An incest poem
For those of you who commented on my other posts, first let me say thank you for the encouragement. Secondly, I do consider why I (and people in general) write on these subjects and are fascinated by the taboo. Whenever I try to compose those musings I sound like a stoned hippie. Given that I am neither a hippie nor a stoner, I will spare you the dissertation. Let me just say that I do not condone incest or pedophilia. I do not want to see kiddie porn. I do not want any child to be hurt ever. If I knew of people engaging in these activities in real life, I would, at the very least, inform the authorities.

I am a grown man and all of my intimate relationships are with adults (who sometimes like to pretend to be little girls). Keep in mind that this is a fantasy and all the characters and situations are made up.

I hope you enjoy my story. I encourage you to comment. Your criticism and support are both appreciated.

The Man Who Fucked His Daughter

There was a man who fucked his daughter
It started when she was eight
She was much too small for intercourse then
But man she tasted great

He taught her how to suck him off
While he dipped his finger in her
But only after her homework was done
And he had cooked her dinner

He gave her special daddy kisses
Down between her tender thighs
Of course it simply broke his heart
To hear his little girl sigh

She eagerly learned to take a finger
In her quim and little tushy
And when he licked her derriere
Her pussy got so squishy

Around her ninth birthday
Things got a bit more serious
They watched some porn and frolicked
Until they were delirious

The movies gave her great ideas
And taught her brand new words to say
Her daddy loved when she talked dirty
They got closer every day

She asked if he would fuck her
When he rubbed on her bald slit
He told her no and got worked up
And came all over it

She knew her daddy’s weakness
So she got up on all fours
Just like a little doggy
With her ass facing the door

He came to tuck his little girl in
And saw those glistening folds
His cock betrayed his lust that night
She would not do as she was told
And so he took his daughter
Like a whore that walks the street
He held her tight and pumped her hard
Their orgasms were sweet

The little girl leaned quickly
She was daddy’s little slut and proud
The question was only “where?” or “when?”
But never “why?” or “how?”

The man who fucked his daughter
Loved her more than all the world
And she loved her daddy just as hard
Because she’s just that kind of girl

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2013-03-05 02:12:58
Recently I had to breed my niece's sister in law. Her husband couldn't make a baby in 8 years for some good reasons. It was done with the conscent of my wife, my niece and that husband. Now the other SIL of my niece wants the same, as she wants her 2nd baby, and her husband's sperm count got well below the normal level and can't breed his wife for last 6 years. I am not reluctant to have a good time in this way, nor my wife is jelous of it (As she is getting sexually cool after her menopause). So it would be nice, if you can compose a poem on this issue. I think, I am in a service to save two families who are like my children and have to help them out.

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