my brother William is 4 years older then me and he is very protective
My brother William is sexy he is 6'2" has muscles that are prefect, he has honey brown eyes an soft lips that make a girl faint as soon as they touch her skin an he has a 10 an a half inch cock that is 4 inches thick.I have always loved my brother even before we fucked for the first time but the first time was absolutely amazing. I was 14 and my brother was 18 he was a senior in high school and he had a girlfriend name Jessie she was always rude to me and pushed me around an told me to stay away from Will finaly my brother dumped her sorry ass after that he became really close with me he always wanted to hang out and goof around and this went on for month. Three weeks before my 15th birthday William asked me what I wanted as a gift and I told him I wanted something I would never forget but like most guys he kept asking an I would give home the same answer, finaly it was my birthday. I woke up around 8a.m. to take a shower an notcied my mom an dad had already left for work an William was still sleeping so I took off my pjs and turns some 80's music on and started the shower leavingbthe door to the bathroom opened I got in the shower and pure my brothers bodywash all over my D cup tits and slathered it up and down my body I moaned softly as I gently rubbed my clit I began rubbing it faster and moaned louder as I played with my sensitive clit I rinsed. Off the bodywash an leaned against the wall I opened my legs to were the hot water fell hard against my pussy and began fingerings myself I imagened that I was being fucked hard by a tall handsome man an fingeres my pussy faster an harder slamming my finger as deep inside me as it would go my body tensted up as I half screamed in pleasure at the thought of have cum pumped in to my tight wet pussy as I slowed my pace I rinsed off against an wash my hands with bodywash then turned the water off at that moment I could hear that my brother was up and I started to panic.
"Kylie, hurry I have to take a piss."
"Don't rush me its my brithday plus you know damn well you can take a piss anytime you want."with that I began to dry of my dripping wet tits as William walked in his eyes widen and he froze and just looked me up and down a whispered "damn, your sexier then Jessie." He chuckled lightly"now I know why she hated yo she wanted your body." William slowly walked to me an ran his fingers down my cheek he moved closer as. He moved his hand down my body my pussy was soaked in reaction to his gentle touch I moaned as he Grande my waist and pulled me against his body he slowly kissed my lips sending spasms down my spine an making my pussy wetter then it was.
"Do you want your gift baby." He sighed into my ear as he stared kissing my neck
"Yes buba please." I replied in pure ecstasy. He let go of me an closed the bathroom doorthen pulled his boxers down and he rubbed his huge cock an commanded me to bend over and grab the tub so I did as he said I teased him a little by sliding my finger in and out of my soaking wet hole he whispered
"Baby it will hurt OK but ill make it all better just hold your breath." I nodded and held my breath right then he grabbed my hips and slammed. His cock inside me popping my cherry I one hard thrust as I bit my lower lip I tasted blood, William Began fucking me hard and fast and I moaned half in pain half in pleasure.
"So you like a little pain." William pulled my head back by my hair as he fucked my thight little pussy harder an deeper making me moan and yelp I started grinding my hips into him meeting his thrust his breathing got heavy and he put his hand round my mouth and stood me up as he fucked me faster he moaned and so did I. My body tensed an began shaking as he began to tens I came all over him as he explore deep in my pussy filling me all the way he kept fucking me hard as he pumped more inside me then he slowed and held me tight and whispered a part of my favorite song into my neck
"I love you till the end." After we took a shower and washes each other he carried me to his room and laid me on his bed he laid next to me and held me tight as we fell asleep. After about a hour I felt his cock harden on my back so I sat up and grabbed his cock and softly kissed it from the tip to his balls then lick my way up he woke up and looked at me the look in his eye were not that of a brothers love for his sister but that of a husband's love for his wife so I lick his cock and then slowly sucked the head in to my mouth William. Pulled my hair up so I let him take complete control of me he then push my head down an forced his cock unbroken my mouth the put my head up I looked up into his eyes as he held my head still and thruster in an out of my mouth making me gag each time by the twelve time down he blew a large load of hot sticky cum into me. Outhouse and told me to drink it all so I smiled an swallowed what as in my mouth an said yes master and cleaned his cock dry. After eating ever bit of his cum I crawled up onto his cheast an kissed him softly then fell asleep listening to his heart beat

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2016-01-16 00:34:09
my head hurts trying to read this. did you proof read this before you posted it? it might be good if you go back to the drawing board and try again.

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2012-07-20 02:55:48
Could you please graduate from 5th grade before you attempt writing again? Do you even realize how illiterate this thing is?

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