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Just another boring sleepy Midwestern town
Late Night Jog Two

Lori endured another four hours of rape and tit abuse until she passed out again from the trauma of the evening and sheer physical abuse. She did not know how long she was out but she was still cuffed spread eagle on the bed laying in her own sweat and his semen. Her jaw ached with the ring gag in place and as she moved her tongue around she found he placed a plug in the ring to keep her a little more quit. As she ran her tongue along the gag and her teeth she realized she still had globs of thick semen in her mouth. She tried to move her arms and legs but they hurt so badly and she could see blood staining her wrists. Then she heard someone moving into the next room. She looked around and then tried to pretend to be still asleep.

The figure was Ben she could tell by the way he touched her leg as he moved around the bed as he sized her up several times the night before. Then she felt him crawling on the bed naked again except for his robe. She could feel his large limp cock dragging across her leg and then up onto her taunt stomach and she tried not to tear up but could not stop the tear drops from forming and sliding down her check. Afternoon sleepy head Ben said as he finished straddling his new slave. It is time for your second shot and then we are going to get you cleaned up and set up into your new home. Ben sat the medical tray down onto the night stand next to the bed and proceeded to knead her breasts good and hard and then placed the rubber cords around the base of her right breast and then doing the other. Ben never thought that work could be so much fun and there should be a law against this much fun. Whoops! He chuckle and said Oh, right there is. Ben waited a while until her breasts started to swell a little and turn color before stroking the nipples hard and then inserting the magic clear yellow drug into his slave. Soon he was done with his chore and took the cords off and massaged blood back into her meaty breasts.

Lori heard him say that he was going to give her a bath and she thought she could make a run for it if given a chance. Her hopes were realized as he got off her and started to un- due her ankle cuffs and then cleaned off the blood with warm water and stinging gauze soaked in alcohol to keep her from getting any infections. He then did the other one. She took the time to stretch her feet and wiggle the flow of blood back into her toes. Ben then undid the straps holding her knees in place first the right leg then the left leg. Ben then reached down and started to massage her inner thigh with his strong hands. The massage was bringing feeling back to her numb left leg. She thought he may let her walk to the shower. She hated herself as she let out a slight groan of pleasure from his touch. He seemed to have a magical touch too him as he worked out any cramp or numbness she had in her left leg working it from her upper leg down to calf , ankle and foot. She could tell he was not trying to tickle her feet as he gripped them and rubbed them firmly in his hands then worked her heel and ball of the foot with deep massaging fingers. Then Ben gripped and worked the pads of her feet and toes as she closed her eyes in pleasure. Ben then worked a deep massage into each toe before bending down and kissing her big toe. WHAT! He kissed my toe she thought I should have kicked him in the face. Just try that with the other foot buddy she thought. Ben then went to the other side of the bed and did the very same to the other leg. Slow and methodical he massaged each tender muscle. She readied a deadly kick as he started to work her sore ankle then her foot. Oh My God she hissed to herself that felt Soooo damn good she thought. As he took each toe massaging them one by one and the cramp muscle pads leading to each. She closed her eyes and hissed into the gag. She could feel her pussy began to moisten again. She could feel her hips roll a little from the tingling in her groin. Then he kissed her big toe and stepped back. No! She tried to scream in her gag as she arched her back off the bed and then with her feet she lifted her ass with an almost pouting gesture slammed her ass back to the bed. She was mad at herself she could of kicked him and maybe killed him just now with her martial arts but no she laid there enjoying a foot massage from a monster that just tied her up and raped her all night. What is wrong with me? Ben then quickly sat next to the side of her chest on the bed. He then leaned in to her and started to stroke her hair and face trying to calm her but preparing to being kneed by her shapely flailing legs. She made a few points of contact on his shoulder and he thought that he would be bruised and sore later but for some strange reason he thought it was well worth it. And let her continue her little tantrum.

