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This is by far the longest sex story I've ever written. Sorry if the events leading up to the juicy parts are little long, but I hope everything is made up once things start to get going. If there's something you were hoping to see but it didn't happen, it will most likely happen in PART 2. Enjoy, and comments are always welcomed.
“You’re going to be a virgin the rest of your life.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, Regan. You’re going to be a virgin for the rest of your entire life…unless you come to this party.”
Sixteen year-old Regan Hanks looked at his best friend, Liz, in pure confusion.
“Why?” Regan asked. “What kind of party is it?”
“That kind of party,” Liz replied with a sneaky grin.
“But we’re only teenagers… we can’t go to some orgy!”
“There will be other teens there, too.”
“What about adults?”
Liz makes a pouty face, mocking Regan’s question. “Oh, are you not allowed to go to a party unless the parents are home?”
“Shut up… you know what I mean.”
“I think I heard someone say there will be some 21 year-olds. That’s about it.”
“So you don’t know anyone else there?”
“Damn it, Liz…”
“Think about it,” she says, making her way to the front door. She calls out as she leaves the house, “You gotta get laid sometime or another!”
Upon hearing this, Regan instinctually looks around the house, expecting a frowning parent to have heard that. Then he remembers that they’re both at work, not planning to be home for at least another two hours. This leaves Regan an empty house and plenty of time to think over Liz’s proposal. And boy, was it a big one.
Through Facebook, she had caught wind of a massive party happening in the mountains, at some remote cabin. A friend of a friend told Liz that it was something every teen should experience. It was perhaps the craziest thing she had and might ever do. Being the thrill-seeker that she is, Liz came to Regan’s house today, expressing to her closest and oldest friend her complete interest in attending this year’s party. Like many friendships, these two friends were often total opposites in personalities and interests. Unlike Liz, Regan was a virgin—the most he had ever gotten on the proverbial baseball diamond was first base. Despite his absolute desire to finally get “wet” as the kids called it, the idea of attending what appeared to be orgy composed of total strangers made Regan highly nervous.
For one, Regan had a fear of being naked with another person (let alone multiple people) –something that is quite common at an orgy. It’s not that he wasn’t much of a looker… in fact he was told on multiple occasions from various family members and sports coaches (the latter he is still slightly bothered by) that he was in excellent physical shape. Countless nights he had spent in his room looking himself over in the mirror; examining his narrow, chiseled face, deep brown eyes, and auburn hair… but he still felt uncomfortable with sharing his body with another person like that. It was mainly because his sexual partner would be exposing herself as well, he didn’t think it was fair for him to do that.
Secondly, he would not know what to expect. Sure, he had seen x-rated videos of orgies online, but this one would be not only real, but full of total strangers. Well, he surely wouldn’t attend an orgy full of his closest friends, would he?
But once again, Regan returned to the aspect of finally losing his virginity. He had girlfriends before, but all three of them had their share of insecurities or abstinence pledges to keep him out of their pants. Plus, Regan was incredibly shy.
That’s it, he thought, that’s it, right there. As a shy wallflower, there was no way he would survive an orgy. He picked up his phone and texted Liz his response.

“That actually sounds pretty fun, honey.”
“What, mom?”
“That…event you were telling us about at dinner? It sounds like a good time.”
The confused feeling returned to Regan once more, as he looked up at his mother from their living room sofa.
“The thing in the mountains, you mean…”
“Yes, the…what was it? A camping trip?”
Regan tried to remember exactly what he had told his parents over dinner… A camping trip with Liz and some of her friends in the mountains… why the hell did he even mention it? Sure, he had described it as some boring trip with absolutely no mention of any sort of debauchery, but why had he brought it up in the first place? He was so adamant in his text message to Liz…
“I think you should do it,” Regan’s mom said, looking to her husband lounging in the Lay-Z Boy. “Right, Gary?”
“Sure,” Regan’s dad said, not looking away from the television.
“I want to go!” Jeremy, Regan’s thirteen-year-old brother chimed in.
“No!” Regan sat up quickly, trying to hold back his anxiety. His mother eyed him almost suspiciously and then turned to her younger son, who had a look of both disappointment and surprise from Regan’s outburst.
“What Regan’s trying to say, Jer, is that this is a trip meant for… older kids. More experienced kids. Right, Regan?”
“Um, yes, mom.”
