Frank and his wife win their bid and enjoy the performance.
Chapter Nine - Realization

Vivian and Frank spent a lot of time in motel rooms over the intervening months. But they spent no time discussing what they were doing. He did stop taking his gym bag though. He simply left some evenings, and Vivian knew that if he didn't say anything to her about where he was going then she was going to follow. It didn't take Vivian long to realize that Frank's girlfriends were pay-per-view. She often left immediately after Frank to the point where she was close on his heels when he entered the room. And Frank assumed she already knew that they were prostitutes and proceeded to pay in full view of his wife.

She thought nothing less of him for it. In fact, she felt a little better about the arrangement when she realized he was only with the other women for sex. Much like his parents before her, Vivian found it impossible not to notice that he was always with Asian women. She even started to recognize familiar faces, and a few memorable birthmarks. But another subtler consistency slowly permeated her awareness.

Every encounter seemed to favor strong women. They were always leading Frank by the nose, or more aptly the penis, and they called the shots. She was not a party to his arrangements so she did not know if this was intentional on Frank's part or simply the modus operandi of the service he used or even pros in general. But once she noticed the power imbalance in their sex-play, she could not get it out of her mind. Understated shifts in posture and tone sold their mastery in the bedroom. And whenever she recognized the essence of this dynamic it added a delectable spice to her masturbation.

After several months of mutual but separate pleasure, everything changed. Frank heard through the grapevine about the Mistress's auction. The idea intrigued him. He had no idea who would be involved, but the thought of watching a woman and dog mate was unbearably illicit. Frank did not necessarily plan on bidding. After all, his taste had grown to be rather specialized recently. However, an opportunity like that only comes along once in a lifetime. He bought the tickets for Vivian and himself, but kept the specifics of the evening a secret.

Vivian had no idea what she was in for. He intentionally told her he had tickets to a surprise event two weeks ahead of time to draw out the anticipation. All her wheedling gained her no information. All he offered by way of explanation was she was in for a treat. The night of the auction, Frank put on his tuxedo.

Vivian wore a rather simple floor length dress. It was a deep purple with panties to match. Putting them on, her mind flitted back to the first time she spied on Frank and the purple panties the escort wore. A small wet spot appeared in her fresh underwear as her thoughts drifted through that night. Shaking her head, she pulled the dress on and tightened the straps. The dress was too tight to wear a bra, but the fabric provided enough support to forego it. And the pleating disguised any wayward nipples from sight. The slit running from floor to mid-thigh provided the extra pizzazz the dress itself lacked by way of Vivian's toned leg.

Vivian arrived at the Quarter Deck completely unaware of what she was in for. It wasn't until the Hostess explained the purpose for the evening that the reality of the night's activities dawned on her. She silently cursed herself for leaving all of her toys in her own car. They had driven together in Frank's vehicle and if he took a liking to one of the girls she didn't want to be left out.

The "if" question was settled the moment Cassandra walked into the light. She knew just by looking at her that she was exactly Frank's type. Gorgeous, Asian, and in a position of authority, albeit fictitious. She was the epitome of his wet dreams and she was thankful that they are well-off financially or he might have bankrupted them just to spend a single night with Cassandra. While her husband's attraction was no surprise, she was amazed at the pull she experienced when she caught the eye of her Shepherds. She dismisses the interest out of hand and watches her husband go gaga.

The bidding is as exciting as any auction, but the conclusion is a done deal. Frank repeatedly outbids anyone that tries to raise him. Sometimes going over by an extra two hundred or more to scare off competition. After only a few minutes of back and forth, he succeeds in his efforts. He is so happy that he gives Vivian a long kiss goodbye before leaving the table. More passion fills one kiss than she has felt in a while. It leaves her a little breathless after the fact and makes the wet spot in her panties grow.

She watches him walk up to the line and pay his tab. Afterwards, he enters the other line to receive his instructions from the Hostess. Vivian's slit aches with need. She is already anticipating spending the evening watching with nothing but her hand to keep her parts company. Feeling bold, thanks to a few cocktails, she strides up to her husband right as the young girl in front of him rushes off. She loops her arm through his and presents a united front to the woman in charge.

"All right sir. It looks like you have a great evening ahead of you. Cassandra is an excellent performer. Am I to assume this fetching lady will be joining you?"

"Yes I will," Vivian says taking the lead.

"Very well, why don't I start with you? Would you want Cassandra to employ any toys with you?"

Vivian's mind whirls. She never considered joining in, but without her stash, the idea of letting someone else fulfill that need makes her belly tighten with longing. "Sure, I love toys."

