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It had been about two months since seven-year-old Lindy Craig had moved in with Jack. In that time, she had hardly ever thought about her drug addict mother living in a trailer on the other side of town.

Jack rented a two bedroom apartment in a fairly good neighbourhood and kept himself very much to himself. If anyone asked about the sudden appearance of the preteen girl, he spun a tale of a dying sister back East and that Lindy was his niece. It really wasn't much of a problem because Jack had very few friends in the neighbourhood who would be interested.

The main reason for Jack's self-imposed isolation from his neighbours was because he supplemented is income as a office worker with selling a few drugs around some of the seedier clubs and bars. That was where he had met Lindy's mother and although he had seen her a couple of times recently, the woman had never thought to ask about her daughter. She was much more interested in the little bags of heroin that Jack could sell her.

The apartment had two bedrooms and all of Lindy's things were in the smaller of the two. She had never slept there however and always slept in Jack's bed so that he could fuck her brains out whenever he wanted to. Despite only being seven years old, Lindy could take Jack's cock up her cunt reasonably easily and she had even learned to enjoy having one of his fingers up her asshole. Under his teaching, she was a very good cocksucker and Jack had every reason to believe that in a short period of time, the little girl would be a three hole slut. As it was, the preteen would waken him most mornings with her mouth around his cock and her breakfast would consist of his cum, followed by cereal.

One big change for Lindy was that Jack had enrolled her in a new school. It was the first time she had mixed with so many children of her own age and she loved it. She especially loved shopping in the Mall for her new school uniform and because he knew what Lindy was like, Jack bought an extra few pairs of school panties. Although she was a little behind the other pupils academically, Lindy was a clever child and she was gradually catching them up. Before he had sent her to the school, Jack had a long talk with the child and was confident that she knew the need for secrecy about their relationship.

After a few weeks of attending school, Jack came home form the office jut before dinner time and found Lindy sprawled in his favourite chair. She was still dressed in her school uniform and she had a leg draped over each arm of the chair as she rubbed her panty covered slit. Her school panties had a wet stain on the front of them and the little girl grinned up at him when he entered the room, but she didn't stop rubbing herself.

Jack's cock bulged out the front of his pants and he moved closer to watch the preteen masturbate. Seeing that he was watching, Lindy pulled the crotch of her underwear to the side to display her hairless little cunt and Jack could see that she was soaking wet. Now that her fuck hole was bare, the seven year old stiffened her index finger and sighed happily as she pushed it up her cunt.

Jack got onto his knees and he could smell the child's arousal as he watched her slide her finger in and out of her hole. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his hard cock and jacked it gently as he asked, "What's got you so horny?"

Lindy giggled happily as she replied, "I'll tell you later, but I really need to be fucked now. Stick your cock in me Jack. I want to cum!"

Looking at the sticky mess between her legs, Jack hissed, "I think you've already cum young lady," but he bent his head onto her cunt and the little girl happily moved her fingers out of the way.

Lindy's cunt juice was as sweet as honey and her girl cum was thick and creamy. The flavour invaded Jack's taste buds and the smell of the child's arousal inside his nostrils was indescribable. Although he was well used to her body by now, it never failed to make him as hard as an iron bar and he could feel the pre-cum start to bubble out of his piss hole.

Snarling with lust, he jumped to his feet and gripped the preteen's ankles to drag her butt to the edge of the seat. Despite the rough treatment, there was no fear in Lindy's expression as she opened her legs as wide as she could, and watched Jack squat down and move the head of his throbbing cock closer to her cunt.

Her fuck hole opened easily to take the first inch and a half of his shaft, and then there was much more resistance. Despite all of the fucking she had received, Lindy's hole was still very tight, but she would normally enjoy the sensation of being stretched open, even if it initially caused her some pain. This time however, Jack was in no mood to be gentle and he rammed his prick deep into her body with all of his weight behind it.

The seven year old screamed as she was brutally penetrated, but it never even crossed her mind to close her legs or to try and struggle. She panted loudly to dispel some of the pain, but Jack was already pounding her and she threw her arm around his neck as he slid his hands under her butt and lifted her into the air. He could take her weight very easily and he jerked her cunt on and off his pick until he could feel the familiar sensation deep inside his balls.

Lindy was being jerked about like a rag doll as she was roughly fucked, but she loved every second of it. The pistoning cock felt awesome as it stretched her hole open and battered against her cervix until she was lost in climax. He was jerking her so violently that he couldn't tell that she was shuddering in orgasm and he just kept going until his cum rocketed up his piss hole and sprayed into her preteen hole. As she was filled with his hot load, Lindy moaned softly and surrendered completely to the wonderful feelings in her body.


