I haven't posted in awhile for some... personal reasons. This might be my last poem, and you'll see why once ya read it. I lost my story on my pc, but I'll retype it. A month max. Once you read the story the poem makes more sense...
I think Ive finely gone insane,
for monsters come out and bring only pain.

I wish I could just rip off my head,
because there is no way you could possibly be dead.

I know I promised you forever,
but now we'll never be together.

You, my love, I could not defend,
the monsters were real, I didnt pretend.

I have I alone been forsaken,
why wasnt my soul also taken!?

God take me now, my life I release,
without her Im not man, only a beast.

All the monsters do is stealing and taking,
all they laugh as they do their playing.

Now monsters come out, she's gone, I wont fight,
but please, take me to her, to the light

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2012-08-22 10:41:04

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