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This is a direct continuation from Part 2
Chapter 3

Patty steeled herself for the encounter with her son. Not only did she need to be firm with James, but also with herself. She felt this was the last chance she would have to keep this whole situation from spiraling out of control. She put on a stern, parental stare and walked down the hall to James’ door.

James was still blasting music (pop this time) as Patty stepped up to the door and listened for a moment. She could almost hear low moaning on the opposite side. “Cut it out,” she rebuked herself as she knocked on his door. She definitely heard shuffling on the other side as she waited for him to acknowledge her. She took a step back from the door (so it wouldn’t seem like she was listening), and a moment later the volume fell and she heard a mumbled, “C’min.”

James was lying on his bed with the laptop in front of him. He reached over and put the remote to his stereo on the dresser next to his bed. Patty walked to his desk across from the bed and sat in the chair. Reluctantly, James looked up at his step mom not knowing what to expect. He was definitely afraid, but worse than that, he couldn’t remove the image of his mom’s coated face from his mind. James had been dealing with his conflicted emotions since yesterday. Just being in his mom’s presence took effort.

Patty didn’t delay; she didn’t want to lose her nerve. “James baby, we need to talk about yesterday.” James’ throat was dry. He waited for his mom to continue. “I want you to tell me...what you thought…about…what happened,” she finished awkwardly.

James felt nauseous thinking about speaking right now. He had no idea what she wanted to hear from him. Did she really want to know that she had made him come harder than he had ever in his life? That spewing in her mouth and all over her face and fat tits was like a dream come true? That he was deathly afraid that he’d never get to do it again? That even this moment he was fighting to keep his erection in his pants? James had no intention of saying any of those things, but one thing crossed his mind that he could share. He sat up and patted his stomach, smiling. “It still feels better.”

The tension popped like a balloon. Patty cracked up laughing in her seat, drawing a guilty grin from James as he faced his mother. This was still the woman who raised and loved him. “I bet you do,” she laughed as smiled at James. “What else?”

“Well…I mean…it was sooo good. I mean, really, really good. I couldn’t believe how you put my wh-“

Patty interrupted James mid-sentence. “I understand that you liked the feeling, but I want to know how you feel about...I mean, I’m your mom and you’re my son-“

Now it was James’ turn to step in – “But you’re not my real mom! That doesn’t mean….” James trailed off as he looked into Patty’s eyes. She was obviously aware that they didn’t share blood, but it shook her to hear him say the words. She turned away and wiped her eyes.

James jumped up from the bed and rushed over to the chair, squeezing Patty as he hugged her tightly. “I’m so sorry mom! I didn’t mean it like that! It sounded so bad when it came out. You know that you’re the person I love the most in the world, forever.” Patty was comforted by his words, and turned to hug him full on. Her giant melons pressed into James as they shared a moment holding each other. When they finally let go, James’ cock was like a mast supporting a huge tent in his shorts.

Patty was determined to ignore it as she continued. “It’s true baby that I didn’t give birth to you, but I raised you just like I raised Angela. I love you the same as I love Angela. That won’t ever change.” Patty swallowed before she continued. “Last night, I saw that my baby was hurting, and however small my role was, I was partially responsible for that hurting. So, part of me wanted to help someone I love.” On the bed, James didn’t make a peep; he had his eyes glued to his mother.

Patty hesitated only slightly before continuing. “There was another part of me that was acting last night. The part that has fun doing the things we did yesterday. I won’t insult you by telling you that I didn’t have fun – I did.” Patty had debated long with herself about whether or not to tell him this fact. In the end, she didn’t want to be responsible for messing up his confidence. And, in truth, even the thought of his cock was enough to quicken her pulse.

“But I can’t love you like a mom, and love you like a girlfriend. It can’t work.” Patty paused here for James’ expected objections, and he didn’t disappoint.

“But why not??? I can keep a secret! Even when I was a little kid and we used to walk around without clothes in the house, I didn’t tell anybody! And plus, I thought you said you had fun, so why not? And I want to make you feel better too.”

“We can’t, for lots of reasons, baby. First, what if I got pregnant accidentally? With all that sperm, you’d bust through any condom we could buy.” Patty didn’t mention that if she were fucking him, they’d be raw dogging it since Patty was on birth control. Besides, she would enjoy him shooting his thick cum down her throat or into
another hole.

“Second, we can’t hide it from Angie forever. How would she feel, knowing that her mom and her brother were doing it? Third, if anyone did somehow find out, they would take you and Angie away. I would never see you again. Do you think I could possibly risk that?”

James was silent for a while. Patty could see that he was arguing with himself. Looking up, he looked into Patty’s eyes and said, “I guess I understand.”

Patty’s felt a lump in her throat. She could see that he was devastated, but he was handling it very maturely. She was filled with love for her son, and lust knowing that he wanted her so badly. “Thank you, James. I was worried that you wouldn’t understand. You’re handling better than some grown adults I know. Whatever girl gets you will a lucky woman.” That is, if she can walk when he’s through with her, thought Patty.

Patty started to get hot thinking about sex, and sneaking peeks at James’ still hard cock trying to break free of its restraints. Even though she resolved to end the sexual part of their relationship, Patty’s pussy convinced her that one last hurrah couldn’t hurt. “Come and give momma a hug,” she said, standing and extending her arms. James stood up slowly, trying to figure out how to embrace Patty without impaling her.