The Hostess moves on with a smile, "How about her German Shepherds? Are you up for anything with one or both of them? Maybe a little licking or the most authentic doggy style you've ever had perhaps?"

Vivian's mind goes from imagining Cassandra holding a buzzing vibrator against her clit to suddenly being on all fours with a slavering mutt claiming her as his bitch. She pushes those thoughts away, because they are simply too much for her, even mildly tipsy. She is not sure whether it disgusts her or arouses her, but she forces herself not to think about it right now. Instead of returning to the previous fantasy though, her mind finds a middle ground.

She pictures herself lying in bed, but she no longer has Cass between her legs. Instead, the furry head of one of her pets is eagerly licking her slit like it's covered in A-1. She cannot deny the appeal this scenario holds for her. Not knowing when or if the opportunity would arise again she answers, "I'd be game for a little licking."She quickly adds, "But nothing more."

The Hostess smiles wider and jots down a quick note before turning to Frank. He's staring at his wife shocked and half-hard from her answers. He never would have suspected his wife would be willing to try something so incredible. His own fruitful imagination dreams up watching his wife tongued by a hulking brute. His head digging into her thighs and making her scream with carnal pleasure. But the Hostess brings him back around to reality when she starts in on his questions.

"How about you? Do you desire any contact with dog or woman tonight?

Unlike his wife, the only fantasies he entertains are all with Cassandra. And he tells the Hostess as much.

"That should cover everything important. Here's your key. The room number is right on the little paper slip. You can go to your room and wait for Cassandra there. Oh, and one other thing. I did notice your wedding bands, and if I may be so bold I'll assume you are married to each other. If you want to make the experience more enjoyable, you should consider getting her worked up a bit. The boys will be more, shall I say, enthusiastic, if you are wet and aromatic. The wetter the better."

With her advice echoing in Vivian's mind, the couple head off to the elevator and make their way to their room. To Vivian, the Hostess's idea sounds terrific. She's already thinking about making herself ooze a veritable canine feast. Frank, on the other hand, feels stung. He took her statement personally. Sometimes a thought can be percolating below the surface and it takes an unconnected statement to bring it bubbling up. Like a bolt of lightning, guilt rips through him. He realizes that for the past few months, especially after Vivian stated watching, he has barely touched her. He regrets not doing anything sexually for his wife lately. The more he thinks about their lack of intimacy the more it gnaws at his conscience. He cannot remember the last time he touched her pussy with fingers, tongue, or dick.

When the door unlocks and he crosses the threshold he is decidedly less enthused then he expected. The room is pitch black when they walk in, but a quick flick of the light switch reveals a spacious suite. Vivian marvels at the accommodations, but Frank remains distracted. Luckily, her good mood and anticipation keep her from noticing his sudden funk.

Vivian wanders through the suite checking it out. She walks down the hallway and sees a closed door on her right. Taking the easier path, she goes left heading off from the short hallway entrance. Frank stays at the door trying to work through his guilt. Vivian enters the living room. The couch and matching chair look comfortable. It has a table and desk, but she isn't interested in any of that. She returns to the hallway and opens the closed door.

She finds what she was looking for. A king size bed dominates the modest bedroom. It faces a large television stand with dresser drawers beneath a widescreen. Two illuminated desk lamps sit on matching bedside tables. In the corner by the huge windows sits her goal. A plush chair waits for her. Someone already angled it at the bed as if they knew what she wanted to use it for.

Vivian settles herself in the chair sinking her ass into the velvety cushion. The chair cradles her rump far better than the cheap motel seat she is used to for this kind of thing. She pulls the front of her dress aside. The purple fabric falls in a wave to expose her panties right as Frank enters the bedroom. Vivian kicks off her shoes and drapes her legs over the arms of the chair like she is used to. Padding on the arms buoys her legs rather than digging in like the wooden supports she is used to. She slips her hand along her belly and into her panties. Her fingers immediately go to work on her lips and clit.

The anticipation has already made her wet. But it isn't enough. She is eager to propagate her nectar for the coming event. Frank watches her efforts and cannot believe how neglectful he's been. Ever since he started to see professionals he completely ignored his wife's needs. And even after she started joining the party, she always sat on the sidelines. Somehow he never realized how much of a schmuck he has been. He decides to do something about it. Better late than never.

