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A young boy by the name of Alex living in future Britain where hooligans own the streets with the police at their mercy 4 young boys enjoy ultra-violence, rape, torture and other sadistic games. DARE YOU READ?

The Characters in this story speak in English but also in a slang from the book "A Clockwork Orange" known as Nadsat. The Glossary can be found below.

The characters in some scenes drink milk+ or moloko+ which is simply milk containg drugs

Droogs = Friend or Friends
Devotchka = Girl or Woman
Moloko = milk
gulliver = head (man or womans)

Chapter 1
"In the Korova"

There was me, that is Alex and my three Droogs that is Pete, Georgie and Dim. And we sat in the Korova milk bar enjoying the old milk+ as we concluded plans for tonight's entertainment.

It was in the moon rise hours of the day and as usual we had spent the previous hours out of school, school being no longer entertaining oh my brothers. But parents night was approaching like the moon to the clouds and so and idea approached your humble narrator to ensure the reports of our dedicated teachers to be nice and sparkling clear of the expected negativity. After purchasing our new maskies, me wearing a Hitler mask, Hitler being my favouritist of Dictators , Peter wearing a Margret Thatcher mask from the early 90s, Georgie wearing an Obama mask, a perfect choice for my younger droog as he has the "yes we can" attitude that I oh so admire in fellow hooligans and Dim in the usual ape mask which was fitting to his personality and intelligence in the old gulliver. Before departure we had several more glasses of the old moloko as this would sharpen you up for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Chapter 2
"Art my brothers"

After a final glass each and a splash of banter we set of into the setting sun towards school.

The building was like the towns people, it having a rotten a disgusting appearance which was nearly as bad as the dilapidated interior. The teachers themselves always stood straight dressed in the hight of sophisticated fashion like well trained soldiers of education.

As we toured down the isolated corridors we peaked in to each passing room to ensure we didn't pass any of our "superiors" as they put it themselves.

As we passed through the science department we saw Mr Douglas, the steroid dependent PE teacher practicing in the gym hall as he always did in his spare time. Other than his presence the hall stood entirely isolated making it a perfect start to our night of the old ultra-violence. As our boots tip-toed across the hall he suddenly turned and stared at us now sprinting to him cane first, an upperclass cane being my personal choice of weapon as it as stylish as pain inflicting. One quick smack to the chin sent his teeth flying from his gulliver like petals from a flower as the descended to the floor with his now unconscious presence.
But our fun didn't stop there my brothers, as we had to ensure he wouldn't awaken. A few more bootings to the face, chest and digester and he was "out for the count" we cheered.

As we strolled with adrenaline and the old moloko+ doing the backstroke through our veins we headed to Maths for the next "superior". We entered the classroom, not bothered about anyone hearing or seeing us as the next populated room is in another area of the building. So we burst into the room mask first terrifying the old cow into shocks and the classic pleading for mercy. Without a second thought Georgie unleashed his crowbar across her nose, snapping it to the right and letting the delightful red river run south to the floor. She the oldest of the old in this place, it only took a few bootings to make her "unavailable" for the evening.

And for the final strike we headed to the top floor towards the art department. And in the only open classroom there she stood oh my brothers. Ms Michaels, the 20-something devotchka stood with her slender back towards us writing "Welcome Parents!" upon the chalk board. We'd keep this one awake as we each took turns in the old in-out in-out, that was a real kick and good for playing the old ultra-violence. I being master and leader of my droogs always had the first "scoring"

When she noticed our maskies her expression turned to a playful, surprised and nervous look, one which changed to sheer horror as she felt our intentions. Georgie and Pete each grabbed and arm and slid their feelers up towards her cheekily visible chest. I held her legs apart with my feet and used her skirt to ensure they wouldn't wander too far to give her an advantage. Without difficulty Dim tore her pretty pink panties from her perfectly round ass and used them to contain her squeals. Oh bliss, oh ecstasy, oh heaven my brothers the delight the devotchka brought was extraordinary.

I always got bored immediately after my turn and so I entertained myself by carving smiley faces into the walls while the others enjoyed the old in-out in-out. Then came an unexpected arrival my brothers as two parents entered their room smiling eagerly until our horrible endeavour met their eye sight. With Georgie's crowbar in one hand and Dim's chain in the other I was an unstoppable beast swinging each toy towards the unsuspecting adults. Then suddenly as the chain and crowbar reached for them something, unusual happened. They both squeezed together like accepting the end but wanting to hold each other for comfort like. Hysterical thought I as each took a smack to the gullivar colliding their heads together like a classic comedy moment. After a few beatings, most being unnecessary and just for laughs both the mother and father lay beaten and broken on the classroom floor each of them holding the others hand as the red river began to pour over the brown carpet. True artwork thought I. The only piece worthy of having a place in this classroom.

Chapter 3
"My personal souvenir"

I awoke the following morning in the corner of the abandoned cinema that at night we call home my brothers along with Dim, Pete and Georgie. In the centre of the room, like us surrounded by broken glass and broken wood, Ms Michaels lay hog-tied and gagged face down in the sharp shavings of the once loved building. Like the previous night she gently wept, knowing it wouldn't do any good she made no attempt to scream for help. While my droogs slept I took the opportunity to try something, different. After asking her she shook her head to decline having tried it, but that just made things more interesting. I removed the homemade gag and forced myself into her mouth, it would be the closest to lube that this devotchka deserved. After that I pulled open her luscious cheeks I sent my tongue swimming into her holes. Then, without being even slightly gentle I forced my unlubed unprotected self into her unused hole, it was her first time at anal, and from her screams and cursing, it would be her last. After a while her screams died down and she bang to accept the pain but then I began to violently spank her, and pulled and twisted her tiny nipples making her once again yelp and goan. Eventually even that wasn't enough. So I unscrewed the top of my cane to reveal my secret blade or "Betty" as I called it. Then using "Betty" I ensured she screamed.

What a mess.

I took her kicking and screaming, making the game more fun for your humble narrator, down to the basement. The horrid smell could be noticed from outside, the thought of spending hours among it was enough to even sicken myself oh my brothers. Once in the basement I tied her to the wall with the others. What a collection I thought to myself. And I still had three more walls to use.

To be continued


2012-07-29 14:19:21
I do specify that i use the same characters and basic plot as the film, also the singing in the rain scene wasnt in the book as you said, but added in the film by Stanley Kubrick to make the rape scene less brutal which I also done due to complaints from the original posting. My apologies to anyone that I may have offended. I also only placed those notes at the beginning, which I created myself, so readers wouldn't be lost in the plot and language as the may not have seen or read a clockwork orange. What I have written here is my own version of the story using the same characters and themes.


2012-07-28 19:26:16
Cliff notes Definition : a series of pamphlets with summaries and basic analyses of works of literature, intended as study aids.

Meaning that it tells you what happens in the story.

In this case, you seem to have created a Cliff notes for the Movie (never read the book) of a Clockwork Orange. You're characters are the same as in the movie and the one scene you describe (Singing in the Rain) is also used in the movie (not sure about the book, I never read it)


2012-07-28 15:51:29
@Anonymous reader
2012-07-23 08:54:48



2012-07-28 15:50:25
Yes I did, and what the fuck do mean cliffnotes???

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2012-07-27 03:35:38
You actually had the balls to write a positive comment for yourself and forgot to log out?!? Dear God, now that is funny.

And as the other guy said, thanks for the cliff notes

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