I think I was about 6 years old when I realized that my dick was good for something besides peeing with. I guess my mother started it because she was always careful to wash it when I had a bath and it felt really good to have her rub it with the washcloth and soap. She used to laugh and talk about what a big pee pee I had and that proved I would grow up to be a big man. I would sometimes play with it myself but the first time I had a real sexual experience was with Becky.
I was 9 years old and Becky was 8 and lived a few houses away. Her mother was Cuban and Becky was a slightly plump pretty girl with black hair and black eyes. She had a brother who was 6 and I had a sister who was 3. Becky had a big playhouse in her yard and one summer day it was raining and we were sitting in the playhouse waiting for it to stop. Becky was talking about how she wanted to be a doctor or nurse when she grew up because they got to see people with their clothes off all the time. This was something I hadn’t heard her talk about before and I asked her why she wanted to see people with their clothes off. She just said that she liked to look at herself naked and she was curious to see what other people had down there, and so far the only ones she had seen were herself and her brother. I had seen my sister naked a lot but there wasn’t much interesting about the tiny little slit between her legs. Listening to Becky, however, made me think that maybe I needed to see what older girls had there. To get her interested I started rubbing myself through my shorts. Becky was staring and finally asked me if she could see it.
I looked at her and told her that I would be willing to take off my clothes and let her look at it and play with it all she wanted as long as I could do the same to her first. She agreed right away and we got naked. She lay down and spread her legs out. I immediately noticed that while her chest was still flat she had bigger nipples than my sister and they were dark brown. I touched them lightly and she just smiled. I looked at her plump little body with its smooth white skin and followed the curve of her little belly down. I looked at her pussy and saw right away that it was very different from my sister’s. It was bigger and she already had nice puffy lips forming around it. Below it was her cute little asshole and her little round butt. I got right up close and looked at her and slowly stuck my finger in her pussy. It was soft, warm and wet and I moved my finger all around in her. She was smiling and saying that it tickled but felt good. I moved up and felt a bump, which I now know was her clit. She gasped and said that it felt really good and after I rubbed it for a few minutes she shivered and jerked a little as I gave her the first orgasm she had experienced.
After I had thoroughly explored her little pussy she said it was her turn, and I laid down so she could have easy access to my dick. She touched it gently and slowly rubbed it, especially the head. Becky was young but she knew how to treat a dick, as I found out later. I asked her if it looked like her brother’s and she said it didn’t, his was smaller and didn’t have the cute little head on top. Later I found out what she meant was that he was uncircumsized. After she played with me a few minutes I started getting a hard on, and she said it looked like a little hot dog. That gave me an idea and I asked her to put it in her mouth and see if it tasted like a hot dog. At first she said no but I could tell she was thinking about it and when I asked her again she said OK. She bent over and put her mouth on it and started using her tongue on it. Maybe all girls are born with the instinct of how to suck a dick, I don’t know ,but she didn’t hesitate. After a few minutes I felt a tingling sensation that was really good and even though nothing came out she had given me a climax. She pulled her head up and I asked her if it tasted like a hot dog and she said no, but it wasn’t bad. The rain had stopped and her mother would be looking for us soon so we put our clothes on and left the playhouse. As we left she said that it had been fun and she wanted to do it again some time. I told her that was ok with me.
The next chance came a couple of months later. Becky called our house and asked if I could come over. My mom said I could so I got on my bike and was there in a few minutes. She came to the door and said her mother and brother were gone for a while and did I want to play some more? Of course I said yes and she took off the sun dress she was wearing and twirled around to show her totally naked little body. I got my clothes off quickly and saw that my little dick was already getting stiff. She looked at me and said she wanted me to kiss her. I had never kissed a girl or really thought about it but I leaned forward to try. She laughed and said no, kiss me down here, pointing to her pussy. She lay back on the bed and spread her plump little legs, giving me a perfect view. I leaned over and looked at it closely. Inside I could see what looked like little flower petals and the opening I had stuck my finger in. I knew that she peed from somewhere there but I couldn’t see where. I pressed my lips against her pussy lips and they were as soft as velvet, warm, and tasted a little salty but I liked the taste. I started kissing her all over it and she closed her eyes and smiled. Finally I stopped and she asked me what I wanted to do next. My dick was still hard and I had an inspiration. I moved close to her and rubbed the head of my dick on and in her pussy. After I did this a while we both had orgasms, and a few drops of something actually came out of me.
She said she didn’t know if we were supposed to be doing this but it sure was fun.

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2013-03-09 06:53:33
You really should make them jerk off a dog!


2012-07-24 05:54:20
This is an excellent start please add more to it as would be a shame not too.


2012-07-20 17:46:36
I like this story . My first experience was with a neighbor and babysitter . She was 14 yrs old . I was 4 . On the day of my four th birthday after my mom gave us ice cream and cake the girl asked me if I wanted to meet her at our tree house that all the kids of the complex built . It was late and the sun was about to set . The tree house was located in a forrest next to this low income complex it was a big.area 5 football fields could fit . Everyone was safe back then so there was no curfew we usually stayed out till about 10 pm . The thought of khara asking me to meet her there startled me because I was always scared of the forrest.when it got dark . So I ran threw the trail got to the huge.tree grab the latterbegan climbing . When I got to the railing and flat form that.went.around the room I softly walked to the window and peeped in . My eyes open in shock . She was naked on the mattress touching.her.cunt looking at a magazine. She had a bottle of Ripple Wine and a jar of vaseline

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2012-07-20 00:08:05
a good startngood to see young kids trying sex write another part ;; JJ

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a good startngood to see young kids trying sex write another part ;; JJ

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