Ben took the plug from the ring gag and tossed it to the side hitting the wall. Lori sucked in the extra air it gave her as she started crying again. Ben took her blows to his back but they soon subsided as she started to weep uncontrollably in his arms. Ben unstrapped the gag harness and gently pulled the ring gag from her mouth. Lori was furious with herself for allowing this to happen. She was trained she thought for anything being the town Marshal. Soon she felt his lips kissing her cheeks and his hands caressing her hair. No she said in a defiant hoarse voice. His caresses and small pecks of kisses took her by surprise and soon she found she kissed him back. Ben then rubbed the top of her left arm and then gradually brought his hand down beneath until he reached her breast. He then bent his head to her neck and started kissing up and down her neck slowly then licking and nibbling on her ear lobe. Lori started to breathe heavily as her chest rose higher with each breath. Her audible cries to stop became soft almost inaudible pleads not to. Ben started to stroke her breasts feeling their softness and firmness then reaching the tips found hardening nipples growing under his touch. Moments later Lori started to pant as he was running his tongue down over each breast then down between them. She closed her eyes as he felt she had never been so alive before. She involuntarily spread her legs again hopping she would lure him to lick her wet pussy. The danger of this made her want more. This was better than living on the edge this was the edge. She groaned in disgust with herself as she rolled her flat belly and bobbed her beautiful breasts under him as he mounted the bed and positioned himself between her legs. She brought her knees up and spread her legs for him full access to her wet pussy. His mouth tasted the salty sweat from her stomach and licked it as his face reach closer to her wet pussy. He rested his nose on her pubic hair smelling her scent and took his hands and cupped each sculptured ass cheek. Ben then ran his hands up her sides cupping the sides of her breasts again and lying flat on the bed. Lori wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped her bound hands to the headboard and watched him descend to her cunt. She wanted to squeeze the life from him with her toned legs but again she wanted his lips to engulf her cunt. She rolled her stomach and hips to keep him moving to the tingling hot spot between her legs. She finally in frustration yelled EAT ME OUT, You Bastard! Ben looked up and with a smile, call me Master!

Ben moved his hands up and started to stroke her breasts and rubbing her now hard nipples gently. Lori could not believe this she could dislocate or break his back and she is begging him to eat her wet pussy. What kind of sick joke is this she screamed? Ben again looked up at her through the trough of her cleavage. Call me Master and I will eat your juicy wet cunt till you scream for me to stop. No! she muttered as his fingers flicked the soft place between her breasts and underarms. She moaned again and said please MASTER eat my pussy please! Ben smiled and slowly used his skillful tongue to open the folds of her cunt lips. Lori grips the headboard and pulling on it as she feels her master’s tongue caressing her cunt folds and sucking on her clit button. She looked past her mounds of fondled tit flesh and into Ben’s eyes as he stared at her as he drank her sweet wet nectar from her soaked cunt and slightly chewed on her clit button taking it in his mouth and gently pulling on it. She started to orgasm and he did not stop she was hit with another wave of intense pleasure that tightened her stomach muscles and sent her legs into a spasm as she rubbed her feet over her masters buttocks as yet another one ripped through her loins. Ben watched as her mouth was wide open sucking in air her eyes slightly rolled back showing just the white ness of those beautiful green eyes. Ben’s arms wrapped around her back as she arched her back again in a long moaning quivering organism that lasted at least a minute or more. Ben used his strong fingers to rake her back along the spine massaging her as she gave herself to him. Ben concentrated on every portion of her cunt for an hour all the while her juices kept flowing.

Ben did not stop at this point but started sucking and tonguing into her depths as far as he could reach. Each and every pass of his tongue caused more shaking from her. She pleaded for him to stop, screaming she could not take any more. Lori’s ass that once was trying to entice him to her pussy now begging him with intense bucking to stop. Ben just held on tightly until Lori achieved yet another untold orgasm. Stiffening her body and sending every inch of her into utter bliss before passing out under Ben.