Jack sprawled on the couch as he recovered from his climax and his eyes fluttered open to stare over at the seven year old girl on the chair. She was still dressed in her school uniform of white blouse, dark blue skirt, white socks and shiny new shoes. Unlike most school children of her age however, Lindy's skirt was wrinkled and pushed up around her waist and her white cotton panties were heavily stained with both her own juices and Jack's spunk. The underwear was pushed to one side so that he could see inside her pink fuck tube and as he watched, a small trickle of his cum ran out of her body and down between the cheeks of her ass before soaking into the already wet material of her panties. The sight made his cock twitch and he silently debated whether he should do her again, or wait until later.

He suddenly remembered what she had said before they fucked, and he said, "You were going to tell me what made you so horny."

Lindy sat up straighter in the chair and faced him, but she made no attempt to close her legs or cover her cunt as she replied, "I made a friend at school and her name is Amy Taylor. She's the same age as me and in the same classes and we've been friends for weeks now."

Jack absorbed that information and he was happy that Lindy had made friends, but he knew that there had to be more to this story to explain the young girl's arousal. He waited patiently for Lindy to continue and listened as she confided, "Amy told me that she plays with herself and I said that I did that too. She also pushes things into her cunt and is always horny."

The thought of another seven year old girl that used her fuck hole for something more than pissing through made Jack's prick harden, but also rang alarm bells inside her head.

Staring over at Lindy, he snapped, "You didn't tell her about us, did you?"

His tone had more anger in it than he had actually meant, and Lindy's eyes shot wide open, as she replied, "Of course not! I wouldn't tell anybody about us unless you said it was okay. Honestly Jack, I haven't told her anything about you."

He visibly relaxed at her reassurance and he said softly, "I'm sorry Lindy. I didn't mean to snap at you. I should have known that you wouldn't have told anybody."

The preteen nodded her head, accepting his apology and he then asked, "So is that what made you so horny? Finding out that you're not the only little girl who likes to play with herself made you wet?"

Lindy nodded her head, but she added, "Not just that Jack. I was hoping that you'd let me have Amy here for a sleepover because I want to find out what another cunt tastes like!"

"And you think that Amy would let you eat her out?" he replied, and the preteen nodded her head in response.

"She's always masturbating with something and although she's never had her cunt licked before, I'll bet she'll love it just as much as I do," Lindy added.

Jack thought that she was probably right and after thinking about it for a while, he eventually told Lindy that she could invite her friend to stay the night. It would mean that he wouldn't be able to fuck Lindy on the night that Amy stayed over, but he balanced that by hoping that he would be able to spy on the preteen's and that he would get a chance to see Amy's cunt.

He told Lindy what his plans were and the little girl promised that she would do everything she could to get her friend to expose herself to Jack.


It was about a week later that Jack got a phone call from some woman calling herself Gwendolyn Taylor, and it took him a few seconds to realise that it was Amy's mother. The woman was calling to make sure that it was all right for her daughter to sleepover and that both Jack and his wife were okay about it. He didn't bother to inform her that there wasn't a wife and after exchanging a few pleasantries, everything was arranged for the following Friday.

When he relayed this information to Lindy, the seven year old jumped about excitedly and clapped her hands. She lowered her voice as she confided that she was sure that she could get into Amy's panties easily but they weren't able to do anything at school. It appeared that the toilets were the sole territory of the older girls and were off limits to second graders. She revealed that she and Amy had smelt each others cunts on their fingers, but that was about as far as they could go. As his cock lurched inside this pants at that thought, he couldn't resist bending Lindy over the back of the couch, pulling her panties down to her knees and pushing his prick up her cunt. As he fucked her hard and fast, she cried out as his thumb forced its way into her tight little asshole and slid all the way to his knuckle.

The seven year old loved the combination of pleasure and pain that has cock and his thumb were producing and she held her legs wide open while her body jerked about like a rag doll as Jack's shaft rammed into her body.

About five minutes later, she walked unsteadily to switch on the television while spunk dripped out of her open hole to fall on the carpet between her feet.


When Friday came around, Jack made sure that he was home first and was able to greet Lindy and Amy as they bounced through the front door. Lindy had already told her friend that her mother didn't live with Jack and everybody had just assumed that he was Lindy's father. Neither Jack or Lindy told them any different.

He poured them both some juice and after they were finished, Lindy suggested that she showed Amy where her bedroom was and where she would be sleeping. When they went inside the bedroom, Amy commented on how tidy it was, and Lindy smiled to herself but didn't tell her friend that she normally slept in Jack's bed. She closed the bedroom door firmly, and while her friend was still looking around the room, she quietly opened it again just a fraction, but enough for Jack to be able to look inside.

Crossing the room to stand bedside her friend, Lindy wasted no time as she said, "Let me see your cunt Amy!"

Amy was slightly startled at the demand, but she knew that it would happen and her little heart beat wildly inside her chest as she put her book bag down on the floor and then reached up under her skirt.

Jack was already kneeling at the door with his eyes glued to the crack and he held his breath as he watched Amy slide her panties down to her knees. They were green cotton and although he only saw the crotch for a fraction of a second, he was sure that there was a wet stain in the material.