"I'll take care of you honey," he declares out of the blue. His words startle Vivian into stopping. She had kind of forgotten he was there with her she was so focused on her task. She mutely observes him shake off his jacket. He hangs it and his tie on the nearby TV stand then approaches her. He peels her damp panties off of her buttocks forcing her legs together so he can remove them completely. Her legs drop back onto the chair arms with a thump. He moves between her spread legs and probes her labia with his tongue. Vivian is not sure what happened to inspire him, but she feels his tongue worming its way into her tightness and the arousal washes away her shock. The warm caress of a human tongue brings back memories of past pleasures. The tongue broadens her lips and makes her drip into his mouth.

The first taste reminds Frank how much he enjoys the taste of her. His first hesitant touch becomes a systematic investigation of her crotch. His arms scoop her ass up and hold her to his lips. His instincts take over driving the guilt from his mind to replace it with animal hunger. He uses every trick he learned with his paid partners to unleash a flood of Vivian's secretions. He has learned a lot in the past few months.

Vivian cannot remember the last time her pussy was treated so well. The strong hands on her ass and the tongue in her hole reawaken the dormant need for a warm-blooded sexual partner. Her orgasm rises as fast as when she has the voyeuristic stimulation to goad her on. Her hands grab Frank's head and hold him tight. Her thighs wrap around his ears. Her feet dig into his back. She can feel the coming storm and she tilts her head towards the first rush of wind.

Luckily she's seated or the first blast would have knocked her on her ass. Her orgasm crashes over her ripping a growl from her throat. Vivian pulls Frank deeper into her crevice with bare feet. Her fingers tighten on his skull squashing him against her pulsing petals. Her fingers massage his scalp unconsciously as ripple after ripple of hedonistic bliss swells through her nervous system.

His masterful tongue keeps licking despite her body convulsions squeezing his head. With nowhere to turn to, he has no choice but to enjoy the taste of her on his lips. She twitches and bounces on the seat in a vain attempt to free her overly sensitive bud from his tongue. But Frank keeps the pressure on forcing her through wave after wave of unbearable pleasure. Eventually, Frank ceases his active assault. He pauses where he is breathing deeply through his nose. The scent of Vivian hangs heavy in the air. It implores him to continue, but he knows she needs her rest for now. Frank simply lets her juices drip over his stationary lips. The hormones seizing her brain eased enough for her to free her husband and set her feet down on the carpet. Frank gives her one last squeeze before retrieving his hands from her ass.

She looks down on Frank and the sight of her fluids glistening and dripping over half of his face sends a cascade of shivers along her spine to round off her orgasm. She looks down on him with such love in her eyes, but her appreciation only makes his guilt gnaw at him. He cannot believe how selfish he has been for so long. He cannot believe she didn't kick him to the curb the moment she found him in a motel room with a prostitute. But mostly he cannot believe he forgot how delicious she is, how great it feels to bring her to the pearly gates of sexual heaven under his tongue and feel her reaction warm his face.

He decides then and there to take better care of his wife's sexual needs from now on. But their history of silence on the subject of sex makes it that much harder to start now. They both find it difficult to talk about these kinds of things, even with each other. Years of being told that any talk of sex is dirty and immoral sinks in. But he loves her so much. Her needs are as important to him as his own. Even if it took him far too long to realize this. Frank can still feel the pull Asian women have on his libido, but he knows making the effort is imperative to making the both of them happy going forward.

"Honey," he begins trying to work up the courage to explain what was going on in his head. But before he can pour out his soul over his sexual epiphany, the door swings open and slams against the doorstop. He didn't remember shutting the door when he came in so the sudden noise startles them. In fact, when Cassandra first arrived the two were so engrossed in each other that she was able to watch them for several minutes. She grew wetter by the second and saw no need to stop their enjoyment. But once they finished, she saw her opportunity to get the show on the road. She quietly eased the door shut and swung it back open for dramatic effect.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here boys? It looks to me like these two pushers were trying to hide their stash. I don't know who tipped you off, but I'm going to get to the bottom of this."

Cassandra marches in out of the hallway slamming the door shut behind her. Her two German Shepherds keep apace following her inside. She strides up to the pair and puts a hand on Frank's shoulder.

"You. Go sit on the bed."

He complies immediately. A small part of him is grateful for the interruption and the postponement of what he foresees will be a very difficult conversation. A larger part of him thrills knowing fun is coming his way. And it is growing larger by the second. Sap still drips from his face and the knowledge that he recently ate her out and wants to see to her needs in the future assuages his guilt enough for Frank to enjoy himself. He sits on the foot of the bed and watches Cass give his wife a once over.

"This wouldn't be the first time a pair of dealers tried disposing of the evidence in plain sight. Morgan, seek and find."