“Fine,” Jeremy pouted, “I’ll let him go off with his girlfriend all alone.”
“She’s not my girlfriend! We’re just friends going on a camping trip together!”
“Then it’s settled! I’ll call Liz’s mom tonight—“
“—Let me talk to Liz first,” Regan cut in, his body subtly shaking with nervousness.

“She thinks we’re going on a camping trip?”
“Yeah… she was almost about to call your mom and settle it all.”
“Well then I guess you have no choice to come with me then,” Liz giggled over the phone.
“You were going to go without me?” Regan asked, surprised.
“What? You can’t always be there to protect me.”
“I still wished you had told me you would go anyway no matter what I said…”
“And then you would’ve tagged along anyways.”
“That’s not what I’m saying.”
“Yes it is, you would’ve come for two reasons: A) You don’t want me to get hurt, and B) You want to pop your man-cherry. I know you too well… and it’s sweet. The protecting me part—not the cherry-popping… but that will be sweet too!”
“There’s stopping you, is there?”
“Don’t call me that! Jesus, my mom calls me that. C’mon. It’ll be fun. Plus, I bet there will be other virgins there… I’ll call you in the morning. Start packing, we leave tomorrow at noon!”
She hangs up before Regan can protest any more.

“Wake up, Regan.”
Regan wakes in a daze to find Liz standing over his bed, gently pushing his shoulder to coax him awake. He is almost mesmerized by the sight before him: morning light from his bedroom window billows across her face, making her shoulder-length blonde locks glow. Her blue eyes are wide, looking down at him, almost in surprise. Her jaw is slightly dropped, but turns into a shy smile. Regan followers her gaze down his body…which is naked. Aside from the blanket blocking his crotch, he is completely nude. He looks over the side of the bed to see crumpled tissues sprawled across the floor and on the edge of his bed. Liz takes a casual sniff of the air around them.
“Cute,” she smirks.
Regan feels his face heat up with blush, and he scrambles to cover more of himself with the blanket.
“Don’t worry about it,” Liz says, tossing aside some tissues so she can sit. “But you really want to waste all that load before your big night?”
“Oh, I’m OK. I’ve always been able to go more than a few rounds…”
“Gross, dude. That’s pushing it.”
“I’m fucking with you, bud.”
Regan took a sigh of relief. Liz stood up and walked towards the door. “Get your stuff together,” she said.
“We’re leaving earlier?” Regan called.
“It’s nearly noon already, loser!”
As soon as he was sure she was out of sight, Regan leapt from his bed and closed the door. He grabbed a handful of clothes and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Surely enough, there was still some dry cum caked around his flaccid penis. There was, in fact, another insecurity to Regan… he was a grower, not a shower. Of course he wasn’t completely inadequate when he wasn’t hard, but his three-inch uncircumcised shaft was nothing compared to his true, nine-and-a-half-inch erect form—something he was extremely proud of, but never would be confident enough to show off.
After a quick scrub-down in the shower, Regan emerged a fresh kid. He hurriedly packed a bag for the weekend and was about to zip the bag up when he remembered one last thing. Liz suddenly entered again to find Regan in another embarrassing situation; there he stood in front of his open drawers with an unopened condom. Regan had it stashed away in his sock drawer.
“You probably won’t even need them…” Liz said, catching Regan by surprise. He nearly threw it out of his hands before stuffing it back in its hiding spot.
“What are you saying?” He stammered. “That I won’t have the guts to use it?”
“No,” she almost laughed, “I mean I brought a whole new box of ‘em in my bag. Plus, it’s an orgy. I’m sure they’ll have tons more.”
“An orgy?!”
Both Liz and Regan turned quickly to see Jeremy standing at the bedroom doorway.
“You’re going to an orgy?!” He exclaimed.
“Quiet! Mom will hear you!” Regan ran over to his brother and pulled him into the room, slamming the door behind him.
“Calm down, she’s outside talking with Mrs. Christian.”
“Don’t you dare tell her.”
“What’s gonna stop me?”
Regan sighed heavily, looking at his smirking, devilish brother that he has known for most of his life to be a sneaky prankster and perpetual pain-in-the-ass for Regan.
“Look… I’ll… give you my password.”
“Shh! …Yes. Just don’t tell mom, OK?”
Regan moved passed Liz, avoiding her eyes as he opened his computer desk drawer to pull out a folded up sticky-note. He unfolded it and handed it to his little brother.
