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The sequel to " My Weekend with My Daddy"
I was woken up by the sun shining through the hotel window, and found myself in the arms of my Daddy. I

quickly fell back to sleep content for what seem to be days, and was woken by my father's robust cock

smell and decided to start the morning off right. I dipped under the covers and started to devour my

Daddy's morning wood, and because all of the previous day's practice I was able to take more of his cock

and was able to flick his balls. I only had to keep this up for about five seconds before my Daddy

moaning and guiding my head up and down. He moved the covers back so he could gaze into my "beautiful

hazel eyes" as he recently started calling them. He said " I love seeing you sucking my cock, baby." in a

deep lustful voice I smiled and started to pick up the pace all the time keeping my eyes focused on his.

Then will the scream of "I love you so much!" he came so hard, and I swallow every bit of it since the

head of his cock was at the back of my throat. I rose with slobber and a smile on my face, I gave my

Daddy a passionate kiss then he proposed we get today started. I agreed then I got dressed and we headed

to the car where he told me what was the plan for today. He said " We need to make a couple of stops

before your ready for tonight.", I smiled and with a shriek of excitement I replied " Okay, Daddy."

During the drive I laid my head on his chest until we came to our first stop. We pulled up to a

Victoria's Secret to pick up some supplies for tonight, and as soon as I realized where we were I

immediately was smiling ear to ear as I looked at my Daddy. He said " I knew you'd like it, and I still

have to get you your make-up and a garter belt." with that we went into the store. We went to the make-up

section first, that was totally deserted, and I asked "What would you like to see your little slut in?"

He said "Get that lip gloss, baby I want your lips to shine on my cock.", I smiled and as I bent over to

get the lip gloss on the bottom shelf I felt his hand reach into the back of my sweatpant and start to

caress my ass. As he did this I let out a girlish moan, and I rose up high enough to see if the coast was

still clear, then I applied the lip gloss and began to go down on him right then and there. I did this

just long enough to get it wet enough to fuck me, then I bent over and pulled down my pants just low

enough until my rosebud was showing, I turned my head, fluttered my eyes, and begged in my girliest voice

" Daddy, come fuck your slut's asshole." He wasted no time and immediately bagan to put his length in my

ass. He went slowy for the first few pumps in an attempt to tease me, I put my hand on the back his thigh

and pushed his whole cock into me. He took the bait began pounding in and out of me as hard as he could,

then he grabbed a hand full my hair and put a hand over my mouth to muffle my screams so that all that

came out were moans. Soon his pumps slowed and with on final hard push he was on the brink of cumming and

I thought quickly and turned around and deep throated his cock an let the cum flow down my throat. He

said "Looks like we don't have to stop for breakfast." and we both laughed and headed to the lingerie

section for my garter belt. We found a red paisley one that my Daddy really liked, then we went to the

register and paid for them. We headed back to the car and began to go to our next location, which I would

soon find out we went to a beauty supply shop but didn't stay long, just long enough to get two hair

scrunchies. While we were inside I thought I saw my Mother and rushed my Dad out before we got caught, by

the time we ran back to the car we were laugh so hard. It was getting late so Daddy decided to head to

our last stop we went to his doctor friend's office, we went into one of his rooms where he gave me a

shot of saline into my chest, which made my chubby chest grow to a plump c cup. When I saw myself in the

mirror I was estatic and instantly jumped in to my Daddy's arms and started to kiss him hard. When I

stopped he smiled and asked " Do you like them?" I expelled a resounding "Yes, Daddy I love them, I wish

I could stay like this forever!" Then he smiled and said "Good, and you will, let me just talk with the

doctor and you will get your wish." He stayed in for a while and then he and the doctor came out laughing

and he said "Thank you" as he got into the car. We both smiled because we knew our last stop, the hotel,

was coming up and he put the petal to the metal getting there. The whole I was playing with my Daddy's

cock and he was playing with my new titties, and as we pulled up I didn't even wait until the car stopped

before I rushed out of it and made my way to the room to get ready. When he parked the car he was right

behind me, I got all my items and went into the bathroom to get ready, and used the hotel perfume to

smell womanly. As I walked out of the bathroom with my pigtails, school girl outfit, and high-heels I saw

my Daddy 's breath leave his body. He had a tear in his eye and a smile on his face as he looked at me

and said " Baby you look so beautiful." I smiled and said "Thank you Daddy." He wiped his tear and his

face turned sensual, he told me " Why don't you dance for Daddy?" as he put some music on. I seductively

started swaying my hips and losing more and more of my clothes until I was down to my bra, panties,

garter belt, and knee high socks. Then I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to my Daddy's lap and

undid his pants to unleash his monster, and immediately and intimately began to suck his cock. He stopped

me and said " Baby, would you like me to fuck your face?" I smiled and said "Yes Daddy you can do

whatever you want to do to your baby girl." Then he took each pigtail into each hand and pulled me down

on his cock and held me there, then released me and did a few more practice runs. Then he really started

to fuck my face while screaming " Oh fuck, yes baby take my cock!" and I did as he asked. What seemed

like forever went by before he stopped then kissed me hard before he lied down on the bed and told me to

get on top and start riding him, to which I was more than happy to oblige him. I got on top of him,

pulled my panties to the side, and began bucking like my life depended on it, but this cut short by a

bang at the door. Daddy urged them to leave the all of a sudden we heard the beep of the keycard at the

door and in stormed my Mother, who was surprisingly not upset and had a trench coat and a bag in her

hand. She said "How dare you Dave we were suppose to do this together" as she dropped her bag and trench

coat revealing a sexy lingerie. Then she looked at me and almost burst into tears as she said "My Baby!

You look so beautiful! See I told you Dave we could have the beautiful girl we both wanted." Daddy then

said " I know isn't she beautiful. Well, we're are all here now so let's get this party started but

before we do we have to pick a name since we're all here." A lust filled the room and we really wanted to

get to fucking each other senseless, so by a stroke of luck we all said at the same time "Katrina!" It

was unanimous so Daddy said "Come here Katrina get back on my cock baby" I rushed over to were my Daddy

was lying, hopped back on, and started bucking again. While I was doing this my Mommy pulled out a

strap on and a dildo that was the same width as Daddy's cock but a little thicker and put it on, she

hopped on the bed, got on her knees, and put her dildo into my mouth and started fucking it. As my Daddy

pounded my ass and my Mommy fucked my face I was in total and complete ecstasy, and I rode and sucked

harder than ever before. Then my Mommy and Daddy switch places and my Daddy was fucking my mouth and my

Mommy eased her thick dildo into my loosened asshole until I was at the base, after my ass became

accustomed to it she started pounding me. My Daddy took his hands off of my head and began to caress my

and my Mommy's titties, which got both of us hot and my Mommy start to jerkoff my "clit" while she

continued to fuck me, and I continued to suck my Daddy. Then my Mommy announced " I have an idea!" then I

rose off her dildo as she laid my Daddy down and started to ride him reverse cowgirl and told me to get

on top of her and ride her cock, which I did with a happy little hop. Then my Daddy began to slam my

Mommy's sweet ass which made her dildo pound my ass, we were all screaming in utter ecstasy as we fucked

each other. The room was shrouded with moans and my Daddy telling my Mommy to take his cock and her

telling to take her's. This last until my Daddy made my Mommy cum which made her vibrate and sent

shock waves up my body making me cum hard. Then both I and Mommy got down on our knees and slobbered all

over Daddy's cock until he came which I took in my mouth and gracefully shared with Mommy in a passionate

kiss. Then well all laid down together as a happy family, all of us thinking about all the fun times to come.

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