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wasp has an idea for ttraining
hey folks, guess who's back! sorry i haven't posted anything in a while, as i have been busy with other things, and the fact that i do have a life. read, wank, or what ever. the storie for daddies fall was a dead end so i am working on something else, hopefully better,

A session was in full effect in the underground chamber used as a training room by the Avengers. Several round turrets popped up from concealed positions in the floor and began laying down heavy amounts of blaster fire. As soon as they opened fire a hurled chunk of metal, freshly ripped from a training-bot flew through the air and crushed one of them. The Incredible Hulk, the one responsible for the throw guffawed loudly. “Hulk smash!” As he prepared to turn the rest of the bot into a projectile weapon next. Flying past the exultant Hulk's shoulder was the diminutive form of the wasp, clad in her black and yellow costume, wings flapping at high speed. As she cleared the Hulk's massive arm she opened fire with a hellstorm of her stingers. The energy weapons though small, were most impressive and the torrent of fire disabled the remaining two pillars.

Having completed the final room of the session, Wasp flitted on over to the Hulk. Her tiny hand met his huge hand, bigger than her whole body, in a high five. “Oh yeah Hulk, we sure showed Tony's toys today” she cheerfully exclaimed. She flit about flying around his face and chest back and forth. Hulk, in his usual raised voice, spoke, “Felt good, Hulk was ready for more!” Wasp giggled, “Sorry Hulk, didn't mean to steal those last two kills from you, I could see you wanted to hit them with your robot.” As wasp was flying around she suddenly was shocked by what she saw. In the hail of blaster fire that had come their way from those turrets, Hulk's pants, the only thing he normally wore, had gotten badly damaged. More embarrassing was the fact that he was sporting a massive erection and it was largely visible through a hole torn in his pants. Wasp blushed at the sight, but she also felt alternate feelings stirring in other parts of her anatomy as well. She couldn't help but exclaim, “Oh my god Hulk, you're huge!”

Hearing this Hulk glanced down to see what she was fawning over. Smiling at the sight he lifted his arms up behind his head, locking his hands together behind his head. He flexed his cock, but the action was more than his badly distressed pants could bear and they basically disintegrated around him. Left nude, his cock stood at full attention, unrestrained. Watching the show, Wasp had not even realized she was brazenly feeling herself, one hand clutched up under her skirt fingering herself through her tights. The other teasing the nipple of her right breast through her top. She bit her lip as she thought about that giant green monster dick and what it might feel like. Hulk smiled a big, and slightly unsettling, smile at her. His eyes flicked back and forth several times from her to his not so little Hulk and back again. Wasp felt a hint of shame at the thought of jumping Hulk here and now like this, but she choked that down with the desire she was feeling to go for it. “Mmm, alright Hulk, but you can never tell Hank about this.”

Staying in her shrunken form Wasp flew down to the Hulk's cock. It was already a huge specimen, but compared to Wasp it was several times the size of her entire body. She could easily land on it, and did so. As she did she slid down so she was sitting atop his cock. Hulk grunted as her ass cheeks rubbed the top of his dick. Wasp spread her legs so they splayed outwards towards the sides of the cock she rode. As she did so she lay her body against the Hulk's member. She rubbed her breasts against his skin, also stroking his length with her hands. Softly she began to plant tiny kisses against the head of his cock. Hulk didn't need do anything, he just stood and let his tiny partner pleasure him.

Wasp continued to grind her body against Hulk's dick. Her pussy had come up across a vein in his cock and she had begun to rub herself against it. It was pushing against her clit and causing her to moan aloud as she could feel herself dampen beneath her tights. Her writhing motions rubbing against his dick was having the desired effect and Wasp felt pleasure knowing she was causing the Hulk to feel so good. He was supposed to be this scary monster but she could see he now had more in common with a horny teenager. Wasps grinding of her clit against the vein caused her to orgasm sending waves of pleasure through her. As she came she slowed her bodyjob she had been performing on Hulk. It didn't matter at this point as Hulk was ready to go anyway. He gently cupped his hand and slid Wasp into it. Holding it in front of his throbbing manhood he didn't even need to stroke himself as Wasp had done such a good job. Hulk started to let loose with his load.

Goopy spurts of cum shot from Hulk's cock. In her shrunken state it was comparable to getting shot by a fire hose, a warm sticky fire hose. Thick wet cum coated her in her entirety. She didn't look so much like a bukkake had occurred as if she had fallen into a pool of semen. She was in fact standing in a pool of semen in Hulk's cupped hand. She wiped her eyes with cum covered hands and as she tried to take a step she slipped and fell into the pool causing a splash. Wasp took flight to free herself from the pool and landed on the floor as she began to grow back to human size. As she did so she was still coated in cum, just spread over the wider area it didn't cover her quite so completely. “Guess I'll need to have this uniform cleaned,” she said as she began to strip off her cum soaked uniform.

As Wasp tossed her clothing into a pile on the floor she looked over at the Hulk still standing there nude. She was taken aback to see he still sported an raging erection. He smiled at her, waving his hips causing it to wave left and right, bouncing up and down. Wasp was tempted to go ahead and jump the Hulk, but she was worried his size was too big. It had been one thing to get him off, but to try and take that monster inside her she worried it would be too much. Then they heard footfalls as someone entered the room. There stood Thor mouth agape at the sight before him. He didn't take long to adapt however. “Lo Wasp and Hulk. Perhaps thy activities could benefit from the joining of the god of thunder.” Thor belted out in his usual boisterous manner. Hulk retorted, “Stay out of this Goldilocks, Hulk here first.” Wasp stood between the two of them, still dripping with Hulk's seed and nude. “Hold on boys, no need to fight over little old me. Let's all have a good time together.” She smiled at both of them, they grinned back sheepishly, and their smiles only got wider as Wasp went down to her knees between the pair.

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2013-04-14 23:32:39
If halks size is anythimg compared to his dick a 2 inch tall lady would take forever to get him off

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2012-07-21 13:19:48
Excellent Story, A little short, but definitely to the Point (PUN INTENDED HAHA!)

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