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Reaching for Benny’s 14 year old dick with my right hand, and still occasionally wiping remaining soap and water running into my eyes with my left, he stepped forward and embraced me as if his life depended on it.
Part 2

Please read Part 1 of My New Neighbors in order to make sense of this story. Thank you.

Reaching for Benny’s 14 year old dick with my right hand, and still occasionally wiping remaining soap and water running into my eyes with my left, he stepped forward and embraced me as if his life depended on it. He hugged my naked body with a passion I have never know before…his grip was so tight, I had to ask, “is everything ok ?” to which I got the reply, “better than ever now”. Not knowing at that time the “Benny story”…

Benny Story Side note:

A few months after I had met Benny, a knock came on my door. Remember…I am naked 98% of the time I am home ….so I look out the window on the second floor, and see a girl at the door…I throw on some pants (no underwear) and am struggling to put on a T-Shirt while going down to the door. While still straightening out my T-shirt, I opened it to find a nice girl about 22 years old from the neighborhood, who was there because she and Benny had been speaking, and he had evidently told her about our relationship….not our sexual relationship (thank god !!), but, that he enjoyed being with me, and how he had such respect for me, etc… (I hate talking about myself….let’s just say he was very happy….and not just sexually). Anyway…This girl, Jeannie, used to baby sit for Benny when he was younger, and told me of his life, which cleared up the overzealous “hugging” he gave with such gusto in the shower….part of the conversation went like this:
Jeannie: …and anyway, I just wanted to meet you because you have made such a remarkable impact on Bennies life. I mean…what a change in him ! I was soooo worried that he would never get over the fact of his father’s death !”.

Tommy: “whooo….I didn’t know anything about his father….in fact, now that I think about it, I never even asked about his family. Does he have any brothers or sisters ?”

Jeannie: “no, no brothers or sisters….just he and his mother, and I think he has a grandmother nearby, but his mother doesn’t like to have her around for some reason. His mother is ….well….not an alcoholic, but she drinks a lot when she comes in from work. Benny has told me stories….they are NOT good ! She seems to have no time for Benny, in fact, he thinks he would be better off if they weren’t together.”

Tommy: As I am on the verge of tears for the kid, I said, “now I feel AWEFUL knowing this ! How did his father die ? “

Jeannie: “he was in a terrible car accident. I think Benny was about 8 at that time. He really took it bad, and even now, at age 14, he still is not the kid I knew before his father died.” Well….anyway, like I said, Benny speaks very highly of you and you seem to have made a big change in his life….and at the same time, I am asking you to be careful and don’t do anything to hurt him. I think his feelings are still screwed up.”

Tommy: “I understand, and now that I know that, I will be especially careful not to hurt his feelings…damn, that’s a lot of pressure on me !” Benny’s a great kid and I am lucky to know him…thanks for telling me about his feelings for me…I don’t know what to say !”

We spoke about the neighborhood while she drank her coke…she told me some “gossip” about other families in the area…some were funny…others were slightly disturbing…about a half hour passed and she said she had to go, but would enjoy meeting with me again sometime.

Now that she has gone, and I am walking upstairs removing my clothes again ;p … I am thinking about Benny and what he has had to go through growing up without a father, and an alcoholic mother who for some reason didn’t seem to care for him…and I don’t know how to feel…I am crossed between angered and disgusted. My only thought is to try to be there for Benny as much as possible…whatever it takes.

Back to the real story…So, here in the shower…Benny, my surprise 14 year old visitor….hugging me like I have only been hugged by my parents…I can feel the love pouring out of the contact…not sexual love…just an “I’m glad to be with you” type of love….a comforting love….and as we break the embrace…Benny steps back and grabs my ever hardening dick, and begins to stroke me….not wanting to be outdone…I grab his ridged flagpole of a cock, which now is SO hard…it is like holding an aluminum baseball bat !!!

Benny’s cock is about 6” long when hard, and is so hard, can hold a bath towel hanging on it without bending an inch ! it is smooth and thick for his age, with a larger mushroom head that was screaming SUCK ME !!! but I was still checking it out in total amazement. The shaft led down to and nestled in a nice down like bush of hair, and then, hanging out of the bush was a pair of low hanging balls. I explored each ball, comparing it to my ball size, and found we were about the same….except that his were hanging lower….probably because he had been playing baseball in the heat all day if you remember from part 1.

As I was exploring his manhood, he was exploring mine, we were both commenting on the beauty of each other’s cock and balls…each stealthily touching, feeling, weighing, stroking each other’s sex parts…drinking in the boy smell of his boy body, I could feel my dick growing harder with every breath I took. He asked that I turn around, so I did, and he squatted behind me. Soon then felt his prying fingers playing with my ass…probing fingers spreading my ass cheeks apart…a finger or two gently, lightly touching my shit chute…gently rubbing small circles outlining the puckered pooper and slowly working their way to the middle…I have never felt this type of touch at all before…I didn’t even feel my ass hole as cunningly as he did…he was a cross between a doctor and a lover….providing a detailed inspection, while at the same time, turning me on with the long warm breaths I felt blowing against my asshole as he let out his sigh of amazement and what I could only guess was his approval.