Patty never gave him the chance to figure out. She walked straight up to him, enveloping James in her arms and cleavage. His cock stiffened as it poked her in the stomach and slid up, pointing fiercely at her tits. Patty hugged him tightly, able to feel his heartbeat with every pulse of his rock hard shaft. As naturally as if pouring tea, Patty reached down to his cock and grasped it full on in her right hand. She heard James’ breath shudder as she slid it across her stomach so that it wasn’t poking her so rigidly.

After a moment, Patty separated herself from James, looking down. “I can’t even get a decent hug in this joint without that getting in the way,” Patty remarked wryly. “Tell you what; you’ve been so mature today that I’ll give you one last treat. Better make it last,” she grinned as she sat James down on the bed and left the room.

They had a surprise for each other as Patty returned to James room. She had removed her shirt, her heavy tits swaying as she walked, carrying her bottle of shampoo. James had removed his shorts as fast as lightning, his cock poking straight into the air as he lay back on his elbows. “Turn on some music, baby,” instructed Patty. James reached over to grab his remote. He turned on the top 40’s radio station, hoping that something appropriate would come on.

Her lips, her lips, I could kiss them all day if she let me
Her laugh, her laugh, she hates but I think it’s so sexy
She so beautiful, and I tell her every day

thought James as he watched his mom squeeze a gob of shampoo into her hands. He thought that he could smell strawberries as Patty worked a generous amount of shampoo into both hands and put down the bottle. Patty then cupped her tits, rubbing the thick liquid all over the bottom and inside of her cleavage.
Picking up the bottle again, she squeezed more shampoo onto the top of her chest, wiggling her tits back and forth to encourage the liquid to drip down her massive tits.

James didn’t wait any longer. He grabbed his twitching rod and rubbed it up and down with long, twisting strokes. Patty felt wet as she watched her James rubbing himself, gazing at her shiny, gooey tits. Grabbing her rapidly diminishing bottle, she knelt in front of James’ cock, pouring a huge wad of strawberry scented liquid onto his crotch. Using only her fingers, Patty tried to spread the liquid up and down his rod. James couldn’t believe the tingling sensations he was feeling – it made his toes curl.

As for Patty, she loved to play – she couldn’t refuse a good dare and was a total gambler (unfortunately, only a mediocre one. She had lost more games of strip poker than she cared to remember). It definitely carried over to her sex life; the higher the stakes, the more she enjoyed it. Patty had a wicked look in her eyes as she sized up James. “If you can last, 60 seconds, I’ll put it between my boobies,” Patty offered as she starting pumping her hand up and down on James’ cock. He collapsed onto his bed with a moan as waves of pleasure shot through his body.

“I bet your big wang wants to shoot at all out again, doesn’t it?” cooed Patty as she continued to piston his dick. “I know you were thinking about it all day, weren’t you? Your big stick was waiting for this – to squirt white stuff all over my hair and clothes. It was all over my lips yesterday, James. It was dripping down; there was so much of it. I didn’t know where else to put it, James. Where do you want me to put all your white stuff when it shoots out, hmm James?”

James tried his best to ignore her, but Patty’s dirty talk was driving him wild. His deepest wish at this moment was to let the cum that had been boiling in his balls come flying out. But she was offering an incentive that he had missed out on since he stopped breast-feeding. Somehow he had to hold on. Baseball, the weather, the plumber’s ass-crack, his homework assignment; James was thinking of anything he could to prevent himself from blowing.

“Ooh, I can feel that big wang getting harder. It’s hard as a pipe, look at the veins. That cock is so heavy in my heads. The head is all purple, James. Does that mean you’re gonna come, baby, hmm? Wanna come for momma, on her face? How about all over my tits? I’m almost out of shampoo, can I use your stick juice, baby? Squirt it out, shoot it all over me.” Patty aimed his dick straight at her jiggling bosom as she concentrated her stroking on the head of his cock.

It didn’t matter what James was thinking at this point. He knew that unless a miracle happened, he was moments from spewing. Suddenly, Patty let go of his prick. She could see the pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock, dripping down as his shaft bobbed angrily, waiting for release. Patty crawled up the bed, rubbing her tits along his body as she moved. When she reached his ear, she whispered, “Good job baby! Now, if you can survive this for 60 seconds….” She hesitated as she took a moment to resolve herself. “If you can last for 60 seconds…I’ll let you fuck my ass!”

James’ eyes flew open as his mind reeled from her offer. Not two seconds had passed before James felt his cock enveloped by Patty’s gooey, sticky tits. She bounced up and down while squeezing her tits together to make a tight grip on his steel pole. Patty moaned as she bounced, “Fuck my big tits with that fat cock. I want you to cum all over my titties, make them white with your juice – then I’m gonna swallow it. Come for me, come on my titties.”

James couldn’t believe he was hearing Patty saying those words. He wasn’t prepared for the intensity of his orgasm as cum came flying from his cock. Patty alternated between massaging his spewing dick with her tits and sucking his head in her mouth and rubbing with her tongue, getting a dose of cum in the process. “Don’t stop don’t stop – ooooooooooooh my Gooooooooooooddddd!” moaned James as his mother continued to suck and squeeze and swallow and play with his shooting pole. Finally, his dick subsided and rested on his stomach as James lay there in a daze, unable to move.

Patty laughed at herself as she rose and left her room. Didn’t I leave his room in the same condition as yesterday? She didn’t feel as guilty this time – she knew that it was the last time. And she really had no intention of letting him fuck her ass; it just felt hot to say at it the time. In any case, she definitely knew the solution for the wetness she felt dripping between her legs. She made her way back to her room gathering a new bottle of shampoo and her vibe as she walked to the bathroom. This time, she knew it would take more than one shower session to calm the fire that she started between her legs.

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