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If you do not like the themes tagged then do not read the story. You do so under your own will. The story is written with very little lead up for anyone who just wants to get straight into the messy details. If it is liked I may add a second part.
Ryan stood in the doorway of his little sister’s room watching the sweet girl sleep. This was the third night in a row he had stood here with his hand down his boxers, thinking about how soft Mel’s tiny lips would be to kiss. He had already decided that tonight was going to be the night5. But he couldn’t make his heart stop pounding in his chest. He was so nervous. He took a deep breath and placed one foot inside the room. He watched her intently for any sign that she might wake up and catch him. Another step forward and he remembered that he needed to continue breathing. He let his breath escape and noticed that it was loud and shaky. He took a moment to compose himself before taking a third step. Without taking his eyes from her delicate mouth, Ryan pushed the door so that only the smallest amount of light was able to press into the room. Just enough so that he could still make out her tiny frame.

Making each step as silent as possible, he edged his way across the room to her bed where he knelt down. He was shaking terribly from the combination of excitement and fear. Slowly and cautiously he leaned forward, moving his face closer to hers and closing the gap between their mouths inch by steady inch. Their lips made contact. Just the tiniest touch. He froze. His eyes were wide and straining in the darkness to try and make sure that she was still fast asleep. A long moment passed and finally he closed the remaining gap and kissed her. It was a soft and gentle kiss for a pair of soft and perfect lips. Lips that had never before known passion or lust.

He slid his hand down into his boxers once again and stroked his thumb over his soaking wet head. He pulled away and bit his lip to stop himself from gasping. The adrenaline rush had him close to finishing already. But he was not going to allow that yet. He reluctantly pulled his hand from his shorts and looked over his sister’s tiny face. The face of an innocent angel. Her round, little girl cheeks and her tiny button nose. He brushed a little of her fringe from her forehead and he smiled.

There was a war going on inside of him right now. He loved Mel with all his heart and he would have killed anyone who thought to hurt her. And yet, some darker part of him wanted to do just that. Wanted to do unspeakable things to his tiny little sister. Things no one should ever do to any girl they loved, let alone their sister and especially not such a young girl.

He bit his lip again. This time from indecision. Would it be so bad if she didn’t know? If she did not wake up. He looked her over and found himself silencing the love inside of him. It was a warm night and she had kicked the covers off of most her body. The light nightgown covered was all that covered her thin frame with the bed sheets covering just one leg.

A shaky hand moved toward her and came to gently rest on her stomach. She was always ticklish so when she failed to even flinch it was evident that the girl was in a very deep rest. Ryan gripped the soft fabric of the nightgown and, while watching her face, cautiously pulled it up to reveal her skinny belly and her tiny button. The girl was so thin you could almost make out her ribs beneath her skin. His breath caught as he touched her warm skin and he had to fight to stop his hand from quivering violently. This was the moment he had planned for all day. He was finally going to do it. His hand traced along her stomach down towards her waist and from there to her hips. Sliding his hand under the sheets he found the waist band of her cotton panties. He was too nervous to go any further. And besides, he wanted to see it.

With his free hand he gently lifted the last little bit of sheet off of her frame to reveal her entire shape. He sighed to look at her now. Though the light was dim, his eyes had adjusted enough to see her clearly. Little blue and white panties, the ones with the tiny love hearts and the enticing round mound they hid. He rested his hand upon the little hill and closed his eyes. He had longed for this in a way that a starving man might long for an apple. He was so close. All that remained between him and his juicy prize was the thin panties she wore. He opened his eyes and watched her to be certain of her sleep before he returned his attention to his goal. His fingers gingerly found their way to her waistband and slowly lifted them just enough for a hand to slip in past their defense. He sighed again, a little too loudly this time and cupped her warm, young pussy. Never before had he known such a wonderful, soft piece of flesh. He traced a finger along her slit, stroking it and caressing her.

His cock was throbbing violently for release. He looked back to her innocent face and a long list of perversions suddenly entered his mind. Her pussy was warm and perfect but far too small and sensitive to enter without waking her but he had kissed her without her waking. He would not push it into her mouth. That would be far too risky, but perhaps she would kiss him a little.

He pulled his hand from her cunt and stood over her. His boxers fell to the floor. His cock stood firm and expectantly, dripping with pre-cum. Slowly he moved towards her just as before, only this time it was his dick that moved in for the kiss. Contact was made and a sharp thrill flooded his groin. He stroked the head of his dick across her lips, smothering them in warm wet. To his amazement, her lips parted and she sighed. The deep sigh of someone enjoying a dream. He knew he shouldn’t. It was wrong to do this. He could get caught. But then, it was wrong to do what he was alre4ady doing.

