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Fat dad Pt 3

It got real quiet after that. Mom flipped her robe down, dad turned around and lumbered out of my room. We heard his foot falls one by one as they went down the steps. Then into the kitchen, we heard the fridge open and the sound of the partially drank 12 pack of beer being picked up. The cans rattling as he grabbed one and carried the rest to his chair in the living room. I guess we got his answer to moms outburst with that. Mom muttered about needing to get him to file first or she had to stick it out, but she wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it.

The next day I came to moms rescue. Dad pulled me aside when I was home and told me that he wasn’t sure how much of this I was involved in but that he wasn’t going to divorce mom and have me live with her because he wasn’t going to pay child support while I finished school and then also while I was in college. That he had already talked to a lawyer and knew that from long ago. Clearly these two had no use for each other and I was the only thing keeping them together in their misery. I told dad that I’d talk to mom and see if I could come up with something. I got a “yea you do that”

I never did talk to mom, she came home from work and went up stairs to get dressed for our workout session. I went up stairs and fondled her tits for a bit while she giggled, then went back down. I told dad that if he refinanced the house and gave mom 20 thousand dollars, that she would sign an agreement to not request any form of support from him as long as he let her take her things and go. That I would be free to choose to live where ever I wanted. Dad said he could but no, she can’t sign away rights to child support, his lawyer already told him that. Now back to mom, I told her Dad would pay her 20 thousand dollars to move out but he said I had to stay because she couldn’t sign off on child support. Mom laughed and said that she had gotten two raises that dad didn’t know of and she made more money than he did. Dad would never pay child support because she was the primary earner, she told me to tell him that. So I told him that mom would agree to leaving me behind if he upped the money to 25G. He bought it.

I went downstairs. Mom was wearing a workout outfit that I’d never seen before. Some sort of see through spandex suit. It held her breasts up but left her nipples visible. It was a one piece, sort of like a swim suit only meant to have more clothing underneath it, or your pussy and breasts will show through, like hers were. It was fantastic, Mom had a real gleam in her eye, she told me that this was the outfit that she had bought for dad, and he wouldn’t even look at her. It was her last ditch effort to stay with him. Then she laid down on the bench press seat and used her “motherly” voice. She asked me if there was anything, at all, that I wanted to do with mommy. I groaned and told her that I wanted her to show me how to go down on a woman. Mom reached down and pulled the crotch of her suit aside exposing the rest of what I had been dreaming of. My god, my mothers slit was fantastic looking. She had these full looking lips to her pussy that just stood out begging to be suckled on, they were even slightly darker than the rest of her skin so they really stood out. I groaned again and just went face first into the slit that gave birth to me. She was wet and musky and I was ready to cum just by being there. Mom let me just lap and suckle for a while before she started giving me directions as to what she wanted done. After a while she stopped talking and just held on to the back of my head and twisted her hips into my face while I sucked and licked away. I couldn’t believe how wet she got for me while licking and suckling. I groaned and thrust my hips a few times and came in my shorts. She tried to say something about that but lost her ability to speak by coming in my mouth.

I stood up and moms face was just glowing when she looked at me, she asked if I had come in my pants while sucking on her and I nodded yes. She went back to her motherly voice and told me to come over here and let mommy clean that up. She pulled my shorts down and took out my deflating and wet cock and started licking my sperm off my rod. It didn’t take long and she had me back hard again, partially from being able to actually see my dick slide into her mouth as she sucked me in. Mom then looked back up at me and asked if there was anything else that I wanted to do with mommy?

I looked down at her wet slit, she grinned and got off the bench press, she laid down on a rubber floor mat and spread her legs. I moved in between and got down on my knees. Mom reached down between her legs but was reaching for my cock. When I got it within her grasp she guided me into her slit, I slid easily inside feeling for the first time in my life the inside of a woman on my cock. Mom was really wet and I simply slid in and began thrusting. I was reveling in the sensation, warm, wet, feeling her hair press up against me down there. I was pulled out of my revere by her voice. “Does your little man like being inside of mommy? I grunted and thrust. Mom grunted back and commented “ohh, not that little are we?” then she said “do you like having your cock inside your mother?” now I was able to answer. All I could do was quietly grunt out a “yes” “do you want to squirt your self off into mommies pussy?” this I was able to say “oh god yes” to.

Mom voice got husky and low and she grunted back to me “good, I’ve been on the pill for a month now waiting for this, don’t hold back. Spray it in me, try to make a baby in your mommy, fuck me good and spray your balls inside your pussy. Mommies pussy is yours now. Fuck your mommy good” I lost it, I started hammering moms pussy for all I was worth. I couldn’t believe how sloppy wet she all the sudden became. We could both hear it, with my cock driving into her there was a slopping wet fucking sound that I had certainly never heard before since this was my first, but I could tell that mom heard it too. Since I had just cum I managed to hold on longer than I had though possible but still all too soon I just pushed forward. I buried my cock as far inside mom as far as I could go and began spurting my balls out. Not as hard as when she had held me off but still it was an incredible feeling to know that I was emptying my nut sack inside a real vagina.

