Mitch can't quite wrap his brain sound his unfolding life, but Izzy is there to help set him right.
Getting home late last night at around 10, wasn't much of an issue with my parents, only because it was not a school night. Dad asked if I could do a list of chores tomorrow, and I said it wouldn't be a problem, mostly because I had planned on staying home. I needed to sleep some more, mostly because I need to process what happened last night. While it was technically true that we didn't have sex last night, my body was telling me otherwise.

It was about 7:30, and everyone else was up and about. "Mitch, could you please make breakfast for everyone?", Mom called into me.

"What do you want me to make?", feeling like I am becoming the defacto breakfast chef, but I really didn't mind. Cooking was fun, and came pretty easy to me. There was a stretch, last year, when mom was working second shift to cover for someone out for a couple months. My sisters and I took turns, but it was still mostly me.

"Pancakes!", shouted Julia.

"Scrambled eggs and sausage... and some potatoes!", said Becky.

"Just make something simple, we'll all eat it.", said practical Mom. I thought I heard Dad whisper to Mom, "But I wanted pancakes, damn it!" and laughed.

"Give me 20 minutes then.", I shouted back, and got up to work.

I cut some potatoes, put them in a little water, some salt, on the stove on high. Next get the griddle out, heat it. Now the pancake mix, finished, set aside. Get the eggs cracked, some salt and pepper, on the stove, on low. And finally some bacon, we didn't have non-frozen sausage.

Got some OJ, filled 5 glasses. Then filled the griddle with 8 pancakes. Got out the plates, set the table. Time to flip. Stir up the eggs, turn the heat off. All the water on the potatoes has boiled away, toss in some oil, give it a good stir, salt and pepper. Remove the pancakes, refill griddle with remaining batter. Short breather. Incoming Text.

"Had gr8 nite last. What's ur e-mail? wanna cu soon! xoxo"

I texted Izzy back, "dditto!", and gave her my email, which my gentle reader you have no need.

Got my mind back on cooking, and got everything on the table, just as everyone was coming down.

"My god, Mitch, where did you learn all this?", Mom asked.

"Well, from you, I guess. Learning how when you're here, and getting baptized when you're not. That two months you were on second shift was an experience. The job of home cook is highly underrated, so a lot of people don't want to learn. I like it.", I answered.

Everyone sat down and ate. I assume they liked it cause they all thanked me, and to further prove it, left the dishes for me. And out the door they were. I got breakfast cleared and the dish washer going.

I sat down for a moment, thinking to myself what Izzy asked me last night about thinking of her. Either this girl is a first class insatiable slut, or maybe she is just very open with sex, but is she this way with everybody, or just me? I then remembered how Elaine (it still feels weird not to call her Ms. Jones) and the Coach (who I still have not really met, yet) and their open marriage. I assumed what that meant was they were free to sleep with and fuck anyone they choose, at least that is how I understood it. So if Elaine is like a second mother to Izzy, she must see an open marriage as the norm, and therefore having multiple sex partners is normal. This was all too much to take in all at once. I think I need to go a little slower.

I went to lie down, but couldn't stop thinking about Izzy, not because of this little psychodrama I have in my head, but because of how much I loved just being with her last night. I thought of her request to think of her while I masturbate. Was that part of the whole open marriage thing, was it really about not feeling self-conscience about our sexual desires? No matter who is involved? Or how "not normal" they might appear?

By this time my cock was more than half, but not filled with blood, so I took Izzy at her request. And the first thing that came to mind was a blow job. I imagined, I was laying with my legs hanging over the edge of my bed, and Izzy is on her knees between my legs. She still has her baby blue buttondown shirt on and all but the top three buttons are done, giving a glimpse of her cleavage. My cock is standing erect before her face. My head and shoulders are resting on some pillows, giving me a full view of Izzy as she undertakes this project.

She begins to massage her breasts for me, "Do you like to watch?", she asks, I nod silently.

"Well, I guess that's good, as I like you watching me.", she looks down at her sleeves and undoes the buttons. She stands up on her knees, and begins to fondle her breasts. She squeezes them tight. "You know, if you want, I would like to watch you masturbate. Would you do that for me? While I take my shirt off?"

She continues to knead her breasts, while I fulfilled her request. She watched my hand slowly move up and down licking her lips, and rubbing her breasts. She reaches behind herself and undoes her bra. She pulls the shoulder strap down one sleeve and around her hand, and deftly pulls the whole bra out the other sleeve, and places it around my cock, and I move my hand. She quickly engulfs my cock with her mouth, removes it, drops the bra to the floor, and goes back to removing the shirt. "Please, I want to watch you play with yourself.", then licks the head.

