Mitch learns more about Izzy, but not everything... patience!
It's amazing how life can be boiled down to random events. If I got to Ms. Jones' office just a minute later yesterday, I would have missed Izzy coming out of the door. Or a minute sooner, her friends would never have made that stupid comment causing Izzy to give me a silent apology. Or how Ralphie being a little slow. If it weren't for him, Izzy would have been in her car heading home, instead of going to the library, and we would never have been introduced. I'm sure we would have been introduced at some point, but it was Ms. Jones that broke the ice and suggested that Izzy act as my "tour guide".

"Thanks, Ralphie, I owe you one.", I said to no one, lying in bed early the next morning.

"Who's Ralphie?", asked Julia.

"Oh, I don't really know, but he helped in a small way for me to meet Izzy."

"Is she the one you were thinking about, when I interrupted you yesterday."

I shot her an evil look, and Julia just laughed, and turned away to the bathroom. "Oh, I forgot," she said, and then whispered, "thanks for cleaning off the toilet seat." I tossed my pillow at her just as she ducked behind the door.

Julia and I have caught each other on a few occasions, me jacking and her jilling. I actually was able to watch her make herself cum once using a zucchini, about 6 months ago. It was actually pretty hot. I just got home and her door was open. Her on the bed, pants around her ankles, knees bent and spread wide, her shirt was open at the front, and her bra pulled up around her neck exposing her c-cup tits. Her eyes were closed, her left hand under her leg, pushing and pulling the phallic veggie in and out, while the right frigged her clit. She started to thrust her hips, fucking it and fucking it hard. When she came, her body trembled in her pleasure. She never knew I was there to enjoy it with her. I've masturbated several times thinking of her body laid out like that, open to the world. I also imagined what it would be like to lick her pussy, but I wouldn't dream of actually asking her. She is my sister after all.

"Don't use all the hot water with a hollywood shower.", dad screamed from his bedroom. "Some of us have to work to make sure you have a roof and three squares a day."

It may have sounded like a harsh comment to some, but we knew dad was only half teasing. He just wanted to make sure Julia finished quickly, as he did need to get to work.

I was feeling a bit stiff after yesterday's workout, but being a slug for most of the summer, I got no one to blame but me. I hoped that I might see Izzy again today, but if not, I would have her number so I can call her tonight.

It was still only 8am, so that gave me 2 hours before the school opened. I put on some shorts, a shirt, and went downstairs to the kitchen. I started to juice some apples, cellery and carrots, when mom came into the kitchen.

"Make enough for everyone, we could all use a kick in the pants today." Mom said she wanted to look for a job, and today was going to be the first day of her search. She didn't really need to work for the money, just needed to get out of the house. My sisters were planning on doing some clothes shopping for the new school year. Julia was going to drive Mom downtown to drop her there, and then go out to the mall.

This meant I would have the house to myself for an hour before going to school. It tugged at the back of my mind to think of Ms. Jones again while jacking off. Now why was it not Izzy that came to mind first? I have always had crushs on some of my teachers, prefering them to some of the girls my age. But Izzy was in a league of her own. So why was I thinking of Ms. Jones? It was her tits. I've always fallen for any woman with big tits. Damned tits.

"Mitch, can you put out the lawn sprinklers before you go?. And set the timer for about 3 hours."

"Sure, dad. No problem."

With that he grabbed his briefcase and kissed mom, pretty intently, too. "Good luck with the job hunt, I'll be thinking of you, I'll bring something special home for dinner tonight. See you 'round 6ish.", and he was out the door.

Mom and Dad always seemed to have a close relationship, giving mental support when the other needed it, and they were always showing their love physically, too. There were a couple of times when we could hear them in their bedroom. Julia claimed to have overheard dad compliment mom on her blow job technique as she had her ear to the door, listening to them fuck. "I love it when you let me cum in your mouth.", is what she claims to have heard him say. I asked her if she ever blew a guy...