“My friends are gonna be so jealous!” Jeremy said.
“Don’t tell anyone you got that from me.”
“Fine,” Jeremy shrugged and ran out of the room, most likely to test it out on his own computer.
Regan stood awkwardly from Liz, who was trying to hide a smirk.
“” She asked.
“It’s this site—“
“—the biggest porn site on the internet, I know. I have brothers too.”
“It’s kinda hard to get an account without a credit card, but I found a way to hack in.”
“Is that what you used last night?” She said, nodding to a missed tissue still poking out from under the bed. Regan blushed as he scrambled to throw it away. He retrieved a can of air freshener for good measure.
“Um, no…” he replied.
“Ooh, got an imaginary lady in your head?”
“Not really.”
Just then, Liz’s mother can be heard from downstairs, calling to them both. They didn’t say a word to each other as they made their way to the driveway outside.

“Bye guys, be safe!”
“We will!” Liz called out to the parents as she drove away, Regan waving from the front passenger seat of Liz’s Suburban.
“What exactly did you tell them?” He asked.
“That we’ll be meeting the rest of our ‘camping gang’ up at the ‘camping park’.”
“Oh, OK…”
“Don’t worry, they didn’t suspect a thing.”
“Well why would they ever suspect that we’re going where we’re going?”
“My thoughts exactly. Well… my folks would be a little more suspicious then yours.”
“Why? Have you done something like this before?”
“No. Not exactly.”
“What do you mean?”
“They know I’ve snuck off to go sleep with guys before, but you right, they wouldn’t expect this.”
For a while, the car ride was quiet. Liz kept her eyes on the highway out of town as Regan watched the world pass by. His nerves were growing as they got closer to their destination. Finally, he spoke up again.
“How far have you gone with a guy?”
“Oh, full-on,” she replied bluntly.
“Yeah, you know; blow-jobs, hand-jobs, 100% vaginal penetration.”
“Well you asked.”
“Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I’m not suggesting you’re a slut or anything.”
“Yes you are.”
“No! I swear!”
“It’s alright. I’m just…open with my body, that’s all. I haven’t tried anal or anything that crazy… but… OK, fine. I’m a slut.”
They both laughed.

“So what else do you know about this place?”
“I know that it’s a big cabin, no neighbors, so people can be as rambunctious as they want, I guess.”
“What about the owners?”
“It’s rented; every year by some young couple. They’re hippies or something, and they throw this sex-party for the guy’s birthday I think.”
“And they just invite random teenagers?”
“My…acquaintance told me that it had originally started out as just a few of their friends, but then word slowly got out, and the couple just figured the more the merrier. They don’t like to see anyone older than themselves there because they say it grosses them out, which is ironic because not only are they opening up their house for this shit, but they’re also swingers. Bisexual, too.”
“My friend says anything and everything can happen there, so best keep your standards low, kiddo.”
“So, like you?”
“Nice burn. Why are we friends again?”
“Because you hit me in the face with a basketball in first grade.”
“I don’t think you got your stories straight, because as it so turns out we both discovered a mutual interest in Superman and Hot Wheels.”
“What can I say? You were a tomboy.”
“That you had a crush on!”
“Who told you that?”
“Debbie Smith, back in middle school.”
“Well, maybe that’s as far as it went.”
“What are you saying?”
“Nothing, it’s OK. It just interests me that you had a crush on such a tomboy. Come to think of it, most of your girlfriends were.”
“Candice was a cheerleader.”
“Yeah, but Mandy would come over and watch football with you, remember? And Sharon? I didn’t see you for a whole summer because you guys were inside playing video games all day long. Face it, man, you got a little gay in you.”
“No I don’t!”
“Ease up, Regan, it’s OK. I don’t judge. So what that you’re not into prissy girls? You hang out with me don’t you? I’m surprised you never dated me because I’m just your boyish type.”
“You still wear a lot of make-up and dress the way you do…”
“So you are calling me a slut!”
“Lighten up, man. We’re just fooling around here. There’s nothing wrong with a little curiosity in the same gender, that’s all I’m saying. I think about going lesbo lots of times. Hell, I’ll probably do it tonight! Just keep your mind open, alright?”

“Regan, wake up, we’re here.”
“…How long was I out?”
“Three hours. It’s alright. You can drive home.”
