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They made noises that made my pussy hurt. I sat there & watched as he kissed every inch of her he kissed her “down there” as he did me but on her bare pussy using his tongue, why didn’t he do it like that to me too?, I wondered. She was begging for his dick now, he tells me to lie on Pat facing him. She held me to her my back pressed against her breast, her legs spread wide she runs her hands on my body & pussy I’m shocked, because Tony doesn’t ever touch me there & this was Pat’s first time touching me. It was a soft touch but she was in a sex frenzy, her hands was all over me, she removed my nighty, she was talking dirty to Tony telling him to fuck her. She spreads me open & Tony starts to kiss me again “down there” but not using his tongue just soft pecks as if he’s kissing my cheek. He sniffs my pussy while kissing it & tells me I smell delicious. He starts to kiss Aunt Pat’s using his tongue & she goes crazy! Hugging my body tight as if she’s holding on so that I won’t fall. He alternates between tongue kissing her pussy & sniffing mine. He comes up & start to rub the tip of his dick on her pussy with my legs still spread he’s looking at my pussy as he does this, she continuously runs her hand over my pussy & he says her name almost as he’d used a question mark after her name…questioning her actions-what she was doing to my pussy. He then lays his body on me & start to fuck her. They’re kissing & at the same time whispering into my ears that am ‘such a good girl’. His body on mine, his belly grinding into my crotch & his dick in her pussy. It didn’t seem long they were both shaking & he was hollering that he was cumming…he cummed inside her. We would do this every now & then. Me sandwiched between them during their fuck sessions. Sometimes she would ride him & have him spread me open for her to have a view of my pussy at times even picking me up & making me straddle her while she rode his dick, bouncing me up & down while giving him a view of my pussy & ass. Rubbing my pussy as she did.

One day after we went into the living room for bed, I noticed a little later that they came for Tiff. I was too sleepy to wanna stay up to find out, but I had an idea of what took place the night before when we woke up the next morning & Tiff was still in their room. They claimed that she complained of a belly ache & would not be going to school. I think they worked her out & kept her up all night. And probably wanted to continue their session while Tanya & I were in school. Tiff was a bit more advanced than us because when we did play together she would be more of the aggressor. Pushing herself on us making us finger fuck her. She'd would hump us hard & sometimes play too hard with our pussies. She would play with our pussies spontaneously, on the school bus, church basement, in the park. She'd do it at odd times & whereever she thought in her mind we wouldn't be caught.
We did get caught one day at church it was her, one of our church girlfriend & me. We were in the storage closet humping on each other fully clothed but bare hands in each other's bare pussies. We must of been making noises that weren't aware of so in comes an elder who scolded us about our actions & the fact that we were disrespecting the "Lord's House". I started to cry & so did our friend but Tiff look more upset that we were interrupted. She told us to fix ourselves up & go wash our hands. She then marched us to the pastor's office & we sat outside as she went inside to speak to him about our foul behavior in his church. They both came out, she left & he led us all into his office. He sat us down & started to talk about how it was wrong for us to do that especially in chuch. He wasn't as mad as I thought he'd be, certainly not as mad as that elder who caught us. He said he wouldn't mention it to our parents if we promised him we wouldn't do it again, and of course we promised. Cause lord knows Tiff & me would be crucified!! Later on, I was to find out how he would use that as leverage in order to have his way with us. I will write about that in a later post.
Tiff is now a lesbian, Tanya & I are bisexual but we're not out there with it 'cause the churchy people in our family almost disowned Tiff for coming out. Closet anyone???

During one of those sessions with Aunt Pat & Tony, which lasted until I was in the 5th grade at about 10yo, Tony did start to get comfortable with touching my pussy & eventually eating it too. My Aunt Pat ate my pussy too even when Tony wasn’t there. We sometimes had solo sessions just her & I. I never sucked anybody’s dick or pussy…not that I would’ve had a choice but they never ask me to.

They also had fuck sessions with Tiff. The sessions always involved either them & me or them & Tiff. Tanya never had one with them just the “powder angel” game…she told me later on that was the extent. I never told her about the fuck sessions but she has an idea that things for Tiff & me did go beyond our game.


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Just got this update from Glenn:Well, much of my anitxey is over. Today TIFF sent me an email at 12:41pm telling me that my ticket order has been processed. Last year, I got all but one ticket for the Agnes Varda film. This year, I got all but one ticket for DOGTOOTH (one of the big discoveries at Cannes and it sounds interesting and was in my top ten most want to see). Unfortunately, the DOGTOOTH screening takes place in the same multi-plex fifteen minutes after another film I'm seeing ends. So, the line for last minute tickets will be very long and I'm certain not to get in. I'll try to figure something out. But the great news is they got my ticket request and processed it and I'll be seeing most of what I wanted to see. ANTICHRIST here I come!! Glenn

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beutiful i cant believe they didn understand i did u hav 2 pay attencion in the story but nice story

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im lost, but i dont care, cause i came xD

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I have no idea what the hell is going on in the story

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