One of the canines peels off from her and trots over to the stunned Vivian. He puts his snout where her husband recently vacated. His cold nose presses against her burning clitoris and snuffles her scent. Vivian is still hyper sensitive after Frank's efforts. Her sexual hunger lies semi-dormant inside her like a well-fed lioness. But analogous to any feral cat, she is looking ahead to her next meal. Raw need pulses through her keeping the sexual beast's attention.

The cool contact reacts with the beast within Vivian. She releases a deep growl to rumble through Vivian. It moves through her senses hunting for the disturbance. When he shoves his tongue into her dripping crevice, the beast explodes tearing through her senses. The lioness roars with satisfaction. The silent scream echoes through Vivian bringing her orgasms rushing back with the first lick.

Morgan's tongue is rougher than Frank's. The muscle swipes along her slit and across her clitoris rocketing her back to heaven. Her nectar flows out over his tongue as he licks her repeatedly. She murmurs, "Good boy!" weakly between gasps and shivers. But as the licking continues, her language devolves to plaintive groans and heavy breathing. The constant rubbing of tongue over her inflamed sex robs her of any sense other than unadulterated bliss. When he finally thrusts his tongue into her cavity the electric sensations bring stars to her eyes. Her legs wrap around Morgan's head and her feet rub his back fitfully because her orgasm makes them jerk.

Amidst Vivian's guttural moans, Cassandra turns her attention to Frank.

"As for you, I'm going to oversee your search personally."

Chapter Ten - Search and Seizure

"Move back onto the bed and place your hands above your head."

He does as asked without question. He settles in against the pillows and lifts his arms touching the slats of the headboard with his fingers. Cass climbs up after him leaving her unoccupied pup behind. She straddles his chest giving him a great view of her curves. Her shorts are so tight they look painted on. Her mound makes a camel toe that would make an excellent dessert to the meal Vivian gave him. He's so engrossed with her pussy that he doesn't notice her un-strap two pairs of handcuffs from her belt.

Her ample cleavage provides additional distraction when she leans over his torso. He barely notices when, with a couple of quick movements, the cuffs ratchet shut with a click around his wrists. She locks the other halves around the bars of the headboard keeping his arms in place. She turns on her ass to face both his feet and his wife. She unhooks his belt and hops off of him. She kneels beside him on the bed. Her delicate fingers loosen the button and zipper on his pants. Her fingers sneak inside the open fly to fondle his package through his boxers.

"I better check you for weapons and narcotics. Those cuffs will keep you from interfering."

She moves to his feet and grabs the waistline of his pants. With one quick tug she pulls both pants and underwear off of Frank. His shoes prevent her from dislodging them completely so she leaves them wrapped around his ankles. The nearly naked woman kneeling before him and his wife's streaming moans of pleasure combine to gift him with a raging hard-on. Cassandra explores his legs in the guise of seeking contraband. She traces his skin from his ankles to his thighs gently prodding and never letting her fingertips break contact. She lifts his balls and gives them a gentle squeeze. And even gives his erect member a few pumps for good measure.

"I can't find anything," she says, disappointment plain in her voice. Turning to Vivian, she asks, "How about you Morgan?"

Morgan is not in a position to respond. For one thing, he's a dog. Furthermore, his tongue is still buried in Vivian's pussy. He drills it deep into her repeatedly and all she can do is pant in response. Her back slumps further into the chair pushing her slit harder against his muzzle. Her clitoris rubs against his lips and teeth making her weaker and hornier. Whether the move is from loss of muscle control or a yearning to feel that questing tongue harder and deeper, even Vivian doesn't know for sure. Her continuous orgasm has long since robbed her of coherency.

"Keep it up boy; I'm sure there is something there." She swivels back to face Frank once more. "As for you, I may not have found anything on you, but that doesn't mean you do not have anything in you. I better obtain a sample for the lab boys and see what brand of naughtiness you have gotten yourself in to."

A click of her fingers unsnaps another pouch and withdraws a foil-wrapped condom. She rips the package open with her teeth exposing the rolled edge of a pink condom. "This is merely a standard issue collection receptacle. You have nothing to worry about," she explains before pulling it out with her lips. She carefully orients the latex circle with tongue and lips. She avoids her teeth as much as possible to prevent tearing. In order to properly turn it, she permits the condom to fall onto her tongue. The strawberry flavored lubricant permeates her tongue when the whole item disappears inside her mouth.