Regan cracks his eyes open to see the giant cabin approaching before them. He’s astonished at the size, for it is practically a wooded mansion. He notices a few parked cars scattered about, but no other people. There are trees everywhere, and the road is wet with recent rain.
Liz pulls the car up to a spot close to the front door. The two kids retrieve their bags from the back seat and head to the door. Before either of them could knock, the door swings open, and an excited young man approaches them.
“Hello there!” He says, eyes wide with the excitement of fresh faces. “I’m Craig, I’m glad you guys made it! How was the drive?”
Regan is not sure if he should be the one to respond, but Liz cheeringly replies anyway.
“It was fine,” she says, smiling friendly. “The rain surprised me, though.”
“Hopefully that’s the last of it,” Craig says. “Come inside!”
Regan looks over Craig as they enter the home. He appears to be in his early-twenties, with jet-black short hair and dark stubble. He wears a thick sweater, but Regan assumes he has a body of either a swimmer (like Regan) or a runner underneath. The man looks back at them with bright and inviting hazel eyes. Regan usually doesn’t pay this much heed to a man’s appearance, but he assures himself it’s just the anxiety of the whole situation and not from Liz’s comments earlier.
“A few other couples are already here,” Craig says, leading them through a massive den into the kitchen.”
“Oh, we’re not a couple,” Liz says, slightly blushing. “We’re just friends.”
“With benefits?” Craig nudges Regan and laughs it off. Regan has never been involved with Liz sexually, but deep down he has always wanted to…
“Not much of a talker, are you?”
“He’s shy,” Liz replies.
The trio enters a well-sized kitchen, where five others sit around a countertop island, drinking hot beverages. Craig moves over to similarly aged woman who Regan can’t help but think is Craig’s relative due to resembling features. Across the counter, are two couples who appear to be Liz and Regan’s age, if not slightly older. Regan can tell that they are couples, because one pair is embraced warmly, while the other holds hands romantically.
“This is my partner, Eliza,” Craig says, gesturing to the first woman, “And these guys are Jack and Anna, and Ben and Stacey.”
“We’re Liz and Regan,” Liz announces, and the two teens shake the other couple’s hands. The pair named Ben and Stacey are both blonde, and say they are both from out of state. They say that this is their fourth year at the event. Jack and Anna, however, are two raven-haired seventeen year-olds who are both new to the party.
“I heard about it from my friend Becky,” says Anna.
“Becky Swanson?” Liz asks excitedly.
“Yes! Do you know her?”
“Sort of. We have mutual friends on Facebook.”
“Well, I’m pretty close to her.”
“Becky was here last year, wasn’t she, Eliza?” Craig asks.
“I believe so, but I’m afraid she won’t be here this year.”
“Yeah,” Liz says. “She’s got the flu.”
“Aw, poor dear,” Eliza frowns. “Shall I show you two to your rooms?”
Liz and Regan nod as Eliza leads them out of the kitchen. “Don’t worry about saying goodbye to them,” she says, nodding to the other couples and Craig. “You’ll see plenty of them tonight.”
Following her through the rest of the house, they come to a row of bedrooms along a hallway. Regan counts eight total.
“There will be about 20 people here tonight total. Each room has two double beds, but since most of them are couples, that isn’t much of a problem.”
“What kinds of other people are we talking about here?” Regan asks.
“Oh, mainly young couples. I believe the oldest we have is twenty-one, and the youngest is fourteen.”
“Yes. Don’t worry, they’ll be driving with another, older couple.”
“Oh, yeah, that’s much better,” Regan tries to hide his sarcasm. Liz hits him slightly.
“Open mind, remember?” She whispers to him.
“Here we are,” Eliza says, opening up the last room at the end of the hall. Inside, they find a modest-sized bedroom with indeed two double beds, complete with an individual bathroom and other furniture like side tables and a loveseat. Liz plants herself on one of the beds and sprawls her body out. “You’ll find several varieties of condoms and lubricants in the side table, but if you want any special toys, just ask either me or Craig. But try to hold back till tonight, won’t you?”
“We’re not a couple,” Regan says.
“Sure,” Eliza winks, “you’re free to come back down, or wash up if you like. If you need anything, just ask. The party begins at 7.” She shuts the door behind her.
“Isn’t this great?” Liz exclaims as she makes invisible snow-angels on the soft bed sheets. Regan looks out the window to see more cars pulling up.
“Sure…” He says quietly, slowly pacing the floor.
