Some parts of this are based on true events
Tales From the Tree House

When I was 10 years old my friends Ronnie, Stan and I built a tree house in the back corner of my family’s large, wooded lot and eventually it had a rainproof roof, walls, and a door we could lock. It was about 10 feet off the ground and we thought it was the coolest place in the world. We spent many nights in it and did not allow just anyone in it.
As we got older and started learning about sex and how much fun it was to jack off we started keeping our Hustlers and other porn there. We were constantly comparing our dicks as they grew and having jack off contests. We were some horny little bastards by the time Stan was 12 and Ronnie and I were 13. We were sitting around one day when Stan pulled his dick out and started playing with it. He was uncircumsized and it was always funny to watch to watch the head of his dick pop out of the skin when he got a hard on. I had a regular dick with a nice big head and Ronnie’s was a little thinner but longer.
As he started getting hard we heard someone walking below and then a voice said ”Hey guys, can I come up?”
“Shit” I said, “it’s that little piss-ant Sammy.” Sammy was 10 years old, a kind of prissy little fat kid who always tried to hang around us. “I’ll tell him to fuck off” I said,
“Wait” said Ronnie, I have an idea.” “Hey Sammy” he called down, “you can come up if you will go through the initiation.”
“What is it?” he asked.
Ronnie said “We can’t tell you until you’re up here, but if you come up you have to do it.”
After hesitating a minute he started climbing the ladder. Ronnie said “Just go along with what I say.”
When Sammy came through the door he looked around and said “wow, this is neat.”
“yep.” Said Ronnie, “but now you have to be initiated. Everyone take off your clothes.”
Ronnie, Stan and I got naked and Sammy was looking at us, or more specifically at our dicks, which were getting hard as we figured out what Ronnie had in mind. He slowly took his clothes off and finally stood there, pink and pudgy, with his little dick kind of shrunk away. Stan reached over and started playing with it and said ”Don’t worry Sammy, I’ll find it for you.” We all laughed at that.
Then Ronnie said “Sammy, your initiation is that you have to suck ever y one of us off. You can’t leave here till you do, so start with whoever you want.”
Sammy looked like he was going to cry but Ronnie said “Come on get started. If you don’t I’ll punch you in your fat little belly and you’ll still have to do it. Here, start with mine.” He forced Sammy down to his knees and held his head as he stuck his dick in Sammy’s mouth. Sammy closed his eyes as Ronnie moved his dick in and out of his mouth. None of us had ever had a blow job or seen one so we were interested to see what happened. After a few minutes Ronnie closed his eyes and started jerking so we knew he was actually shooting off in Sammy’s mouth. He pulled his dick out and Sammy had cum on his tongue and around his mouth.
Ronnie said “Next.” I moved over and put it in and it felt great to have my dick in the warm wetness of the kid’s mouth. I was as big and hard as I had ever been and started moving back and forth like Ronnie had. I noticed that Sammy wasn’t resisting and even seemed to be moving back and forth to keep it all in his mouth. Soon I felt that familiar tingle and suddenly I was shooting a wad down his throat. This time he seemed to be swallowing it. After I pulled out Stan went in and again Sammy seemed to be working with him, maybe subconsciously.
When Stan was done we were getting dressed and Ronnie said “Well, congratulations kid. You passed the initiation with flying colors and you can come back any time and do it again.” The three of us laughed and Sammy said “I don’t want to come back up here. I’m going to tell my mother what you did.”
Ronnie looked at him and said “No you won’t. The three of us will swear that you offered to do it if we let you come up and you don’t really want your mother to have a picture in her mind of her little angel with our dicks in his mouth. Besides, you liked it. I could tell.” We knew that had hit home by the look on his face and he left without another word.
“He won’t say a word,” Ronnie said. “But that felt better than I ever imagined it would. It makes me want to try some pussy.”
I laughed out loud at that. “You don’t know any girls that will give you any. You’ve never even seen a real pussy, only the ones in the magazines.” I hadn’t either for that matter. Ronnie was an only child and I had a younger brother.
“Well, I have,” Stan said proudly. Just last week my sister left the door to her room open a crack and I saw her completely naked.”
“She’s only what, 11?” I asked. “Does she even have any tits or hair on her pussy yet?”
“No tits” he said,” but I think she has a little fuzz and it’s more than you guys have seen. I think she left the door cracked on purpose so I could see her. When she saw me peeking in she just smiled and kept drying herself off. I had to go to my room and jack off after that.”
“Hell” Ronnie said, “You have to go jack off if you see a female dog.” We all got a good laugh at that but then Ronnie said” I would like to see her little ass. Do you think she would show it to us?”
Stan said ”I’ll just ask her.”
The next day Stan called me and said “she says she’ll strip for us if we give her $15. There’s some CD she wants to buy. Can you come up with $5?”
“Sure” I said, “and I know Ronnie will too.”
Two days later we gathered at the tree house and Stan brought April, his sister. I hadn’t looked at her close in a while but she was turning into a very pretty girl. She had red hair and blue eyes and some long legs. She had on a t-shirt and shorts that showed a cute little bubble butt. We climbed the ladder and gave her the money. She didn’t seem at all embarrassed and just said “I hope you like the show.”