Ben wobbled her gorgeous breasts in triumph before sliding up to a setting position. His sex kitten has passed out but his cock was hard as a rock due to all of her sexual seizures. Ben brought her legs up over his shoulders and easily entered her still wet cunt. Ben had full access of her now and sank his cock in deep. Soon Ben was using her to fulfill his pleasures with her silky wet pussy. Ben leaned himself down on her and felt her breasts crushed against his chest as he started kissing her slack mouth and used his tongue to find hers. Lori started to come too at his point and finding Ben on top of her and his long thick cock sliding in and out of in full long strokes she realized his tongue was in her mouth. She was totally consumed with passion as their tongues danced together in her mouth. Soon Ben found her fucking him back with gusto and her legs crossed around his neck. She felt another orgasm building one that she did not think possible or thinkable and she moaned into his mouth at the moment he started shooting streams of passion into her waiting pussy. Both being totally consumed from exhaustion soon found them collapsing into each other and passing out.

Ben awoke first finding he was still half erect and still deep into her womb. A small puddle of drool pooled in her cleavage making him think he was out for quite some time. He slowly got up and she tried to roll over but was stopped by her wrists binding. Ben smiled and retrieved his robe from the floor. He could not even remember taking it off. He looked at the clock and it was 9pm that meant he slept more than six hours with her. Damn he thought he had a lot to get done. He stuck his hand into the robe and pulled out a strong sedative from his pocket that he was going to give her before their last romp. Ben pulled the cap from the syringe and inserted it into the right shapely ass cheek that was facing him. She winced in pain but did not fully wake. After waiting a few minutes to let it take full effect he undid both wrists and cleaned them as he did her ankles but also bandaged them as she had a few deep wounds from her pulling on her arms. He looked down at her and saw more than a slave or cow to use but much more. He shook his head and reminded himself he would never become fully attached to a slave but she seemed different somehow. He shook his head with a defiant no. Ben then carried her over his shoulder to his room upstairs. He was followed by four hungry cats that reminded him all the way to his room how hungry they were.

Once they arrive the cats jumped on the bed as he tried to lay her out upon it without dropping her on a cat. Ben turned on the air conditioning then pulled the sheets back and tried to place her under it but Tiger his orange tabby wanted under there with her. He had to reach under and grab him from between her legs and pull him out. Yes Tiger it is a sweet place to sleep but you need to eat supper. Ben carried Tiger out and called for the rest as they were checking Lori’s sleeping form out including pawing at her breasts. Damn! I forgot to give her the mammary gland shots tonight. Oh, well no time now I will give it to her tonight when I get back and then I’ll give her a bath. Ben counts the cats at his feet then shuts and locks the door.

Ben goes to the kitchen and feeds the cats and then pours them a bowel of milk and notices that the milk is almost gone. Well the good stuff is gone now guys and he drinks the last down from the bottle. Well it is going to be at least two weeks or more before you get any more of this sweet stuff, I’m going to have to go to the store and get the regular for you tomorrow.

Ben then went to the back room of the house and changed into his night cloths, grabbed his kit and a black leather carryon bag to put things in. He thought that Lori should disappear for a while so he was going to stop by her house and make it look like she went on a trip like everyone thought she was going to be doing. Ben knew this town like the back of his hand as he had lived here good portion of his life before he went to college. He set out into the night with his bag and kit and headed for Lori’s house. The night was over cast and a great night to take a walk in the dark. He kept to the shadows even resisted the urge to check in a few windows for a cheap thrill as he had too much on his plate to handle tonight. No need in getting side tracked.

