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The second chapter of the Revolution Initiative
The transition from the ships back to the surface was a slow one, and as expected many people learned very quickly that life as they had once know had changed drastically. A civilization that had once been technologically advanced enough to escape the world and nearly destroy it's self had been forced to devolve back to nearly a stone age life style.

One of the first things to become a luxury was clothing. People learned that as soon as they hit the surface and cleared the transition facility that they had a couple pairs of clothes that would have to last them until such time as some one managed to re-create the ability to make cloth. Once again people began wearing pelts and anything else they could scrounge in nature. Civilization now resembled something akin to the native Americans of north America and the Aborigines of Australia. Thanks to the modern technology of guns animals like deer and cattle were obtainable fairly readily. In some of the more temperate areas people established colonies that were for the most part clothing optional. The basic Loin cloths were the norm and if a female was extremely worried about a man seeing her body the occasional dress or bikini had been fashioned.

The one thing that seemed constant all over the multiple colonies was when a woman became pregnant she would always display her belly as proudly as possible, be it with berry paints or in some cases some women chose to go nude. The entire colony would celebrate at every confirmation of a new child. In one colony that now existed one the remains of one of the Hawaiian islands many of the women had taken to a competition. They lived together and as a result their cycles soon became similarly organized. This made it easier for them to compete against each other. The challenge was to get pregnant by what ever means necessary. These ladies had all made a conscious decision to not marry. They were intent on repopulating the species and to that end they celebrated when their cycles reached ovulation.

The youngest of these women was Tallia. Her parents had bought her passage into the project but failed to secure passage themselves. She was 14 when they reached the remains of the earth and had been living in the colony for 2 years now. As her 16th birthday approached she was excited. The Laws stated at the age of 16 she could finally do her part in the propagation of the species. All the women she lived with had allowed her to watch and learn the arts of coaxing the seed from the men and into their waiting wombs. She had even been allowed to participate to some extent a couple times. As the day finally arrived Tallia awoke to find all the women she lived with encircling her bed. All stood naked in the young girls room. 10 women in all 6 proudly displaying swelled bellies, 2 were still waiting to see if they had conceived and still 2 more were still too young to get impregnated.

"Good Morning sleepyhead" Erica the oldest and most bred women in the room spoke up. Erica was even now pregnant with her third child though only a month or 2 along she looked radiant with a berry painted spiral on her slight pooch. "Tallia Today is your 16th birthday, and as is tradition we your sisters are here to prepare you to join the ranks of womanhood. Are you ready?"

Without even moving Tallia smiled excitedly and said "yes, I am all yours"

In moments her light sheet was was pulled aside and the women set to work on the new young woman. She was lifted from her bed and taken to the the house shower where 3 of the women cleansed Tallia. Her first round of cleansing was a very short water shower followed by her being carried a chair shaved of all body hair and cleaned with the tongues of the women attending to her. They were very thorough to make certain each and every erogenous zone on the young ladies body received attention. As the pleasure became too much, a fourth of her "sisters" would step into the chamber and bury her face between Tallia's beautiful legs. When this happened the other women would take turns at Tallia's breasts and nipples causing her to plunge into orgasm after orgasm. As her pussy spasmed and her juices began to drip a small bowl of powder was placed under her to catch the secretions. Once the women were all content that Tallia had been sufficiently "cleansed" They gave her a short time to recover.

Tallia lay in the chair, her nipples hard and erect, her freshly shaved vagina shiny with spit and her own juices. Finally 3 of the pregnant women entered the room. Sandra a black haired goddess with a full belly was in the lead with the small bowl that had been under Tallia's pussy. Behind her walked one of Tallia's best friends Renee, whose belly while not full size was decorated with paints to accent the child inside, and finally Jean, a mousy little woman whose 4 month belly looked like an 8 month belly on her small frame.

