Cousin Tara

Mark slumped down onto the couch and took a moment to reflect on the last few days.

He had been out of town to attend his grandfather’s funeral. The whole family had turned out for it, despite everyone living in different cities. Sad as the situation was, Mark was looking forward to seeing his family again. Get-togethers were not too frequent and some cousins he hadn’t seen in a decade. Mark found it interesting in seeing how people had changed in that time. Nothing had prepared him, however, for the changes that had come over his cousin Tara.

The last time Mark had seen Tara she was six years old. His family had flown over to visit hers for a few days over the summer. She had been shy and quiet at that age so he didn’t get to talk with her much. Being twelve years her senior didn’t leave much common ground anyway. This image of Tara had stayed in the back of his mind for the years that followed.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he got to the service.

Tara had transformed into a beautiful budding sixteen year old. In her heels, she stood Half a foot shorter than Mark and was thin, almost delicate. She had long straight auburn hair with flecks of gold throughout. Her eyes were hazel and entirely captivating. She had fair skin with just a few freckles on her nose. She wore a collared, button up shirt and a skirt that stopped just above the knee. Black patterned stockings covered her legs. In a word, she was stunning.

After the service everyone went to Tara’s parent’s place for food and beverage. Mark leaned against the wall by the food table and talked to people as they passed. When Tara came to get some carrot cake they chatted a bit. It turns out she was going to his city next weekend to visit an old friend that had moved years ago. Mark was shy and a bit concerned about the thoughts he was having about his underage cousin. As a result, his responses had been a bit fumbling and awkward. Tara didn’t seem to mind, though. Upon reflection, she seemed a bit flushed and shy herself.

Just as she was about to move on, passing between Mark and the table, another relative blocked her path. To Mark’s surprise, she didn’t walk around. Tara just stood there with her back to Mark just barely an inch from his chest. His heartbeat quickened and he looked around to make sure her parents were nowhere in sight. Tara then pulled all her hair around and over her right shoulder, exposing her exquisite neck to Mark. The faint scent of her shampoo filled his senses. It was all he could do to maintain outward control and not acting on his urges.

Thoughts in that vein sent Mark’s physiology into motion and he felt his cock start to swell. There wasn’t much space between his growing bulge and Tara’s backside but that fact didn’t seem to quell his lust. In fact, it seemed to make things worse and his breathing started to quicken. Tara, being so close as to feel his exhalations on her bare neck, turned her head to look up at him, concerned.

“Are you alright?” she asked, brown furrowed. “ You’re breathing heavy.”

“It’s nothing,” Mark responded. “Just, uh, hot out. I mean, in here.”

“Oh,” said Tara. Just as she replied, the person blocking her path moved away and she made to step past. Mark’s swollen member meant there was less space to shuffle past and her skirt gently grazed the front of his pants. She then paused for a moment and half turned to say, “It certainly is,” before continuing on.

Did she notice? And if she did, what then? Mark had no idea. She didn’t meet his eyes when she spoke so it was difficult to tell. He decided he was reading too much into things and hearing what he wanted to hear. For the rest of the gathering he thought it best to keep his distance from Tara just in case he would find himself having trouble walking. Besides, suit pants didn’t do much to hide an erection and this was certainly neither the time nor the place.

Though he tried to stay focused on the people in front of him, Mark would absentmindedly glance over to where Tara stood. On several occasions he could have sworn she had just turned her head away.
When it was time to leave, everyone met at the door to say goodbye. Fortunately, Mark noticed Tara was the last by the door. He gave a sigh of relief as this might save him from dealing with a half hard cock for the hugs that followed. When he got to her, Tara let her head fall into the curve of his neck. It felt like it fit just right, though it was all wrong for a hug between cousins. There was also just a quick tightening of the hug just before release. In any other situation, Mark would have made a note to get the girl’s number. Here, he couldn’t. Besides, how well did he know her, after only seeing her two or three times in his life? Maybe this was just how she hugged, after all. He got in the car to go to the airport feeling both relieved and confused.

Mark finished off the work week and it was largely uneventful. His plans for that weekend had fallen through, as his friends all had dates or outings to attend. He slumped down onto his couch for a few moments of quiet reflection.

He’d been there for about a minute before his phone started buzzing. He looked over and it was a text from a number he didn’t know. He pulled it up.

“hey its tara. krista had a family emergency and i cant stay at their place this weekend. can i crash at yours???”

Mark felt like he was on a ride at the travelling fair, the rocking ship that made his stomach do flips. This was his worst nightmare and his secret desire. He could be strong, though. He’d never made a move on his friend’s girls despite the very clear signals they were sending when they got too drunk. He could do this.

