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house shopping
Fat dad Pt 4

That night dad slept in the living room like normal, as I was walking to my room mom walked past me and lightly took hold of my little finger. She didn’t say a word, just led me into their room. We slept naked.
In the morning mom sent me off to school and said that she was going to find a realtor and we would go house hunting when I got home from school. I really didn’t learn a thing that day, I did tell my friend Dennis that my folks were getting a divorce, he offered to borrow his brothers truck to help us move. He is an awesome best friend.

After school mom picked me up, low cut summer top, knee high skirt, the days were starting to get cooler but she seemed really excited. She told me that she finally found a realtor that she figured she could trust. A middle aged woman, she explained that a younger woman might not feel comfortable with showing a house to a mom and son. But she had promised the realtor a quick sale if she didn’t try to show us stuff out of her budget or give us any problems. Just as we pulled up to the house, in my same school district, mom suddenly looked nervous. She said “I really have gotten to love the flirting we did around your dad” I didn’t know what she meant by that but I found out soon enough. The realtor arranged for the people that were selling the house to just be gone, it was obvious they still lived there. Mom walked up to the sink and started running water, even started washing a dish to see how she liked the kitchen layout. Then she stuck her ass out at me and wiggled it. I saw the realtor look away, I ran my hand over moms ass, mom pressed her ass back into my hand more. Oh my fucking god, mom wanted to flirt in front of the realtor lady. I remembered mom saying she promised her a quick sale if she didn’t bother us. Off to the living room window, mom reached for the ceiling, I reached around her waist, the realtor looked away, I felt moms heavy breasts.

The realtor was getting uncomfortable, mom smiled and told her not to worry. This was just between herself and her son, we went up stairs to look at the master bedroom. The realtor walked back to the kitchen. Mom just walked around the room real quick and we left to see the next house. Once inside the car I asked mom how far she wanted to go, she smiled and said she wanted to go till the realtor left the room. The very next house the realtor had a more determined look to her face, she stayed with us longer explaining the details to the house and just decided to not look at us while I was fondling moms breasts. This was while I was standing behind mom, while she was rubbing her ass into my crotch. In the living room when my hand was inside my moms top, the realtor snapped and demanded to know if mom was really going to buy a house. I was busted with my hand on mom bra, I froze. Mom smiled and told the realtor about her 500 pound husband giving her 25g to get her to move out. That in the process of trying to make him file for divorce that she had developed, well, some bad habits of flirting with her son. But that all of that would pass soon enough, she was sure of it. The realtor said “these cost more than 25G” mom said she’d had been saving a college fund for years, and that we were working this out, between mother and son.

The next house the realtor seemed a little more warmed up to the idea of showing us the house. The price was right in line with moms budget, just on the border of my school district. The realtor now had her eyes glued to us in the kitchen while mom rubbed her ass to my groin. I reached around and began to fondle moms tits. Mom had her eyes closed so she didn’t realize that we had the realtor’s full attention. I turned mom to the overhead cupboard. My hands and moms breasts were visible to the realtor. Moms head was behind the cupboard. The realtor lady was breathing a little more rapidly, she watched me fondle moms breasts then quietly asked if mom liked having her son fondle her like that. Mom told her how she was mortified at first, scared second, pissed off at dad third. But after so many years of having no one but an obese man pawing at her, that she started flirting with her son. That together we got her in to the best shape of her life. Now the flirting feels more like an addiction.

By the time mom had finished her story, I had her top open, her bra opened in the front and I had her large breasts swinging freely in front of the realtor lady who was now clenching her legs together. We walked to the living room, the realtor now openly ogling moms huge swinging udders. Mom bent over the arm of the couch and thrust her ass out to me while swinging her breasts back and forth as obscenely as possible. I slid my hands up moms dress finding her damp panties, which I slowly pulled down in front of the realtor. Mom was wiggling her hips while talking money. Once the panties were clear and in my pocket mom announced “basement, I have to see the basement” The realtor jumped like she’d been shot and led us to the basement. Mom casually told her that the basement is where we do our exercises and most of our foreplay has also been down there as well. Once in the basement which was mostly empty, mom grabbed one of those metal uprights in the center of the room, she bent forward and thrust out her ass towards me. Mom said “Alex sweetie? Do you think you’d be able to fuck mommy here in this basement?” The realtor put both hands up to her mouth, I flipped moms dress up to expose her bare ass and began pulling my pants down. As I thrust into my mother, who was sopping wet and was able to take my cock in one thrust mom grunted to me “off with the shirt, show her those abs”. I stripped off my shirt and finished pulling my pants off while fucking mom from behind. I was totally naked and the realtor walked up besides us so she could see my cock slipping in and out of mom from behind. I could tell she was also eyeing me as I thrust into mom. Mom was grunting while she talked, she told the realtor the offer she was going to make on this one and named a low ball price on the first one we’d looked at. She said whoever accepted her offer first got the sale. The realtor’s eyes lit up with greed and lust and told her that was the best approach she could take. The market sucks and if the seller knows that you’re ready to live anywhere they’ll feel pressured more to take the offer they’ve got.

The realtor stayed watching till the very end, that being my sperm load dribbling out of moms wide open slit, mom squatted down holding her pussy open and got her panties back from me to wipe herself clean. Then she had me put them back in my pocket and went out naked underneath, after having my help in re-securing her swinging breasts.

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2016-03-05 17:19:56
So naughty :P
Ben Bitten

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2015-09-22 08:10:09
Son and mom

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2014-02-16 21:32:27
Io ho voluto scopare la mia mamma ma non perché mi piacesse, ma perché avessi il suo consenso e mi lasciasse libero di scoparmi la mia sorellina di 10 anni. Avevo 15 anni quando iniziai con mamma e ora che ne ho 21 continuo a scoparla ma ho la grande comodità di godermi fica e culetto della mia dolce sorellina che ha le carnine belle freschedei suoi odierni 116 anni.

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2012-11-17 00:54:25
They should have fucked the realtor

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2012-09-29 19:09:18
My mother heavy flirts with me , she gets flirtyer (if thats a word) when my dad is at home ?
I know she's enjoying it . Ie ; bending over & showing me her big boobs , longer eye contact ,stroking&touching . I enjoy letting her catch me looking at her big boobs .
Wot should b my next move . 'i know my self that this is fucked up , ?????

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