By now, she only has two additional buttons open, but she is also pulling it down off her shoulders, almost exposing her nipples, which are clearly erect under the fabric. She gropes her tits some more, tugging at her nipples while she stares me down. One more button,two to go.

She wets a finger and passed it over the slit at the end of my penis. I can feel the blood swelling in my cock, as my hand squeezes in resistance. Pulling hard on her nipples, she lifts her breasts under the shirt. One more button, one remaining.

She lifts her finger to my cock, and runs it through the pre-cum on the head, the puts it to her lips and licks it., "Um, salty and sweet.", last button, and the shirt falls around her arms, exposing her heavenly breasts, only for her hands to hide them again. She smiles.

Dropping her hands, she leans forward, and begins licking my cock, she removes my hand, and slides my whole cock down her throat, and just holds it there, It felt like she was swallowing, or something, as I could feel the head being "massaged" in the back of her throat.

After a few more minutes, I couldn't stand it any more, and told her I was going to cum. She continued to bob her head up and down, looking me in the eyes the whole time. Thinking I shouldn't cum in her mouth, I tried to hold back til she took her mouth away. But she wasn't doing that, and I couldn't hold it any more, and just came. She kept bobbing, and soon cum was dripping from around her lips.

I think it was at that point that I just passed out, because when I woke up I had dried cum all over me. I got up and showered. I then remembered the list of things dad had. It took me about three hours to complete everything on the list.

It was close to 4:30, and my head was still a drift on the sea of Izzy. I was completely lost in thought, but that didn't stop my stomach from wanting food. Heading for the kitchen, I heard my cell phone ringing up in my room. I tried to get there before it stopped and transfered to voicemail, but didn't make it there in time. I looked at the call list, and saw it was Izzy, and hit the call button.

"Hi, can I speak to the most beautiful woman in the world?", I said as she answered.

"Sure, hold on, grandma someones calling for you. She'll be right with you.", Izzy said.

"Haha, very funny."

"You have yet to meet my grandmother, she's at least in that class, if not in the top 1000.", she said very matter of factly. "So, did you get my email?"

"No, haven't been on the computer yet today. Anything important?", I asked.

"Well, hang up and go read, then call me back. I'll be waiting.", and with that she abruptly hung up. I scratched my head wondering what could be so important about the email that she couldn't just tell me on the phone.

I ran downstairs, fired up the computer, and downloaded my email, and opened the one from an Izadore Johansson, this was the first time I even thought she might have a last name, she was "Izzy" to me.

"Thinking of you..." was the subject line, and it made me smile. I started to read what she wrote, and immediately my heart stopped, and I halted my breathing. This is what she wrote:


I couldn't stop thinking of you after I dropped you off last night. When I finally got into my lonely bed, my mind found ways to think of you that most people would blush over. I'm not blushing.

By this time, my hands found it's way to my naked pussy, my other hand just under my right breast. I want to make myself cum while I think of you, and only you, standing naked before me, your erection pointing at me, inviting me.

I reach out and take your cock in my hand, it jumps excitedly at my touch. Moving slowly, I caress you from the base up to the tip. I can almost feel your heart beat, as it pumps more blood into your enlarged member.

I think of what you must taste like, what you would feel like in my mouth, how you might fill me with your seed, forever mine to taste.

I sit up, with my face close to your cock, I masturbate you while wetting my lips. My hand wrapped around, moving slowly, I bring you to my lips and kiss your head, then return to sliding my hand up and down the shaft.

You place your hand on the back of my head, and pull me closer. I open my mouth and take just your head between my lips, and begin to gently suck. I then take you out of my mouth, and lick you as one might lick an ice cream cone.

Opening my mouth, I take you in, slowly inserting more and more, then back out again. I do this several more times, with your hand resting on the back of my head. I can feel you gently moving your hips, gliding your cock in and out of my excited mouth. I love the warm sensation starting in my belly, my free hand is down between my legs playing with my pouting pussy.

Both of your hands are now holding my head, and you are thrusting into my throat with slow, long strokes. The tingling sensation on my tongue is tantalizing. I look up at you and our eyes meet.

You spread your legs a little bit further apart, and begin to fuck my face in earnest. Long strokes in, and you are in the back of my throat, pulling out, and my lips kiss your head.

Your pace quickens and your thrusts are more confident, in and out of my expectant mouth. I moan my approval of having you slide in and out.

"I'm going to cum!", you say, and I can feel my own orgasm starting to begin. Faster and Faster you fuck me. I can feel you begin to tense up, and you shoot your cum into my mouth, still thrusting in and out. You fill my mouth with your seed, and I try to swallow it, but I can feel some running down my chin.

And with that, I release my juices from deep inside. Over and over, I incessantly ejaculate all over my bed.

