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Paddy goes to a work seminar.
Paddy is attending a seminar on ‘work ethic’.

In the room is a bloke called Max, a carriage clock and a dwarf mother of three.

‘Right Paddy,’ the dwarf says, ‘Max & I are going to demonstrate some examples of our attitude to work. Afterwards we’d like you to show us an example of your own.

The dwarf picks up the carriage clock and carries it over to her colleague.

‘There,’ she says, ‘I’ve just taken it to the max!’

Max stands over the carriage clock with his feet on either side of it.

‘And this is over time.’ he says.

‘Right, Paddy.’ says the dwarf mother of three, ‘Would you like to show Max & I an example of your own attitude to work?’

After a moment of consideration, Paddy leaps at the dwarf, rips off every scrap of her clothing and shags her like crazy.

‘Paddy,’ Max screams, what the hell are you doing?’

Paddy responds: ‘I’m doing the bare mini mum!’

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