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In this e-novel, the story develops around the relationship Of mother and son, and within a short time friends and Neighbors too
I am back with a bang..

Sex with mom on Friday Afternoon

In this e-novel, the story develops around the relationship
Of mother and son, and within a short time friends and
Neighbors too


Bobby sat on the commode in the plush upstairs bathroom
With a thin, well-worn magazine of grainy photographs
Of nude women in his left hand and his K-Y jelly-
Lubricated erection in his right. As he stared at a
Waist-to-head picture of a particularly sexy brunette
With medium sized breasts he slid his jelly-slick hand
Slowly up and down his hard penis while trying to
Imagine what it would be like to have this woman
Sitting live across from him watching him jacking off
Instead of just staring back at him lifelessly from a
Piece of paper.

Nonetheless, as he stroked himself that good sensation
In his groin continued to build. It wouldn't be long
now before his cock would spew out that marvelous white
jism onto the face of this woman who turned him on so
much with her sexy sneer. Although it would ruin
another couple of pages of the magazine, Bobby just
couldn't seem to help himself; it gave him such a
thrill to come on the faces of the women who turned him

Today was unusual in that the basketball coach had
called off the normal after-school practice and Bobby
was able to go home early. He had planned to use the
time to catch up on his homework, but when he got home
he hadn't seen his mother's car in the driveway and
figured she must have stayed late at work. Thinking he
had the house to himself, he hurried to the upstairs
bathroom to relieve himself of the tension that had
been building in him because of two incidents earlier
in the day.

The first had happened while he was getting dressed for
school. He had been passing down the hallway on his way
to the bathroom when he happened to glance through the
half-opened door of his parents' bedroom and caught a
glimpse of his mother, Norma, clad in only bra and
panties as she got dressed for work. Although the
glance was only fleeting it was enough to set him on

Norma was a tall, statuesque woman who’s most striking
features were her long, wavy black hair which cascaded
down her back almost to her waist and her equally long
full legs. From the time Bobby began to develop
sexually he had been attracted to her and her beautiful
legs held a special fascination for him.

From time to time he would masturbate while fantasizing
what it would be like to be able to fondle and kiss his
mother's legs. He was also extremely curious about her
breasts, which appeared to be slightly on the small
side. Try as he might, he had yet to see his mother's
bare breasts and this just inflamed his imagination
that much more.

The second incident occurred in biology class when
Jenny Avarrito had tripped on her way past his desk and
landed squarely in his lap. The fall had caught him
unawares and as he grabbed her to keep her from sliding
to the floor his hand had landed firmly on her
beautiful full long tanned leg. From that moment on he
hadn't been able to get the feel of her firm yet soft
leg in his hand out of his mind.

So enraptured was he now in his erotic musings as he
sat masturbating to the erotic vision of his mother
alternating with the feel of Jenny's leg and the sexy
tits and sneer on the face of the woman looking at him
from the magazine that he was taken completely by
surprise when the bathroom door suddenly opened and
there stood his mother staring in amazement at him.

She remained frozen in the doorway with one hand on the
doorknob and the other on the jamb for what seemed an
eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, her gaze
alternating up and down between his eyes and his
crotch. Just as suddenly as she had appeared she
whispered, "Excuse me, I'm sorry," and was gone, softly
pulling the door closed behind her.

But it was too late. The damage had been done; he'd
been caught! "God - what's going to happen now," he
worried as his cock slowly began to deflate. His libido
deflating as well, Bobby decided he had better get
cleaned up and go try to do some homework - or

And then he remembered that early that morning his
mother had hastily told him on her way out the door to
work that she was leaving work early to take the car to
the garage for maintenance and that she would get a
ride home from there. He realized then that she must
have been home the entire time even though he hadn't
seen or heard her. Maybe she had been taking a nap or

Just as he put the magazine on the floor and was ready
to get a wash cloth to clean himself off he heard a
soft rapping at the door. Then the door opened a crack
and his mother stuck her head inside and said, "Is it
alright if I come in, Bobby? Please let me come in."