“What’s the matter? You seem distant.”
“Why do you think?”
“Please lighten up. We’re here, aren’t we? It’s too late to back out.”
“You think?”
“You’ll have the time of your life, I guarantee it.”
“Well then let me go over some ground rules…”
“Yes, sir,” she says, mockingly saluting him.
“Don’t…do anyone you’re not comfortable doing. Or anything you’re not comfortable doing.”
“Alright. What else?”
“We don’t sleep together.”
“Well there won’t be much ‘sleeping’.”
“I’m serious, Liz. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
“It wouldn’t…”
“I don’t want to chance it, alright?”
“Fine. Anything else?”
“Just be careful, OK?”
“I will.”
“For what?”
“For being you.”
Regan blushes as she gets up to hug him. He looks her in the eyes and she breaks away. She turns and removes her big overcoat, revealing a revealing top and a skimpy skirt. Regan is amazed to see such a transformation.
“What’s wrong?” She asks, looking back at him.
“Uh, nothing,” he says, breaking out of a trance. “I’m going to go take a shower.”
“Alright, I’m going back down there. Don’t take too long, he have, like, half an hour!”

Regan stands in the shower, fully naked and drenched in soap. He can’t open his eyes due to the suds, but he cocks his head towards the bathroom door, thinking he heard it open. There is no response.
He returns to cleansing his body, thoughts filling his head. He could be back at home living probably like his brother is now, glued to the computer and wanking to online porn. But then he would be so worried, knowing Liz would be here by herself. He figures the anxiety of that far outweighs the fact that he is where he is. Maybe he can just lock himself in his room all night and wait it out; not going down there and just letting go of ever inhibition he’s ever had. This is too crazy for a sixteen year-old kid.
After fully rinsing, he turns the water off and pulls aside the shower curtain. He nearly jumps out of his skin when he sees a fully nude woman before him. He has to clutch a rail in the shower to keep from falling.
“Sorry,” she says, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Carrie.”
Regan quickly pulls the curtain around his waist and sheepishly looks away from her nakedness.
“It’s OK,” she says soothingly, noticing his nervousness.
“No, I’m sorry, I’m just not used to it…”
“That’s cute.”
“Can you just give me a minute, please?” He stammers, reaching for a nearby towel.
“Why don’t you just come out? I don’t mind.” She smiles as she takes the towel and tosses it behind her.
“Why’d you do that?!” He exclaims.
“Don’t be shy!” She giggles.
Regan sighs deeply. “Fine,” he says, emerging from the shower with both hands covering his crotch. He steps out but goes no further. She approaches him slowly but he tries to maneuver his way past her. Suddenly, she pulls his wrists apart and holds them back against the counter. Looking down at his package, she laughs slightly.
“Cold shower?”
“I’m grower,” Regan says sternly, “not a shower.”
“Nice,” she coos, a seductive look growing across her face. “Show me.”
“Let’s see it grow.”
“I…I don’t even know your name…”
“It’s Lidia.” She lets go of one of Regan’s hands and holds it out for a handshake. He goes for it, but as he does so, her hand darts down to his crotch, cupping his testicles. Regan is instantly paralyzed as she fondles him, caressing his balls in her soft hand. Slowly, she lowers herself down, kneeling before him. Regan looks down at the woman before him; she’s probably 18 by the looks of her, with wavy brown hair and a sultry curvy body. Her breasts are impeccable, bursting from her chest with tiny pink nipples poking out. Regan can’t help but try to introduce himself, but words fail to come forth as Lidia’s mouth opens over his sack.
Regan’s body shudders in pleasure as her warm, wet mouth sucks on his balls. His cock instantaneously hardens, springing fourth in its nearly ten-inch glory. Her eyes widen in excitement as she looks up at it.
“Wow!” She exclaims. “You weren’t kidding!”
“Uh-uh” is all Regan can muster as he feels her tongue move up the bottom of his shaft, making its way to the tip. She finally lets go of his other hand as she uses one to continue fondling his testicles while the other one now strokes his shaft below her sucking mouth. Now free, Regan leans back against the counter and grips the edge as pleasure flows throughout his entire body. He can feel himself slightly thrusting himself into herself, and by the soft, gagged moans from her mouth he assumes that she loves it. This is by far the greatest feeling he has ever felt in his entire life.
Pleasure turns to worry as he feels cum bubbling in his balls and building up his shaft.
