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I go parking with the girl I now know is my daughter
Life being what it is, the only real change in the house after my sister shared with me that her daughter Amelia was actually our daughter was the way I looked at her. Amelia, for her part, probably saw nothing weird in those looks. She looked at me differently, too. After sharing what we had shared, there was no way we could look at each other the same way.

But with school, sports, work, and everything else, we simply didn’t find ourselves in a situation to further explore the new found sexuality in our relationship. There were, however, times I very much wanted to do just that.

One of the things Amelia loves is being a cheerleader. While I knew she had participated with various squads in seventh grade, our new living arrangements brought that point home with greater clarity. Between Susan, who wanted to get Amelia comfortable in school, and the neighbor girls, who wanted to make sure their new friend was always with them, Amelia had a lot of support.

They were all excited when she made the squad.

I was excited the first time she modeled the various outfits.

It had been a long time since I had really paid attention to a young cheerleader. It had been almost as long since I had last looked at a cheerleader and wished I could get her naked in my car or bed. As Amelia bounced around, that was about the only thing running through my mind. I filed it away for future reference.

Susan, for her part, had also found things to help keep her busy while I was at work. Though she still played the role of housewife, my sister also returned to her work as a transcriber for various companies. in addition to helping her stay sane, it provided a great source of extra income. That ensured we were able to do all of the things that we wanted to do.

We had become quite the little family. A family with quite a few secrets that kept things interesting. Amelia had her secret affair with “Uncle Tom.” Susan and I had our secret love life. We also shared the secret that Amelia was my daughter instead of my niece. But to anyone looking from the outside, we were just a mom, dad, and daughter.

One of the roles we filled as mom and dad was attending the various sporting events where Amelia led cheers. First there was football, then basketball. We couldn’t make every event, but we did our best to be there for Amelia.

One particular evening was most memorable. Susan found herself booked and unable to make it to one of Amelia’s games. I told her it was fine and that Amelia and I would make an evening of it.

After the late afternoon game, I told Amelia she could decide what she wanted to do next. She started with dinner at a local burger joint, then told me she wanted to get some ice cream and go hang out at one of the parks on the shores of a regional lake. Since her team had won, I treated her to Coldstone Creamery ice cream and we headed to the park.

It was getting late when we got there, and the park was fairly empty. Rather than deal with the cool evening, we stayed in the car with the heat on. I joked about eating ice cream given the cold.

“It was really just an excuse to hang out longer, Uncle Tom. I didn’t feel like going home, yet.”

I told her it was okay. “I don’t get to park with pretty, young cheerleaders, anymore.”

Amelia laughed and suggested we weren’t parking. “Not really, anyway. Aren’t you supposed to make out when you park?”

“It’s still early. Who knows what might happen, tonight.”

Amelia blushed and went back to her ice cream. She asked about the park, the lake, the boats going past. We chatted about anything and everything as we finished up our treats. When we were finished, I asked Amelia if she was ready to go home.

“Not yet, Uncle Tom. We still don’t know what might happen.”

By that time, the sun was down and the car was pretty dark. The image of Amelia in her cheerleading outfit was fresh in my memory. The image of what we had done in our basement months before was burned in my memory. And the hopes of what the night might hold made the choice an easy one.

Thankful I had driven a vehicle with a full bench seat in the front, I watched as Amelia slid closer to me, kissed me on the cheek, and thanked me for the great night. Then, rather than slide back to the passenger side, she settled into the middle and leaned against me. I put my arm around her, allowing it to rest on her hips.

We just sat there for several minutes, then Amelia broke the silence. “Uncle Tom, what’s it like to really go parking?”

“That sort of depends,” I replied. “First, you’re only fourteen, so parking isn’t really an option.”

“It could be with you,” was her immediate response.

Now it was my turn to blush.

“Second, it depends on who is involved and what is appropriate. Sometimes, parking is just a lot of kissing. Sometimes it’s all heavy petting. Sometimes it’s sex.”

“What’s heavy petting?”

“Making out. What you and I did in our basement after ‘Almost Famous’ that one night.”

I could almost feel Amelia blushing, again. “You mean people do that right in their cars? What if they get caught?”

Remembering that she is only 14, I restrained the laugh that almost got loose. “Sometimes they do get caught. But remember, it’s dark and cold. The dark hides a lot, and the cold means that windows tend to fog up. If they don’t get too crazy, it’s alright.”

“Uncle Tom?”


“Can we try and fog the windows up?”