"Gee, mom, I'll be out in just a second. Can you wait?"

"Bobby, I want to talk to you - right now," she said as
the door opened wider and she entered. "Please let me
come in."

When she was fully inside, she gently closed the door
and turned toward her son who was still seated on the
toilet with his pants around his ankles. Looking down
on his upturned face she said, "I'm really sorry to
disturb you, but I've wanted to talk to you about this
for quite some time now. Do you wind?"

"Talk about what, mom?"

"This. You know - you're doing this. Masturbating."

"Aw, gee, mom..."

"It's OK, Bobby. Look - I've been meaning to bring the
subject up ever since I talked to your father about it,
but he's such a wimp that he just shrugs it off and
refuses to discuss it. I'm just a little concerned
about you - I'm your mother, you know - and curious
also. Can you and I just discuss it?"

"Can I, uh, get dressed first?" Bobby asked, feeling a
little embarrassed sitting half naked in front of his
mother even though his erection had subsided.

"Well... I thought maybe you'd like to, uh, finish what
you'd started - before I so rudely interrupted you."

When her son didn't answer, she said softly, "It's OK.
You can go ahead. I'd really like you to go ahead and
finish it, Bobby."

"You mean finish doing it? Right now?" he queried,

"Uh huh - if you wouldn't mind, dear."

"With you here?"

"Sure - if you wouldn't mind. I'd kind of like to watch

"You'd what!" Bobby said in amazement.

"I'd like to watch you masturbate yourself, Bobby." his
mother said matter-of-factly.

"Aw, mom, its bad enough you caught me without you
making me do it in front of you," he said shamefacedly.

"I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want
to Bobby.

But I really would like to watch you do it to

"Well - gosh, I don't know whether I could do that or
not. I've never done it in front of someone before."

"I understand, son. I guess it might be a little
difficult to get yourself excited, given the
circumstances - especially with your mother present."
With her hand his mother pointed toward the magazine
lying on the floor and said, "But it's OK if you want
to go ahead and look at those pictures - if you think
it would help."

The reference to the magazine made Bobby blush again
and he didn't know quite what to say. Norma, sensing
her son's hesitation, bent down and picked up the
magazine. Glancing at the picture that Bobby had been
looking at earlier she handed it to him asking, "Is
this the picture that you like to look at? Is she the
one that turns you on? She's really got beautiful
breasts, doesn't she?"

Reflexively, Bobby reached out with his hand and took
the magazine from her, looking down at the picture.
Totally confused by the situation, especially hearing
his mother talk this way for the first time in his
life, Bobby was at a loss as to how to act, but he felt
thoroughly trapped with no way out.

"Well, maybe if you're not ready yet, we can talk a
little, OK?" his mother asked.

"Sure, mom, OK."

"Would you answer a couple of questions for me?"

"If I can - sure." Bobby responded hesitantly.

"I've known for some time that you've been doing it,
dear. All the telltale signs are there. I want you to
know that I think it's OK, though, and that it's normal
and nothing to be ashamed of, OK?"

"Uh huh."

"Have you had sex with a girl yet? I mean real sex -
where you have an orgasm?"

"No," Bobby answered softly, and then added, "Not that
I haven't wanted to."

"Naturally. When you masturbate, do you fantasize about
Jenny or Ariel or any of your other girlfriends?"

"Yeah, sometimes."

"And what do you fantasize about them?"

"You know - what it would be like to be with them,
touching them, that kind of stuff?"

"Uh huh, and would you like it if one of them jacked
you off? I'm sorry, dear - you do know what jacking off
is, don't you?"

"Sure. It's what I was doing - masturbating."

"Does it bother you, Bobby, when I talk dirty like
that? You know, use dirty words like jacking off?"

Actually, it was somewhat titillating to hear his
mother use that kind of language, but he only replied,
"No ma'am, it doesn't bother me."