Once I was finished I couldn’t stop myself. I started making out with my mom like she was a girl my age, I wasn’t going to move till my cock fell out of her. At one point she kind of stopped and looked at me, I told her that I just wanted to kiss her till my cock fell out, that this was the best day of my life and I wanted it to stay in her as long as possible. She started slipping me her tongue. All too soon my cock did fall out, with a sound I’d never heard before, plus a good size load of my sperm slopping out as well. My load really stood out on the black rubber of the exercise mat that mom was laying on. Looking at a real puddle of cum that had just drooled out of a real pussy that I had really just finished fucking. I made a point to focus on that. Till mom asked me, “oh yea, what did your father say when he found out he wouldn’t have to pay child support?” I never looked up, I was too engrossed with seeing my load drip from my moms gorgeous pussy lips. “He never found that out, he agreed to twenty five thousand for leaving me behind. I’m gonna have a friend help me move out of my bedroom window while you distract him while I move your stuff out”

Mom had a finger under my chin, where it came from I do not know. All I could see till the finger moved my head up was pussy dripping with my cum. Mom locked eyes with me. “You can look at that later, you did what?” “It’s all dripping out now mom” “You will fuck me again later, you did what?” That finally broke my magic moment, just to a different one. I smiled, god how I loved my life. I asked if this meant we were going to get to go house shopping.

Mom flipped me over onto my back while kissing my face and shouting yes, yes, yes. I am going house shopping! This led to some real interesting experiences.

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I'm Dick age 27. My sister, Debbie 25, has 4 daughters Kelly 7, Candy 6, and Amy and Cindy 4, Johnny and Billy 5. Candy has been in a coma for a year after falling off her bike. Debbie was about to pull the plug when I got an Idea. I ran everyone out of the hospital room. I rolled Candy over on her tummy. I rubbed her ass hole. No response. Then I stretched her ass hole. No response. After fucking her ass hole for 15 minutes she started to wake up. I put her panties back on. Then I let everyone back in. Debbie was beside herself. She kept hugging and kissing me on the cheek. The doctors asked what I did when Candy asked if I was going to fuck her pussy too? Debbie told Candy yes he is. She was bubbly after that. Debbie said I owe you my daughter's life. Debbie revealed her and the kids sleep together. She said I want you to move in with us. I admitted I wanted to fuck her since I was 12. She said she wanted it too. I loved fucking her sons the most. They screamed louder. :)

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I'm John age 25. My wife Sara and I have 4 daughters Kary 7, Kandy 6, Jenny and Janet 4. Last week, the doctor said Kary and Kandy have stage 4 Lymphoma. Sara said the girl's dying wish is to sleep with me. Sara said to throw in pissing games. I reluctantly gave them what they wanted. After 3 days of fucking them, the doctor said he misdiagnosed them. They have fungus that is easily treatable. I explained our dilemma. He said he won't report us if we didn't suit him. I agreed. I told Kary and Kandy the good/bad news. They were overjoyed. I said we can't have sex anymore. They ran to their room crying. About an hour later all of the girls came out naked. They stated their case to Sara. Kandy and Kary started kissing the twins on the mouth and rubbed their pussies. Janet said please, mommy, let daddy fuck us. Sara said if I do you have to stop fighting and telling on each other. They promised. Sara told me to cancel my appointments. She said you have 5 horny girls to fuck this weekend

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I'm Nick age 12. I have 4 sisters Sandy 7, Casey 6, Janet and Jenny 4. Dad asked me to show him my dick. After a short pause, I did. He said looks good, son. He said put it away now. Then he said he would appreciate it if I fucked my sisters to stretch them out so he could fuck them without injuring them. Later, i told mom what he said. She was pissed. She said I'll fix him. She put sleeping pills in his food. She put my naked sisters in bed with him. She recorded a video of it. She called the police. They dragged dad out in chains. He was so sleepy he didn't have a clue what was happening to him. The next day he called 3 times from the county jail trying to get mom to bail him out. Mom was laughing at him on the phone. Mom told me later she didn't really care if he fucked the girls. But there were other things she hated about his behavior lately. So she used that to get rid of him. She took me to my sister's room. Mom said now you're the man of the house. Fuck us, please. Yes, mam!

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I'm Rick age 12. I have 5 little sisters Kelly 7, Candy 6, Amy and Cindy 4, and Suzy 3. Mom is really pissed. Dad has gotten so fat he can't fuck her anymore. This morning she was crying at the breakfast table. Dad tried but failed to console her. I reached behind her and rubbed her butt crack. That calmed her down enough she could eat her breakfast. She even stopped berating dad. After dad left for work she thanked me for helping her to calm down. I didn't know what to say. So I said nothing. I thought better safe than sorry. She came over and sat on my lap. She said rub mommy's butt again. So I raised her nighty and rubbed her butt hole this time. She was panting like a dog. She put my finger in her mouth and sucked it. She said from now on you are my secret lover. Your father won't know if we're careful. I fucked her for 2 hours under our front porch. When dad came home he asked me to fuck mom for him. He said he'll try to lose weight. But he doubts it will happen. Yes, sir! :)

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be my daddy

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