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cheating wife gets all her holes filled again
No holes barred 2
I finished the last time with having just been fucked by Ben, Tony and Leon in the best sex I’ve ever had in an afternoon. My poor pussy was sore as hell and both the bed I were covered in cum.
Ben and the other two got up and dressed but I just laid there completely fucked but feeling like the cat that had got the cream , I almost had to crawl to the shower and as I moved my pussy would leak cum, (note to myself make sure there’s a towel handy next time). After a good long shower I felt a lot better but as I stood next to the window looking down at the three men that had giving me the most amazing afternoon I heard Ben say that as they had had such a long lunch they’d need to work later to catch up, unlike workmen they didn’t complain but they just got stuck in.
Even after my shower I still seemed to be leaking cum so put on a pair of knickers with the same bra and dress that I’d worn earlier; then headed downstairs to the kitchen.
Ben was just coming into the kitchen as I entered from the hallway.
“Didn’t think I’d see you up for a while” he said.
“As you’ll all be working late I thought I’d make something to eat, after what you all did for me” I smirked back.
“Chris that was fucking mind blowing, but I don’t want Leon to know too much and what about Mike” he asked.
“Shame we didn’t video it, I think he’d have enjoyed joining in, we’ve been talking about gangbangs just lately”.
“Yah so has Sam as it happens”.
I looked at the ceiling and smiled “you and Mike have had your thrills of late maybe it’s time Sam and I got some of ours” I asked.
Just then Leon walked in “hello sexy nice to see you again”.
Ben and I didn’t say anything else until about 7pm when they all knocked off; he had told them that I was preparing something to eat though.
Just as I was dishing up the phone rang; it was Mike seeing how things were. I took the phone gave Ben a quick look and headed upstairs to talk in private. The first few minutes were about dropping Sam off, the drive up, hotel and what he was doing. He then asked about what I’d been up to; I was not sure how to tell him but decided on the normal one that we now use.
“Darling do you remember what we were talking about a couple of weeks ago, that thing that I’d love to happen” I asked him.
“Fuck Chris you haven’t been fucking Ben and Tony again”
“Well yes but there was Leon as well” I added.
“Three” was all he asked.
“Yes darling, three and it was amazing, I wish you’d been here”.
“I fucking wish I had, did Ben film it”? Mike enquired.
“No so I guess I’ll have to do it again so he can, hadn’t I.
“Do you want too” he asked.
“Yes but, only if you’re ok with it” I asked again.
“Tell Ben to video it darling and enjoy, but be careful, speak to you tomorrow, Bye” and he hung up.
I stood in the bedroom thinking, and then noticed that the ache was back. I knew what was going to happen tonight and as I walked back into the kitchen I was wearing the biggest smile and nothing else; all my clothes having been left in the bedroom.
The three men looked at me with lust in their eyes and hardening cocks in their shorts. Ben pulled out the chair next to him and told me to eat some food as I’d need my energy. I kissed him on the cheek as I sat down and whisper that Mike wanted him to video what happens after dinner. We ate in record time and near silence. Leon was the only one to make a comment and that was to ask if he could fuck me in the arse again; my smile gave him his answer.
We left the table and headed upstairs, Ben ahead so as to set up the camera. Tony and Leon followed behind me stroking and squeezing my arse. Once in the bedroom I got all three to strip and was greeted by three rock hard cocks. Kneeing in front of them I took it in turns to suck on each cock; each leaking precum.
I soon manage to get each to cum, Ben’s was sweet, Tony’s had very little taste little taste but was thick and Leon’s cum had volumes but was strong and salty. Having made them to cum I knew that they’d all last longer and I’d get fucked longer and harder.
Tony and Ben pulled me to my feet and carried to the bed lying me down on my back, Leon was the quickest and was in-between my legs lapping at my juices and chewing on my clit, my first orgasm was building fast; and with heavy breathing and shaking legs I came. Well squinted to be more precise, it was like I was pissing into Leon’s mouth, but he just sucked it up.
“Bitch no one has ever done that to me before” he said as he stood, wiping my cum off of his chin.
Tony replaced him sliding his cock into me, but tonight I was in charge and managed to roll him onto his back and began ridding his thick cock for all I was worth, the others had got onto the bed and were playing with my tits. Pulling and sucking on my nipples, I was again climbing towards another orgasm. Ben noticed and moved round behind me; pushing me down he was able to line up on my arse easing in gently.
“Come on fuck me hard” I demanded.
Fuck me hard they did; Ben was soon pumping string after string of cum up my arse and as he pulled out Leon was straight in to replace him. For the next three hours I had a cock in my mouth, arse or pussy. The three guys seemed to trying to be outdoing each other and who was I to complain; as I was getting exactly what I wanted. We all drifted off to sleep well and truly knackered around midnight, but around 2am I felt the bump of a hard cock being pushed against my pussy from behind.
“Fuck Leon haven’t you had enough” I asked.
His answer was to push his huge great black cock into me and begin hammering away; this and my moans woke the other two. Ben then fed his cock into my mouth; face fucking me. Tony announced he wanted a go at my arse so we all moved around; I ended up straddling Leon whilst sucking Ben, Tony then fed his cock into my arse, he seemed to enjoy this as he seemed to hammer my arse really hard, so hard his balls were slapping against Leon’s as he fucked my pussy.
With one combined moan for each of us in turn, there was three cocks pumping their contents into me and my juices plus their excess leaking out onto us and the bed.
I awoke about 7am Leon and Tony were asleep on the floor, Ben was cuddled into me. I kissed him gently and began to fondle his cock, which soon began growing in my hand. He opened his eyes and just looks at me.
“I want you once more” I whispered.
Taking my hand Ben led me to my bedroom, laid me on the bed and fucked me one last time. This time it was slow and gentle, a bit like when Mike and I make love.
Afterwards he asked whether this was something that Sam was interested in as he knew we often spoken about our fantasies. I told him it was one of her fantasies, but we could talk about that together another time. I kissed him and we fell back to sleep for another hour.
Leaving Ben asleep I went to shower, looking in the mirror I took in the full extent of the last 24 hours; my tits had love bits all over them, I had cum everywhere, my poor pussy looked red raw and sore and my arse was still gapping from having Leon fuck it; but I felt great, that even at my age I could fuck like a porn star.
As I was inspecting myself the bathroom door opened and Ben stood in the door way.
“Christ Chris you look battered” he commented.
“Yes” was all I said holding out my hand to him.
“I really can’t believe you” he said smiling as he closed the door and came towards me.
Bending over the bath with my arse pointed at him I told him that was the only hole still not sore.
His cock leap to attention and with the aid of some soap he was soon giving my arse one more drilling. He actually commented that I wasn’t as tight as normal due to Leon’s pounding of me.
I just moaned and pushed back against him moments later I felt him pump into me one last time. Turning to him we kissed and I told him that sex was now off the menu for the rest of the week.
“Can I have that in writing” he asked.

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2013-04-23 05:22:08
Yes I have to agree, to bad could have been alright.

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2012-07-20 18:06:42
again with the black guy in it. just ruins the story for me.

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