with a brass bell and a
white plastic nose ring."

"Lightweight bell, medium, heavy?" Paddy asked, "You don't pay up front, the money comes out of the first years milk yield see."

"Heavy bell," Melissa's dad agreed, "That'll stop the bitch running off!"

Paddy nodded, "Got the stuff Ade?" he asked.

"Bells a bit tarnished," Aiden admitted, "Most folks aren't cruel, i mean generous enough to gie their daughere heavy bells."

"God damn it she's a Human Cow not a daughter," Paddy exploded, "Sorry Ma'am, we can't get the staff."

Aiden handed the bell and ring to Paddy, "Scissors," he ordered, "Can't een see the sucker with all this bush," he complained, "Ah there she blows," he announced as he cut away some of Melissa's neatly trimmed pubes to show her clit deep in the cleft above her vagina and obvious only to an experienced clit hunter like Paddy, "You got the power clitter?"

"Batterys flat Paddy," Aiden admitted as the family looked on, "Got the manual one though."

"Have to do, Paddy admitted, "Like an iceberg," he told Aiden, "Ninety per cent under the surface," he said, "So you take the clitter in your right hand and aim just a bit below and press."

"Hi," Alan said as he stepped into the bedroom, "Hows Mel."

"Nearly done, just needs clitting," her dad said, "You didn't want to fuck with her then Alan?"

"Uh," Alan said.

"Frigid bitch wouldn't let me near her," Mel's dad admitted.

"And my cunt's about wore out," Mels mom agreed, "What with you father and uncle Silas and old Tom from work and the guys from the wood yard."

"You never said Silas been balling you!" Melissa's dad challenged.

"You never asked!" Melissa's mom replied.

"I thought she was out of my league," Alan explained, "So clever, so beautiful, such beautiful tits, and her long golden hair."

"It's brown," Mels dad observed.

"Such wonderful tits." Alan said again mesmerised.

"Hey pipe down this is serious!" Paddy insisted, "See the rollers of the patent Critter Clitter curve the wire around so it penetrates he meaty part of the clit, not the tip like amateurs do cause that can tear the whole end off but the fleshy sensitive bit like," he expertly manipulated the controls until as Melissa gasped in ecstasy a double ring of stainless steel was forced through her clit below the skin and out again.

"Perfect, now I'll just hang the bell and voila, one human cow!"

"Forty eight minutes Paddy," Aiden insisted as Paddy deftly fitted the big four inch diameter tarnished brass bell

"You ready?" Paddy asked, Melissa moaned feebly, "On your feet."

Melissa tried but as she tried to stand the pain was too excruciating to bear as she tried to straighten up.

Paddy undid Mel's handcuffs, "I guess you'll have to crawl already," he commented, "Come long it's nearly chow time at the farm."

"What about Mels clothes and things?" Mels mom asked.

"I'd put them on D Bay of some such, she sure as hell wont need them." Paddy said, "Damn we aint done the nose ring!"

"Here," Aiden retorted, "It's here,"

"Plastic's no damned good, take to long to glue!" Paddy snorted, "Hand me a half inch gauge four inch brass.

Melissa was completely helpless, every movement enraged her clit threatening to send her over the cliff to orgasm, and she just stared as Paddu froze her nose with an aerosol and punched a hole though between her nostrils with a punch before he threaded the brass ring through, twisted it straight and advised her to look away as he soldered the joint with a tiny gas blow lamp.

"All done, you having a party?" Paddy asked.

"Ain't hardy anyone knows," Melissa's mom admitted.

"Pity," Paddy said wistfully, "I reckon half the neighbourhood would have paid fifty credits to screw a fresh tight assed cow like fourteen three fifty seven."

"What?" Melissa's dad asked.

"Fourteen three five seven, that's her number, she ain't got no name any more." Aiden explained, and muttered "Moron."

Alan looked at Melissa, his cock hurt, he needed some relief so he surreptitiously wanked himself with a hand down his trousers till he spunked all down his leg.

Even then it sprung back up again.

"Wagon's roll then," Paddy announced as he tied a rope through Melissa's nose ring and gently pulled her towards the door.

"Bye Mel," her mom said as she picked up Melissa's communicator, as Melissa crawled awkwardly towards the bedroom door the big bell hanging from her clit clonking with every sway and every sway sending the most intense sensations coursing through Melissa's totally confused brain as the bell swung from her most private part.

Paddy took his time as Melissa crawled awkwardly down the stairs and then out across the yard, she wore just pink carpet slippers and a black brassiere with the tit cups cut out, and she expected to see a van outside but, "I left the van a block or so away, figured the walk would do you good, give you a chance to say goodbye to the neighbours.

Melissa looked out through orgasm raddled eyes, Aiden was going ahead waking the neighbours and getting them out to say good bye to Melissa, folks she had know from when she was a kid watching her be led away to a new life as human cow.

"Bye Mel, don't look so clever now do you!" some chanted because Mel had been a total swat and hadn't fucked around or put out at all.

"Moron, Moron!" they chanted.

"I'll come visit," Alan said as he nursed another hard on already as the sight of Melissa's swinging amd brass cupped tits, butt plugged ass, plastic cock filled vagina and ringed and belled clit drove him wild ," I'll come visit," he said, "I really need to fuck you again."

'Shit!" Alan cursed, "How could I be so stupid?" he said as the once beautiful girl was taken into the horse trailer behind Paddy's panel van to be taken to the County Human Cow Farm

To be continued


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