Sandra was the first to speak, "Tallia welcome to womanhood. we are here to adorn you so that all the men of the colony will know that you are prepared to mate." She held up the small bowl that had been used to collect Tallia's own Pussy Juices. As Sandra began to speak again the other 2 woman flanked her on either side and took one of Tallia's hand in theirs while Sandra lowered herself between Tallia's legs. "As is customary the sisters have pleasured you in preparation of your first mating. Now is the time for you to give back some of that pleasure." As she said this both women on either side placed Tallia's hand that they held to their slits. "Pleasure your sisters while I attend to you."

Slowly Tallia began to rub and massage the sex regions of the two pregnant women all the while Sandra alternated between painting something on her chest and eating her pussy. As the passion in the small room increased so did the strong sweet smell of sex. Tallia was the first to climax as Sandra's Tongue made circles around her clit and the bristles of the paint brush gently tickled her skin the sensations were too much for the young woman. She screamed out in passion and her pussy once again began dribbling fluids which the adept Sandra did not waste. She quickly placed the bowl under Tallia's dripping pussy collecting as much of the precious juice as possible. As Tallia climaxed she redoubled her stimulation of the women at each of her hands. Jean was the next to reach her orgasm. As she began to climax she pushed herself a little further up Tallia's arm causing the girl to slip from her wet dripping pussy into her small puckered asshole. This surprise sensation caused Jean to climax even harder, the small woman arched her back and quickly grabbed either side of her pussy. Grinding against Tallia's arm once she sprayed her own pungent pussy juice all over Tallia's Arm, side and even some hit her face.

"Ohhh" exclaimed Renee on the other side of Tallia, "That looked fun" she said with a wicked smile and without hesitation she reached behind herself and gently pushed a finger into her own ass as Tallia watched with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. "Ohh that is nice" Renee grunted, "Very" she gasped and Arched her own back, "NICE!!!" She screamed as her own climax washed over her. Tallia was rewarded with the Thick sweet smelling pussy juice from Renee being deposited into her hand that was still busy in the climaxing woman's slit. Feeling her hand now covered in her best friends pussy nectar excited the already nearly high Tallia and pushed her into yet another orgasm, this one more powerful then any of the previous. Instead of just a few dribbles, this time her pussy exploded all over the face of Sandra who had just finished her painting and was now burying her face between the young girls legs. Sandra came up for air and all three women looked at her, covered in the goo of Tallia and giggled. Sandra simply smiled and wiped as much of it off her face and onto Tallia's smooth legs. The three pregnant woman moved back away from Tallia who lay perfectly still aside from her ragged breathing and still dripping slit.

"Young Tallia, you are now prepared for your first mating. Is there a man in the colony you have chose to take your flower?" and for the first time Tallia looked down at her chest. Her breasts, her stomach, and her crotch and pussy we all painted with beautiful pink flowers that seemed to be sprouting out of pussy. A tear began to escape from the corner of her eye. "It's beautiful" she said as she began to cry.

"Yes beautiful and powerful. The pink pigment is from the crushed petals of roses and orchids. That powder is mixed with your own sex juices to provide a powerful smell and sensation. If there is a man in the colony you wish to bed you for the first time just ask him to lick one of your flowers, and let the pheromones and his hormones do the rest." Sandra said as she gently rubbed her own pussy. "This is a special day and per the rules of the colony any man you chose today is excused from his regular work schedule and is yours until the sun rises tomorrow. So I ask again, is there a man of whom you will take into your flower garden?"

Tallia blushed slightly and coyly nibbled on the end of a finger, she looked to Renee and smiled, "I have been thinking about a particular guy but i will need to ask permission first. Renee, Can i borrow Bobby? He is the one that got you knocked up isn't he?"

Now it was Renee's turn to blush. She placed a hand gently on her belly, "Yes this is Bobbies child. He is Very talented and has a Cock that hits all the right spots, I suppose you can borrow him, I might ask if I can watch the fun but thats up to you."

"Of Course you can,"Tallia responded as she finally rose from her seat.

"Then Go child" Sandra said with a smile, "Go and become a Woman and if all goes well Go and become a Mother." Then Sandra turned to Renee, "Renee, Take Tallia to this man and see to it that he plants his seed deeply in her garden"

Tallia took two steps and held out a hand to Renee, who took the hand and was instantly pulled into a Kiss by Tallia. "Thanks" Tallia said as they walked from the room and headed for the door of the building.