“Um…Lidia…um, it’s coming…it’s…I’M GONNA CUM!”
Lidia leans her head forward and Regan can feel his cock go deep down into her throat. This sends shot after shot of hot white jizz pouring from out of him. He throws his head back in pure bliss as he ejaculates into the stranger’s mouth. She moans loudly, accepting every drop.
They’re both breathing hard as she pops his dick out of her oral opening. Regan looks down to see streams of cum cascading from the corners of her mouth. She winks at him.
“That was your first, wasn’t it?” She asks.
“Actually…” he manages to say between breaths, “yes. It was.”
“Good.” She gets up and pats him on the head, playfully.
“Um…should I… uh, should I do you now?” He asks shyly.
“Don’t worry about it. Maybe later. I’ll see you down there.” She winks again and leaves the room. He watches as her bare ass bounces away, and he can’t help but notice her inner thighs are glistening. This is something he had seen a million times in porn before, sure, but never in real life. Suddenly he was hungry for more.

“Glad you could finally make it, bud.”
“I was…”
“Busy? I figured,” Liz winks at him. She waits at the bottom of the staircase for him, wearing nothing but a pink lacy bra and panties. This sight is completely new to Regan. “Nice boxers.”
He looks down and remembers that that is all he is wearing. He had put them on before he left the bedroom, but not before a short period of coming down post-blow job high.
“They were all I could find, did you take my bag?”
“I hid them. You won’t need the rest tonight anyway.”
“I guess so…”
“You’re glowing.”
“No I’m not.”
“Yes you are. I recognize that glow, too. I’ve seen it on guys I’ve done. Don’t tell me you lost it already!”
“Not quite.”
“Oh-ho, you dog, you! I’ll try not to bump into you tonight, just so I won’t cramp your style, deal?”
“Oh, alright, I guess—“
“—See you around, playa!”

“There are plenty of drinks in the fridge; sodas and waters and energy drinks. I bought a whole crate of ‘LooseJuice’: it’s great for the sex drive—if that’s what you need. As you’ve probably noticed, there are bowls full of condoms dispersed around the house… you don’t have to use them, we’re all clean, but you can never be too careful, you know? If you need anything else just find me or Eliza and we’ll be happy to help.”
“Thanks, Craig.”
“Have fun out there!”
“I’ll try…”
Regan watches as Craig leaves the kitchen, the host wearing nothing but boxers as well. He was well-built, to Regan’s suspicion, with a fine sheen of hair across his chest. Regan always envied men with body hair. All he had was some underarm patches and a dark trail leading from his bellybutton down to his crotch. Speaking of which, Regan looked down at himself, wondering if he should even take off his boxers yet.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a fully naked teenage boy runs through the room, passing by Regan and pulling down his boxers before running off laughing. He hears him shout from the other room, “Here we go!” Cheers follow, and Regan notices the house is suddenly filled with smooth jazz music. He laughs at the cheesiness.
Regan makes his way out of the kitchen and into the main den. Already, couples are engaging in sexual acts. Ben/Stacey and Jack/Anna have seemed to swap partners. He sees the naked boy from before making out with another, somewhat older guy, probably one of the 21 year-olds. As he scans the room, there is no sign of Liz anywhere. His eyes come across a table at the end of the room, however, and he makes his way over there.
It appears that Eliza and Craig have set up several “Sex Stations” across the house, complete with bowls filled with condoms and an assortment of lubricants and sex toys, including vibrators, anal beads, strap-ons, and penis pumps. The last one catches his eye, and he picks one up.
“You don’t need that, honey,” Eliza says.
Regan didn’t notice her at first, but now sees the female host siting in a lounge chair not far from him. She looks at him with both curiosity and lust as she is clearly masturbating herself.
“I’m not that impressive when I’m not hard,” Regan admits sheepishly.
“That doesn’t seem to be the case right now,” she replies, looking down at his waist. He follows her sights down to his cock, which is now fully erect, curving slightly upward. He jumps a little, almost knocking a bottle of lube over with his protruding member. Eliza laughs as she continues to rub herself.
Regan tries to laugh it off as well. “What about you?” He asks, nodding to her own genitals.
“Oh, I’m just enjoying the show… for now.” She turns her head back to the crowd. Regan looks back into the room and sees it all unfold. Ben is already well into Anna, both figuratively and literally, as he pumps her from behind, doggystyle, on a massive couch. Stacey and Jack are busy on the floor, well involved in one another in sixty-nine position.