She bends over, careful to arch her back and expose her generous bosom to his eyes again. Without using her hands, she places the condom on the tip of his penis. She waits for his shivering to subside. His body reacts viscerally to the closeness of her warm breath and shakes with need. The instant he calms himself, she applies the condom with practiced ease. Her lips roll the latex down along his shaft simultaneously engulfing the entire length in her hot mouth.

Frank's stomach contracts with surprise and lust. He was not ready for her to strike so quickly and cannot help but to aid her by driving his hips upwards. The handcuffs rattle against the wooden frame as his hands try instinctively to grasp Cassandra's head. She holds him in her mouth for a full minute that feels like an eternity to him. Her throat adjusts to the intrusion and her chin rubs gently against his balls. The fruity taste on her tongue is sweet, but knowing she has him by the balls, both literally and figuratively, is even sweeter.

Vivian has an even better view from where she is sitting. At least she would if she was able to pay attention. Her successive orgasms have left her hyper sensitive to Morgan's licking. And unlike Frank, Morgan does not stop to let her catch her breath. Vivian does not know the cease command and Cassandra's mouth is a little too busy to speak it. She turns into a puddle of goo slowly slinking off the chair until she lands with a thud in the lush carpeting. And still Morgan keeps it up.

Unaware of the party shifting to the floor behind her, Cassandra waits patiently for Frank to settle again. She can feel his muscles of his thighs tensing under her hands. Her firm grip holds him mostly to the bed, but she wants him to understand that's where he needs to stay before she continues. He takes slow even breaths more out of trying to sustain himself than fully reading her signals. Either way, he relaxes enough for her to sally forth into the fray.

One hand slides slowly up his leg to join her mouth. Cassandra grasps his pole holding it steady. Her head bobs up and down slowly on his rod. Her tongue presses his head into the roof of her mouth increasing the friction and making the condom pull slightly against his knob. Meanwhile her fingers stroke his ball sack juggling the tender orbs within. Not sure if he grasps the plan yet, she moves her free hand to his belly and presses lightly to keep him stationary. The clank of metal on wood is music to her ears because it lets her know how well she is doing. But he does as she wants and fights the urge to thrust into her warm orifice. She rewards him by caressing his testicles more and increasing her pace.

The smooth skin of her hand on his naughty bits feels amazing. His semen bubbles in its miniature generators aching for release. Her tight mouth brings him to the breaking point in no time. His thighs tense, unable to hold back any more. His breath comes fast and hard and a pleasant tingling travels down into his balls. Suddenly, the warmth disappears. Cassandra pops up and squeezes the base of his cock firmly in hand.

The pressure dams the oncoming flood. When his breath rate returns to simply aroused and not on the verge of explosion, she quickly sucks him to the back of her throat. In almost no time at all he feels his orgasm returning. After a few deep insertions, his heart beats loudly in his ears. Before he can release his load, she stops him once again. She repeatedly brings him to the edge of ecstasy only to deny him fulfillment. The sounds of Morgan and her working mouths fill the room.

Eventually, Cassandra no longer has the patience to keep him going. She wants to make him cum. Her bare hands release him and dig between flesh and sheets to grab his ass. Her fingers grope his ass urging him to hump into her. She adds to the strength of his thrusts pulling his body into her maw. Her lips are so tight they roll the strawberry protection back and forth against the base of his cock. Her prior priming coincides with her fervent sucking and his balls tighten against her chin. In another second he unleashes his seed into the reservoir tip.

Her mouth releases his used tool to flop against his abdomen. The condom, heavy with his sample, drags it down. Cass moves to sit on his thigh and turns to see what she missed going on behind her. Frank limply flexes his thigh rubbing his leg between the cheeks of her ass. Despite her hot pants, he can freely feel her flesh against his. And her rocking pulls the fabric together until it more closely resembles a thong.

Vivian by this point has collapsed sideways on the carpet with Morgan still licking and digging at her nexus. His tongue flicks between her thighs. It swipes at her well-used lips and between the cheeks of her ass. But her clitoris is finally safe from his attentions. Without the apex of stimulation she slowly pulls her wits about her. She has barely enough strength to roll onto her back, but the movement automatically spreads her legs. Morgan no longer has a barrier to entry and returns to worshipping her whole crotch with his tongue. Her whole being shakes with every lick of canine tongue. The renewed vigor Morgan applies to her pussy steals her breath and mind once more.

Cassandra enjoys watching Morgan devour the prone woman. She briefly considers calling him off, but decides against it. She has other fish to fry, so Morgan can enjoy the nice woman's company a while longer. She grabs the tip of the collection device and pulls it off of Frank's deflating cock. She is very careful to only hold onto the very tip so that when it pops free the seminal fluid pours out over his crotch.