Amy looked into her friends face as she lifted up the front of her skirt and both Jack and Lindy moaned softly at the sight of her hairless slit. Thankfully, Amy didn't hear the moan that came from the direction of the bedroom door, and Lindy whispered, "God Amy, you have a gorgeous cunt," as she dropped to her knees.

Amy was used to having a finger in her cunt, but it had always been her own. Even although she was expecting Lindy to touch her, the little girl sighed happily when she felt her friends finger slide over her slit.

All the way home, they had sat together on the school bus and whispered into each others ears about touching each other and making each other cum. The result of all of their sex talk was that they were soon squirming in their seat and their little fuck holes juiced up.

As soon as Lindy touched Amy's cunt, she could feel the sticky juices that covered her crotch and when she slid her stiffened finger into her hole, it felt like molten lava. Amy was soaking wet and Lindy moaned and looked up at her friends face as she gasped, "I want to suck your cunt Amy!"

That was something that Amy hadn't expected, and in truth, hadn't ever thought about. She had expected to be fingered and that Lindy would have something that could be pushed up her cunt, but being sucked was an entirely new concept to the preteen. Before she could react however, Lindy's hands had slid under Amy's school skirt to cup her bare ass cheeks and she was pulling her crotch closer. Amy was forced to take half a step closer and the next moment Lindy's tongue swiped over her friends slit, from the bottom all the way up to Amy's hard little clit.

Amy jumped at the touch, but she couldn't help the moan of lust that escaped her lips and when Lindy's tongue swiped a second time, Amy was hooked. Whatever Lindy was doing to her, it felt amazing and Amy's eyes closed as she opened her legs a bit wider.

"Good girl," Jack whispered as he spied on the two preteens and pulled his cock out of his sweatpants. "Lick her out Lindy and let me see her cream!"

He could only get tantalising glimpses of Amy's cunt because Lindy's head was blocking his view, but just knowing what they were doing was enough to get the pre-cum flowing out of his piss hole.

Having licked all of the juice from around Amy's slit, Lindy stiffened her tongue and her friend cried out in delight as it slithered and wormed it's way into her body. Nothing that Amy had ever pushed into her cunt had ever felt like this before and the child was moaning loudly as she gasped, "Oh God that's nice Lindy. Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Lindy's fingers were deep in her friends ass crack and the tip of one of her index fingers rubbed lightly around Amy's back hole, but she didn't seem to mind. Pressing a little harder, Amy stiffened slightly, but then cried out in pleasure as Lindy's mouth fastened onto her little hard clit.

Amy was moaning continually and her hips rocked back and forth, pushing her sex into Lindy's face as she was stimulated. Her breathing became ragged and her body trembled as the most exquisite sensations flowed through her body.

"I'm getting the feeling," she gasped, as her hands fell onto the back of Lindy's head and pulled her mouth harder against her cunt.

Lashing Amy's clit with her tongue, Lindy sucked as hard as she could and was thrilled when her friend suddenly went into orbit. Amy shuddered violently and her legs were so weak that she had to transfer her hands onto Lindy's shoulders to retain her balance.

The preteen kept sucking and Amy's shuddering got more and more intense until she was convulsing uncontrollably. Only then did Lindy pull her face back and smile over at the door, where she knew Jack would be watching.

She was perfectly safe in doing so because Amy was still deep in climax with her eyes screwed shut and little whimpering noises coming from her throat along with moans and groans.

Lindy sat back on her ankles and used the back of her hand to wipe the slime from around her mouth and chin. She licked her lips and savoured the last taste of Amy's cunt as she watched her friend walk unsteadily backwards and sink down onto the bed.

Amy was still breathing heavily, but she opened her eyes and just stared at Lindy as she gasped, "That was awesome!"

Lindy grinned as she got to her feet and shyly asked, "Will you do me now?"

Nodding enthusiastically, Amy stood up just as Lindy added, "Lets take all of our clothes off."

Outside the bedroom, Jack watched the two seven year olds get naked. There was nothing sexual about the way they did it, and it was basically the quickest strip they could do. There was a moment of embarrassment as they studied each other's bodies and then Amy asked, "Do you want me to eat your cunt?"

When Lindy nodded, her friend bit down on her bottom lip and then said, "I've never done it before Lindy. I'm not sure what to do!"

Lindy giggled delightfully as she pushed Amy onto her back on the bed and answered, "There's nothing to be frightened about. Just push your tongue into my cunt and lick me out!"

As she spoke, she climbed onto the bed and threw her leg across Amy's body until she was straddling her face. Lindy was facing her friend's feet, and she slowly lowered her wet slit onto Amy's mouth and sighed happily when she felt a tongue slide into her hole.

Sitting down firmly on Amy's face, she waited until her friend got used to the position and then pulled Amy's legs open and pushed her index finger deep into her cunt. Lifting her eyes to the door, she smiled because she knew that in this position, Jack would have a good view of Amy's fuck hole.

She fingered the preteen furiously, making delicious squelching noises with her finger and watched as the door gradually opened and Jack stepped into the room.