"And would you want one of your girlfriends to do it to
you? Jack you off?"

"I guess. Yeah, but I don't think it would ever

"And the other times? When you're not fantasizing about
them you look at pictures?"

"Uh, huh," Bobby was starting to get even more nervous
now, wondering whether his mother was going to ask him
whether he thought about her while he was doing it.
That was an area he wanted to avoid because from time
to time he did think about her, wondering what her body
looked like totally undressed. He could not ever
remember seeing his mother totally naked although now
and then he had glimpsed her in various states of
undress as he had that morning.

He was especially turned on by her legs which were long
and full. Even though his mother was not big-breasted
she had enough to make her blouses and sweaters stick
out and he was curious about them and what they looked
like, especially the nipples which seemed to poke out
through her clothes all the time.

Sensing she was getting close to shaky territory, Norma
pushed a little harder with her next question. "Is
there anything else you think about besides your young
girlfriends, Bobby?"

"Well..." and he hesitated a long guilty moment.

"How about me, Bobby. Have you ever thought about me
while you masturbated?"

Norma could tell even before he opened his mouth that
she had hit the mark. Bobby's face turned a few shades
of darker red as he stammered, "Aw, mom..."

"It's OK, Bobby. I think it's natural for a boy your
age to be curious about his mother - even sexually. Now
tell me the truth - have you ever thought about me."

"Well, sure, I guess. Once in a while," he admitted

"And what do you fantasize about me?"

"Gee, mom, this is really embarrassing..."

"There's no need to be embarrassed, son - I'm your
mother and you can tell me. I'm really curious and I'd
like to know. Now tell me what you think about me while
you're playing with yourself."

"Well, I guess I like your legs a lot, mom. I think
about them mostly."

"Well, I'm very flattered, son," Norma said
reassuringly. "I'm glad you find my legs attractive. I
always thought they were a little too fat."

"Oh, gee, no. They're really beautiful, mom. I mean

"Tell me - what's the thing that most turns you on
about women? Is it their legs, or rears, or their
breasts or what?"

"Breasts, mostly, I guess."

"Is that what you look at most of the time when you
look at those pictures?"

"Uh huh."

"Do you ever think about my tits, Bobby? Have you ever
seen my bare breasts?"

"Uh, no I haven't," he stammered honestly, wondering
what his mother was getting at now. Norma then suddenly
stood and said, "Wait here just a minute, OK - I'll be
right back," as she opened the bathroom door and turned
down the hallway.

A minute later she was back and re-seated herself on
the edge of the tub. In her hand she held what appeared
to Bobby to be a bunch of photographs, but he couldn't
see what they were. Then his mother said, "Bobby, I'd
like you to see these, if you want to, but first you
have to promise me that you won't ever tell anyone
you've seen them, OK? Promise?"

"Sure mom, if you don't want me to say anything, I
won't," Bobby said, thinking that maybe his mother had
some girly pictures of his father's or something.

Without saying anything Norma held the photos toward
her son. Bobby took them in his dry hand while reaching
for a towel to wipe off the K-Y jelly on his other
hand. Having done so he then looked down at the top
photo and was stunned.

There, in full living color, was a picture of none
other than his mother dressed up whorishly like many of
the girls in the magazines. She had on sheer black
stockings held up by suspenders from a black garter
belt and high heels that made her beautiful legs look
even longer and fuller. But what attracted his
immediate attention was that her upper torso was
encased in a partial bra that lifted her breasts and
pushed them out while leaving the nipples completely

He felt his soft cock twitch and began to harden again
as he gazed at the magnificently large dark brown
areolae and nipples on his mother's breasts. They were
huge - larger than any he had ever seen in a magazine
or even imagined existed. And they jutted straight out
from her tits tilting slightly upward and outward.

As he continued to stare at that one picture he was
aware that his cock was swelling and that it was in
plain view of his mother's sight. Still, he couldn't
seem to remove his eyes from the picture.