"Look what you made me do," she scolds the handcuffed man. "Now I'm going to have to try again. But first I'll have to do something about this mess. Dexter, clean-up on aisle 69."

The other Shepherd climbs up onto the bed and walks towards the head of the bed. Cassandra leans back. Her legs splay out on top of both the bed and Frank. Her ass scoots a little lower on his leg as if she's trying to get clear of the action. Dexter pads up to the headboard before turning around and approaching the nearby couple. He lowers his snout and sniffs along the bed until he finds human flesh. But rather than lick the dirty cock, he continues until he finds Cass. He sticks his nose in her crotch and sniffs deeply.

"Not me, boy," she starts. But his tongue flicks out and starts licking. Her objections devolve to a series of "Wow's" and "Oh God's."

Frank has a low angle of viewing from the pillows. And Cassandra intentionally sat on his body to elevate her body and reduce the strain of trying to hold herself upright for a prolonged stretch of time. So, he can see the curves of her ass and the lips of her vagina exaggerated by her coiled clothing. A thin strip of fabric wedges her labia open. After a few licks along the thin cloth, Cassandra rips it apart with a grunt of need. The shorts fall apart along the pre-weakened seams leaving her crotch as naked as a jaybird. With her current elevation, Frank has a great view of her slit when it splits open into a pink flower under the canine's licks.

Cassandra oozes fluids providing Dexter added incentive to lick her silly. Soon, her mound is glistening with nectar and saliva along with a good portion of her thighs. The saliva and vaginal fluids drip down her ass making Frank's leg warm and slick. But he is far more interested in her pussy than a lubricated appendage. The thick tongue opens her lips for his viewing pleasure. Cassandra squirms on his leg. Their skin rubs together and her gasps infiltrate his brain.

Vivian emerges from the chain of orgasms while Cassandra is benefiting from her first. She musters up the energy to roll over again. She rises unsteadily to hands and knees. The change in position only helps Morgan in his assault. His snout jams into her ass. The sudden cold spot rubbing against her anus forces Vivian to pitch forward. Her ass tilts upward freeing Morgan to lap up her leaking fluids. She doesn't even consider what her new position might entice Morgan to do. Her mind is not together enough to think coherently. His tongue runs between her legs in a never-ending blitz. The swelling tide of ecstasy swallows Vivian whole once more.

Frank misses his wife's submission. Cassandra's throbbing slit absorbs his attention. Her crevice dances in time to her beating heart and Dexter's rapid tonguing. Once her feelings subside a little, Cassandra directs him off of her to sit on the bed. He waits off to the side of the humans panting heavily. In the shuffle of bodies, she unties her shirt letting her breasts hang free. Morgan sits patiently and she lets his natural posture emphasize his cock. It climbs proudly out of his sheath. With Cassandra's nectar warming his belly he cannot suppress his erection even if he wanted to. Likewise, Frank's prick gorges itself on the prevailing lust to become turgid again. Cassandra pulls out a silk handkerchief and cleans Frank off herself.

"Since you ruined the first sample I'll have to let you rest," Cassandra declares clearly ignoring his full erection. She looks over to Vivian with her ass in the air and a spark of inspiration brightens her mind. She crawls off of Frank. Grabbing a pillow, she slides down from the bed to Vivian's side. She shakes her bare ass a bit on the way down for Frank's enjoyment. "Morgan might not have found your stash but maybe he just didn't dig deep enough with his tongue."

Cassandra lifts Vivian's limp body by the shoulders and kicks the pillow underneath her head. Her hat finally falls from her head with the minor struggle and she shucks her flimsy shirt in the process as well. So when she stands erect she is completely naked except for the belt of goodies secure around her waist. She pauses thoughtfully listening to the wet slap of Morgan's tongue against and inside Vivian. All of their shuffling had wrapped her dress over his head, so all Cassandra could see was a hidden lump moving up and down beneath the purple fabric in time to the rhythmic noises. The sight almost made her laugh. At long last, Cassandra calls off her beast who regretfully walks away from the women.

Vivian lets out a long sigh. Her fissure is so sensitive that the gentle flutter of her dress against her upturned ass sends reverberations through her. Cassandra steps over Vivian. She pulls the dress up, careful not to tear it. Luckily, Vivian managed to not kneel on top of the gown and it rises to expose her ass.