“Wow…” Regan says softly.
“Isn’t it marvelous?” Eliza coos, stretching out her back and running a hand across her body.
“It’s something alright.”
“Then get out there, hon. Go get ‘wet’, as the kids say.”
Regan hears Eliza moan loudly in climax as he makes his way into the next room. It’s a smaller lounge. His eyes scan around, but still no sign of Liz. To his right, near the entrance, he sees Lidia again, this time she’s going down on someone else. They meet eyes and she takes the man’s dick out of her mouth and nod to him.
“Sorry,” she says through a smile, “I’m good at it.”
“No worries,” Regan says, more relaxed then he was before. “He seems to be enjoying it.”
“You’re next,” says the teen sitting back in the chair, receiving Lidia’s talents.
“Oh, she already got me,” Regan replies.
“I meant me,” he says, winking. Regan turns away, blushing. His attention is immediately drawn to the young couple sitting together on a sofa. It’s not the fact that they’re masturbating each other that surprises Regan, it’s the fact that they both appear to be only fourteen. Still, Regan can’t help but approach them.
“Hi,” he says to them. “Mind if I sit here?”
“Sure,” half moans/half says the girl. The two move over to make room for him.
“Got any yet?” The boy asks.
“Just a blow job,” Regan says.
“Nice! I hope to get one of those soon myself.”
“Well I’m just gonna watch for now.” Regan begins to masturbate himself slowly, taking it all in and gazing around the room. Couples everywhere are fucking, some man-on-man, some girl-on-girl, one threeway… That’s when he notices two girls making out on a sofa across the room. He can see the one laying on the bottom clearly, but the one on top appears to be Liz. He’s not sure, and he tries to focus, but suddenly, the young girl from next to him is now in front of him. Regan looks to his left to see the boy standing on the sofa near him, his throbbing member getting closer and closer to Regan’s face.
“Um…excuse me—“ All at once, Regan’s questions are answered. The boy’s dick is met by the girl’s mouth, and all of a sudden, Regan feels a hot, moist sensation forming around his own cock. This is no mouth this time, he realizes, as he turns forward to see the girl straddling him, his dick pushing up inside her pussy.
So much for being a virgin.
On instinct, Regan places his hands on the girl’s waist, and guides her all the way down. To his surprise, he does not feel any sort of blockage he had read about online about virgin girls. She was certainly no virgin, as she began grinding onto him. At the same time, she worked at sucking her original partner’s dick, both her head and body bouncing up and down. Her breasts brushed against Regan’s face, and it was all he could do to stop one of his hands from reaching out to them. But then again, this was an orgy. There are no limits! Hell, she was already fucking him!
He moved a hand up to her breast and casually began massaging it, working his hands in circles around the soft skin. Not being able to hold back his lust any longer, he moved his mouth in and began sucking on her erect nipple. He then felt a hand touch his head, and felt a pang of guilt, as he figured it was the boy telling him he was going too far. But instead, it was the girl’s, and she was running her free hand through his thick hair with delight. Her other hand worked steadily at pumping her boyfriend’s own member. She wasn’t sucking it anymore, as humping Regan had become her top priority now.
Regan began focusing on the new pleasures of having a tight, warm vagina wrapped around his penis. It was far better than the blow job, that was for sure, and it was the newest greatest feeling he had ever felt.
Without any notice, the girl removed herself from Regan’s cock and leaned forward against the couch, raising her ass in the air. Regan rose to his feet and stood behind her, but then quickly remembered that he wasn’t alone.
“Do you want this end now?” Regan asked the boy.
“Nah, that’s OK. I’ll take it next time.”
Regan needed no other word, and took the girl from behind. Placing his hands on her hips, he slowly pushed into her. She moans loudly as he does so, but the boy stifles her by placing his own genitals in her open mouth. While she goes to work on him, Regan reels in his new control. This time he was the one giving it to her. All fears and insecurities were now out the door as he began to pick up a thrusting pace. He looks up to see the boy smiling at him, and this time, Regan does not blush or feel any nervousness whatsoever.
“I’m Regan, by the way,” Regan says, outstretching his hand.
“I’m Paul. This lovely lady down here is Emma.”
“Hmmrr,” mumbles Emma, mouth full of Paul’s cock.