"No way, that's gross.", but she was only 13 at the time, so I wonder if she hasn't changed her mind since.

Ok, the house was finally mine, and I kicked up my heels, trotted up to my room, dropped my drawers, laid down on the bed, and started to undress Ms. Jones in my mind. I had her sitting on a couch, nude, and her legs spread wide. She was using her fingers to play with her pussy, and of course she was telling me all the things she wanted me to do to her, which were really the things I wanted do to her. "Mitch, bring that young cock over here, I need something in my mouth." And who was I to deny this vixen in my head.

I was standing on the couch with my cock in her mouth, and when I looked down, I thought of Izzy sucking on her nipples, and poof, there she was, her lips wrapped around Ms. Jones' nipple, and her right hand fiddling with her other tit.

I was getting close to cumming when she took my cock from her mouth and said, "Mitch, I want to watch you cum on Izzy's face."

"Yes, Mitch, cum on my face, I need your cum on my face.", I made a mental note to come up with some better dialog next time, but now was not the time, as I imagined shooting lines of my cum over her face. She looked up at me with my cum all over her face, then took the head of my cock in her mouth, and the phone rang.

My mind cleared, I grabbed the dirty t-shirt to wipe myself clean, and ran to the phone. When I picked up the phone, but there was only a dial tone, and I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID.

I hung up the phone, and looked at the time. 9:15am. Time to get moving. I hopped in the shower, got dressed, grabbed the gym bag, put the sprinkler out, and got on my bike.

On the way over, I stopped and got some more wildflowers. "Too much of a good thing?" I wondered, but decided to take them anyway.

I got up to her office at around 10:15am. And the first person I saw was Rose. "Here Rose, I got these for you to help brighten your day."

"Whadja ya get these for me for, I'm allergic, you twit. You're tryin' to kill me." She then grabbed them and tossed them in the trash.

"You're welcome." I said, not expecting a response, and she went to her cave and closed, no slammed, the door behind her.

"What's the commotion about? What's going on?", Ms. Jones said in a small state of shock.

"Well, I guess Rose didn't like the flowers.", I said, pointing to the trash.

"I did warn you. Best to ignore...", she started.

"...HER! Yes, I get that now, loud and clear." I said finishing her sentence. She rescued the flowers from the trash.

"Well, I think I can appreciate them more than she could, anyway."

She seemed preoccupied, and told me that she had a lot to do. She gave me a sheet of note paper that had her address and phone, along with Izzy's number as well. "The party starts around 6. Don't be too fashionably late. And I do hope you bring Izzy, she's a lot of fun. Oh, I also forgot to mention that you are welcome to crash at our place, so find out from your parents if they mind your staying."

"Should I bring anything with me?", I asked.

"Nope, we got it covered. See you on Saturday.", she then quickly went back into her office and shut the door.

The workout was kind of boring, as there wasn't anyone there, so I went for a swim, and then rode home. I didn't really try looking for Izzy because I had no clue where to look.

It was probably 2:30pm when I got home, and the house was deserted. So, I decided to bang on the piano for a bit. I tried singing a few songs, but my voice just doesn't have the range. I could probably sing some Leonard Cohen, but I just don't have his "cool" sounding voice.

It was now about 4, and I was wondering if it would be a good time to call Izzy. The butterflies were flapping up a storm in my belly, so I got a coke to wash them away.

"OK, dial the number and call her already." I told myself, and did as I was told, as if it were only some mechanical operation.


"May I speak with Izzy?"

"This is."

"Hi Izzy, this is Mitch. I... um... just wanted to see if we're still on for Friday?"

"Sure, but if I could call you back in like 30 minutes, I'm in the middle of helping my grandmother with some filing. It shouldn't take me too long. But hey, if you don't have any plans tonight, I can drive over to Janaeville and we can find something to do downtown."

"That sounds like an idea. Give me a call when you're done. Do you need the number?"

"Nope, got it on the caller ID. Is this your cell, or your home phone?"