“Yeah, no problem. The couch is yours. Do you know how to get here?”

“lol no. where are you?”

“112 Strathmore Way, unit 235. Just buzz up I’ll let you in.”

“k see you soon ;)”

Uh oh, thought Mark. The winky face. Like the hug, it was a symbol filled with subtext. Was it just a cute habit? Was it to take the place of a real wink? Mark had no idea. In just a few minutes Mark’s world had slid out from under him. How was it that girls were so adept at doing that? He decided he needed to calm himself down and opened a bottle of wine.

He was just finishing the glass when his phone buzzed again.


“Hey, it’s Tara.”

“Cool, come on up.”

When he opened the door, he was almost as surprised as he was when he saw her at the service. Gone was the buttoned up demure young woman. In its place stood a vixen. She wore a long length of fabric that she wrapped tightly around her lithe form. It clung to her elegant curves as if it was made for her. She wore it like a strapless dress with a thin open long sleeved shirt over top. Her hair was down but no longer straight. It had a subtle wave to it, in what must have been a response to the higher humidity than she was used to.

All this would have been enough to give any man pause. Mark stood transfixed due to one further accessory: snugly tied around her neck was a dark ribbon maybe three quarters of an inch wide. The ties hung down her back. This was precisely the thing that drove Mark crazy. The best kind of crazy, thought Mark, unless your mothers were sisters. It was going to be a hard night.

“So, can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah, come on in.” How long had he been staring? Idiot. “Can I take your coat, er, shirt?” You’re not doing any better here, dude.

“Sure. And it’s a shirt,” she smirked. Instead of taking it off and handing it to Mark, she turned to let him help. Mark was reminded of their moment by the snack table. So was his dick. A hard night indeed.

They went to the couch and made the usual small talk. Her flight had been delayed en route – they had a plane but no crew. School was going well for her, if a bit dull. She was bright, thought Mark. They talked about his work, which he seemed to think was a little dull, too. Throughout all this, they managed to polish off that bottle of wine. Though sixteen, she didn’t seem to be out of place with a wineglass in her hand. It suited her. Just like the roll-of-cloth dress and the ribbon. She was a wonder.

“Well,” said Tara, eying her empty glass, “Slumber party time. Everyone get in their PJs and then we’ll watch a movie.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mark began.

“Well, I do,” interrupted Tara, full of false indignation. “We can’t have a slumber party without PJs. I read that somewhere. A book.”

“Look, let’s just pick a movie and…”


“I know, it’s just…”




“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Tara paused. That stopped her in her tracks, thought Mark. Now that the barrage had ended he noticed just how close she had edged during the conversation. He was on one end of the couch and Tara was perched between his cushion and the middle one. Their thighs were touching. How had he not noticed before? So warm.

“Didn’t you say that the couch was mine?”


“In your message, you said, and I quote, ‘The couch is yours.’ Do you deny it?” Her eyes had a mischievous glint.

“Well, yeah, but…”

“So my couch my rules, right?” She leaned in and spoke quietly. “Right?”

Mark sighed. “Okay, I concede. PJs it is.”

Tara leapt up, triumphant. “PJs! Okay, see you soon.” She walked to the counter, grabbed her bag, and went into the bathroom.

Had Mark thought this all the way through, he would have realized that he was unable to hold up his end of the bargain. He had no PJs. But he had turned a point when he acceded to her wishes. Mark was going to play along. If Tara was going to tease, Mark would be teased. Such memories were going to fuel his spankbank for years to come. He was done with feeling bad about this. Who cares what thoughts got him off? There’s no thought police so he would do what felt good. With that in mind, he stood up and went to his room to find some briefs and an old shirt.

When he emerged, Tara again took his breath away. She was bent over reading his movie titles in the thinnest shortest nightie he’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was white and had a fuzzy hem that just barely covered the bottom of her cheeks when she was leaning over like that. Mark went to the couch and put his feet up, taking in the view.

“See anything you like?”

She turned her head to meet his eyes but stayed bent over. “Nice undies.”

“I didn’t have much choice,” he replied. “I’m a few years from my PJ era.”

She turned back around and picked out a movie. “So I should just be happy you’re wearing anything, is that it?”

“You should talk, with that nightie you’re barely wearing.”

“If you must know,” she said, straitening up, hair spinning, bringing out the righteous indignation once more, “This is my very favorite nightie. I wore it for all the sleepovers with my best friends all through junior high. It’s for,” she paused, “special occasions.”

“Oh, and what’s so special about tonight?”

As she looked down, her hair fell in front of her face and she wrung her hands nervously.

