This sets the stage, and has little sex
I was new to this school, and didn't know any of the other students yet, but that didn't really bother me. I knew it was going to take some time to get to know people here. This was the third time in my life that dad got a promotion that required us to move. The first time, in third grade, the second in seventh, and now in my junior year. I figured that this would become my Alma Mater, unless dad got another promotion, which wasn't likely.

I'm the oldest of three. Me, Mitch, 17, and two sisters, Julia, 16 and Lizbeth, or Becky as she has been called since birth, 13. She got "Lizbeth" after my grandmother who had just passed when Becky was born, but mom wanted to call her Becky, so it stuck. She has always had trouble at the new schools, as the teachers wanted to call her Lizbeth, or Lizzy, which she despises. We all grew up pretty close, and I would do almost anything for them.

School didn't start for almost two weeks, but the football team was going to be holding their tryouts the week before school started. So, I figured that I had better at least start to get warmed up. I called over to the school to see if I could use their gym and maybe the pool, too.

"Sure, we will be open from 10 AM until 4 in the afternoon during the week, and noon til 3 on the weekends. Be sure to bring some goggles for swimming. They put a lot of chlorine in the pool, if you get my drift. We also have a weight room, if you need that sort of thing. Feel free to come by anytime." said the woman with the nice captivating voice on the other end of line.

"Thanks. Can I leave my car in the parking lot?", I added, feeling silly to ask such a question, as I was going to be riding my bike, not even having a car, I just wanted to keep her talking.

"Yeah, that won't be a problem. There will be a security guard there during those hours."

"Ok, thanks again."

"Are gonna try out for the football team or something?", she asked.

"Yeah, that's the idea at least. Just not sure if I will make the cut. I hear that the school has a pretty good backfield already." I answered.

"Ah, so you play the backfield? What position?", emphasizing "backfield", I wondered if she was doing "air quotes" as she said it.

"I was quarterback at my last school, but I'm sure that position will already be filled. I'd be happy with runningback, or tight end. But it has been a lazy summer, and I'm a little out of shape."

"Well, we will just have to crack a whip on your ass, as Tony, the current QB, has kind of a big head and thinks his shit don't stink like the rest of us. He could use a good knockin' down a peg or three, maybe even five." I was kind of surprised at her words, but enjoyed her openness.

"Listen," she continued, "the football coach usually has a party for the team the Saturday before try outs starts, so that would be this Saturday. You should join us and meet the team. I'm Ms. Jones, the coaches wife, you can be my guest at the party, and you can tell me a little about yourself. Bring your girlfriend, if you didn't leave her behind, wherever it was you moved from.", there was a hint of a southern drawl in her voice, which added to her charms.

"Nope, she broke up with me when I told her we were moving. We had only been dating a little while, I don't really even know if you'd call her a girlfriend, either. Guess it wasn't anything to serious." I complained.

"That dumb bimbo doesn't deserve you, I'm sure you will find someone soon enough. So, come to the party, but you have to stop into the office to say hello when you come to work out. That way I can introduce you around the party, and then talk about you behind your back. Besides, they don't know you at the gym and probably won't let you in, so I will have to introduce you there, too."

"Ok, it's a date." I said, feeling stupid as the cliche jumped from my lips.

She laughed, "Well, then don't forget to bring me flowers. You can tell the kind of man by the flowers he brings a girl on their first date. Don't worry, I won't tell my husband, I promise."

I started to feel I was blushing, "Ok, see you tomorrow. Bye."

"Ok, tomorrow then, don't stand me up. You know how girls can get when they feel jilted. Bye."

We hung up, and I just collapsed into the chair by the table in the kitchen as my mom was walking in.

"You're looking a little flush, hon, you coming down with something?", as she reached for my forehead.

"No mom, the football coaches wife just made me cream my jeans just by talking on the phone, and I'm still horny as ever.", well that's what I was feeling anyway.

"No mom, just trying to catch my breath." is what I really said.

Mom left me alone in the kitchen, and I made myself some breakfast. I spent the rest of day running around town doing chores for my mom.


I woke up early in the morning determine that I was going to get this workout started on the right foot. Made some breakfast, got dressed, and started to pedal my bike over to school. On the way over, there was a field of wildflowers, and I remembered what Ms. Jones said about "the kind of man", so I figured it couldn't hurt to play along with her flirting. So, I stopped and picked a bunch, tucked them in my gym bag, and continued on to school.

It was a big school, as it was built to be used by many of the surrounding towns. While Janaeville was the biggest and most affluent town, the surrounding towns couldn't afford to have their own schools. This school was shared among about 7 of the local towns, with Janaeville being in the middle of all of them.