"It's my cell."

"OK, then I will call you in 30. Bye."

"OK, talk to you later."

I hung up the phone and thought... what to do with myself. So, I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I found some things to make a sandwich. I grabbed some juice, the sandwich, and my phone, then went outside on the patio, and laid out on the reclining seat.

Once I finished the sandwich, I started to nod a bit, and ended up falling asleep. I had a short dream where Izzy and I were holding hands walking around some street downtown. We looked at each other, and then the phone rang.

"Hello?" I said, still sort of sleeping.

"Hello, Mitch?"

"Hi Izzy, I was just walking with you holding your hand...", and my heart stopped when I realized what I just said. At least I wasn't dreaming of having sex with her, god knows what I might have said.

"Oh, that sounds really nice. Are you still asleep? Should I call back?"

"No and no. I'm awake now...", and who wouldn't be after confessing to holding her hand in a dream before they had even gone out once.

"Good. Are you still up for doing something? I could use a distraction. Maybe we could walk around and hold hands.", was she just mocking, or teasing, or...

"Well, I'm on your home turf, so maybe you have some ideas.", I said trying to dig my way out of my hole.

"OK, how 'bout I come pick you up and we can figure something out. Sound good?"

"Yeah, that does.", I said, my voice almost cracking from anticipation. "How long 'til you think you'll be here?"

"Well, that depends...", she trailed off.

"Depends on what?", I asked, not even for a moment conceiving of what it "depends" on.

"Well, it depends on where you live."

Doh. What an idiot. "Oh, sorry, must be still asleep. It's 2556 Marlowe. It's just off Harbor Road. Just honk, and I will come right out."

"Great, I know exactly where that is. So, I will see you in 30?"


Thirty minutes passed, and still no Izzy. I sat at the piano picking out "Heart and Soul", wondering if she was fine. Ten more minutes... big chords, single notes, and arpeggiated figures... then fifteen minutes. I got up and got a glass of water, and just as I about finished it, there was a horn coming from outside. I bolted for the front door, but slowed down after going out the door.

I grabbed my cell phone and left a message for my parents. "Hi Mom, Dad, going out with a good friend...", got into the car, "...not sure when we will be home. OK, be home by 9." It still was four hours away, I could be home by 7:30... or sooner.

So, she was now a good friend. I looked at her, we both smiled. I wanted nothing more than to be the guy who could easily lean over and kiss her, or run my fingers through her hair. At the same time, a hand job, a blow job, a good fuck... alright, I want what my parents have.

"Sorry I'm late, got caught behind an accident on the way over. So, I was thinking that we could head over to Jackson's, it's an all-ages club, until about 9, but the have two bands before that. They usually start around 7:30. We could stop somewhere and get something to eat first.", she offered.

"OK, but dinner is on me. What sort of places are there to eat? Or better yet, what's your favorite?", feeling so proud to have added the 'your favorite' almost as an after-thought.

"Alright, I hope you like Mexican, and you like it spicy. There's a place over in Crater that is really good, and they make a spicy pico, plus their chips are awesome. Hope you like guac!", she said with obvious enthusiasm.

"You had me at Mexican.", I shot back.

"Oh that was a bad pun!", she laughed.

"What pun?", I said innocently.

"'Mexican' instead of 'Hello'!", she snapped.

I stared back blankly, and shrugged my shoulders.

"OK, so maybe you don't know that one. Anyway, I hope you like to dance, I feel like moving tonight.", pouring out more enthusiasm.

"As long as it's not the fox-trot, I broke my leg once, and I never got over the mental anguish.", I said with a straight face.

We joked with each other the rest of the way to Juan's. Dinner was amazing, and yes, their pico was picante. Back on the road to Jackson's, it was about a 15 minute trip. We parked the car.

After we got out, she walked over to me, put her hand on the side of my head, pulled me to her, and kissed me. Our mouths weren't open, but our lips seemed like if they had hands, then they were holding hands.