“I’ve, uh, just had kind of a rough few weeks. I thought this would make me feel special again. I know, it’s kind of stupid, right?”

“No Tara, it’s anything but. What’s been going on?”

Tara put the movie in and came to the couch. While she did this, she told Mark about her douchebag ex who used her and tossed her aside when someone else came along. It all poured out of her and Mark could see that it was still fresh.

“And the worst part,” she was saying, “is that I gave up my virginity to the asshole and it wasn’t even worth it. Complete and utter trash. It's so bad, but I never even came once. I feel like such an idiot.”

“Well you shouldn’t,” said Mark. “There’s no way to know somebody without getting to know them first. Besides, you were probably way too good for him anyway. You’re smart and beautiful Tara. You’re going to find someone, don’t worry.”

Tara looked up into his eyes. “Aw, thanks Mark.” And she smiled. He realized it had been a while since someone smiled at him like that.

She pulled the blanket from the far side of the couch and threw it over the two of them. Once they were covered she snuggled up next to Mark and rested her head on his shoulder.

“There was always snuggling at the slumber parties, too. And blankets.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

“And it’s my couch, Mark.”

“I’m well aware.”

“Press play.”

And he did.

All through the movie, Mark was keenly aware of the softness of her breast on his upper arm. Her head resting on his shoulder reminded him of that hug they shared a few days past. Each shift of her position sent Mark into a silent frenzy. He was thankful she thought of the blanket because it did a wonderful job of covering his huge erection. He wasn’t even watching the movie anymore. He just focused on the softness and her breathing.

She shifted positions again and her knee brushed up against his hard cock.

“Hey now,” she said, voice low and sultry, “what have we here?”

Mark scrambled for an answer that was remotely plausible but nothing came out.

“Well, uh…”

“I think I know,” she said coyly, “Let’s see here…”

Mark felt her hand brush against his thigh and come to rest on his dick. She gently rubbed him through the front of his underwear and let out a soft moan.

“Mmm, you have a boner.” When she looked up and met his eyes that mischievous glint was back. “Why do you have a boner, Mark?”

He couldn’t come up with anything to say so he just told her the truth. He figured he was past the point of no return anyway.

“Tara, you’ve been driving me crazy. Your outfit, your nightie, that fucking ribbon. Crazy.”

“Crazy, huh? Let’s see just how crazy, why don’t we.”

Mark felt her hand slide under his waistband and wrap around his cock. He helped pull the briefs down to his knees. The blanket was still over them both which really turned up the heat for Mark. He saw her eyes widen slightly when she firmly grasped it. Her soft hands were like nothing he’d ever felt before.

“Mmm. Mark?”


She paused, bit her lip, and then spoke resolutely.“I want you to fuck me.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“I mean it. I want you to fuck me. Tonight.”

“Tara, our parents…”

“Never have to know a thing,” she interrupted. “I want this,” she said, starting to stroke his cock up and down. “I really want this.” She draped one leg over his. “I want it so fucking bad.” She whispered all this into his ear, her lips lightly brushing his neck. “I want to be fucked by someone who knows how to fuck.” She nibbled his ear. “Mmm. And I want to make you cum, Mark.” Her other hand cupped his balls. “And I know you want me to.” The strokes were faster, now. “I’ve seen the way you look at me.” She slowed back down and gave his cock and extended tight squeeze for one slow upstroke. “I know you want this too.”

She pulled the covers off them both and straddled Mark on her knees. She reached back behind her and grabbed his cock. She pulled it up to gently rest on her labia. It was at this point that Mark realized she hadn’t been wearing underwear under her nightie.

“Last chance, Mark.”

“Do it.”

His cock slid into her slowly and each inch felt like bliss. Her eyelids fluttered and she let out a gasp halfway between pain and pleasure. Bathed in the light of the screen, Mark had never seen anything so beautiful. She pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the side. Tara then adjusted herself but let out a slight groan.

“Unh,” she whispered.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m good. It’s pain but it’s good pain,” she replied, biting her lower lip. “Mmm, really good pain.”

Mark let Tara set the pace. They started slowly at first, her hips gently rocking back and forth. She set her arms on his shoulders and they shared each other’s breath. He rubbed his hands all over her skin, making his way up the back of her nightie. Her breathing deepened as he gently traced her spine with his fingertips and she started to go a little faster.

Mark started to explore her young body. He reached up and cupped her breasts, gently rubbing her nipples. Tara let out a long moan punctuated with changes in pitch with each bounce of her hips. Suddenly, she reached down and whipped off her nightie in one fluid motion. She started rocking harder now, and her moaning was gaining volume and speed.