He finally reached Lori’s house and finds the porch light on and the lights on in the back of the house. Just as he started to check the back door with gloved hands he heard a knocking coming from the front of the house. Shit! He thinks company. Ben takes his lock pick and within seconds he was into the back door and he closes and locks it behind him. Again he hears a door bell and then the knocking of the door. Ben then works his way thought the house that he thinks to himself “I hope she is a better marshal than a house keeper, this place is cluttered.” Ben makes it down a short hall past the entrance to her basement. There is a slatted door at the end and as he reached it, her front door opened. Ben being in a dark room could see most of the living room and part of the kitchen from his vantage point behind the slatted door. Bens jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw Jill Belen coming through the living room calling Lori’s name several times. “Are you here Lori, its Jill are you home”. Ben watched her as she checked out the front part of the house and then started to the back slipping off to the right to what he guest was Lori’s bedroom. Jill was stunning in her loose boxer shorts and a flowered blouse draped over the shoulders hiding a black open shirt tied at her belly button that strained to hide her huge breasts. Her raven black hair curled down over her chest and dark exotic features poured blood back into his cock again as he massaged the ache in his pants. He could hear her click through the house in her flip flops. He knew he needed to stick to his plan now and yet he thought it would be so easy to slip out and take her now and explore that body that has taunted him for so many months. But if he took her now it may jeopardize his chance to take her daughter Jennifer who looked like her younger looking twin. Ben worked on controlling his breathing as to not give his position away. Finally Jill clicked though the house again. She stopped at the kitchen table right in front of him and taking a pad of paper from the table started to write Lori a note. She leaned down exposing her large amount of cleavage as her shirt gapped open. She placed her hands on the table and stretched her back giving Ben a view of her well-tanned globes dangling from her chest and wobbled with a bit of a giggle when she stood up. Damn she is a cock tease. Test me know but I’ll have those tits soon enough. She then turned clicking her way to the front of the house then locked the front door and shut the lights off as she went. Then he heard her yelling to her daughter outside that she was not in the house. Ben moved through the house and checked the front window. There he saw the two talking in the middle of the street heading to their house. Ben could still smell her lingering sent in the air. He had been stalking her and her daughter for over three months planning to take them in the next few days or so. This encounter only hastened his resolve to have them both. He needs to stay with his plan for them as things rarely just fall into place like the encounter with Officer Cunt.

Ben pulled his pen light and made his way through the house and found her bed room. He unzipped his leather carryon bag and placed it on the bed. He checked her dresser and pulled what he thought a woman would need for a week stay somewhere. He took a few bras panties and socks before finding a neon blue and black stripped string bikini. Digging deeper he found lingerie and took one of the four he found along with the two dildos under them. Ben opened her closet and moved some clothes around grabbing a few and shoving them into his bag also. The last one he grabbed snagged on something with chains on it and it in turn snagged a pump shotgun than fell out of the closet towards him. It scared the hell out of Ben as he jumped back and almost shit himself. He got his composer back and picked up the thing with his gloved hand using only a thumb and finger and dragged it out into the room and worked it under the bed out of his site. I hate guns he said to himself and checked to see if anything else in there would go off. All he saw was her belt and pistol hanging in the back. Then he saw the item with the chains that almost shot him. It was padded black leather and silver chain lingerie like a dominatrix would wear. Damn Lori that is hot and he took it. He looked on the floor and in the corner was a box with porno magazines mostly bondage and busty babes on the covers of all. Ben became very curious now and started looking more closely in the closet. Ben checked the shelves and found a black leather storage case taking up half of the shelf with the other half blankets and pillows. He looked around and placed it on the bed. Then pulled the blinds and closed the drapes before closing the door and turning on the light. With the light on it looked like a dorm room of a female jock and smelled like it too. He went to the leather clad box and the lock was a good one. He took out his pick and went to work and within a minute he popped the lid. It was filled with case files and photos of raped and murdered women much were crime scene or autopsy. All were busty attractive women, well Lori it looks like we have kind of the same hobby and interests. Further digging Ben found several well-worn crime magazines like the ones you get from a grocery store. On the other side of the box was a smaller box labeled “Fantasy’s.” In it were several journals with stories she had written about rape and more with her or some of the women in town. Sometimes she was the aggressor and others she was the one victim. Ben spent an hour browsing her personal fantasy life until looking down he noticed bundle of photos and some 8X10s lying at the bottom of the box. He looked at the 8X10 and they were of her in her dominatrix outfit and again damn was she hot in it. The other photos made his cock harder than it already was. It was some candid photos of busty women at the jail in handcuffs and a few at her house and some in possibly her basement. The majority was candid and or voyeur photos of her lovely town folks and even the Belen’s. Hell even what appeared to be a lingerie party at the Belen’s and she was in attendance along with others very well endowed women and teens. Ben rubbed his cock and saw his new slave in a completely different light and the thought really turned him on.