When he finally did look up at his mother she had a
sexy smile on her face and said in a low, husky voice,
"It's OK, Bobby. You can look at the rest of them, too,
if you want."

"Is this really you, mom?" he asked, somewhat confused
and a little embarrassed at being so boldly confronted
with his own mother's sexuality.

"Yes, Bobby, it really is me. But don't ask how they
were taken - that's my secret. Just go ahead and look
at them, OK."

Bobby just nodded his head as he took the second photo.
It showed his mother sitting upright on the edge of a
straight-backed chair. Her legs were spread and he
could now make out a thick black patch of pubic hair
between her legs. This inflamed him even more. He had
never before considered even remotely the possibility
that his mother had a sexual side, but that idea was
changing rapidly.

There were about six pictures in all of his mother in
various poses and dressed the same in each picture. The
last one was somewhat different, however, insomuch as
now his mother was sitting spread legged on the edge of
the bed and she had one hand holding what appeared to
be a large black rubber penis stuck in her cunt while
the other hand pulled at one of her big nipples as she
leered at the camera with a lust filled expression.

At this point, Bobby became fully erect again and
looked apprehensively up at his mother. Norma just
smiled and said to him, "Well - I can see that I do
turn you on, don't I?"

As Norma nodded her head toward the picture Bobby was
holding she said, "And you ought to be able to see from
those pictures that boys aren't the only ones that play
with themselves, either. I've been masturbating since I
was your age and still do it almost every day -
sometimes more than once a day. I love doing it and
love watching other people doing it, too. That's why I
want to watch you. Maybe one of these days I'll even
let you watch me jack off if you'd like. But now I can
see those pictures have gotten you hard again. Would
you like to look at them while you masturbate?"

When Bobby didn't respond right away she continued,
"I'd be glad to have you look at those if you want to.
Go ahead, Bobby, it's alright. You're hard as a rock.
Why don't you go ahead and jack off your hard penis
while you look at those pictures. Here - give me your
hand," and Norma reached out and grasped her son's
hand, the one that he had been using on his cock.
Turning the palm up she proceeded to gather a mouthful
of saliva and spit it onto his hand.

"That'll help make you slick again, huh."

Dumbfounded, Bobby reached down and began to smear his
mother's spit over his solid erection as he looked into
her sexy eyes. When it was completely covered he
wrapped his hand around it and began to slowly pump it
up and down as he looked once again at the super
charged picture of his mother fucking herself with the
dildo and playing with her nipple.

After a few moments he heard his mother say, "Do you
like my tits, Bobby? Now that you've seen my bare
breasts, don't you think they're really nice? I have
nice big, sexy nipples don't I? Actually, I've got the
biggest nipples I've ever seen on a woman and I know
they turn men on. Do you like them, Bobby?"

"Oh, god, mom - they're beautiful, they really are.
They're so big!" Bobby exclaimed in his building

Then his mother stunned him once again when she asked
him, looking deeply into his eyes, "Would you rather
see the real thing than look at those pictures, Bobby?"

"What?? You mean...?"

"Yes, Bobby. I do mean. If you'd like, I'll let you
look at my bare breasts while you jack off. Would you
like that, huh? You can see it all - my big nipples and
all, if you want."

"Ohhhh, mom..." was all Bobby could get out as his
breathing became ragged and his excitement rose at the
thought of his mother showing him her bare tits.

"Well...? Do you want to?"

"God, mom, yes..."

"Yes, what, dear? Tell me what. Tell me what you want
to see. I want to hear you say it, Bobby."

Hesitantly Bobby said, "Please, mom, let me see your
breasts. I want to see your bare tits with their big

"That's right," Norma whispered as she began to
unbutton her blouse. "That's what I'm going to do -
right now. I'm going to show you my breasts." When the
blouse was undone she pulled it out of the waist of her
slacks, shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall
backwards into the tub.