Amy could see nothing except for Lindy's ass and she had no idea that they were being watched. Unable to resist, Jack came closer and Lindy changed hands and started fingering Amy with her other hand. As she did so, she held out her index finger to Jack and he eagerly sniffed at it before sucking it into his mouth.

Amy tasted every bit as sweet and creamy as Lindy did and Jack's hand fell onto his cock as he began to jerk himself off. He pulled on his prick as he watched Lindy's finger flash in and out of Amy's cunt and he could feel his cum boil deep inside his balls. He was so horny that he wasn't going to last long and Lindy was well aware of that as she watched his face contort with the effort of trying to stave off his climax.

Jack's eyes were closed, but they opened when he felt Lindy's lips wrap around the head of his prick and he groaned softly as his spunk jetted up his piss hole and into the seven year olds mouth. While the hot slime hosed the back of her throat, Lindy kept on fingering her friend and she eagerly swallowed most of his cum.

When his balls were empty, Jack pulled his prick out of Lindy's mouth and he watched as she bent her head forward to allow some of his spunk to run out of her mouth and down onto Amy's cunt. As she massaged his slime into her friends fuck hole, Amy climaxed again and Lindy was only seconds behind her.

There was nothing Jack could do now but to leave the bedroom as silently as he had entered it, and this time he closed the door and left the two preteens to their fuck.


Sometime later, the two girls came back into the living room and Jack wisely decided not to tell them that they both smelled of cunt. They had dressed in casual clothes and he made them some dinner before they went back into Lindy's bedroom. He didn't see then for the rest of the evening and although he could occasionally hear them, he decided not to risk spying on them again.

It felt very strange for him to go to bed without his seven-year-old slut being available, but eventually he drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Jack woke up and automatically reached out to the other side of the bed. In his sleepy state, he had expected to touch Lindy's naked body, and his eyes opened when all he felt was cold bedding. The events of the previous evening came rushing back to him and his cock stiffened immediately just thinking about the two preteen girls.

Hauling himself out of bed, he pulled on a tee-shirt and a pair of sweat pants before he went out of the bedroom. He was mildly surprised to find the door of Lindy's bedroom fully open and as he stood in the doorway, he could see that the room was empty. He could also see that the bedcovers had been thrown from the bed and were crumpled on the floor, the bottom sheet had large stains on it, some were dry and others still wet, and finally that the room stank of cunt.

He was about to move into the room to smell the stains when he heard music and giggles coming from the living room. When he followed the sound, he found Amy and Lindy dressed in nightshirts that came down to just above their knees and they were in the middle of the room dancing to the music.

Lindy spotted him immediately and shouted, "Hi Jack," as she carried on dancing.

Amy was a bit more shy and she stopped moving when Jack came into the room and sat down on the large chair, but she soon resumed her dancing, copying her friends movements. As he watched then, their thin nightshirts would flutter in the air, giving him the occasional glimpse of their thighs, but nothing more. When one particular song that they both seemed to like came on the radio, the two girls gyrated around the floor until Lindy danced over to where Jack was sitting, and with her arms raised in the air, she thrust her hips back and forth sexually. The movement was so suggestive that his eyes automatically lowered to her covered crotch and his mouth became dry. He was sure that the preteen wouldn't be wearing any panties and his fingers itched to reach out for her fuck hole.

His prick was bulging out the front of his sweat pants and Lindy giggled as she danced backwards and looked pointedly at Amy. The unspoken message, or maybe dare was a better word, was very clear and Amy slowly danced closer to Jack and began trusting her hips at him. He smiled at her in encouragement, and when she danced backwards towards her friend, both girls were laughing.

Now, Lindy took the lead again and while she moved her body sensuously, she gripped the sides of her nightshirt and pulled it up her thighs. She stopped short of uncovering her cunt, but made sure that as she whirled around and bounced up and down, Jack was sure to get glimpses of her hole. Just before she finished, she suddenly lifted the front of her nightshirt up top her waist and flashed her fuck hole at him before covering herself again.

Jack's prick was now rock hard and the few seconds that he had seen Lindy's slit were enough for him to realise that her hole was red and swollen. The girls had obviously been playing with each other most of the night because Lindy's sex was also open and her crotch glistened with her sticky juices. He licked his dry lips at her wanton display and when he saw that she was looking at Amy again, he looked at the preteen as well.

The seven year old was surprised that Lindy would flash her cunt at Jack, but she never stopped to think that it was wrong. Instead, her body shivered slightly at her friends display and she could feel her fuck hole tingle and had a funny, fuzzy feeling deep in her stomach. She was determined that whatever Lindy did, she could do too, so she raised up the front of her nightshirt and moved closer to Jack as she danced.

Again, all he got were tantalizing glimpses of her fuck hole, but his heart was thudding in his chest because he fully expected the girl to finish her dance with the same kind of full flash that Lindy had.

He wasn't disappointed, because not only did Amy lift the front of her nightshirt up to her waist, but she held it there for a few seconds while she glanced over at Lindy as if to say that she had gone one better than her friend.