We stood in a row and watched as she first slowly pulled the shirt over her head. She didn’t really have tits but her nipples were like little strawberries and there was a swelling that showed the promise of things to come. She then took her shorts off in slow motion and my dick felt like it was going to rip my pants. With just her panties on she twirled around to show off her rear end, then got the panties off and showed us a beautiful young pussy. It had nice lips and looked full grown. There was a little trace of red hair on top of it but otherwise she was smooth.
She stood still for a few minutes and then said “why don’t you show me those things that are sticking up in your pants? I haven’t seen Stan’s in a few years and it looks like it’s grown up.” We all whipped out our dicks and her eyes got a little wide. We were desperate to fuck her but we knew we couldn’t. Suddenly I started jacking myself off. It was like I couldn’t help myself and Stan and Ronnie were doing the same. She said ”I’ll give you a target.” Then she turned around, got to her knees and bent over so her little ass was in the air.
I have never jacked myself harder than I did then and I felt like I unloaded a quart of cum. We covered her ass with it and then fell down , totally drained. We kept a roll of paper towels in the tree house to wipe our hands and dicks off and she wiped our cum off of her and got dressed. As she was leaving I said “You can come back any time.”
She smiled and said “Sorry guys, this was a one time performance. And that means you too, big brother”
It seemed like nothing could happen in the tree house that could beat our adventure with April, but a few months later it did, and it was the high point of my adolescence. My mother was actually my step-mother. My real mother had died when I was two and my dad had married Laura a year later. She had always treated me well and as I grew up I realized that she was one hot woman. She was about 5’5” tall and had jet black hair and green eyes. Her body was perfect and as I reached puberty she was one more thing to fantasize about. My friends agreed that my mother was the one they would want to fuck .
One hot summer day Stan, Ronnie and I had been playing video games in my room and came out into the yard. Laura had been working in the yard and had on tight little shorts, a tank top, and no bra. She was resting in the shade drinking a beer, she was sweaty, her hair was frizzled from the humidity, and she looked absolutely wonderful.
“Hey Andy”, she said when she saw us. “Where were you and your friends when I was doing the hard work?’
“Sorry Mom” I said, “we didn’t know you needed help.”
“I didn’t”, she said as she popped the top off another beer. ”I was just giving you a hard time.” I realized that a hard time wasn’t all she had given me. Her breasts and nipples were clearly visible through her wet top and my pecker had noticed. Stan and Ronnie were in a similar state and we stood there hoping she wouldn’t notice. She did.
“So” she said, Are you boys going to that tree house? We ought to just move your bed out there Andy, you spend so much time there.”
“Yes” I said, “that’s where we’re headed.”
“You know”, she said, “As long as that place has been back there I’ve never seen it. Will you give me a tour?”
“Sure” I said, and we made our way back through the woods. At the tree house I went up first and opened the door while lucky Ronnie and Stan got to watch my mom’s beautiful ass go up the ladder.
When we got into the house she sat on the floor and looked around. “I’m impressed” she said. “You boys did a good job of building it.” After a few minutes she said ”So tell me, have you ever brought girls up here?’
I thought it would not be a good idea to tell her about Stan’s sister so I said “No, Mom, but we’ve thought about it a lot.”
She smiled. “I bet you have. And judging by your pants you’re thinking about it right now. We still had hard dicks and didn’t know what to say, but she continued. “You boys are all old enough to find out what goes where and this is the day.” She looked at me and said” Go find me three sticks and make them all different lengths. “
When I came back she put the sticks in her hand and said “Everyone is going to draw a stick. The longest stick gets first choice, next longest gets second, and short stick gets what’s left.”
“What are we choosing?” I asked.
“Where you want to put your dick, of course. My mouth, my ass, or my pussy.”
We were all in total shock, but our horniness soon snapped us out of it and we drew our sticks. I had the longest stick, Ronnie was second, and Stan was short. Mom told us we didn’t have to choose until we saw all the options, as she put it, so we watched as she stripped off her clothes. I said her body was perfect and seeing it exposed confirmed it. She had a small but thick black bush, a beautiful round ass, and high firm breasts.
She looked at me.” OK Andy, what do you want?’
There was really no doubt, I wanted that pussy. She lay down and took me into her and then she fucked my brains out. Her pussy was like a hot wet glove that squeezed everything out of me and turned my balls inside out. By the time she finished I could barely move. I rolled over and sat leaning against the wall while she turned to Ronnie and asked him what he wanted.
“Your ass” was all he said. She turned and offered it to him and I saw him struggle to stick it in her, then he started pumping it. Finally I swear his eyes rolled back in his head and I think he blacked out as he came. She smiled a little and turned to Stan. “Ready?” she asked. He just nodded.
She took his dick and licked it until it was as big as it could get, then she took it in her mouth and I could see her moving it from one cheek to the other. Finally she took it all the way in and he was jerking around and moaning. I could see her swallowing his cum and finally she took his dick out of her mouth. She said “I like the ones that aren’t cut. They are fun to suck.”
None of us had the strength to move as she got dressed and got ready to climb down the ladder. “Thank you for showing me the tree house, boys. It’s been an interesting afternoon.”
Nothing that wild ever happened in the tree house again. We grew up and went to college and while I was away for my freshman year my dad tore the tree house down. He said it had gotten to be unsafe and he didn’t want some child climbing up there and getting hurt.
My step-mom never mentioned that afternoon again but I will never forget it.


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