this story is my first one so i hope i did ok on it please tell me what you think
I laid in my bed the only light in my room was from the brilliant moon, I laid there listening to my dads friend laugh from down stairs an began to daydream once again about him. I know I shouldn't but there is just something about him that drives me insain maybe its the way he smiles at me or the way he speaks to me, whatever it is I know its wrong to want his lips on my to wish his arms where wrapped tightly around my waist as we lay naked in dim moon light but I can't stop from wanting him. I know he doesn't want me but atleast I have my dream.
"Good morning kiddo" I heard William say as I stumbled down the stairs in my short night shirt. At that moment I ran back up the steps in embarrassment as I heard his intoxicating. Laugh "morning Will close your eyes I'm in my bed cloths." I whispered wondering what he was thinking at the moment. "Its fine Veronica I didn't see anything go ahead an come down sweetie." He said softly as if he felt bad for embarrassing me "is my dad down there." I asked as I slowly tiptoed down the stairs "no,we are the only ones here kid." When I heard him say this my heart pounded as hard as it could without brusting through my cheast an my train of thought went plum wild when I got down the stairs I just stood there looking at my feet "where is everyone?"
"There at my sister's getting high as normal."
"But it's a bit early for that." I said as I walked pasted him heading to the laundry room to get cloths to put on after my shower."Yea,it is anyways where is my hug at kid." His voice was low an gentle. Unlike usual but I just thought it was my daydream messing with me so I truned an jumped on him as I always did when his arms wrapped around me I moaned loudly and my eyes opened wide but he seem to not hear so I then wrapped my arms around his neck as I lightly pressed my lips against his warm skin hoping he wouldn't freak out and drop me "he whispered in my ear lightly "your so adorable I don't see how the guys aren't all over you kid." Then he tightened his arms around me then put my feet back to the floor and told me to take a shower. As I stood there I could feel my pussy get very wet as in my daydream William kissed me while he rubbed my clit softly. He handed me my cloths an I instently snapped back to realitiy and ran to the bathroom. When I took off my shirt I noticed I had no panties on a wondered if William noticed I started the shower and got in an leaned against the wall as I daydreamed about William ramming his cock deep inside my tight wet pussy I fingered myself hard and fast as I rubbed my clit with my other hand I moaned William's name loudly seems he couldn't hear me over the running water I kept playing with my pussy harder and faster I slammed my finger inside me to my daydream as I began to cum I screamed and moaned. When I was done cumming I washed my body and hair then got out to dry off as. I gently dried my legs I happened to have glanced and the reflection of my naked body As water dripped down my tits and I realized that everone at school was right I was ugly. My hair cut made me look like a boy and my body was abnormal I had huge brusies everywhere and cuts that seemed to never disappear as I began to see every flaw of mine that people have pointing out I fell to the floor and started crying. I'm never going to get someone to love me or even fuck I'm hidious, I thought to myself as I cried louder
I heard the bathroom door open but didn't bother to look up I just kept crying
"Sweetie what's wrong?" William asked as he bent down an grabbed my hand and pulled me off the floor an to his cheast he held me tight as I sobbed he raised my head with his hand so I was looking into his eyes and I said quitly "I'm never going to be loved I'm hidious." William chuckled an leand down an kissed my lips as he ran his fingers down my spine he parted my lips an our toungs met I shivered with stroke of his fingers finaly he slowly pulled away from out kiss an softly whispered to me "baby your are very beautiful in every way you have the voice of an angel your love its so amazing it makes me smile ever day your eyes make my heart flutter your breast make ever man almost cum by the way they compliment your gourgous curves and your pussy." He paused and slowly rubbed his hard cock against my mound and sighed " your pussy is mine." He pulles down both his pants and boxers turned me around I could turn my head and see our refletion he bwnt me over and slowly rubbed his swollen head on my hole and made my pussy even wetter he then pulled my hips to him as he rammed himself as deep inside my tight pussythen pulles all the way out and rammed it inside me again and I moan "oh william yout so fucking huge." As I slammed my hips in to him as he thrustes his cock in to me I could feel the head of his cock slam my cervix over an over again making me half scream his name this made him start fucking me harder and faster I arched my back as I wached his cock slid in and out of me and watching that made me cum so hard I screamed and bit my lip so hard blood dripped on to the floor and he rammed me harder as he exploded his hot cum deep inside my womb he began to slowly fuck my pussy as he kissed my neck and whispered "may I take your hand in marrage when you graduate hogh achool baby?" I moaned and pulled away from him then turn to him and kissed him hard on the lips as I said though breaths "yes william yes I love you I always have." He then pick me up and took me to my room. Laid me on my bed and kissed me as I fell asleep I could feel his hand rub my belly and I smiled then I began to drea.

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2014-01-04 05:41:43
I loved it, you people need to leave her alone and be happy that you even got to read it

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2013-04-06 19:59:38
She said is my dad down there and HE said no were the only ones here kid, but I couldn't tell if it was her daydream or not

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2012-08-26 16:31:19
well 2 diff guys my stepdaddy knew realy did fuck me


2012-07-20 00:35:08
Ill try to do better hopefully next time I wont mess up

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2012-07-20 00:04:19
Nice fantasy, but poorly executed. Next time double check your spelling and punctuation. Use paragraphs and separate them with a blank line.

For example, what is "hogh achool"?

Or try deciphering:
'He said softly as if he felt bad for embarrassing me "is my dad down there." ' [Why is William asking about his dad?]

'I asked as I slowly tiptoed down the stairs "no,we are the only ones here kid." ' [It says you are tiptoeing down stairs as you ask, but your quotation is not a question. You are telling William that you two are the only ones present, and you are calling him kid. This makes no sense!]

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