Lindy grinned at her friend as she danced closer and began whispering in her ear. Because of the music, Jack had no idea what they were planning, but he couldn't wait to find out. He desperately wanted to pull his cock out of his pants and jerk on it, but he figured that Amy wasn't quite ready for that yet, so he waited impatiently to see what all of the whispering and giggling was about.

Eventually, the seven year olds seemed to have reached some form of decision and they started dancing around the room again. There were many glances at each other and something was obviously going to happen soon. Coming together again in the centre on the room and dancing side by side in front of his chair, his eyes swivelled from one to the other because he thought the were going to flash him again and he couldn't be sure who would do it first.

That wasn't the plan however and first Lindy, and then Amy danced around until their backs were towards him. Slowly, and with her hips swaying back and forth in time to the music, Lindy bent forward at the waist, keeping her legs straight. As she lowered her upper body, Amy copied her example and they could both feel their nightshirt ride up until Jack could see everything they had. Even then, they continued to bend forward and treated him to the gorgeous sight of two perfectly formed and aroused preteen cunts, and equally exciting little pink assholes.

Lindy had almost bent double and her nightshirt was up around her waist. By gently tugging on it, the clothing slipped right over her head until it was lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. After no more than a second's hesitation, Amy did the same and the two naked girls smiled at each other as they continued to move their butts and tease Jack.

Lindy knew from past experience that if she had been alone in the room with Jack, he would be pushing his cock into her by now and she wondered how far she dared to take this situation. She wanted to fuck just as much as he did, but she was very aware that he didn't want anybody to know about their relationship, so she figured that she could keep on with her dancing game unless he indicated that she should stop.

Slowly straightening up, much to Jack's dismay, the preteens cavorted together to the music, high kicking to show off their cunts and bending over to display their little assholes.

It was the first time that he had been able to study Amy's body in any detail and he glanced between the two girls, mentally comparing them. Lindy was very thin, probably because she had spent so much time with a mother who was much more interested in feeding her drug addiction, than in feeding her daughter. Amy, on the other hand, was much more normally proportioned and she had little pink nipples that were standing proudly erect and a very well defined "V" on her flat stomach that pointed straight down to her sex mound and the pink slit of her cunt. Her nipples were pink and hard, jutting out from her chest and begging to be sucked, and his mouth watered at the thought.

The girls danced around his chair repeatedly, stroking his chest and arms, and without trying to advertise what she was doing to her friend, Lindy moved one of Jack's elbows onto the arm of the chair, with his palm upwards. He wasn't sure what she was doing, but he had the good sense to keep his hand in the position she had placed it in, and the girls both continued their dance.

Amy had overcome any embarrassment she felt dancing naked in front of Jack, mainly because her friend was doing exactly the same. She hadn't noticed Lindy positioning Jack's hand and didn't pay any attention to it until Lindy moved closer to the chair and straddled the arm. Her body continued to sway and move to the music and she gradually squatted down onto the arm of the chair. As she did so, Jack stiffened his index finger and raised it in the air.

As Amy watched closely, Lindy sat down on his finger and easily took it up her cunt.

Jack allowed Lindy to rock her hole back and forth on his finger, and without being told what to do, he placed his other hand, palm up on the other arm of the chair and raised his index finger into the air.

The invitation was clear, and Amy's body moved slowly to the music as she thought about what her friend was doing. She looked into Lindy's face, and then at the raised finger, but hesitated to move forwards. She was perfectly happy to display her cunt to Jack, but now she was being asked to let him touch her.

The seven year old was horny, but in the last few moments it had become clear to her that Lindy's relationship with the man Amy thought was her father, was not normal. As horny as Amy was, she resisted briefly, but then took a few steps forward.

Lindy watched her friend closely, and she couldn't help but moan when Jack curled his finger slightly inside her fuck tube to rub against her sensitive piss hole. That seemed to make up Amy's mind for her and she straddled the arm of the chair and looked down between her legs as she squatted down.

With a tremendous effort of will, Jack resisted the temptation to move his finger and he let Amy's cunt touch, and then press down onto his finger. As soon as she was penetrated, she looked over at Lindy, and they grinned at each other as they began to move their butts in perfect harmony and in exactly the same rhythm

Jack was in heaven with the index finger of both hands fully inside a preteen cunt, and he could easily tell that the girls were aroused because they were soaking wet inside their fuck tubes. He curled both fingers simultaneously and the seven year olds bucked their hips faster and he could see that their faces were becoming flushed, especially Amy's.

He fully expected the preteens to work themselves towards a cum, but surprisingly, Lindy lifted her cunt off of his finger and danced backwards. That should have triggered a response in Amy to do the same, but the seven year old was in no hurry to move. Although she looked over her shoulder at her friend, she kept on fucking Jack's finger for another few moments before she stood up, with obvious reluctance and joined her friend in the centre of the living room.