I locked my bike to the rack and headed in. On the way to the office, I saw a piece of red ribbon sticking out of a trash can, and figured I could use it to wrap the flowers. One end was a little ripped up, so I got out my pocket knife, and cut it off, then bundled up the flowers tying the best bow I could, but I guess my half-assed attempt would have to do.

Before I got to the office, three girls were leaving, and one of them, a brunette, sent me into cardiac arrest. She was a few inches taller than the other two, and while her clothes weren't as "nice" as her friends, she didnt really seem too ashamed of it, and not that she should be, I just thought the other two looked a little snooty. Besides, she was absolutely gorgeous. Her smile was whiter than white, and her sky blue eyes shown like bright stars in the evening sky on a clear winter night. She looked at me as they passed, giving me the widest smile I have ever seen on anyone. I was reduced to a puddle on the floor. They passed without so much as getting their feet wet.

"Nice flowers pansy-boy, Rose'll love 'em.", the two girls laughed at that, but the brunette just looked at me as "I'm sorry" seemed to be written all over her face.

When I was finally able to collect myself, I entered the office. "What do you want?" said the short older woman.

"Yes, I am here to see Ms. Jones. Is she here?", I asked.

"Oh, don't give me that Ms. crap, she's a married woman, it's Mrs. fer shits sake. You should have heard her on the phone yesterday, askin' some guy to bring her flowers and that she wouldn't tell her husband.", and turned to get her. I now felt stupid with the flowers hidden below the counter. "Hey, Elaine, some boy is here, says he wants to see you.", putting great emphasis on the word "see".

"Be right out.", said the voice from the inner office. I could hear her continue the phone call.

"She'll be right with you when she finishes the guy on the phone." I thought it a little odd how she said that, but put it out of my head as she continued with her job of ignoring me. "Damned huzzy! She's goin' straight to hell when she passes, and I'll shake finger at her from up in heaven sayin' 'I tol' you so'..." she said under her breath, emphasizing the "z's", then walked into another room with a stack of books on a pushcart.

A couple minutes passed, I was reading something on the counter. Some sort of school bulletin, when Ms. Jones come out of her office. My jaw almost fell off my face. A tall brunette with healthy beasts that sat up at attention, you couldn't help but look. She soon commanded me to look her in the eye, not with words, but with her playful confidence.

"Hi, I'm Ms. Jones, how can I help you?"

I said without thinking, "Hi, I'm Mitch. I'm here for a date... er, I'm mean, you told me to stop in... yesterday on the phone."

Smiling, "Yes, I remember yesterday very well, Mitch. I don't remember you giving me your name though, but I will say Mitch suits you. How are you getting along here in our little town of Janaeville? It's probably nothing like you're used to, but we all seem to like it here, moreorless. Well, most of us, anyway.", giving a nod in the direction of her elderly coworker. "There are some people in life that are just best ignored." We both smiled.

"Well, the family has only been here a week now, and we haven't done anything but get the house set up."

"Where's your house?", she asked.

"Over on Marlowe. It's one of the two story houses at the north end of the street, up by Harbor Road. I like it so far. Haven't really done much else, 'cept ride my bike."

"Oh, you what kind you got? Harley? Yamaha?"

"Nope, a Giant. It runs on foot-power, not gasoline."

"You ain't one of those liberal Greenpeacers?", she paused to gage my reaction. "Naw, just pulling you leg. I have a pedal-pusher, too, but I don't know what kind."

"Oh, I almost forgot..." not really, just felt self conscience with "Mrs." Crabapple just in the other room. "These are for you."

"I guess you are here for a date, ain't you." she said with a smile. "Their beautiful. I'll get them in some water, it'll help to brighten up the office."

"Well, if it ain't lover-boy, froggy's come a courtin'. Let me clue you in sonny," and in a louder voice, "she's married and has children. Pick on someone your own age."

"You should listen to your own advice, Rose.", she turned to face the elderly, grey crow.

"She's a lot of fun at parties, too! Too bad her bedtime comes at 7pm sharp." Ms. Jones snarked. "Let me get these in something, and I'll be right back. Then I'll walk you over to the gym." She ducked into the back room.

"Those ain't her real boobs you know, so don't get your hopes all atwitter. Besides, why would a boy like you want some used old dish rag when you can have a brand new polishing cloth?", she nodded curtly, then went back to her cave. Wow, how curmudgeoningly sweet that batty old woman is, and under all that mean is probably just another layer of mean waiting for its chance to explode in your face, I thought to myself.

Ms. Jones came back holding a vase with the flowers in it, she actually was able to arrange them very nicely. "Wow, those are the flowers I gave you? What did you do to them?"

"Well, I am a witch after all, just ask Rose, she'll confirm that evil truth.", and she chuckled, putting the vase near the end of the counter next to the wall.