The two women walked outside into the day. Still fully nude they walked proudly through the small colony. Their bodies glistened in the sun and drew attention to them from everyone. Women, even the married women that chose to wear leather cloths nodded and smiled knowing that the young girl painted with the bright flower was about to become a full woman. Men took double takes and even in a couple cases stopped and kissed the back of the hands of both women offering their services to them both. Eventually they came to the building that was where the Captain of the Guard had his office. Renee stepped into the shade of the building first, the cool air and the stares form the men outside was having an affect on her as her nipples stood proudly in front of her. Tallia followed, she was so excited that she had just walked nude through the colony that once again her pussy was happily wet and starting to dribble down her legs. Armond, the Captain of the guard stood, he was a handsome man himself and women all through the colony knew that under the loin cloth he wore was a cock the size of Tallia's wrist and forearm. Stories blazed through the colony that this man had personally fathered more children in this colony that any other man just because many of the women wanted to have that monster cock between their legs.

Armond smiled thinking he was about to get the rest of the day off. "What can I do for you two lovely ladies" he said with a smirk.

Renee spoke up"Tallia here would like to request the stud services of Robert Watchman, could you tell us where he is presently?"

The captain's smile dissolved for a moment then he smiled broadly. "He is on guard duty at the south entrance of the colony Shall I have him come here?"

"No that's OK we can go and fetch him" Tallia spoke up with a wicked smile. "Thank you Sir" she said as she turned to leave. Renee quickly spun and followed her.

Once outside They headed for the south gate. "He actually thought he was going to get your cherry" Renee commented.

"As if," Tallia smirked, "I am not about to let him ruin my cunt with that monster cock just yet, besides the way you described Bobby the last time he filled your pussy i wanted to experience that."

"You won't be disappointed" Renee giggled "My pussy is twitching just thinking about seeing him again"

"Renee, i would love for you to do more then watch, My only request is that i get the first load."

"I think that can be arranged." She said touching her belly, "While my pussy doesn't need any of his cum my mouth would love to be wrapped around his cock and balls and maybe even suck some of his cum off or out of you."

"That could be fun."Tallia said with a giggle, as they rounded the corner to see the south entrance. There standing along the path that lead into the colony wearing light leather armor stood the man in question. Robert was still young, and very well built. He smiled when he saw Renee and Tallia walk towards him.

"Renee, Tallia, how are you ladies today?"

"Hey Bobby, were good" Renee started, "Tallia has something she would like to ask you."

He smiled at Tallia allowing his eyes to drift up and down her beautiful body. When his eyes recognized the painting on her belly his smile faded a little. "Sure Sweetie what can I do for you?" he said to Tallia.

She wasted no time, she stepped forward and kissed him full on the mouth allowing her hands to grope all over his body and finally pushing a hand into his pants to feel his cock for the first time. She gave his a suddenly hardening member a gentle squeeze as she pulled her hand back out and broke the kiss. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "I would like you to take my cherry and give me a child deep in my belly the way you did Renee. I want you to take Me and Renee and make love to me and fill my pussy with your seed till it over flows into Renee's Mouth and then i want you to fill me with your cum again and again until a child begins to grow inside me. Please come with us and make me a woman." with that she ran her finger through her wet juicy pussy dragged it through some of the paint that Sandra had placed on her loins and gently wiped it across his lips until he opened his mouth and sucked her finger into his mouth.

He closed his eyes for a second savoring her flavor before pulling his mouth off her finger. "If the rest of you tastes as good as that finger then you can have every drop of my cum." he said with a smirk. He took a couple steps towards a small hut where another guard who had just watched the entire scene was sitting with a hard cock pressing up his loin cloth. Bobby Smirked at him, "Guess your wife's gonna get some tonight ehh Reg? I will see ya tomorrow, I am going to take these two lovely ladies and fuck their brains out and hopefully do my little part for the species."

"Good luck Bobby," the other guard said with a smirk "Give her an extra load for me" he said as the three walked away.
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