Jack was now left with two index fingers raised in the air, each one thickly covered with preteen cunt juice. There seemed little point in wasting the delicious slime and just as he had decided to lick his finger clean, Lindy stepped forward and did it for him. She didn't suck the finger that had been in her cunt into her mouth however, but licked and slobbered over the finger that had been in Amy's hole. Amy didn't have to think about this one, and she eagerly bounded forward and sucked the finger covered with Lindy's slime into her mouth.

Jack let them lick until his fingers were clean and then watched as Lindy took her friends arm and steered her far enough away so that he couldn't hear what was being whispered. Whatever Lindy said, Jack couldn't quite work out of the expression on Amy face was shock or just surprise. It caused the colour to rise into her cheeks however and also brought a pink flush to her sex mound. Whatever was being discussed obviously excited the preteen and she was definitely in heat!

Then the conversation was over, Lindy came over to stand at the side of Jack's chair, and she said in a low voice, but loud enough for Amy to hear, "We want to see your cock!"

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Amy giggled and moved her hand to cover her mouth, but her eyes were shining with pure lust. Lindy giggled too, but she wasn't quite sure how Jack would react to what she had asked. She figured that if he didn't want this situation to go any further, he could just say no and get up from the chair.

Jack was thinking exactly the same thing and while his brain struggled to reach a decision, he couldn't understand why his hands had unfastened the tie cord around the waistband of his sweat pants.

Both Lindy and Amy's eyes were glued to the moving fingers and neither of them was laughing any more. Although Lindy had seen Jack's prick many times, she was now horny and wanted a fuck, and Amy had just realised that she was probably just seconds away from actually seeing her first cock.

When he pulled the sweat pants out from his waist, Amy took a hesitant step forward and her eyes shot open when Jack pulled out his hard prick and his hairy balls. She had seen a photograph before but nothing prepared Amy for the size and thickness of his shaft. Her first reaction was that nothing that size could ever fit inside her cunt, but despite her brain telling her that, her fuck hole was dripping so much that her juices were sticking to the top of her thighs.

All pretence of dancing had now stopped and the music was nothing more than background noise. As the girls stared at the thick cock, a small drop of pre-cum oozed out of Jack's piss hole and ran down his shaft.

Looking over at her friend, Lindy said, "His cock is just as wet as our cunts are!"

That simple statement seemed to break Amy's trance like state and she nodded her agreement as she took another step forward. Her mouth was dry and couldn't take her eyes off of the shaft, as Lindy giggled again and said, "I'm going to see if I can get it really wet."

Amy wasn't sure what she meant by that, and neither was Jack, so they both watched as Lindy stood at the front of the chair, with her back towards Jack and slowly moved backwards until she was straddling his lap and his prick was pointing straight up towards her cunt. For a few moments, Jack thought she was about to sit on his prick, but she squatted down slightly instead, until her hole was just touching the tip of his shaft. As she started to move her hips back and forth, he could feel the heat of her aroused hole on his sensitive flesh and her juices were quickly coating the head of his prick. She was careful to take no more than half an inch of his cock into her fuck tube and once she had looked down to see it glistening with her juice, she straightened up and walked forward.

She stood beside Amy and said happily, "I told you I could get his cock wet. My cunts really juicy and sticky."

Amy's heart was hammering loudly in her chest because she knew what she wanted to do. Before she had actually thought through what she was saying, she replied, "My cunts sticky and wet too."

That was exactly the reaction Lindy had been hoping for and although she remained silent, the look she shot her friend screamed, "Prove it!"

Amy licked her lips nervously as she stepped closer to where Jack was sitting. He tried to give her a reassuring smile, but found it difficult to do when all he wanted was to ram his cock up her cunt and fuck her little brains out. He settled for remaining motionless and staring at Amy's fuck hole that was so inviting.

When she was standing in front of him, he could actually smell her cunt and his prick twitched and another bubble of pre-cum flowed out of his piss hole. Amy watched it trickle down his shaft and be soaked into the hair around the root of his cock before she turned her back on him and walked backwards to straddle his lap.

The seven year old gasped at the first touch of a cock on her cunt hole and she bent forward at the waist to study it closely as she dragged her open slit over the tip. Her juices were flowing out of her body and thickly covering the head of Jack's prick as Lindy knelt down on the floor beside his knees and watched the show.

Amy pressed down slightly, letting her slit open up to take about an inch of his prick into her body and Lindy hissed, "That's good Amy. See how much of his cock you can take."

Holding herself steady, Amy pushed down a bit harder and took another inch. When she tried to go further she experienced the first pain from being stretched open and she stopped moving and looked at Lindy as she said, "I think that's all I can take."

Amy was actually quite proud and pleased that she had been able to take any of the shaft inside her considering that she had thought it would have been impossible after the first time she had seen it.

Lindy knew that she could do much better than that, but she also instinctively knew that Jack would want to fuck Amy and he would be grateful to her if she helped. Smiling, she replied to her friend, "Let me try now."