Ben went out to her garage and found her little hatch back and opened the back hatch. Then he went in and searched for her car keys finding them in the middle of her kitchen table. Stopping to read the note Jill left it read “Lori have not seen you all day. Please stop by and let us know your OK Jill.” He smiled knowing now Jill and here are close. He took the keys and loaded the bag and her leather locked box to the car. Ben looked around and grabbed her toiletry kit and other things she may need and a bank envelope with eight hundred dollars in it meant for her vacation. He thought of everything he thought as he started to open the garage. Ben stopped dead in his tracks rushing back to her kitchen. Looking into her refrigerator he found an almost full gallon of milk. Great that will keep me from going to the store for a few days. He then went back out to the garage and then without lights opened her garage door. He put the car in neural coasting it out of her drive and starting it up left with the lights off until he was down the block. Arriving home he opened his large garage and drove her car in after pulling his black SUV out into his drive and giving her car the space. In the house he looked at the clock and found he was gone for three and half hours. He took her things and placed them into the guest room for now grabbing only her journal and bundle of photos then hurried upstairs followed by his posy of four cats.

Lori started to stir from a very sound sleep. She was partially wrapped in soft sheets a very comfortable and clean smelling bed holding a body pillow. The heat of the past few days gave way to cool air as she unconsciously felt around for something to shield her legs from the cool air. Finding a comforter instead pulled it over her legs. Soon she was falling back to sleep gripping the large pillow. She felt something moving on the body pillow then a rough tongue began to lick her hand then another one started licking her arm. She forced her eyes open enough to see two cats licking her arm and hand purring deep and soothingly in unison, with another standing on her pillow pawing her head with clawless paws. Lori smiled at the attention and started to fall back to sleep again. Soon she was brought back to partial consciousness by the feeling of something moving under the covers and tickling her back and then touching her ass. She wiggled her ass and snuggled into the body pillow while her orchestra purred her back to slumber. However she felt a presence rubbing itself up into the folds of her pussy from behind and she parted her legs slightly and then wrapped her leg around the body pillow. She felt a tongue licking her pussy and she started to become moist again as she ground herself into the pillow becoming more and more aroused. The tongue was rough yet thorough in its work. Lori straddled the pillow and soon the tongue was back and she found herself moaning into the pillow. She moaned the words master as she humped the pillow and the tongue started to lick her ass crack and rose bud of her ass. She felt an orgasm coming and as she started to tremble into the pillow the tongue seemed to clean her nectar from her cunt leaving her dry again. She said thank you master as she smiled into her pillow. Lori then heard Bens voice scolding a Tiger and could feel something being unhappily dragged from under the covers.

Lori’s eyes shot open and she rolled violently over bringing her legs up under her and wrapping the comforter around covering her chest and sending the other three cats to the floor. She looked to the edge of the bed in shock to see Ben holding an unhappy orange tabby and wearing a black jogging suit with a black socking hat. Her eyes shot open and she ran her hand under the comforter and wiped her ass and forcing her back up against the headboard. What the hell Lori yelled as she looked for something to throw. Ben asked why she was so mad as she seemed perfectly content when she thought it was her master’s tongue licking her ass with a smirk. Lori was speechless but her eyes told the story she was scanning the room for a way to get out or find a weapon.

Ben told her not to be too quick to want to escape just yet. He dropped Tiger to the bed and picked up her journals and tossed them to her and then started tossing one photo at a time holding only the Belen’s when he was done. You went to my home you bastard! Lori spat. There is a lot of interesting reading in those journals Lori. What I want to know is three things. One, did you like living out your third fantasy in your journal? Two, have you ever acted out any of your fantasies other than the third one with me. Three how would you like to act out your fantasies to the fullest by helping me hunt down women like say the Belen’s in your stories six and seven as he throws their pictures into her lap. Lori swallowed hard and looked at her pictures and then at her neighbors photos with some lust in her eyes. Without looking at Ben she said what the third question was. Ben smiled and said submit to me thus being my obedient minion or as they say in Old French my mignon.