Cassandra runs her hands along the supple flesh of her bum. Vivian twitches at her touch. And when two fingers slide into her orifice from behind she moans loudly. Cassandra spends a few minutes exploring the dripping hole before withdrawing. Her wet fingers unsheathe the baton from her belt. She runs her slick fingers along its length conveying lubrication along its length.

The nightstick was a special find to go with Cassandra's costume. It bends a bit under her fingers. It does not have the stiff unyielding composition of most similar weapons. Additionally, the tip of it has ribbing that wraps a fair amount of its length in small speed bump like hills. Cassandra smacks the weapon in her hand several times to make sure Frank is paying attention. She bends down over Vivian, exhibiting her ass for his enjoyment.

"Since Morgan could not find anything," she says. "I am going to conduct my own cavity search. Just to be on the safe side."

She holds the cross-bar firmly in hand and guides the lubricated end to Vivian's snatch. She lines the toy up at Vivian's entrance and slowly pushes it inside. The blunt tip breaches her opening and slides in until the ridges stop. Vivian coos as each subsequent bulge rubs against her walls. The object is pliant enough not to hurt her as it slides home, but it is also larger than any of her recent toy purchases.

Cassandra works the baton back and forth a few times to widen Vivian's canal. After a few minutes of slow methodical movements, she releases it. The nightstick lingers inside Vivian. Her vaginal walls hold it tight and keep it from escaping. Cassandra steps aside and leans down again. She helps Vivian up onto her hands so her back is level. The embedded tool loses the help of gravity and starts to slowly escape with the help of lingering orgasmic contractions.

Temporarily assured Vivian can hold her own weight, Cassandra steps around to her ass. She catches the slipping rod in one hand pushing it back to regain the lost inches. Next, she reaches into a locked pocket of her belt. Rather than produce a tangible item, her hand returns glistening slightly in the lamp lighting. That packet holds loose lubricant. The lube drips over the exposed portion of the truncheon. She works the upturned handle like she is giving it a hand-job. The lube coats the black material until it shines.

Crouching down, she drops her body to meet the trembling toy. The oiled handle sinks into her crevice until the longer portion prevents further penetration. With a mechanical whir, she pulls retractable straps out from her belt. They wrap around the weapon and click into place in hidden eyelets. Finally, the toy is a functioning strap-on with the short handle inserted into Cassandra for extra stability.

With the baton nestled firmly against her crotch, Cassandra is able to kneel behind Vivian on the floor. She grips the woman's hips and gives her a few test stabs to acclimate herself to the sensations. Her pace increases gradually. The irregular shape massages Vivian from the inside out. Heat bursts through her body and it is only by virtue of Cassandra ignoring her clitoris that she does not cum immediately.

As promised, the club reaches depths Morgan could not. It digs deeper into her channel with every thrust until Cassandra starts smacking her belly against Vivian's ass. Even without clitoral stimulation, Vivian's orgasm will not be denied. Under Cassandra's steady thrusts her arms start to shake. The effort of holding herself upright becomes increasingly difficult. Her strength is inversely proportional to the amount of pleasure pouring out from her pussy.

After several minutes in heaven, the hormones take over. She calls out her pleasure in garbled wails. And her arms give way dropping her into the pillow. Despite the flexibility of Cassandra's toy, Vivian has more of it inside her and therefore she has the leverage. When she collapses, the change forces Cassandra to lose her balance and crash into Vivian's inverted ass. The handle grinds against her g-spot sending ripples through her.

Cassandra takes a moment to enjoy the hard toy rubbing against her insides before releasing the straps from her belt. She rises unsteadily to her feet leaving the baton rooted in Vivian. The prelude leaves her hungry for the main event. She crawls onto the bed and straddles Frank. She sits on Frank's chest and nestles his hard-on between her butt cheeks. Her hand returns to the lubricant pouch and slathers his pole in lube.

She bends over Frank's torso until her nipples are hanging directly over his mouth. Her ass rides up his pole spreading the coating between her cheeks. She drops her breasts to his mouth. He takes the bait and suckles like a newborn. She watches carefully for his eyes to close. She needs him properly distracted. When he is completely absorbed in her melons, she reaches out to the patiently waiting Dexter. She coats his erect rod with oil. The lube mixes with his pre-cum making him extremely slick.

Once Dexter is prepped, she pulls the twin spires out of Frank's reach. She reaches her clean hand into another belt pouch. She comes out with a second condom. She removes and applies it behind her back. Once protected, she moves his cock between her legs and grinds it between her wet slit and his chest. The abundant lubricant lets it slip between their burning bodies handily.