When Amy raised herself up, there was a clear ring of her girl juice around Jack's prick that marked out how deep she had been able to take his cock. When she walked forward, Lindy quickly took her place and easily lowered her cunt to Amy's mark.

Biting her bottom lip and moaning as if in slight pain, Lindy took four inches of cock up her seven year old cunt and was breathing heavily as she looked triumphantly at Amy and said, "Let me see you beat that!"

The heavy breathing, moaning and biting of the lip were all and act and Lindy could have easily sank all the way down to the root of Jack's prick, but she didn't want to discourage her friend.

There was a plop as Lindy stood up and pulled the cock out of her hole and that made Amy giggle as she bravely stepped forward to try and equal, or beat her friend.
She quickly settled her cunt on top of the cock and Lindy dropped to her knees and watched closely. Her juices on Jack's shaft would make it slightly easier for Amy, but the preteen was very tight and although she wanted to beat Lindy, she wasn't confident of doing so.

She took the first two inches before the resistance and the pain started. This time however Lindy was kneeling at her side and she whispered, "Don't worry Amy, it gets easier. Just take it slowly and if the pain gets too much, just stop for a moment."

Amy was glad for the encouragement and she pushed down through the pain and gazed down at where the prick disappeared into her body. She still had about half an inch to go to be equal with Lindy, but she had to stop. She panted for breath and the pains gradually diminished. When she started to breathe easier, Lindy asked quietly," What does it feel like to have a cock inside you?"

Amy's cunt walls were stretched far apart and she had never felt so full before. She could also feel the heat radiate out of Jack's prick and even the slightest movement that he made produced the most wonderful sensations. She had started off feeling afraid of the shaft, but now that she felt it inside her, she wanted as much as possible.

"It feels awesome," the seven year old answered as she started to push down again and she maintained the pressure until the ring that marked where Lindy's cunt had reached had disappeared into her hole.

She was now taking more cock than Lindy had and the thought thrilled her and aroused her even further. She wondered if she should get off now but it was the last thing she wanted to do. When Lindy said, "See if you can take more Amy. See if you can take all of Jack's cock up your cunt," her spirits soared and she pushed down even harder.

Lindy was rubbing her sticky slit as she watched her friend getting penetrated and Amy was determined to take as much of the shaft into her body as possible. Neither of them gave a single thought to Jack however who had been sitting still in the chair for what seemed like an eternity and having to contend with continual arousal and stimulation from two seven year old girls.

Amy was pushing her cunt down on him very slowly, but the incredible tightness of her fuck tube was creating a lot of friction on the sensitive head of his prick, and that friction was making his slimy load bubble and churn inside his balls. He clamped his teeth tightly together and was very glad that Amy chose that point to take another break and to pant away more pains.

Lindy's eyes were riveted onto her friends stretched cunt and there was only about an inch of cock still to go before she was firmly sitting on his lap. Glancing up into Amy face, she hissed, "You're nearly there Amy. One last push and he'll be fully inside you and then you can get fucked!"

It was almost impossible to believe that getting fucked had never crossed Amy's mind before Lindy had spoken the words. This had all started as a game of dare and counter dare, neither of the preteen girls wanting to be the looser. Amy had concentrated so much on just being able to take Jack's prick up her cunt, that she hadn't ever thought about what would happen then. The thought getting fucked terrified her, but also made her body tingle and the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

Without any conscious thought, she screwed up her face in concentration and pushed down as hard as she could until she heard Lindy laugh and clap her hands excitedly. Opening her eyes, Amy bent forwards slightly and looked down on the sight of her fuck hole obscenely stretched around the cock that was now fully inside her seven year old body.

She was breathing hard and fast as she stared at the horny sight and then she heard Lindy ask, "Are you ready to get fucked now?"

There it was! There was the question that her brain and her body were screaming different answers to. She wanted to stop now. She wanted to stop because this had gone much further than she had ever intended it to.

This was crazy. She was only seven years old, but she had an adults cock deep inside her cunt and her friend was asking her if she wanted to get fucked for the first time in her life. Of course she didn't want to get fucked. She didn't want a cock inside her. She didn't want a strange man to take her virginity and she certainly didn't want Lindy to watch it happen.

All of these thoughts were perfectly reasonable, and she had no idea why she was nodding her head and why the words, "I want fucked," were coming out of her mouth.

Jack had managed to hold back his cum, and now that Amy had stopped moving on his prick, he was able to recover slightly and his heart began beating wildly when he heard what Amy had said.

He sat up straighter and let his hands encircle Amy's waist as he whispered softly, "Are you ready Amy?"

It wasn't the best position to fuck the little girl in, but he was very reluctant to pull his cock out of her hole, reposition her and then have to penetrate her all over again. This would have to do, and when Amy nodded her head, he took a tighter grip in her hips and slowly lifted her up. His prick slid out about half way before he let her slide down the shaft again and the little girl moaned softly. She could feel slight pains inside her hole, but nothing too extreme. As he gradually increased speed, Amy's cunt became used to being stretched open and the pleasurable sensations quickly overcame any residual pain.
Once he had got into a good rhythm of lifting and lowering her over his cock, Amy began to help by lifting herself and even going faster.

