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This is my first story. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lucy and my stepbrother name is Marquise. At the time of this story I was 16 and Marquise was 17. My mom married Marquise's dad when I was 6 and he was 7. We grew up together like a normal brother sister relationship should be. The fighting and the sharing and sometimes getting along. 
I have a tan beach babe body. I have 34 c perky breast. And a round bubble butt that i got from being a cheerleader. And toned legs. Marquise has a football god body. He had a nice 6 pack. I later became aware that he had a nice 9 inch dick too. 
My stepbrother was cute and he was definitely not a virgin. He had sex with every girl on the cheer team besides me. I wasn't a virgin. I kinda had sex with 1/3 of the football to. 
It all happened one night when  our parents went out of town for the weekend. It was a friday night and me and Marquise were both at home. 
"Lucy come done stares and lets watch a movie. I'll order pizza if you want." 
" Sure let me change in something comfortable order Only cheese for me." i replied. 
 I went into the bathroom and change into my old cheer short and a white cami and went downstairs.  when i got into the living room he was wearing athletic shorts and a Hollister tee. Marquise had went down the steer and pick up the pizza. He also had set up the movie and set up the sofa with two blankets and pillows one at each end.  I went into the kitchen and got two soda and went to lay on the sofa with me only be 5'5 i didn't take up enough room as my brother he is 6'0.  He laid down and handed me some pizza. 
10 minutes into the movie my own stepbrother was rubbing on my legs at first i didnt think nothing of it but when a sex scene came on he started spreading open my legs.  I sat up. 
"what the hell are you doing. Your my brother. "
" Step brother Lucy i think your sexy as hell and i know you think im cute and i know you wanna fuck  me." 
" yes i think your cute but your my brother and you only wanna fuck me because im on the cheer team" 
" no i been wanting to fuck you since you were 14 and hit puberty. Now that i got the chance i wanna take it. 
I sat there thinking about how long i wanted to fuck him to. " Marquise. Your my Stepbrother. No matter how sexy you are i just dont wanna fuck you because you have fucked every girl on the teaM."
"You have fuck alot of the dudes on the football team and i dont care i love you more than a sister and you love me more than a brother and i wanna show you how" he said leaning in to kiss me. It was a passionate kiss. A kiss like no other. I gave in and wrapped my arm around him pulling him into me. I stopped mid kiss and told him to come upstairs. He picked me up and carried me to my room and dropped me on my bed. I pulled his shirt off and slid down his shorts and was in shock at the size of his dick.  He pushed me back and slid off my short and move my thong to the side and began to lick my clit. He bit down on my clit and i let out a couple of moans.  He inserted a finger inside my pussy. As he played with my pussy I took off my cami and pulled him up so i could suck that huge dick of his. 
I sat up and got on my knees and tried to suck his whole cock. I  could only take 5 inches but i kept trying until i was able to take at least 7 inches.  I gave him the best blowjob for about 10 mins before i felt his his dick twitch in my throat. And soon enough he cum in my mouth. I made sure to swallow all of it. He picked me up again and droped me down on the bed and went in on eating me out until i came all on his face. Then he cleaned me up. And got up be lined his dick up with my pussy and eased in just the tip "lucy your pussy is so sweet and tight" he slid in more and more until he was fully in. I let out a loud moan and he leaned down to kiss me. 
" Damn your dick is so fuck me faster baby" 
"your pussy is so tight"
Hw started fucking me faster. Hitting hard on my pubic bone I moaned loud again and came on his dick. His stride and pace and hitting harder and harder in my pubic bone. I came hard and and became tired but i was still horny. 5 minutes of his hard fucking and kissing he asked "are you on birth control". "yes cum in me baby." He came inside of me and i got on top of him and started riding his dick. 
He was instantly hard again I was riding  him like a cowgirl. He grabbed my waist and pulled me down to his chest and gave me sweet kisses. I came hard and so did he. 
"damn i never came so much you pussy is so good." 
" your dick is the biggest i have fucked and damn my pussy is still in shock." i said getting up going into the bath room. 
" this i going to be the best weekend ever." he said following me to turn on the shower. " do you got plans tomorrow?" 
" not that i know of why" i said getting into the shower. 
"were going to a movie" he said following me. 
"fine with me" i said leaning in for a kiss 
" I love you Lucy" 
This is the 1st of many nights that i fucked my own brother.  To be continued   Maybe?


2012-07-28 03:37:00
Should i write another but better story?

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2012-07-27 15:02:30
I'm with the others on this one. Spell check u also missed a few words and sentences weren't complete oh and by the way I'm reporting jjust kidding

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2012-07-27 00:28:19
This is impossible to read. It's totally illiterate.

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2012-07-25 13:37:56
Juicy Lucy, like the others a little more desc. and spell check.

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2012-07-25 02:27:47
Agree with the previous commentator. You might also use the grammar checking feature of your app as well as the spell checker..

Keep up the good work.

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