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The training begins
I was awakened by a mouth on my cock as I looked down My lil' slut was sucking me she choked as she tried to swallow more of me. She sucked and licked and played with my balls then I pushed in and shot a hot load into her mouth. She licked me clean then stood with head bowed... “Master Daddy your breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes”.

She turned and walked out of the bedroom as I looked at her beautiful ass swaying as she walked away. I decided that I would take her into town today and buy her a couple gifts and show her a place her mom and I used to visit quite frequently. I want to get her a couple slut outfits and a slave outfit and get her ready for her new life.

Breakfast was good and quiet as I was thinking about what was coming up so after breakfast she finished her chores and came to me we went to her room and got out a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans the shirt she put on and I took a pair of scissors and stuck them through the shirt just below the bottom of her tits and cut at a 30 degree angle, in both directions, to the collar of the shirt then leaving the collar I cut the piece out. Now one could see her tits and know she did not have on a bra and the nipples where pushing against the material. If she would bend over anyone looking could see her whole tit.

Now the jeans I took the scissors to them as well cutting around the front pockets up between the pocket and the zipper about 2 inches then up the side to the belt loops. Then cutting out that material to the back pockets and around them leaving just the seam to slip into the crack of her beautiful ass. The shorts left no doubt that she was naked covering as little as the law would allow.

Handing them to her she slipped them on and a pair of 5 inch black heels. “Now cunt we are ready to go meet some friends of mine lets go.”

“Yes Master Daddy your slut is ready”

We got into the car in the garage and backed out and took off. We were heading into the next state and 4 cities away. There we would be safe and she would not run into anyone that might recognize her. First we go to a private store to get her clothes. She follows me into the store on her leash, I introduce her to the owner a good friend of mine and he approved highly of my new slut and even more when I told him she was mine and Sara's daughter. He patted her on the ass and we with to the show room. In less than an hour we had the outfits and a few toys for my slut.

Next stop we pulled into the back lot of a big local XXX book store and peep show. We have to walk around to the front. So I hook her leash to her collar and head to the entrance and there where some guys in the lot and a few coming and going ,we go in and I see my friend Steve the owner behind the counter. He let me know how glad he was to see me and talked to me about my slut. He told me where I could take her and the cop warning system he had installed. If there was a problem there was a button to let him know.

We walked through the store with the men looking and drooling at her. She walked with her head up and her eyes straight ahead with a big smile on her face as we walked into the back. We found the booth and I unlocked the door and we went in turning on the light we found a 40 inch tv and a couch. I slip a 20 into the slot and told her to get undressed then I showed her the glory holes and explained to her what she was to do she stripped and I dimmed the lights and started the movie letting her pick the one she wished to watch.

To my surprise she picked one call “3 At A Time” a movie about a girl who was being gang fucked by three at once... one in the mouth one in the cunt and one up her ass. I had to ask her why and she said she had masturbated thinking about it before however had never had a dick in her ass. I assured her before we went back home she would not be able to say that anymore.

It wasn't long before the first cock slipped in the room and I pointed it out to her and she nervously moved to it and knelt down and took it in her mouth. I told her to let it cum in her mouth then pull off it and jack it off and take the rest in her face and on her tits.

In an hour and a half she sucked 14 guys and was wearing their come. I closed the door on the glory holes and told her to get her clothes on taking her leash in hand I lead her and we walked out of the room locking it back and I marched her through the story with cum all in her hair on her face and soaking through the shirt showing her tits. I talked to my friend and told him we would be back that evening and that if he was off he could enjoy her if he would like... He smiled and approved telling me to just keep the key until we where finished and nodded that he would love to use her later.

We leave and as we walk back to the car a few wolf whistles a few remarks as she followed me on her leash we get to the car and get in I start the car and ask her how she feels right now.

“Master Daddy I feel like a real cum slut. Wearing strangers cum.

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2013-02-21 01:33:16
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2013-02-21 01:29:30
I like this story until, he started to share his slave! A real MASTER never allows another dick to enter his slave, and a true slave wouldn't even look at another man! So your story was good until he became a pussy and let 14 men stick their cocks in his sluts mouth!

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