He was still convincing himself of reasons not to go any further when he laid himself down on her bed. He propped himself up on one elbow and curled himself around her head so that his penis was level with her mouth. She did not stir despite his lack of caution. Again he stroked her lips with his head. This time she moved. It was just her head and Ryan was sure that she had not woken but it was now impossible to fuck her mouth. He took a breath and with his free hand, gently rolled her light head back over towards his cock. She moaned dreamily in her sleep. Ryan didn’t wait. He left his hand on the back of her head to ensure she did not move again while his dick pushed ever so slowly beyond her young lips. Her teeth lay beyond. He bit his lip once more and was wondering how best to overcome this obstacle when she obliged him entry and opened her jaw. He wondered momentarily if she was dreaming of lolly-pops. He hoped so.
He moved himself back and forth slowly over her tongue covering the inside of her tiny mouth with his juices. With every thrust he pushed on deeper and deeper into her mouth. He couldn’t help it. The feeling was intense. He grew faster and harder and he could feel himself nearing a grand finale. There was no though at all as to what would happen after he came only that he had to. His excitement and enthusiasm grew and he didn’t even notice just how hard he was now fucking her throat nor that her eyes had opened.
The little girl spluttered and squealed in panic. It was fortunate that the sound was muffled by his prick. She tried desperately to pull away but his hand held her firmly in place. He slowed his thrust ing and whispered into her hear in an attempt to calm her.

“Shh. It’s okay. It’s just me, Mel. Shh.” She stopped trying to pull away but instead started to cry. “Shh. Mel. Don’t cry. Good girls don’t cry. Okay? Are you a good girl Mel?” The young thing was frozen in shock and fear. “Mel.” His voice grew slightly impatient as his orgasm began to slip away from him. “I asked if you were a good girl. Are you?” She nodded slightly and mumbled a response to the strange object in her mouth. “Good. Well, good girls behave and don’t scream. So are you going to be a good girl and do as I say?” She hesitated for a second before nodding her reply. “Good. Why don’t you show me how good you are? My penis really likes being inside your mouth. So why don’t you give him a little lick for me.” Ryan felt her tiny, warm tongue wriggle as much as it could with her mouth so full. “Oh, sweetie, that feels so good. You really are a good girl. If you keep doing that I’ll show you something special.”

She had no idea what she was doing, nor what the special surprise was going to be but she was scared. He once again began to thrust into her mouth. She whimpered in discomfort and a tear ran down her cheek. Ryan didn’t care. If anything it just fueled his sinful lust. For the third time tonight he could feel his balls twitch and the intensity of an orgasm begin to grow deep inside him. He would fill her mouth and make her drink it down. Faster and harder and deeper. He began to force his cock right the way to her throat. She gagged and choked and began to cry again. He didn’t care. He just held her firmly by her hair and continued to rape her small mouth.

“Yes, baby girl! Yes! You ready for my surprise?” he didn’t wait for her response.
He thrust forward and began to eject an entire load of hot seed into his baby sister’s tiny mouth. She choked and spluttered and screamed a muffled cry of terror into his beating cock. Cum seeped from the edges of her mouth and down her cheek. She had managed to swallow some but not enough. Ryan pushed again, this time all the way back into her throat, cutting off her airways. She pushed against him in panic as another load of salty, sticky liquid flooded her throat and ran down into her tummy.
Finally, after after a very long minute, he let her go. She pulled away but before she could make a noise he was on top of her, his hand clasping her mouth. She was in too much shock to cry. Instead she just stared up into his cold eyes and wondered what else he was going to do to her.

“Shh.” He whispered. “Remember, you’re a good girl and good girls don’t scream or cry or tell anyone. Okay?” She nodded in fear. “Thank you. He smiled warmly. This surprised her almost as much as what his penis had done. He lifted his hand from her mouth and looked at it in disgust. It was covered in saliva and cum and so was her face. He got up and took a tissue and wiped his hand before taking a second one and caringly cleaned her face. She just lay in fear. I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He said. “I got a little bit excited I think.” He leaned over and kissed her forehead and whispered good night to her. He made his way across the room and paused at the door. He turned back to her and smiled. “If you don’t tell anyone about tonight, I promise that tomorrow night I will do something you will definably like. Okay?”
“O… Okay.” Was all she managed to whisper.

He left the room, closing the door behind him. Mel was wide awake and too scared to go back to sleep. Or maybe it was not fear that made her restless. She noticed a strange squeamishness in her lower tummy. And her pee-pee felt kind of funny. She rubbed her legs together to try and rid herself of the feeling but found that she was strangely wet. Had she wet herself? She sat up to see if her bed was wet. It wasn’t. Just her panties were a little damp. She touched her little mound under her cotton underwear and found that the feeling was not unpleasant. It was very wet in here but it felt good. Very good. Maybe this is what Ryan meant when he would do something she would like. Her fear was suddenly mixed with a new feeling. A feeling she couldn’t name that only existed inside her panties. A feeling she would years later call lust.

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Awesome story, after reading this, I came on my 7 y.o sister on her face, & touched her ass & pussy..
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