Without hesitation, I leaned in to kiss her. I encouraged her to open her mouth and allow our tongues to dance together. Almost as quickly, I broke off the kiss.

“Of course, honey, I would love to do that.”

I could feel Amelia’s excitement as I leaned back in to kiss her, again. This time, I lingered much longer, allowing her to better get the feel of French kissing. Confident from our last encounter, Amelia gave in to her instincts and began to return the kiss more forcefully. I shifted my position slightly and placed my hand behind her head, pulling her tightly into me. She responded by leaning back against the seat and surrendering to my touch.

As she warmed up to the idea of making out, I pulled away from the kiss and started to work my mouth along her jawline toward her neck. I licked gently at her ears, then took her neck into my mouth. Careful to avoid leaving any serious hickies, I licked and sucked at her neck.

By that time, Amelia was breathing heavily and starting to relax from any concern about being in a car. As she relaxed, I returned my mouth to hers and started deeply kissing her, again. She responded with an obvious hunger, and I hoped she was willing to take things further. Sitting in the park at night with a 14-year old cheerleader in my car, I very much hoped she was willing to take things further.

As we continued to neck, my hands started to roam over Amelia’s body. Caressing her hips and lower back, I pulled her tightly into my body. She responded by hugging me back, cautiously caressing my back. In time, both our hands wandered more freely. Amelia experimented with exploring my sides and lower back, and I allowed my hands to wander toward her front until they found her still developing breasts.

Amelia gasped in pleasure as I started to massage her tits through her top and bra. Pushing hard against the material, I cupped her titties in my hands and rubbed at her nipples with my thumbs. Amelia started to breathe heavily as I caressed her tits, and even more heavily as I moved one hand down until I found the gap between her top and cheerleading skirt. The contact with her bare skin was electric for both of us. Despite the near nudity (and occasional full nudity) I had seen, direct sexual contact between us had been limited to the one encounter in the basement.

Like a young boy, I cautiously tested the waters, easing my hand under her top, working it up her back. Only after I was sure she wasn’t going to object did I start to work my hand back around to her front. When I got that hand back onto her chest, blocked now only by her bra, I removed my other hand from her tit.

Amelia continued to french kiss me, becoming more and more confident of herself as she used her tongue to play with mine. She was starting to shove her tongue further into my mouth, and allowing me to more fully explore hers. As she became more comfortable with our kissing, her hands started to wander more freely, too.

My hand in her shirt must have helped something click in her head because I felt her hands move down and slip my shirt out of my pants. As she did, one of her hands slipped under the shirt and started to explore the bare skin it could now feel. With Amelia taking greater liberties, I took a few of my own.

I eased my free hand under her shirt and found the clasp of her bra. I quickly released the hook, giving my other hand the freedom to slide beneath the fabric and reach her bare boobs and nipples. The nipples were already fully erect, and I gently caressed each of them. Amelia’s response was exactly what I hoped it would be. As I continued to rub her nipples, I broke off the kiss.

Barely pulling away from her mouth, I said, “Look at the windows, honey.”

Amelia opened her eyes and realized the windows were completely fogged up and that nobody outside the car would be able to see a thing.

“That means that if we were naked, nobody would know?”

“Well, they might have a general idea what’s going on in the car, but they would have to guess at exactly what is going on.”

“That’s good to know, Uncle Tom. Very good to know.”

She returned to our kiss, more forcefully, this time. I could tell she was learning and I could tell she was becoming more interested in what might be possible parking in a car. Willing to help her learn, I returned to my exploration of her body. I switched hands playing with her nipples and allowed my free hand to move down her body, caressing her side, waist, stomach, then hips.

Amelia clearly understood my goal because she shifted slightly so she could spread her legs. As she did, I eased my hand the final few inches down her skirt, then slid it under the material until I reached her inner thigh. Confidently, I massaged her leg, working my fingers toward the bottoms of her cheerleading uniform. With barely a moment’s pause, I made the transition from her thighs to her clothing covered mound, pushing hard into her pussy.

I felt Amelia tense with pleasure, and then relax as she again surrendered to the feelings. As she did, I started to rub my fingers up and down the fabric of her cheerleading outfit, roughly caressing her through the material. It wasn’t long before I could feel the dampness of her juices soaking through the fabric, and I decided to take the next step.

Moving my hand from beneath her skirt, I returned it to her waist and started to slip it under the band of the skirt. Amelia made that task easier by reaching behind her and lowering the zipper that ran down the side of the outfit. Easing my hand into her skirt, I realized she must have had plans for the entire evening. That was obvious because she had no panties on beneath the cheer outfit.