She slowly works her way higher along its length. Eventually she moves off of him entirely freeing his cock to spring from his abdomen. Her crevice drips into Frank's bellybutton and he fights the urge to grunt and fight to pierce her with his spear. Cass rewards his restraint immediately. Though truth be told she would have eaten him alive either way. She tilts her hips to catch the cock beneath her as she moves backward. With one smooth movement she impales herself on Frank. He lets out a low moan as her hot box swallows him.

She repeats the process moving slowly and carefully. Her orifice releases Frank temporarily only to slam back down to his balls. She compresses Frank between her lips trapping him in a heavenly combination of heat and tightness. She starts to pick up the pace a little and uses the cover of his grunting to give Dexter another command.

The next time she reaches full penetration, she keeps herself impaled on Frank's member. She bends lower over Frank letting him taste her breasts once more. He takes advantage of the hanging globes and their hard tips with relish. While he is busily sucking on her teat, Dexter climbs over her. His rod swings like a pendulum slowly zeroing in on her immobile body. She does not know how Frank would react to being touched with it and did not plan on finding out. Instead, she grabs the slick pole and guides the pointed tip to her asshole.

The instant his head touches her sphincter; he drives forward into her ass with blinding speed. The delayed gratification made Dexter uncontrollable. Now that she gave him the go ahead, she couldn't stop him now if she wanted to. He takes over for her motions in their combined sex play. Every thrust hits her so hard it lifts her off of Frank's penis. And when she drives her hips back into his thrusts, Frank gets the benefit of sinking back into her.

Every time he takes her, Cassandra is awestruck at the ferocity of Dexter's pounding. His cock rams in betwixt Cassandra's cheeks again and again. The sensation enflames Cassandra's lust. Her enclosure clamps down on Frank squeezing him tighter. The sight, sound, and smell of everything going on makes her lightheaded with lust. Unable to control herself, Cassandra strokes her clitoris with still slick fingers. Her body erupts in joy. The force of the orgasm crashing over her knocks her on her face. She collapses into Frank, shaking like a leaf.

Meanwhile, Frank is finding it increasingly difficult to hold back. Even after already shooting one load this evening, his balls are threatening to explode. He never would have guessed, but seeing the doggie grin over Cassandra's shoulder and knowing he is inside her at the same time turns him on something fierce. Watching Vivian resting on the floor with a baton sticking out of her cavity and into the air doesn't hurt either.

But the final straw comes from an entirely unexpected source. He's humping away with his limited movement trying to meet Cassandra's fervent actions, but unable to match Dexter's speed. At the same time, the canine's knot starts expanding. It lodges itself inside Cassandra's ass. And Frank can feel it through the membrane of her vaginal wall. It presses in against his cock as he lunges upwards. The increased pressure is too much. With one last hump, the dam bursts and his semen floods out into the protective barrier.

Not long after, Dexter empties his balls into Cassandra. But by this time, Frank has already fallen out of her tight channel. The bestial pounding she receives lifts her off his shrinking member. She recovers from her bone-jarring orgasm in time to receive Dexter's burning load. While the doggie cum spurts into her, she reaches down and gingerly retrieves the receptacle from Frank. She uses her teeth to help tie it in a knot and tosses it over to the bedside table. Her sample now in hand, she unlocks the handcuffs and frees Frank from his bondage.

He lays there for a while panting. A fine sheen of sweat covers his body and dampens his shirt. Cassandra smiles down at him and gives him a quick kiss on the forehead. Then she shoos him out from under her. He shuffles around the bed to Vivian and rescues the club from the clutches of Vivian's pussy. He hands it back to Cassandra. Dexter is done and promptly turns around leaving his dick buried in Cass's ass. She looks her toy over and sucks on the tip in full view of Frank.

Smacking her lips, she comments, "It appears you two are clean. But I'm going to give that sample to the lab rats just in case. It also appears that I'm going to be stuck here for a little bit until this knot deflates out of my ass. So get out of here you two. And don't let me catch you around here again."

Frank nods, but his smile says he is anything but chastened. He rubs his wrists where the handcuffs rubbed him a little raw. The thin red lines will reinforce his memories of this night. He checks on Vivian, but she is still trying to collect herself. He glances around for his pants, but first takes a good look at the connection between Cassandra and her pet. The knot pulls a bit making her rectum bulge and it gives him a shiver.

Tearing himself away he pulls up his pants and redresses. Once he is presentable again, other than the obvious fatigue, his wife starts to rouse. He helps her up and adjusts her rumpled dress. He makes sure she is steady on her feet before grabbing his coat off of the TV stand. He links his arm with his wife and together they leave the suite for home.

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