Lori never thought in a million years that her fantasies would be more than that. Sure she came close a few times picking up female hitchhikers along the interstate and forcing them to show her their breasts before letting them go scared to death. She wanted to cross the line so many times but being afraid of being caught. Well Officer Cunt answer me Ben demanded. The demeaning name from him sent tingles down her spine. She said in a whisper that yes she liked her fucking, the humiliating abuse, and the feel of his touch when he used her for his pleasures even when he told her she was going to die at the end of her captivity. She started to tear up a little at that last part but it was life on the edge and she liked it. Go on Ben demanded. Lori looked up at him and said if you mean doing to other women what you did to me and or use them as you told me what you were going to do to me; she hesitated then licked her upper lip wording softly said yes. I love your fat cock and the way it feels but I so love the soft curves of a busty cunt to play with. I have fantasized most of my life to be in control of other person especially slender and stacked ones that is why I became a cop with hopes of one day to fulfill my wet dark dreams. Ben could hardly believe his ears as she spoke. He could tell she was telling the truth from the body language and eye contact was shouting it at him. Oh yes master I will help you she said in a more commanding tone Yes! I will help you hunt those two cock teasing cunts down and use them for whatever you need them for. I will help you if I can only help you rape, milk and snuff them if need be. Whatever you decide for their fates I will help you. I just want to share in the pleasure of the hunt and pleasures it will bring you. Ben liked what he heard and his cock started to grow again. Ben thinks he opened a Pandora’s Box when he popped the lid of that black leather box. Yes my pet I will allow you to share and assist me. You must obey me and do as I say and what do you call me. Master she said without hesitation as she crawls out from under the bedding and goes to the edge of the bed. She looks up to meet his gaze with her deep green eyes and submit I will do gladly to your every command master. She bites her lip and asks what does Mignon mean master. It’s Old French for favored slave, attendant and lover. She smiled “I like that master.”

Ben tells her she needs to break up with her boyfriend and she nods her head. Ben then tells her she will move in with him and sell her home. She smiles and nods her head. Ben tells her she will work during the day as marshal and at night with him. She nods her head and sets up on her knees on the edge of the bed then runs her hands on his chest and nods. Ben then says you will be Officer Hunt in town and on duty but in this house you are what? Lori looks up at him and starts to pull off his shirt I’m Officer Cunt master. Ben smiles and takes off his shirt the rest of the way as she pulls his pants down and his hardening cock sprang out and touched her nose. She steadied herself by gripping his thighs and engulfed his length down her throat. Ben tossed his hat and shirt to the far side of the room and kicked off his shoes then his pants, all the while she was tickling her nose with his pubic hair as his cock was buried deep in her silk sheath of a throat. Ben reached down and filled his fingers with her auburn hair and started to fuck her throat. He heard her muffled moan as his hips bucked and battered her face with his thrusts and he soon was releasing his load into her waiting and lustful throat. Sucking and slurping down all he could muster to give her.

Lori looked up and asked if he was still going to milk her and he responded that he would give her the choice of being milled or not. She thought for a while as she masturbated Ben with her hands and caressing the tip of his cock with her nipples. Yes if it would not stop me from helping you and making my fantasies come true. Ben gripped her left breast and told her she will be the first he ever had that he would never get tired of. She looked up and said you promise master. Ben pulled on her nipple softly and said yes you have too many uses and will be too important to ever send you off or star you in a video unless you’re helping me or doing it yourself. Offer Cunts eyes closed as she smiled like she was one of his cats and had just ate a canary. She then looked up into his eyes and by all means use my tits to make milk so I can feel the feeling of what our slaves will be going through, it only hurt a little. Come my pet let’s take a shower then plan our first hunt together. Lori’s eyes lit up with lust and anticipation as did Bens. It was then he realized he was in love for the first time.

More in Part Three

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