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Hi this is the first time I've shared this story. Let me know what you think

Honestly my child hood was pretty crappy. I never knew my dad and my mum had been a drunk as long as I could remember. Every weekend she would have a massive parties that I'd be left to clean up after as well as clear everyone out once she passed out.

Once weekend when I was about 12 I stuck to the edge on the stairs and watched everyone drinking and dancing. I heard laughing from the kitchen. I moved further down the stairs so I could see.
At first I didn't understand what I was seeing. Heaps of people were standing around the bench and I couldn't tell what they were looking at. A few moved a bit and I saw my mum completely naked laying across the bench. A guy had something between her legs. After a bit I realized it was a beer bottle. I was worried about her. But she was smiling and every one else was laughing. Mum kept taking big drinks out of a vodka bottle. Everyone standing around grabbing her boobs and her pussy. I couldn't stop watching. I saw aunty Leah (my mums best friend) climb up onto the bench and lift her skirt. She lowered herself onto my mums face then starting rubbing back and forth. She started to make noises I had never heard before. I watched for what seemed like forever. All these years of mum partying and I had never seen this. All the guys standing around we're cheering Leah on and the guys near mums feet still had the beer bottle inside her.

By the time Leah got off the bench mum was passed out. I thought she was dead but then I saw her chest rise and fall. I didn't want to walk out there while mum was like that so I sat up the top of the steps out of sight until everyone left.

A hour or so later the house was empty again except me and mama. I headed down stairs to start cleaning. I grabbed a blanket and dropped over mum. The beer bottle was still between her legs and I was to scared to move it.

I cleaned the house then as I was heading back to bed I passed mum she had moved a bit and the blanket was now on the floor. Her legs were wide open. I don't know why I did it but I gave the bottle a small push back up inside her pussy. She let out a small moan and I dropped to the floor thinking she was waking up. A few minutes later he was snoring again. I tried again. Moving it slowly in and out. I felt something between my own legs. I slid my hand up my nightie and under my undies. My fanny was wet and rubbIng it softly felt really good. I'd never done this before but instantly I lived it. I still hand my hand on the beer bottle but was more interested in what I had found on my self.

Mum moved again and again I dropped to the floor. Her arm came off the side on the bench and hung over the side. Again I waiting until the snoring started again. I knew her would be out cold for hours yet but didn't want to risk her catching me. When I stood back up I moved around to her side and gave her boob a small squeeze. As I leant over her arm rubbed over my wet pussy. It felt great I quickly pulled my undies down and lifted my nightie. I pushed up against it rubbing up and down slowly at first then fasting feeling her arm get wetter and wetter as I slid on it. She hadn't moved for a while so I pulled back until I had her hand pushed against me I started using her fingers against myself.

I kept this up for ages then decided I wanted to try what I saw Leah doing I climbed up on the bench. And lowered myself down towards her face. I rubbed slowly across her nose and lips it felt better than using her arm. When she started to move again I jumped off and ran to my room.

Laying in my bed I heard mum moving Down stairs. Did she know what I had done?? I heard her moving towards my room she did pause at my door. I squeezed my eyes shut. But she didn't open the door just stopped for a fee seconds then walked on to her own room. It was still dark outside when I heard the shower turn on I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up an hour or so later to mum talking on the phone. I couldn't make out who it was too but she sounder angry.

I opened my door quietly and listened harder. She was talking to Leah well yelling at Leah was a better term. Yelling at her for leaving her naked on the bench because I could have seen her. Obviously mum didn't remember how messy the house was otherwise she would have known I cleaned as defiantly saw her and a lot more. I went back to bed confused about everything I had done but pretty happy mum was unaware.

I waited until I heard mum pgo back into her room I started to play softly again with my fanny. Rubbing. Feeling the wet come back slowly. My breathing got quicker and I started to pant. I got up on my knees and rubbed harder faster. I started to feel strange the build up was weird I kept going as long as I could then collapsed back on my bed out of breath and my hand all sticky. I lifted it slowly to my face and sniffed then licked the end on my finger. As I did I heard a noise but as I looked up my bedroom door had just closed.

Had someone been watching? Was I mum

Let me know what you think and if you want to hear more of the story

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2012-10-14 22:37:56
Really good! Keep going!

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2012-08-04 15:24:57
enjoyed it keep going.

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2012-07-25 02:54:29
Hun write all you want dont let that dumbass discourage you . You did good .

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2012-07-24 16:57:25
I want to hear more about your Mom & U

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2012-07-24 08:57:19
Previous AR that's really not called for you didn't have to read it grow up.

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