This is my first sex story i have done lots of "normal" stories, so i have some experience. I will gladly except critism to help make my stories better.ENJOY!!!

I look out think is this really what my life has become. I hear the tell-tale rusting of the leaves telling me that he is back. Now you're probally thinking that it would be nice to live out in the woods, free from worrying about a mere mortal seeing you in your wolf form. Well your wrong, when the master you are forced to live is like mine there is nothing worry-free. So to save you from a major case of confusion, I'll start from the beginning...

Being a teenaged female werewolf just coming out of puberty, i had a lot on my plate. In the my Were community, just a fancy word for extended family, when a werewolf has reached the age of responsibility, 15, they must go on a hunt and survive alone in the wilderness and can not come home without a mate. But the catch the females have no say they just survive until a male finds one to his liking, but many times the female doesn't mind. Then after finding a mate the male takes the female back to his clan and the female never sees her family again. Now this may seem a bit harsh, but this is the way that we were raised. The clans were always separated, creating a circle the size of asia and the "claiming" grounds in the middle.

So back to me, there i was perparing for the arrival of the troops to escort me to the "claiming" grounds on my 15th birthday. I was given a small pack and a pendant representing my clan, a silver falme of fire for the Silverlight Clan the most respected clan. Another thing i forgot to tell you is that after a male chooses his mate for sure, his mate must morph into her wolf form for the first time in her life. It is considered disrespectful for a female to morph before being claimed and yet the males can morph anytime after beening released into the " claiming" grounds. Any way the troops march me down to the only gate that opens from our clan into the "claiming" grounds. The double doored gate opens and the troops march forward pushing me throught the gates. Once i'm inside the 50 ft gates shut and lock with a clank.

I run nowing that Sliverlight females are the most desirable as in sexually. Thereare no laws forbidding the males to choose their mates through sex, and that is the only way they do it. I sense that there are several weres to my right, closing in on me fast . I have no choice but to stand still and wait, knowing that flight would lead to instant death. I watch as three fully morphed weres stalk out of the shadows and i am guessing that my perky d-cup tits and 24" waist didn't help my situtation any. The obivious alpha growled at the other two," Back down you worthless dicks, this bitch is mine." They ran away in fear. The alpha held his head up with pride, he had a couple feet to my 5'7". He moved in on me tighten his circling around me. I knew what was coming. You should propably know that all female werewolves are fucked my their fathers at age 13, as a ceramonally deflowering not for pleasure. Females are to save their first orgasm for her mate. And this werewolf is about to claimed me.

He stopped less than a foot away from me, breathing in my scent deeply. He morphed into his human form for it would be nearly impossible for him claim me in his wolf form. He wrapped his strong arm around my thin waist pulling so close to him that a single sheet of paper couldn't be stuck between us. He lowered his lips to mine, violently sucking my lower lip between his. I felt his tongue force my lips apart in search for mine. Then whlie still kising me he reached down and brought my wrists behind my back with one of his huge warm hands . I let a moan slip out of my mouth and into his, he increased his kissing. Reachimg behind his back he grabbed a bundle of rope that was at least 150 ft long surprised i broke the kiss and tried to free my hands to find that one was already wrapped in a rope bracelet. Knowing that i had no power to stop him i let him lead me to the nearest tree he gave me a foot of slack and tied the rope to the thick oak tree. Cuting off the left over rope he did the same to my other hand leaving me with no motion of my arms. He resumed kissing only he moved down to my neck also. I felt a firm hand groping my left breast rolling my nipple though my shirt and bra, and pushing me to the ground. He took ahold of my left ankledoing the same with it as my wrist leving me spread eagle for my cauptor. He grabbed my jeans and ripped them at the seams. Now i was scared had i just let a sex craven beast tie me spread eagle in the middle of the forest. Oh my god i did! And was there really a crowd of horny wolves surrounding us? Oh my god yes there was. AND i was really allowing myself to be stripped down by a horny bastard that i had met only ten minutes ago? The answer would be yes! I started to feel a heat coming deep wthin my sex. WAS I REALLY BEING TURNED ON BE THIS? YES!

Stay tuned for my next part pleasea comment below...

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2013-11-17 14:44:38
i hope it is going to be worked on soon i hate not knowing the end

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2013-05-22 18:27:54
A but rough but still a good story line …have some minor grammer and spelling mistakes …but still pretty good can't wait for the rest

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2012-07-31 02:53:12
i loved your story,please write longer chapters making this a sequel with lots of action,domination,its primal

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2012-07-19 16:35:24
Holy fucking crap man you are fucked up this is great


2012-07-19 09:47:35
Thank you for that but this is only the begining to show where she is and way she doesnt leave

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