"Come on, let me show you around." She led me out the door, and back down the way I came in.

She made some small talk about it being a small town and about how some people had a small mind, and how Rose, her mother-in-law, was a prime example of the worst the town had to offer. "Like I said, 'Some people in life are just best ignored.'"

As we left the building, she continued telling me about the town and how mostly it was unremarkable, and that those that stay here, mostly peak in life during high school. She also told me about her husband, and how he was kind of a guiding light in most of these peoples lives. They had lived here for 25 year, moving here right after college. He took the coaching job, as well as a teaching position in the math department.

"He's actually pretty good with numbers and figures, and now and again he brings home some nice figures, an' I ain't talkin' monetary figures, if you catch my drift."

I was looking a little puzzled, but she clarified it for me so that it was crystal clear.

"He likes younger women, and we have an open marriage. Sometimes it's best to do certain things in private, at home rather than in public at a motel."

Just why was she being so brutally honest with someone my age, let alone had just met, I felt a little uncomfortable, but it just seems that this might be the way of the whole town, and not just her.

The brunette I saw earlier came out of the door just as we were going in, she smiled at me again, and held the door for us.

"Morning, Ms Jones. Beautiful day isn't it?", her voice was a smooth resonant tone.

"Mornin' Izzy. How the tutoring going?"

"Fine, some of them are catching on, but little Ralphie just can't seem to remember everything. He's coming by for an extra helping of tutoring later today, so I'm going over to the library to get some books, then maybe over to the pool for a swim."

"Izzy, this is Mitch. He's new this year, maybe you could show him around the town sometime? I know you don't have a boyfriend, so you probably have some extra time."

"Hi, Mitch. If you need a tour guide, I'd be happy to show you around sometime."

"Sure, that would be great. Thanks, Izzy. Is that short for Isabel?"

"Nope, Isadore. It's my grandmother's name."

"Ole Lady Izzy, and I can't emphasize the 'Lady' part enough, is going to be 85 this year, but her mind is a steal trap.", Ms. Jones said.

"Actually, she'll be 87, and going on 30.", Izzy said. "She still works a fulltime job, not because she has to, she just doesn't want to get old like other people that retire, then die before they can enjoy their retirement."

"Well, I need to get Mitch over to the gym so he can get his workout started."

"Ok, it's nice to meet you, Mitch. Ms. Jones has my number, she can give it to you, and you can call me for that tour."

"Thanks, Izzy. I'll call you soon. If you're free on Friday..."

"I'm free the whole day, so we can spend it together if you want. Maybe we could come here for a workout to start the tour?"

"That would be great. I'll call you.", I said.

And we continued on our way to the gym.

"I think you're smitten. And maybe she is too, a little. You should bring her to the party on Saturday. She knows everyone on the team, so she can introduce you around to the other people."

"Let's see how Friday goes."

We arrived at the gym. Ms. Jones told the attendant that I was a new student and didn't have a school ID yet, but would have one before the week was done.

"Thanks for all your help, Ms. Jones. I think I'm looking forward to the school year much more easily, now."

"Thank you for the flowers, and please stop into the office again tomorrow, I need to give you my address, as well as Izzy's number. You don't want to stand up a woman such as Izzy. You'd live to regret it because you would spend your life kicking yourself in the ass.", Ms. Jones said. "Now go workout, Tony may have a big head and no future, but he still can throw a football."

She hugged me, something I was totally unprepared for, but hey, even if Rose right about them being fake, her tits were still amazing.

"Thanks, again.", I said as I walked into the locker room.

The rest of the day was pretty routine, and I got home just after 4:30. No one was home, so I took a shower. Ms. Jones was right about me being smitten with Izzy, but I realized when I first saw her, hell, even on the phone yesterday, that I was smitten with her, too. She may not be as young as Izzy, but she was far from being the "used old dish rag", that was Rose, if anyone. Someone forgot to put the 'do not fold, spindle, or mutilate' sign on Rose.

I started thinking about that "open marriage" thing, and I was noticing my cock was getting hard. I took it in my hand, sat down on the edge of the tub, and then proceeded to explore her body in my mind. I closed my eyes, leaning back, and soon enough, I released the tention that built up during the day. Then all of a sudden, Izzy appeared in my head, and she and Ms. Jones were kissing and fondling... mere moments later, I was cumming, and someone was knocking on, then opening the door.

"Can I come in?", Julia said.

I hurriedly broke out of my trance, grabbed the shower curtain and closed it, but my body hadn't finished quite yet, and I shot some cum onto the toilet seat before the curtain closed. I was mortified.

"Oh, Mitch, did I interrupt a beautiful moment? How sweet.", and with that she laughed, left, and closed the door behind her.

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