Regan returns to his current job—pleasuring Emma. He’s now thrusting deeply and quickly, and Emma is nearly screaming, periodically coming up for air from Paul’s loins to blast out fits of pleasured moans.
“I’m cumming!” She finally cries. Regan almost drools as he feels the already tight, young pussy get tighter and tighter, gripping onto his dick and pouring out warm, sticky juices. He starts to slow down, hoping to let her catch herself, but she turns to him, eyes burning with lust. “Don’t stop!”
Regan smiles and obliges, ramming into her again and again. Straight out of left field comes an even newer sensation. Regan feels a tongue lace around his balls below him, and looks down to see Lidia, lapping up the residual pussy juice spread across Regan’s sack like warm milk. She smiles up at him, greedily.
“Remember me?”
“How could I forget? Lidia, this is Paul and Emma. Guys, this is Lidia.”
The young couple nods to their newest addition to the hot spectacle of lovemaking, with Emma screaming even more now that Lidia teases her clit while Regan fucks her. She appears to be climaxing again.
Regan looks up to see Paul looking over Regan’s shoulder, with a perplexed look about him. Regan turns to see what he’s looking at and is amazed to find nearly the entire party watching him. Some are still engaged in sex while others simply masturbate, but all of which are looking directly at the incredible sight before them. Regan can’t help but feel extremely proud. He started this day as a meek virgin, and look at him now! He bets Liz would be proud…Liz…
It’s almost instantaneous when he sees her gaze. She stands across the room, fully nude. She is not touching herself, just simply watching. Regan looks upon her perfect naked form, with incredible perky c-cup tits and the most bodacious ass he has ever seen. To top it all off, she appears to have some cum draped across her chest. This sets Regan completely over the edge, and before he knows it, load after load is pumping into Emma, with Lidia thankfully licking any goo that escapes.
Regan looks down at Emma, his hands now shaking. He slowly pulls himself out, a long rope of white jizz following after it. Upon seeing this, the entire room starts clapping, even cheering. He turns to see that Liz has left the room.
“I’m so sorry,” he turns back to Emma. “I should’ve pulled out.”
“It’s OK, I’m on the pill,” she replies.
“I got most of it down here, thank you,” Lidia replies cheerily.
Emma spreads herself out on the couch. “He just might give you a run for your money,” she teases Paul, and then gestures for him to take over. They begin to make out as he splays over her in missionary position.
“Let me guess,” Lidia says to Regan, “first time down there two, huh?”
“It’s a night of firsts for me, I guess.”
Lidia kisses him hard on the lips, and then breaks away. “Night’s not over yet, champ.”
They part ways and Regan heads back to the kitchen to replenish his fluids. As he enters, he runs into Stacey and Craig. Stacey sits on the countertop island, legs spread wide, as Craig eats her out. Appropriate place, Regan supposes. Craig doesn’t look up, but Stacey watches Regan as he retrieves a water bottle from the fridge. He takes a big swig and leans back against the opposite counter, just watching. Stacey looks him in the eye as she moans loudly, her body sweaty and blushing.
Though this is new to Regan, he continues to just watch. He enjoys finally seeing it happen in real life before him instead on some computer screen. He’s pities his brother even more so now.
He winks at Stacey and leaves the room, taking the stairs back to the second floor. He figures that if he goes for a third shot that he can’t be careless again and not wear a condom. The bowl in the kitchen was empty, so he figured his bedroom would be the best place.
When he enters, however, he finds Liz sitting on the bed, wrapped in a towel.
“Hey,” he says.
“Taking a break?”
“Yeah… just came up here to wash up a little.”
“I see.”
“Kudos to you, bud. I saw you down there, mister hot-stuff.”
“I didn’t know I had it in me. It was incredible.”
“All those years of browsing finally paid off, huh?”
“I guess so.”
Regan sits down next to her, she doesn’t move, or even look up at him.
“Have you gotten to do everything you wanted?” She asks.
Regan is quiet, pondering his next move. “No,” he says. “Not really.”
“The night is still young,” she replies.
“I know,” and with that, Regan turns her face gently to his, and they kiss. At first she does not return it, but then he feels her hand come up and caress the back of his head as she finally kisses him back. They make out intensely for quite some time, until they finally break apart, nearly gasping for air. Without saying a word, she stands up before him. Their stare never breaks as she moves in front of him.
She drops her towel.


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