When she took control of the fuck, that left Jack's hands free and one of them dropped between Amy's legs and his finger found the tiny hard bud of her clit. He rubbed and pressed his finger onto the little swelling, and the little girl's reaction was to immediately start to moan and groan.

Lindy's eyes had been focused on the image of her friend's hole sliding up and down Jack's shaft and she could see that his cock was glistening with Amy's juices. Jumping to her feet, she stood right in front of Amy with her legs wide open as she masturbated furiously with two fingers.

"You're doing it Amy," she cried. "You're fucking his cock!"

As her fingers flashed in and out of her cunt, she chanted in the same rhythm, "Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him!"

Jack's finger was the most wonderful thing that Amy had ever felt. The feeling of being stuffed full of hot cock was awesome, but what the finger was adding to the sensations was indescribable. She could feel the rush build up between her legs, but it was much more powerful and much more intense than anything she had ever experienced.

This was also a first for Lindy. Although she had been fucking Jack for months, the seven year old had never watched others fuck before and she found that she loved it. Her fuck tube was dripping juices onto the carpet between her feet as she masturbated and her fingers were producing the most obscene slurping noises. She could see that her friend was very close, and she was in exactly the same state.

Amy's mind whirled as the most exquisite vibrations shot through her flesh and propelled her to a pulsating climax where her crotch seemed to explode in ecstasy. Her body shook violently, as if she were having a seizure and she writhed uncontrollably on Jack's cock. She was out of her mind with orgasmic pleasure, her toes clawing at the carpet, her eyes rolling wildly in her head and her already tight cunt gripped the hot prick in her fuck tube like a vice.

Spasms of pure bliss shot through her like electric jolts and the very intensity of them made her scream loudly and her fuck hole tighten even more until it felt like it was trying to pull the hard shaft from Jack's body. Her hard nipples swelled and stiffened with each orgasmic wave until they felt like they would split open and they jutted proudly out of her flat chest, longer and thicker than ever before. Lindy cried out in pleasure at seeing her friend climax and her body began to shake and convulse as her own orgasm claimed her.

Jack had no idea how he had managed to stave of his cum, but he was now so desperate for release that his balls felt like they were about to burst. Amy had slumped down onto his lap with his prick fully inside her hole and her hot fluids oozing out of her body and onto his balls. Carefully gripping her hips again, he began to pull her up and down his cock, and this time he had no intention of stopping.

Amy groaned as she felt herself being lifted and Lindy opened her eyes again. She quickly took in the flushed and exhausted expression on her friend's face, and also the determined look in Jack's eyes that she knew so well.

Amy still had the last few ripples of her climax pouring through her cunt, but her senses were gradually returning. She opened her eyes wide when Lindy leaned in close and whispered, "He's going to cum up you Amy. Jack's going to fill your cunt with his spunk."

He was breathing heavily by now and sliding the seven-year-old girl faster and faster over his cock until he simply couldn't hold out any longer. He pulled her down onto his lap with his cock buried as deep as he could get it and groaned loudly. His hot slime fired into Amy's cunt with the power of a fire hose and she jumped and moaned with every spurt.

The sensation of being filled with hot cum was so good, and so unexpected, that another mini orgasm ripped through her body and she started shuddering all over again.

When Amy began to recover and take an interest in what was going on around her, she looked over at Lindy who was sprawled on the couch with her legs open, and then she glanced over her shoulder at Jack who had slumped back in the seat. He smiled at her and said, "Thanks Amy. You're a great fuck!"

That really pleased the seven year old and she grinned back at him as she took her weight on her feet and slowly stood up. When the head of his prick came out of her cunt, it did so with a loud plop, and then a trickle of his cum ran down the inside of her leg. Bending forwards to look at her hole, she was surprised at how open it was and she could see right inside her pink tube. She was still staring at the sight when Lindy got up and came over to steer her friend onto the couch.

Although Jack's prick was now soft and lying against his thigh, it twitched as he watched Lindy start to eat his cum out of her friends fuck hole. Within the next few moments, Lindy had slurped down as much spunk as she could get, and Amy had experienced another cum.

Jack wasn't sure what would happen next, but one thing was perfectly clear. With two seven year old little girls to play with, one fuck wasn't going to be enough. Just as that thought filled his mind, Amy sat up and looked at his as she asked, "Can I use your phone to call my Mom?"

For a second, an icy fear gripped him, but he kept his voice level as he replied, "Sure honey. What do you want to call your Mom for?"

"I want to tell her not to pick me up until this afternoon," she replied. "That will give you time so you can fuck me again!"

o0o The End o0o

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Hot I've never had the pleasure of 2 preteens at the same time but never have at lest not yet if I could only convince my 6yr old lover to bring a friend but way to risky pushing my luck
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