"Wow, what was that for...", trying to speak while stunned.

"I just like you, but don't get any ideas, and I'm sure you already do. I'm not in any rush and we have time to get there.", and kissed me again, only this time I put my arms around her her waist, and held her close. We kissed for a good five minutes. When we finally came up for air, I found that there was a couple of girls in one of the cars, mouths gaping, and staring right at us, looking away a few seconds after I saw them.

What stage comes after smitten?

We got some drinks, and went over to the dance floor. For the next hour we listened to a punk/country cover band that was good enough to put their own spin on the songs they did. I was having the time of my life. Here with a beautiful woman my own age, who just confessed to liking me, kissed me first, and practically told me that I would get to fuck her, but to be patient. Name one guy who could live under that pressure, but I was determined to try.

The next song the band played I recognized, as my parents had the original CD by the Pretenders. 'Brass in Pocket'. Izzy just lit up, and started to dance around me. The bands version was a little more upbeat, and a driving rhythm. The drummer seemed to be having fun with it, and just as the female lead singer started singing, Izzy was lip-syncing right along with her, but looking at me. I was mesmerized, hypnotized, and didnt want to move for fear of breaking some spell was under. Then came the chorus:

she was directly behind me...
she wrapped her arms around my chest...
she wrapped her right leg around my hips...
she ran her hand down and rubbed over my stomach...
she quickly and fluidly stepped around to my front...
she gently ran her fingers over my crotch...
she turned looking at me, tapping to the side of her head...


OK, I'm officially in trouble now because I literally came in my pants, no doubt about this folks, it was just a matter of time for it to start showing. On top of that, I was not in a particularly comfortable position to allow me to easily move. I just watched Izzy as she danced along to the rest of song, and somehow she was kissing me when the sing ended. As the crowd seemed to be clapping for the band, the band was obviously clapping for Izzy. It turns out the people were clasping for Izzy, too.

I would have clapped, too, were there enough conscience will for my brain to fire the correct synapses.

"Can we go now?", I feebly muttered, "I believe I've had a wardrobe malfunction.", looking her in the eye.

She laughed when she realized what I meant, took me by the hand and led me to the restrooms. After cleaning myself up, we decided to start home.

"Where did you learn to dance, and in particular, that dance?", I inquired.

"Nowhere. Just went with the flow.", she replied.

"OK!?!", I said in disbelief. "Guess Ms. Jones was right. You are a lot of fun."

"You should call her Elaine, she doesn't really like the formality, that's just at school because of their rules. She's almost like a second mom to me, so maybe she rubbed off on me."

We ended up parking somewhere along the way and made out with our clothes on for about 45 minutes. I caressed her breasts, which were amazing globes of flesh. Her ass, wrapped in her jeans, was perfect. My hand closed around her as if my hand was fashioned just for that specific task.

She was now straddling me, her arms around my neck, "So, I really made you cum in your pants from dancing for you?", which was actually more of a statement of fact than a question.

I nodded as I blushed.

"Well, not that we're keeping score, but I guess that's one you owe me.", and the kissed me again. "And I'll be around to collect someday.", she said winking. My brain was starting to suffer from over-simulation, and just couldn't process anything more tonight. I went on automatic as she kissed me once more.

We finally ended up holding hands the rest of the way home in silence. It was the most pleasant feeling in the world. Time stood still, but all too soon we were at my house.

"Wow, I had way too much fun tonight.", I said

"Well, I guess I will have to turn it down from 11 next time."

"Don't you dare!", I chided her.

We kissed a little more, looked at each other some, and kissed one last time for the night.

"So, if I can tell you something.", she said.

"Sure, anything!"

"Well... I'd really like it if... you know... you'd think of me tonight... lord knows I'll be thinking of you when...", she said almost shyly.

"When... what?, I asked.

"When we... masturbate."

Whoa, hold the train, did she really just say... not only that she wanted me to think of her while I jack off, but that she would be thinking of me...

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