Soon, he was finished investigating…he had satisfied all he wanted to find for that moment, and told me to turn around, as he stood up…when I did, he now had his back to me, bending slightly, as much as he could in the small bathtub area…and said, “check my ass out” as if to say how proud he was of his ass. I can only assume by the way he inspected my ass, and the eagerness of wanting me to investigate his, that he must have diddled a lot with his own ass and enjoyed it immensely….I gave the same general inspection to his ass cheeks, and asshole as he did mine, and made sure to let my long hot breaths drift across his hot little hole as he had done to mine….he moaned slightly….I think I was right about he doing something to his asshole…it seemed to be a point of pleasure….I’ll make mental note about that, and when the time is right….I’ll work on that.

Although it was Benny that made the initial move to “seduce” me….I was still “testing the waters” and taking it slow as to not scare him…or move so fast that he get spooked and run out…or worse...TELL SOMEONE I WAS TOUCHING HIM. So I played it slow and cautiously. I finished looking at his butt, and he straightened up, and turned to face me….we each reached for the others cock again…as my hand approached his dick, but had not touched it yet, I can feel the heat coming from it…it was like a portable heater in the winter time….the feeling of heat was almost enough to make me cum without touching my cock ! Benny kneeled in front of me and still holding my dick, moved it into many different positions…once again…an inspection…this time of my cock. He placed it gently and lovingly on his cheek and slowly caressed it as if it were a new puppy…he was letting out barely audible moans and gasps….my mind was racing a million miles a minute…but I didn’t know what to do.

I placed my hands under his armpits and while feeling the small amount of soft boy fur in the pits, lifted him to his feet….in turn, I kneeled in front of him…I took some soap in my hand and began to slowly, lovingly, gently soap up his bush, balls and cock….as I did so, he had closed his eyes, little chills started running through his body making it shutter with delight...low guttural moans from deep within his throat, almost like growls were starting to get louder….i looked up and see his head tilting back with face to the ceiling, eyes closed tight, biting his lip and moving his hands to my shoulders to steady himself. I began to stroke long slow strokes…as I stroked up and neared the mushroom head with my soapy hand, he would occasionally pull his hips back….then, on my downward stroke, he would push his cock forward into my hand, basically humping my hand in delight….as his moans got louder, and deeper in his throat, I pumped his dick faster and tightened my grip on his manhood in amazement at how long and think this boy meat was…after a few minutes, he was fucking my fist like he would fuck a woman…a few times, his movements were so exaggerated, that he would pull out of my fist on his back thrust, and I would have to quickly re-grip his dick to keep his motion going…he was moving faster and moaning louder…his hand was gripping my shoulders like a vise while he would utter “oh yea man, fucking stroke that fucking dick !”…I could feel his iron cock slightly expanding and relaxing and knew he was about to squirt. I looked up at him and couldn’t believe that he was so lost in lust and in my stroking…his face showed he was in absolute heaven….suddenly, he looked down at me and opened his mouth, gripped my shoulders like it was the end of his life, and pumped my fist faster with loooonnnnnggggg strokes, his eyes grew BIG…almost as if they were about to pop out of his head….from his mouth started a few short breaths…haa, ahh, ahhh, his dick seemed to swell in thickness, his low hanging balls got tight up to his crotch, and the mushroom head turned bright purple. Then a long and growing louder strained as if he is using all his strength combined with a whine like cry...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then shot a big glob of cum the size of an egg yolk onto my chin, neck and chest…in a matter of mili-seconds, an additional 5 or 6 long jets of steaming hot cum…each shot hit different parts of my body as I gripped his cock firmer and continued stroking like a madman…the streams are so hot on my body, that I feel as if someone has dripped candle wax on my body….I was so enthralled by the action, that if I had been thinking even a little about the sex scene, I am sure I would have cum without touching myself !

As his cum subsided, I continued to stroke and squeeze the remaining cum from his cock, caressing and lightly squeezing his balls to get every last drop…his legs were weak and shaking, his grip on my shoulders loosened, and began to drape themselves over my shoulders and down my back…his body was beginning to slump toward my kneeling body, so I stood up. He just hugged me, arms around my neck, and I pulled him close to my body…we stood there under the beating shower water until he had the strength to stand on his own again. Even though he can now stand on his own again, he held me close like you would a lover…neither of us said a word for a few minutes, standing with the water from the shower beating down on us…until he said, “that was remarkable…now it’s your turn !” and grabbed my swollen dick.

Benny stepped back a few inches, then kneeled in front of me, and proceeded to stroke my cock as I had done his, with a soapy hand, gripping it firmly, with his right hand and starting with slow, smooth strokes from the bulbous head to the bushy shaft end he rhythmically stroked my solid as a tree cock limb. With his left hand, I felt him tickling, squeezing and juggling my balls, and periodically rubbing my taint from the balls to my ass crack. His grip was firm…firmer than the way I jerk myself off…but much more inviting. His strokes were solid and determined, as their goal was to deliver pleasure and get the reward of hot jizz from my steel rod….if I didn’t know any better, I would say that he has done this before…if it was to himself, he was an aficionado of jerking off, if it was to others, they, as now I, were VERY lucky !

