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Well this story is actually about 85% true. I have a friend named Antonio. He's a bronze skinned latin male and , like myself, very well built. We are both 25 yrs old and really into fitness. He's got blackbelts in the brazilian martial art Capoeira, and Jujitsu and I have ones in Taekwondo and Jeet Koon Do and we both have bachelor's degrees in kinesiology, imagine that. So you can see why we hit it off so well. And, just being honest here, if I do say so myself, we are both strikingly good looking,(sometimes that can be a curse, but that's another story) we are both professional models, thats actually how we met ,working for the same agency, so we compliment each other well. We actually met about 3 years ago, we had both just graduated and started working for this agency. We both got picked for a particular modeling campaign, started working together, and have been close ever since. I considered myself a straight male, although I can't say being with a guy never crossed my mind. I noticed some tendencies when I reached 18 years old. I found myself attracted to good looking men and women. I actually had a few girlfriends and my attraction to men sort of freaked me out, so I resisted and never acted on it. Antonio, however, was openly bi-sexual, which never bothered me at all. After we had known each other for a couple of years he expressed that he was very attracted to me. I would have thought that would have freaked me out, but it actually kinda turned me on. He also understood my reservations and said he would respect that because he valued our friendship more. Than turned me on all the more. I didn't let him know that, but I think he knew. He was very much a friend, was patient and waited, although I did noticed he stopped dating and come to think about it so did I. We just kinda started hangin out and spending all our time with each other. Our sexual relationship started as kind of a bet. By this time we were close and comfortable with one another and knew what turns each other on and each others vices. He was into feet and had a major fetish, I kinda did too for that matter. I was extremely ticklish and got easily aroused by it, and the most ticklish part of my guessed feet. He would always say for a guy I had amazingly sexy feet and he would massage them and play with them, I didn't protest cuz I was secretly loving it, but he knew. One day we had been drinking and both got pretty buzzed and made a bet and whoever won would get to do whatever he wanted to the loser. Well I lost and the punishment was stripped, tied and tickled..I know he'd been wanting to do that to me for a while. So he tied me up and it began..Then we made another bet, that if I got hard from him tickling me that meant I was sexually attracted to him and I would let him do some sexual things to me to see if I liked it. He tickled me and I got hard quick. So first he said he would just lick my cock and I didn't like it he'd stop. He actually started licking my feet and sucking my toes first. My toes were fairly long so there was plenty of toe for a nice long, slow sexy suck as if he were sucking a cock. Then he ran the tip of his tongue along the bottoms of my arches, since my feet were so ticklish I was giggling rather hysterically at this point but he knew I didn't want him to stop. I was super horny and rock hard by now. So then he finally started on my cock he went from licking to sucking and I was enjoying every bit of it. We took turns I told him I wanted to suck his. Let me tell you about this cock. This guy has a 'pretty' cock It's long, and smooth, unblemished and when it's hard it's shaped like a spear. It almost comes straight out with a slight curve. When I say smooth and unblemished I mean it. No veins no dimples, nothing. Literally perfect looking it was sooo smooth it would glide into my mouth. Then he asked if I wanted him to fuck me, I quietly said yes. He turned me on my stomach and promised to stop if it hurt too much. He climbed on top of me from behind he grabbed both of my hands and we laced our fingers together and his cock was so hard and slid right in to my ass. I don't recall any pain at all. I just remember biting down on my lip it felt so amazing. I believe we officially became a couple from that night and we fucked pretty regularly. Fast forward to today. Antonio came by one night. We were chillin on the bed and I was barefoot and he really likes me feet so he started tickling them..since he knows i'm extremely ticklish there that made him pretty horny so his cock got hard and that made me horny. Like I said earlier he has to have the prettiest, smoothest cock I've ever seen. And it's pretty fucking big too. So I started sucking it and like I said its long and smooth so it always feels reeealllly good in my mouth and in my ass cuz the next thing I know I'm laying on my stomach, he's licking my ear, kissing my neck and fucking me. At first it was nice and slow but next thing i knew he was holding me down fucking the shit out of me. I could literally feel his balls slamming