Mark grabbed her ass as she rode his cock. Tara responded by leaning forward and giving him a face full of her breasts. His hands travelled up and down her back and ass and could tell that she was really close now. He decided that he was going to make her cum. Lightly, he grazed his fingertips over her lower inner ass cheeks.

“Oooohhhh mmmmmyyyyyy ggggooooooddddd….” she moaned.

Tara leaned forward and rested her head in the crook of his neck, moaning with each breath. Mark kept playing with her ass cheeks, tilting his pelvis up to penetrate her as deeply as possible.

Suddenly, Tara’s rhythm became out of sync and she shuddered. This went on for about fifteen seconds before she settled down again but she never stopped rocking her hips. Ten seconds passed and she quivered again. Mark, having never produced multiple orgasms in someone before, had no idea what to do. He decided the best thing was to keep doing what he was doing, and was rewarded by another shudder a moment later.

“Holy fuck,” gasped Tara after a minute, evidently still trying to catch her breath. “That’s what sex is like?”

“It is if you do it right,” Mark responded, “though that’s the first time my partner has ever had multiples before.”

“It just kept going,” she said, her eyes wide. “I’ve never felt anything like it. Not even from a vibrator.”

Mark swelled with pride.

“Still, though,” said Tara thoughtfully, “I didn’t feel you twitch. So what are we going to do about that?”

She gingerly dismounted, the sensation awakening Marks lust. To his surprise, Tara got down on her knees in front of Mark.

“I wonder what I taste like,” she mused while gently stroking his cock, seemingly unsure about what she wanted to do next. Her eyes followed his bobbing dick with rapt attention, almost cross-eyed. “Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out,” she said coyly. Decision made, she bent over and took Mark’s swollen head into her mouth.

“Mmm,” she hummed, sending vibrations into his cock. The sensation was incredible. Mark couldn’t think of anything hotter than this moment – his hot cousin sucking her juices off his dick. She knew what she was doing here, too. Just the right amount of warm sucking and rubbing her tongue over the head. She kept moaning too, apparently having almost as much fun as he was.

She looked up suddenly. “I want you in me again.”

Without another word, she led Mark by his dick over to where the blanket fell on the floor. She lay back onto it, hair fanned out behind her and legs splayed, knees bent. Mark got down on his knees between her legs and set his tip against her opening. Once more, she used her hand to guide him in, pulling her lips apart with the other.

Sliding in felt as amazing as it had before. Tara seemed to take it better, too. No pain, just pleasure.
“Mmm, fuck me, Mark. I want to feel you cum.”

Mark lay on top of her, his head in the crook of her neck now. He could smell the shampoo again and it amplified his senses. With each thrust, Tara’s breathing quickened. Mark picked up speed, and Tara’s moaning gradually grew louder.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh,” Tara moaned, her nails digging into his back.

Mark’s rhythm was increasing slowly, building. Tara’s legs wrapped around the back of his own. He lost himself in the sensation of her youthful nubile body.

“Oh my god… I want to… feel it… your cum… feel you cum… in me… oh god… I want it… oooohhhh… I’m gonna cum…. I’m go-aaaahhh…”

Mark came harder than he ever had in his life. He and Tara both shuddered there on the floor, lost in ecstasy.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Mark raised his head and looked into Tara’s eyes.

“Hey there, cuz,” she said in a playful yet seductive voice. “Was it good for you?”

“Tara, that was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

She smiled at that. “Mine too.”

He rolled off her and they both lay there a minute, staring up at the ceiling. After the euphoria wore off, Mark came back to the world and started thinking about the situation he now found himself in.

“Tara, what do we do now?”

She paused a moment before answering. “Well, I’ve been thinking. This can’t go on forever. We’d get found out.”


“I don’t have anywhere to be until the flight leaves on Sunday. Do you?”

Mark thought about it. “Nope, my weekend’s wide open.”

“Okay then,” said Tara, resolute. “What we do then is get this all out of our system. We’re going to fuck like crazy all weekend and then go back to our lives. We’ll have our memories and they’ll have to be enough for the both of us going forward. Deal?”

Mark couldn’t believe his luck. All weekend. That was almost forty more hours. “Deal.”

Tara smiled. “Splendid. Well, I’m going to go have a shower. We’ll need frequent shower breaks, I imagine, sweaty as we’ll be. I’ll build them into our schedule. You do what you need to do to recharge – drink some orange juice or whatever – and then meet me in there.” She flashed that mischievous grin and her voice took on a playful lilt. “I’ll be waiting.” With that, she stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Mark watched her walk away fixated on her swaying hips, a smile on his face. After the door closed he sighed contentedly, sat up, and went to the fridge.

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