Because of the excitement I had just experienced with stroking Benny and having him cum all over me…I was already on the edge of cuming, so it didn’t take long before I was moaning and ready to blow. My mind went blank, and all I could acknowledge was the intense feeling Benny was giving to my piss chute ! I felt the lava starting to churn in my balls. I could feel that Benny’s stroking has now mixed the soap with my oozing precum, which has made his hand slicker and stroking faster…the feeling was indescribable ! The last thing I remember is holding onto Benny’s shoulders, the noise of the shower water hammering on my head and shoulders, and a remarkable rush of cum shooting up my searing hot shaft like a volcano erupting.
Through the noise of the shower, I heard myself grunting caveman like noises and louder than my grunts is Benny yelling “oooohhhhh, wow !, damn !!!”. I regained my composure and looked down at Benny who had cum in his hair, on his eyelid, across his nose, and on his chin, chest and hand, who lovingly looked at me and said, “damn man….you cum in buckets ! that was like an elephant came !!”, obviously not comprehending the bucket of cum his cock deposited on me !

We stood up laughing, and washed each other’s bodies completely, with me sticking my soapy finger a little way into Benny’s asshole as I washed the crack of his ass. He stood there, trusting, and just said, “careful back there” with a laugh.

We finished the shower, and spoke about what we did and how it felt while we got dressed again, and we went out to dinner.

The next day, Troy and Benny came to the house…I had in the back of my mind that Benny was going to tell me that Troy wanted to shower with us…but that was wishful thinking.
When the doorbell rang I was naked (I told you !!!), and I saw Benny and Troy through the glass. Thoughts ran through my head...I know being naked in front of Benny is not an issue, but Troy has not seen me naked and might freak, or be uncomfortable seeing me naked. On the other hand, being naked in front of Troy may prove to be the thing that gets all 3 of us into a sex romp.

I thought better of the situation and threw on a pair of soccer shorts (no underwear) that was in the laundry bin in the nearby laundry room. I opened the door and simultaneously I heard Troy say, “Hi Tommy” while Benny gave me the snide remark, “what kept you, were you jerking off ?” and both the boys giggled. They stepped in and sat in the living room. I sat and said, “what’s up guys ?” Benny spoke first and said, “Troy and his parents are going to Orlando tomorrow for two weeks”. “Awesome” I said, “will you go to Disney ? I love the rides there” Troy said, “yeah, I was there once before when I was younger, but I remember that I liked it. My dad goes on the rides with me, my mom is too scared too”. I saw that Benny’s facial mood changed, and realizing that he was hearing about Benny and his dad having fun together, I said to Benny, “hey Benny…would you like to go there or somewhere with me for a vacation sometime ?” His face brightened up and became absolutely radiant, tears almost filling his eyes…and screamed, “Hell’s yeah !!!”. I said, “we’ll have to check with your mom to make sure it’s ok, but let’s keep it in plans.” The next statement I sort of expected, but it still hurt when I heard Troy say, “she don’t care…she likes it when he’s not around”. I looked at Benny and expected his face to change again, or at least hear him say to Troy, ‘that’s not true, or shut the fuck up’, anything to identify that Troy was mistaken about Benny’s mother’s feelings and love toward Benny…but instead, I heard Benny say, “yeah…the less time I am with her, the better she likes it”. My heart sank, and tears started to well up in my eyes. What could this “innocent” kid of 14 years possibly have done to his mother to give everyone the impression that he wasn’t wanted.

I asked if they wanted to sit out on the deck, and have a coke…but Troy said, I have to go, my dad wants me to have dinner and focus on packing. I told Benny, well, if you have nothing to do, you can stay. He said, “no thanks, I gotta go to, but I might be back later”. I said ok, wished Troy a good trip and they left.
With Troy gone, and little kids to hang with, Benny has been coming over almost every day. Sometimes he is sitting on my steps when I return from work….he is a very horny boy….he has adopted my “Constantly naked every chance I get” theory, and we are naked almost every minute we are together….of course, it is easier to have spur of the moment sex when you don’t have to remove each other’s clothes every time.

We are having great times together…playing games, watching TV or movies (sometimes porn….straight, gay, lesbian, and a few times…animal sex). Benny was into almost everything …he was the most opened minded person (regardless of age) I have ever met in my life…I was so impressed with his attitude…that I have adopted it and still live in the non-judgmental, “anything that works for you” attitude…which allows me to, now at age 50, continually have young men/boys befriend me, because I don’t judge them for what they do or like to do, no matter how strange.

Being naked all the time with Benny is awesome ! One of us will be laying on the couch, and the other will eventually get between his legs and lounge out on top of him while watching TV….on commercials, we can poke each other in the ribs, tickle each other, or start stroking the other’s dick…which usually ends up with a quick blow job or fuck (if the show we are watching is good) or a relocation to the bedroom or shower for a loooonnnggggg sex session (if the show we are watching sucks). Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you about the blow jobs and fucking ! Please see part 3....

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I'm 18 and I picture me as u And damn near cum while reading

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