“Amelia, you little minx. Where are your panties,” I asked as I broke off our kiss.

Unwilling to let me get away, Amelia pulled me back into the kiss. “In my bag,” she responded between kisses. “I took them off after the game. I didn’t want them on any more.”

She pulled away, reaching into the back seat. “Would you like them?”

I know she considered it practically a joke, but I did take them. Once I had them, I grabbed her skirt and pulled it down, forcing her to lift up from the seat. I allowed the skirt to fall to the floor and then put the panties over her feet. I slid them up her legs, covering her naked pussy.

Amelia was surprised by that move. “I figured you would want to keep those off.”

“No, honey. I want them on you for just a bit. I’ll take them back in a little while.”

With that, I pulled her back into me, slipped one hand back under her shirt, and eased the other into her panties. I quickly found her hot pussy and slipped one finger between the wet lips. Amelia returned her mouth to mine, attacking me with a hunger fueled by the attention my hands were showing her body. She was quickly becoming comfortable with sharing her mouth with me, and I was becoming interested in how much more she would share.

As we continued to make out, I slipped my hand out of her panties and slid her top up and over her head. Quickly sliding her bra off her arms, Amelia fell back into my arms, asking me to turn the heat up a bit. Since she was nearly naked, I figured it was reasonable.

With Amelia wearing nothing but her panties, we returned to each others arms. This time, I didn’t allow her to start kissing me. Instead, I slid my mouth down her neck and onto her chest. Taking one nipple into my mouth, I started to lick and suck at her developing titty. At the same time, I eased my middle finger past the lips of her pussy, sliding it into her cunt. Amelia responded by groaning in pleasure.

“Ooooh, god, that feels so good!”

As she gave in to the caresses, I felt her own hands start to wander, again. Deciding it was time for some guidance, I took her hand in mine and gently directed it toward the crotch of my pants. Amelia seemed to respond by instinct, and her hand went right to my hard cock.

It was my turn to suck in my breath as Amelia’s hand grasped my shaft.

“I’ve wanted to touch you there since that night in the basement, Uncle Tom Ever since I felt it under my leg.”

“Well, honey, you don’t have to wait. And since you’re practically naked, you might want to try and make things fair.”

I left it at that, hoping she would take the hint.

To encourage her to do just that, I started to fuck her with faster and deeper thrusts of my fingers. At the same time, I returned my tongue to her rock hard nipples, sucking one then the other into my mouth. Though barely 14, Amelia’s tits are larger than my sister’s, and I enjoyed the opportunity to play with them.

Amelia began to passionately respond to my fevered touch. Cautious at first, her hand started to rub up and down the length of my cock. As I eased a second finger into her loosening pussy, Amelia started trying to get her hand inside my pants. Slipping my fingers out of her, I quickly loosened my belt and opened the button of my jeans. Almost as quickly, I returned those two fingers back to her wet hole.

Amelia wasted no time in taking advantage of my help, and my cock strained against fabric as she slid the zipper down and started stroking the shaft through my underwear. She was now running the fingers of her other hand up and down my back from my neck to my waist.

For several minutes we held that position, me fingering Amelia’s pussy, she stroking my underwear covered cock. Then Amelia took the next step and slipped her hand into the waistband of my shorts and directly onto my cock.

Though unsure of herself, Amelia caused me to gasp in pleasure when she did that. The thought of sitting in a car with a fourteen year old girl who didn’t realize she was my daughter, my fingers in her pussy as she started to give me a hand job, was almost more than I could take. My cock pulsed in her hand in response to her tender touch.

Concerned that I would cum almost immediately because of the situation, I eased my fingers out of Amelia’s pussy and pulled her hand out of my underwear.

“Perhaps we should both be dressed the same,” I suggested, starting to slip my shirt over my head.

Amelia seemed to agree and helped me slip out of the shirt. I then encouraged her to help me out of my jeans. The sight of my nearly naked teenage daughter sliding my pants down and off was simply incredible. My cock pushed hard against the fabric of my underwear, and I knew it would only be stuck there for a matter of minutes.

Once Amelia had my pants off, I welcomed her back into my arms. Rather than let her start stroking my cock, again, I gently pushed her down until she was laying with her head against the passenger side door, her knees bent with her feet on the seat of the car. Her soaked panties were all that stood between my mouth and her pussy.