"And what are you going to do? Tell me what you're
going to do while you look at my bare tits, Bobby."

Bobby then went almost catatonic as his mother reached
behind her to unclasp her bra. His eyes bugged out as
the back of the bra fell open, but his mother kept the
bra against her bosom with one of her forearms saying,
"Come on, Bobby, tell me what you're going to do while
you look at my tits - or I won't show them to you."

Bobby was so excited at this point that he could hardly
talk. He was almost goggle-eyed as he stared across at
his mother's bosom, but he managed to get out, "Uh,
well - I'm going to jack off, mom. I'm going to
masturbate while I look at your beautiful tits."

"And are you going to cum, dear?"

"Oh yes, ma'am. Yes - I'm going to cum."

"That's just what I wanted to hear, Bobby. I want you
to cum. I want you to cum real hard while you look at
my tits and nipples," Norma said as she then suddenly
let her arm drop and the bra fell away from her chest
exposing her two magnificent breasts to her son's gaze.

Bobby just sat and stared at his mother. Her tits were
even more beautiful than they appeared in the
photographs. They stuck straight out and now Bobby
could see that the deep dark brown areolae had a
pebbled textured and the nipples themselves were longer
than they appeared in the pictures.

"Nice, huh, Bobby?" his mother said teasingly. "Doesn't
the sight of my bare tits and nipples really make you
want to jack your cock?"

Bobby couldn't seem to move. He was mesmerized as he
sat, his one hand holding his rock hard prick in a near
death grip.

He didn't actually need to move, though, because when
his mother said, "My nipples get even longer and fatter
when I play with them," and reached both hands up and
began to pull, twist and tug at the already turgid
nipples, Bobby had a spontaneous orgasm right on the

His rigid cock began to spew out jet after jet of thick
white jism, the first couple of spurts traversing the
short space between them and landing on his mother's
thighs, soaking into the fabric of her slacks.

"Ohhh, Bobby, yessss!" Norma purred, "Yes - oh, shoot
out all that lovely cum, son. That's right; jack your
cock, honey. Make it spurt! Jack it off for me, dear!"

Hearing his mother's exhortations, Bobby then began to
frig himself violently causing his cock to renew its
spasms sending even more thick cum spewing forth
covering his hand and his own thighs.

As the orgasm began to lessen, Bobby's mother reached
over with her hand and gently stroked her son's face
and said, "That was really great. That must have been
one of the best orgasms you've ever had. Now why don't
you clean yourself up and let's have dinner. We can
talk some more about this as we eat.

Norma then quickly gathered her blouse and bra and
gently disengaged the pictures from Bobby's grip and
departed the bathroom as he just lay back against the
toilet seat, eyes scrunched closed, recovering and
considering what just happened and what might happen in
the future.


After his mother had gone, Bobby sat motionless on the
toilet, head thrown back, his eyes closed and his
entire being reeling from the experience. First, having
suffered the humiliation of being caught masturbating
by his mother, but then having his mother boldly
encourage him to do it in front of her while she looked
on not three feet away and even took off her blouse and
bra and let him look at her bare breasts and huge dark
nipples while he did it.

He still couldn't believe that he had actually had an
orgasm right in front of his own mother as she watched;
he really did jack off while she watched and had the
most powerful cum of his life as she goaded him on by
talking sexy and even playing with her enormous
nipples. It amazed him that she appeared to not only
enjoy the experience, but actually seemed to be turned
on by it. It was just totally incredible and beyond
comprehension to his young mind.

Finally he roused himself, got cleaned up and went to
his room where he dropped exhausted onto his bed and
immediately fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. He awoke
sometime later hearing his mother calling him to
dinner. When he looked at the clock it showed right at
six o'clock. He'd been asleep for two whole hours! And
then the memory of his experience came thundering back
to him and he wondered whether he could go down and
face his mother over the dinner table.