After you had finished cumming in my head, and I in my bed, I turn over, smiling, I fall asleep.


Wow, somewhere in the middle of that, I lost my pants and was jacking my cock. She fantasizes about me cumming in her mouth. How many times can someone survive "brain meltdown"?

She also wrote in a ps that she would be waiting on my "thoughts"...

And my first thought was "That's one hell of a story.", but I knew what she meant. I tried to write something, but didn't like it, so I ended up rewriting it a couple times. I never wrote anything like this before, so I was hoping for at least a 'c' for a grade.

Once I was done, I read it through to make sure out was OK. It wasn't any sort of masterpiece, like Izzy's, but it would have to do. I hit send, and now the whole world would know I was a bad writer, as well as a perv. I was ready to have some business cards printed.

Mitch Neilsen, writer of bad porn and freelance perv extraordinaire

is what they would read.

A popup window appeared on the screen. It was Izzy. "got ur email, am reading now, will call u when done."

I replied "TTYS".

I couldn't think of anything to distract my mind from thinking about Izzy. I went down to the kitchen and finished cleaning up. I sat in front of the boob-tube just flipping through channel after channel. I flipped to the "Animal Planet", and I got a vision of monkey's dancing around that just made me laugh. Changing the channel once more, I got a clip of some old war footage. It was then I got the biggest shock, the next channel I switched to displayed a nude woman, legs spread wide, and a man drilling his long porn-star cock into her, a few more thrusts and I he pulled out. Grabbing himself, he jerked himself as she was now sitting with her face next to his cock, she had her mouth open, looking up at him, as he began to ejaculate all over her face. By the time he finished, she had cum all over her cheeks, on her breasts, and some in her hair. It was hot.

I imagined the two people to be Izzy and myself, and my cock twitched. I was feeling a bit self-conscience, wondering if she were masturbating to what I wrote. I was feeling dirty and a little exposed.

I tossed these images from my head, and changed the channel, noting the channel number, 215. Guess Mom and Dad hadn't set up the filter on the TV. I contemplated the idea of doing it myself, but figured I really wouldn't get much chance to watch it by myself. So I just left it.

After another half hour, and a full episode of Seinfeld, my cell rang. It was Izzy.

"Hi Mitch!", she said when I turned my phone on.

"Hi Izzy.", I said hesitantly.

"I liked what you wrote. It seems we have similar tastes in masturbation fantasies.", she said plainly.

For the life of me, I don't know what possessed me, but said, "Can we talk Izzy?"

"Sure, aren't we already doing that?"

"Well, I guess I'm just feeling a little weird. I mean, this is just going way faster than I ever imagined, and it feels like we are driving this train full speed into a head-on collision."

"OK, Mitch I think I understand. But if I can say something before I completely scare you off."


"I've never done this before with someone I had just met, I've had other boyfriends that I had known before we dated. But there was something pushing me to you. Believe me, I don't think I'm a sex starved slut or anything. I mean I don't mind slowing it down a bit, as we seem to have a lot in common than just sex. At the same time, I'm not going to hide my attraction for you, and the fact I find you sexy as hell. I really do understand, as I was not raised in a normal family. But hey, not being normal is OK, too."

"Can you come over? I'd really like to see you and talk face to face."

"Sure, it's about almost 7 now. Do you want to get something to eat while we talk?"

"That would be fine, see you in 30?"

"I'll see you then."

My parents came home from their respective days, separately.

"Hi, Honey. Everything OK?" I was never very good at hiding my feelings from Mom.

"Just a bit confused, but I'll muddle by...", I said timidly.

"Well, if you want to talk, you know where to find your Dad and me.", she said rubbing me on the shoulders.

"Thanks, Mom. I appreciate it. I was planning on getting dinner with Izzy tonight. Do you mind?"

"No. Wow, haven't even started school yet, and you're already dating someone. Is she a nice girl? Do you have anything on common?"

"Yeah, Mom she's a nice girl, and I think we do have a lot in common. She'll be here in 20, if you want to meet her."

"Naw, probably too soon to bring parents into this. There will be plenty of time for that later."

"Alright, I'm gonna go shower. Thanks.", I said on my way up. I turned back, "Oh, I think you guys might enjoy channel 215. It's got some pretty good educational videos there."

"OK, Hon, we'll be sure to check it tonight. Have a good time with Izzy."

I finished my shower, and amazingly, I didn't jerk off. Didn't really have time anyway. I got dressed, and went out front to wait for Izzy.

She got there in a couple more minutes. I opened the door, got in, and leaned over to kiss her, holding her head, as we lip-locked for several minutes. I was now the boyfriend who could lean over and kiss this goddess.

"Well, that's a good sign.", she said as she put the car in reverse.

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