Reaching down, I took the panties in both hands and started sliding them down. Amelia raised her hips, allowing me to slide them down, then her feet so I could take them all the way off.

“Now I want these. And I think I’ll keep them.”

After setting the wet panties on the floor, I thought back to the times I had spent with my sister in nearly this same situation. Though space was cramped, I positioned myself into a near 69 so I could get at Amelia’s pussy with my mouth. She almost moaned in pleasure as my tongue came into contact with her pussy lips. Unwilling to wait any longer, I drove my tongue past those lips, forcing it into Amelia’s cunt. My daughter’s cunt.

Amelia was breathing heavily and started gently rocking her hips as I drove my tongue in and out of her eager hole. With a hand on either side of her body, I grabbed her hips and pulled up so I could force my face tighter against her wet pussy. I wasn’t being slow or gentle. I was eating her out as hard and fast as I could.

As I increased the pace and the pressure, Amelia reached down and slipped her right hand into my underwear, grabbing my cock and starting to stroke the shaft. I was so excited that pre-cum covered the head and Amelia spread that over my entire rod with each stroke. Soon, her hand was sliding freely, increasing my pleasure.

Once she was completely given over to stroking my cock, I pulled away from her pussy long enough to suggest she help me get out of the underwear. Needing no real encouragement, Amelia turned and slipped them over my ass, down my legs, and off the feet. She seemed to be picking things up pretty quickly, and I drove my tongue back into her cunt.

With my underwear off, Amelia had better access to my cock. To give her even more access and to open up other opportunities, I encouraged her to roll onto her side with her back against the seat. This allowed me to lay next to her so she could use both hands. As she started to play with my cock, again, I returned my face to her beautiful pussy. Intoxicated by the scent and taste of her juices, I couldn’t stop myself from eating her out. Her response showed her desire for more, and I wasn’t going to deny her.

As Amelia became more confident holding my cock in her hands, she started to caress the head with one hand as she stroked the shaft with the other. This was almost more than I could take as the head was covered in slippery pre-cum. It took every ounce of control not to cum into her hands immediately.

Since this was her first experience parking, I wanted to make it memorable by ensuring she climaxed. Certain she was getting close, I pulled her tight into me and started fucking her with my tongue as hard as I could. That caused her to momentarily stop her hand job, which allowed me to drive my tongue harder and deeper into her body.

Then, almost as quickly, I move my face toward her clit and started to flick my tongue over her engorged button. At the same time I slipped two fingers as far into her cunt as I could. That combination pushed her over the edge and she started to cum. Slipping my fingers from inside her, I returned my tongue to her cunt and started lapping up the juices that were now freely flowing.

Amelia continued to moan and shake from the climax, enjoying the feeling in her pussy. As I kept up the pace eating her out, she returned her attention to my cock. Her hands returned to the same positions and she quickly had me back at the edge of an orgasm.

This time I didn’t have to hold back, and I started thrusting my hips as Amelia slid her hands up and down the shaft. It was only moments before I felt the orgasm start building and with a final thrust, my cum shot out of my cock. The first shot was so forceful it hit Amelia in the neck and chest. She continued stroking, forcing more cum out. That ran down my cock and onto her hands.

The climax was so powerful that I would have collapsed had I not already been laying down. Amelia, my daughter, proved that it wouldn’t be long before she would be able to make me cum as hard as my sister does.

And she continued to stroke my cock, rubbing the cum into both the shaft and her hands. I had to reach down and pull her hands away from my shaft, letting her know how sensitive it was. She stopped, at first, then started rubbing the entire length, again.

“If it’s sensitive...”

I sat up, forcing her hands off my cock, again, as I did so. Instead, I pulled her into my arms and started kissing her deeply. Pulling me into her, Amelia returned the kiss with passion. We held the kiss for several minutes before I pulled away.

“We have to head home, honey. You’re mom’s going to wonder what happened to us.”

“Okay, Uncle Tom. But this is our secret, so I suggest we get dressed first.”

Amelia started getting dressed, skipping her panties, which I had taken to keep. I quickly dressed, myself, and we started the car up and headed home. The entire way, Amelia, still unaware she is my daughter, teased me by spreading her legs allowing me to see her still wet pussy.

When we got home, she jumped out of the car. As she did, she turned leaned over so I could see her ass. “I hope we can do this again, Uncle Tom. Soon.” With that, she headed into the house.

I followed, anxious to share the night’s excitement with my sister.

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