into my ass and that was pretty hot. He's never fucked me like that before, but it was hot. He must have been really horny because felt him cum so hard I could actually feel his dick throbbing in me while he was shooting loads of cum in my ass and I could feel it hitting my insides, that's how hard it was shooting from his cock. His toes curled and he tensed up when he came, and he literally came steadily for at least 20 seconds or longer so I was pretty full of cum, and it was pretty fucking hot. Then he pulled me up on my hands and knees and I could still feel his cock throbbing inside of me. I knew he liked it when stroked my cock while he was fucking me so I started stroking my cock when I got up. When he saw what I was doing he said "oh fuck keep doing that". He was still rock hard so he started moving in and out of my ass fucking me again. It felt sooo fucking good i thought i was going to pass out. Since there was so much cum in my ass and on that pretty dick of his it was extra slick and was sliding in and out so smoothly it was intense like it never felt before. Were both into tickling so now he started tickling me while he was fucking me. He has just enough finger nails to drive me crazy. He started scraping his nails on my sides, down my back and on my ass all while fucking me with that huge spear like dick. I was laughing hysterically and moaning with extreme pleasure at the same time, I had totally lost control. Like I said earlier he's really into my feet and they were in the perfect position. So he started tickling my feet while still fucking me out of my mind. I told him I couldn't take it anymore and begged him to stop. Then he said "I ain't stoppin until I'm done with your fine ass." That turned me on even more!! " You know you don't want me to stop you're liking this shit aren't ya!!! aren't ya!!!" I couldn't lie I was so turned on there was no way I wanted him to quit now. There was a mirror on the side and in front of us and from the side I could see and feel cum still dripping from my ass while this very long sexy cock was going in and out of it. Then he stops shoves his cock way in me puts his arm around my neck from behind as if he were choking me, but he wasn't, lifts me up off my hands to were I was just straight up on my knees. I could see my cock in the side mirror, it was so hard it was pointing straight out and sorting starting to hurt a little. Then he rather gently grabs it and slowly started to stroke it then he says "I want you to cum for me you know you want to..cum for me...cum for me". Then he starts softly licking my neck and with his other hand(and nails) reaches down and starts tickling my balls and they're very sensitive and ticklish at this point. I heard my self shouting "ooohh shiiit"!!! And just before my eyes rolled up into my head from the intense, extreme pleasure I felt I could see in the mirror in front of us which was about 4 to 5 feet away my load was shooting out so hard it was hitting the mirror. I was cumming so hard I could literally hear little 'spurting' sounds from my cock. Then I could see it splattering all over the mirror and making this loud 'tick' sound like when something small but hard hits a glass, fuck that was hot! Then I heard Antonio say "I'm going to cum again" and without warning flips me onto my back and began to shoot loads of cum all over me. Some of it got on my face and fell across my lips so I could taste it and when I did something in me snapped.. I felt this sense of euphoria like I was outside of myself and was not in control of myself. I felt myself jump up and take Antonio's beautiful, smooth, cum drenched cock in my mouth and began slurping on it like a madman. Then I grabbed his well defined muscular ass holding him in my mouth. Then, with my nails(I'm a pretty good tickler too) starting rubbing his ass and running my finger gently up and down his crack (I know from past experience he's got a very ticklish ass). I could tell it was driving him nuts and he didn't know whether to laugh or moan, but I could hear some slight giggling. "Please can't...."then he exploded again in my mouth. I didn't know cum could actually taste that good!! I looked up at Antonio while he was still cumming in my mouth and what i saw was sooo fucking sexy I almost lost it. In addition to feeling this very muscular ass tighten while cumming I could see his eyes totally rolled to the back of his head and he had now lost all control. I swallowed down the rest of his cum while he was still trembling and convulsing in pleasure just as I was earlier. We've fucked before but never like that. He's already got a fucking big ass dick but I thought his dick was unusually swollen that night... He said he'd been watching me all day at the gym while we worked out together and wanted to take me in the shower because I kept bending over in front of him like I knew he was watching, which I did and he has been horny from that all day. And when he started tickling me earlier he said my sexy feet and laughter put him over the edge.
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