As the memory washed over him he began to feel a
mixture of shame, guilt and embarrassment at what had
happened. But he also felt a growing sense of erotic
excitement as the vision of his mother sitting across
from him on the edge of the bathtub, watching him
intently as he had frigged his rigid cock while she
fondled her own breasts flooded before his mind's eye.
It was like a dream, but so intense that he didn't
doubt for a second that it had really happened.

Summoning up all his courage he left his bedroom and
headed downstairs not knowing what to expect from his
mother but also excited at the same time. When he
reached the dining room, dinner was already on the
table and he immediately saw with a sense of
disappointment that his father was seated at the table.
Then his mother came in from the kitchen carrying a hot
plate of vegetables and she looked at him.

"Maybe I did dream all this," he thought to himself.
Norma smiled gently at Bobby as if nothing out of the
ordinary had ever happened. It was a warm smile, but
nothing unusual and it made him begin to doubt his
sanity. He thought she ought to at least give some hint
of what had passed between them but no, there was no
sign that things had changed.

They ate dinner just like always. Following dinner
Bobby helped his mother with the dishes, but she still
gave no clue of anything different.

As it worked out, the weekend was taken up with a
number of different activities and he never got any
time alone with his mother. On his Saturday night date
with his more-or-less steady girlfriend, Ariel, he was
distracted to the point that she mentioned that he
seemed preoccupied and asked what the matter was.

When he replied rather shortly that there wasn't
anything wrong, she stated that she was a bit surprised
that he wasn't his usual aggressive self and wondered
whether something in their relationship had changed. It
was true though; after his experience with his mother,
he couldn't imagine doing anything with Ariel - even if
she consented, fat chance! - Which would come anywhere
close to approximating the feelings he had right then
for his mother.

Bobby had slept well that Friday night, but beginning
on Saturday he developed a state of hypersexual arousal
that no amount of masturbation could relieve. During
the day he had had to bring himself off three times as
he relived the previous afternoon's experience. During
his date all he could think of was his mother.

When the work week began on Monday things had not
changed. He still thought constantly of Norma and what
had happened and began to wonder if it would ever
develop any further. He sure wanted it to, but his
mother gave no indication whatsoever of acknowledging
the past event and nothing further seemed imminent.

He couldn't get out of his mind that at one point his
mother had seemed particularly turned on while watching
him play with himself and had even told him that she
too masturbated and had promised (did she actually
promise??) that maybe one day she would let him watch
her do it. Or was it really just a dream after all.
Each time he came he fantasized what it would be like
to squirt all that cum onto his mother's tits. He
wondered if the time would ever come when she would let
him sperm all over her breasts that way.

And each time following his orgasm he would be overcome
with shame at what his mind conjured up and vow to
forget the whole matter (his mother seemed to have done
so) and to never again jack off while thinking about
her. It was no use, of course. In only a matter of
hours he was back at it again and again and again.

At one point during the middle of the week he had taken
out his sex magazines, but as he leafed through one of
them he noticed that they no longer held the appeal
they had had in the past. The lifeless pictures just
didn't seem to do a thing for him anymore. What he
really wanted, desired, was another encounter with his
mother. He wanted it badly, but felt that if it were
going to happen it would have to be initiated by her.
He just didn't have the nerve to bring up the subject.
Nor did he have the opportunity then.

When Friday rolled around again, he returned home from
school hoping to find his mother alone. Today there had
been basketball practice and it wasn't until four
o'clock that he got home, but, to his immense
disappointment, she wasn't there. He had hoped beyond
hope that they could take up where they had left off
the previous week. Deflated, he went to his room when
the phone rang. He raced to the phone in the hallway
hoping it was Norma, but it wasn't. It was Ariel
instead wanting to know what time he was coming over
for their date that evening.

Meanwhile, Norma had spent the entire week mulling over
the incident with her son. Originally, she had meant
only to discuss the issue of sex with him since his
father would have not part of it. She simply had wanted
to find out where he was and reassure him. But
something had happened when she accidentally and
unintentionally caught him masturbating that had awoken
something deep and long-hidden inside her. When she had
opened the door to the bathroom she had been caught
unawares and she was immediately astonished at the size
of her son's erect penis. She hadn't imagined that it
could be so big. That was the beginning for her.

