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This is a true story of me and my cousion when we was in our teens.
This is my first time I have written about this or any other sexual story. Let me start by giving you some back information on me and my cousion. It all started when we was really young. She was two years older than me. We started messing around from about the time I was able to get an erection. It started by us getting together and saying lets do what our parents do. We would go behind our grandmaws couch, basement, back yard or wherever we could do it at. We called it "haywire" because we knew no diffrent at the time. She would let me put it anywhere in her pussy or her ass she didnt care she loved it.

Now lets fast forward to our teens where we knew what it was and wasn't doing it anymore. We was in high school and she was now living with my grandmaw at this time. I would stay the night pretty often cause I would spend most the days during summer break playing baseball with friends during the day. So I was on my grandmaws sleeper sofa one night sitting there watching a baseball game. She walks in as asks me "what are you doing" as she stands there in a loose fitting t-shirt with no bra and her nice perky b-cups pointing at me. "nothing just laying here watching the game" She climbs up into the bed with me.

I was fully hard as a rock just from seeing her stand in front me. Since we was already sexually comfortable around each other I had no worries if she seen I was rock hard. Yes we was older now and she could get prego now but it didn't change that comfort level around each other. She took her hand down and felt my throbbing cock. She says "I see I still turn you on". I turn and look at her and tell her " your bra-less in a white shirt and short shorts. Any guy would be cause your fucking hot." She sat there and rubbed on me for a few min. Then she took my right and and stuffed it down her shorts and began to finger herself using my hand. She started with one finger and went slow. She would eventually work her way up to 3 and getting faster and she worked them in her. I felt like I was about to blow. Then all of a sudden she stopped and ran off into her room.

So I was laying there getting blue balled by my own cousion. It was maybe 5 min later her boyfriend showup. I could hear them in the other room talking about fucking each other. So as I layed there thinking she just used me to get all worked up to fuck him. They stayed in her room for maybe 5 min talking about it. Then he told her that maybe they could hook up tomorrow. So he left and it wasn't 2 minutes after he left she walked into the living room in nothing but her birthday suit. This was the first I had seen her fully naked in a year or 2. She looked amazing with her tan body, b-cups with quarter size nippels, and a shaved pussy. She stand there and says to me "tonight is your lucky night because he had to go and I am so fucking horny my fingers will not get the job done tonight, Are your ready to do "haywire"? I looked at her and and could she she a condom or two in her hand. "Yes I am, you have me getting blue balled now get over here and take care of it" I told her.

She comes over and pulls down my shorts to expose my throbbing cock. "My how my little cousions dick has gotten so big over the years." she said as she began to stroke it. It felt so good as she sat there and stroked my rock hard cock up and down. I look at her and tell her if you don"t stop or slow down I'm going to cum. So she speeds up. "I'm going to cum" I tell her. So she bends down and wraps her smooth lips around my cock and begins to suck me off. She looks up and me and smiles and says "cum in my mouth when your ready" It wasn't maybe 5 minutes later. "I'M CUMMING" I let out as she's still sucking away. She sat there and swallowed the mouth load of cum I put into her mouth. Without skipping a beat she took the load and kept going. This was the first blowjob I have ever gotten and so far has been my best. I went limp for a min. She kept on blowing it till I got up again. "your turn" and she gets up and strattles her pussy in my face. "Eat my pussy!" she yelled at me. I didn't have much of a choice and she sat on my face. Her pussy was so sweet and tasty. This was also the first pussy I had ate. It was amazing and wish I could do it more. She was sitting there grinding her pussy on my face. Letting moans out every little bit. Then out of no where she let's put" I'M CUMMING TOO!". Then it was like a river going across my face and she had gotten off.

This just made her even more horny. "FUCK ME NOW" she wispered into my ear. She reached over and got the condom and unrolled it down my throbbing rock hard cock that she worked so hard and good at to get hard again. After I left the massive load in her mouth that she took like a champ. She loved being in control so she strattled me and asks "you ready for this?". She had the head of my cock at her lips barely touching each other. She barely got the words out as I arched my back and rammed my cock deep into her pussy."AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" she let out as my cock was going in. I lay back flat and she began to ride me. She was soooo good. She was good and tight and very wet. Her nice perky tits were just bouncing away. I reached up and began to sweeze them and play with her nipples. Then she let out another moan and I played with her tits. I pulled her towards me so I could suck on them. I begain to nibble on her nipple and that drove her into her body shaking. She calms down a little bit and says" I have fucked you good, so now I wanna see how you fuck and I want it doggy style".

So she leans over the side of the couch putting her fine ass into the air. I go up behind her and put it in. I began giving it to her. This was even better than her on top. I was getting close to cumming again. As i'm doing her from behind I started to play with her ass. I stuck my finger in and she began to quiver. I tell her "I'm putting it in your ass now and taking the condom off". "Do it i'm ready" she let out. I pull out and take the condom off. And then I spread her ass cheeks and put it into her nice tight ass. She was moaning and letting out screams of enjoyment and pleasure. "I'm going to cum in your ass" I just let out. "Do it, I'm a dirty horny lil slut thats fucking her cousin" she let out as she really got into it. I let loose "I'M CUMMING!" again this time was deep into her ass. I kept on going till I went soft. I pulled out and cum began to run from her asshole. She layed there exhausted with a big smile on her face and says "My boyfriend has never came close to fucking me like you did. I will keep this the next time I need a good fuck."

The oppertunity has not yet come around again that we are into our early 30's. If it came around to do it again I would in a heatbeat. I still fantasize about it happening again some day since she is still amazing looking.

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2016-08-29 17:10:19
It is too bad that she had a shaved pussy. Teenage bush is the best.

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-29 14:56:26
For u to be 29 u right like crap

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-23 02:43:36
gave up trying to read it after the first paragraph, spelling crap, story crap. you really need to go back to school

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-22 19:15:45
i read the first little bit man but i got to say work on the spelling and grammar then it will be okay to read do not use was use is. read it twice out loud before posting. another thing get your hand of your cock before writing or do it before so you have a clear head. doing it while is just distracting for any man

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2012-07-22 18:44:36
I thought it was a really cute story. But I agree with the other people that the bad spelling and grammer made it very hard to read. As a true story goes. I loved it. I started eatin' my cousin's pussy when I was 16 and she was 9. We lived together for many years after she graduated from high school. I loved her very much. I would guess she loved me too, because she stayed with me for about 20 years. It's only because she died that we are apart right now. I miss her very much. Your short story brought back a nice memory of her.

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