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Miles wins the lottery and decides to make his dream a reality! (This is my first story please be nice :P I encourage you to criticize though) this series is absolutely fake as far as I know it's all my imagination.
I let Target do most of the work watching him thrust quickly in and out of her ass and watching tears drop from Natalie's eyes as she got double penetrate by a 9inch and 12inch cock. As I slowly thrusted all the into her I also started bitting her hard breasts causimg her to whimper in pain.

I felt Target start to grow inside of her ass and I thrusted all 9 inches deep into her before holding it there. Target grew to his full size causing Natalie's whines to grow louder and louder.
As the pain increased Natalie felt target's knot press against the opening to her ass and she started to struggle and whimper.

His knot pushed through the opening to her ass and then it started to grow. I felt it Natalie start to get tighter and tighter as Target's knot grew in size. Natalie was whimpering and shaking uncontrollably now and I was making small sounds it felt so good for me when she was this tight.

Finally the knot stopped growing and we held that position for about a minute and thats when Target started to cum. It started off a slow flow and then it grew until he was pumping load after load into her body. The feeling of his knot pumping fluids into Natalie's ass was to much for me I lost it my cum started to pour into her load after load squirting deep into her womb as she screamed in agony her body shaking madly.

We stayed like that for 15 minutes untill Target started getting smaller he got impatient and heaved backward before he was small enough to easily pull out of her causing more of her ass to tear as he fell out of her. I pulled out of her to. I lowered her harness to the floor gave both dogs a treat. Put them back into their kennels. I washed her off with the hose before putting it away and padding back
up the stairs leaving the unconcious Natalie to get some sleep.

I woke up later that day at 11am and did my morning duties before getting dressed and padding down stairs exactly an hour later. I watched her through the one way glass sleeping so innocently. The veiw was made better by the puddles of cum at her feet and the bruises that danced across her naked body. After enjoying the site for a few more minutes I turned toward the door into that room typing in the code and slipping silently inside unnoticed.

I padded up beside her and undid her harness pulling her still sleeping body into his arms as I carried her over to a low table. I laid her on her back on the cold wood of the table and she slowly started to awaken yawning and blinking open her eyes before realising where she was and her eyes filling with panic once more.

I tied each of her ankles to the wooden table legs before pulling on her body until she was stretched across the table. I then pulled her wrists together and manacled them to the table aswell. I thought to myself silently what I wanted to do. Last night when I sprayed Natalie with the hose, there wasn't the only water in it. I had also sprayed her with alum a chemical that when it touched her vagina and asshole would cause them to shrivel back up smaller then they were when she was a virgin. I padded up to her and pushed his pinkyfinger into her ass I couldnt even fit his smallest finger all the way into her before she let out a whimper of pain
I smiled perfect I thought before walking toward the dog kennels again.

I pressed number three and a huge Rottweiler dog bigger then Target practically ran out of his kennel stopping beside me. Bear was a 27 inch tall 130 pound hunk of muscle. He had more energy then any of the other dogs and two different coloured eyes. His cock was a full thirteen inches and thin perfect for the situation at hand. Natalie watched Bear with wide eyes taking in his huge body before sighing and resting her head against the wood.

I bent down beside bear and said "dont be discouraged shes going to be really tight" before I stepped away letting him proceed. Bear ran forward with excitement running right up to her and licking her pussy and ass quickly. He then laid hid front paws on her stomach which caused her to groan from his weight. He then started feeling around for her hole he found her vagina first and I shook my head "no bear" he immedietly started searching out her asshole and when he found it thrusted into her.

He didnt get far maybe an inch before Natalie was crying out not understanding how it could be so tight. Bear tried to push in, but met to much resistance. That didn't worry him though he pulled out of her and then through his whole 130 pounds against her frail body. Natalie let out a blood curling scream as her ass was shredded apart as Bear invaded her only 3 inches into her. Bear was determined though and thrust after thrust he made progress tearing through her alum coated ass he growled in pleasure as he got 7 inches of his cock into her hole.

Bear's patients war thin though. Using all of his strength -which was more then i'd ever seen a dog posess- flew foward meeting up with Natalies unmoving ass he skewered her all the way into his 13 inch cock. Natalie's mouth was wide open in a silent scream tears were forming in puddles on the wooden table and she was bleeding from were she bit her tongue trying to surpress the pain as he tore her hole.

Bear grunted in success as he felt his cock bottom out, he stayed like that for a few seconds before he pulled out of her and rammed forward again impaling her all the way onto him again causing her to gurgle and scream in pain. Bear plunged all the way into her four more times before the alum started to give and loosen her ass hole again. It was now like her first time in the ass and Bear wasnt going to wait for her to loosen more then that.

He sped up slowly at first, but then getting quicker his energetic nature kicking in until he was speeding up in and out of her ripped ass so fast you could barely see him move. Bear growled feeling himself expand in her and hearing her whimpers of pain as he contimued at the same pace tearing her bigger with each stroke to accomadate his larger size. Finally Bear felt his knot at the entrance to her ass he pulled out of her and rammed all the way back in feeling the knot tear into her and plug her ass in the process making her scream a hoarse sound that she manged to choke out.

Bear stood like that for a few seconds before he started to cum. Not mating in months he had a big amout and load after load squirted out of him and into her asshole in seconds she was filled with cum. It dripped out of her and onto the floor in huge pools. A few mintes later it stopped and he stayed in her knot still pulsing inside her. Bear was getting anxious and started pulling trying to get out of her. Natalie screamed in pain as the knot ripped through more skin. Finally his knot started to go down allowing Bear to safetly pull out of her and drop to the floor padding over to the corner of the room to lay down.

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2012-07-22 18:05:36
Got extremely wet reading this one! DAMN!

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2012-07-21 11:56:26
Oh my god that was fucking amazing! I've been lookin for a story like this for soo long!
Only thing is you probably oughtta do a spell check/proof read before you post.
Definitely the best story I've read in a very long time though!

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