A couple of seconds later when the surprise had passed
it dawned on her that her son was right in the middle
of a masturbation session and, feeling guilty for
having interrupted, she backed away. Even today, she
couldn't figure out what came over her as she started
down the hall away from the bathroom, but she felt the
time was right to have that discussion with Bobby.

When she reentered the bathroom and began talking to
him and looking at him she was overcome with a lust she
hadn't felt in years. She could only surmise that it
must have lain dormant for ages, probably since her
college days when she had been very sexually active -
with both men and women.

As she had sat down on the edge of the tub and looked
over at her son the thing she most wanted at that
moment was to see him cum. She had an overpowering
desire to watch him jack his oh-so-large penis to an
orgasm; she could feel her whole cunt begin to swell
with her rising arousal at the thought.

So she embarked on the mission of saying and doing
whatever was necessary to get that accomplished. As the
discussion progressed and he seemed reluctant,
naturally, to comply with her desires she wondered if
it were within her power to excite him to the point
where he would be compliant. It hadn't occurred to her
just then that he might find her sexually arousing, but
she knew that she possessed a single physical attribute
that had made all of her previous sex partners mad with
lust; and that was her fantastic nipples.

So she steered the conversation in that direction,
trying to get him to talk about what turned him on. It
was gratifying when he admitted that breasts were the
major focus of his libido and that although she
couldn't compare in the overall size department she was
sure that he would be adequately aroused by her huge
dark nipples. When by chance he admitted to having
fantasized about her while masturbating she knew it was
all over but for the shooting.

It was fortuitous that he had that girlie magazine
there. It was a natural lead-in that occurred to her
spontaneously. She was up and gone like a shot to get
the pictures that her next door neighbor and best
friend Caroline had taken of her some time back. The
reaction she expected was forthcoming when she finally
let him look at the pictures of her. She knew then by
the lust written all over his face and his swollen cock
that he was hooked. At that point she was inflamed
herself and was just barely holding herself in check.

There was no doubt in her mind that she could never
allow the situation to go so far between them that they
wound up fucking, but she felt somewhat less guilty in
the knowledge that maybe it would be OK for both of
them to get off if there weren't any actual contact
between them. She wanted badly to get the situation to
the point where it would seem logical for her to
masturbate herself right there along with him. She even
hinted at it by telling him that she too masturbated
and that she might just let him watch her jack off
sometime. "Wow, did I really say that to him," she

But luck just wasn't with her. Deep down inside, she
wanted to exhibit herself to Bobby, to have him admire
her body and thereby confirm her desirability. Because
of this she went the extra step and instead of just
allowing him to look at the pictures of her she had
offered to bare her breasts for him right there to look
at while he jacked off. It would then seem just natural
if she took off the rest of her clothes which would
allow her to begin masturbating herself, as she so
badly wanted to do, without the situation seeming
contrived. Sadly enough the sight of her naked tits was
just too much for Bobby and he had blown his
magnificent load almost immediately; the sensory
overload had just been too much for his young mind.

At that point some sense of sanity had intruded upon
her and she realized that the situation was at a good
breaking point. She knew, too, that she needed to
consider very carefully where she was going, what she
really wanted and what the risks were. So she broke the
situation off right then feeling that it would be no
problem to resume it when the time was right.

Nonetheless, she was very aware of the squishy feeling
between her legs as she departed the bathroom and
headed for her bedroom. The temptation was great to
just fling herself on the bed and jerk her hot
throbbing cunt to an intense orgasm. But she decided to
wait. For what, she wasn't sure, but she just wanted to

Now for the problem of her husband. Jake was an asshole
and for whatever reason she felt absolutely no guilt
where he was concerned. He liked having his continuing
affairs with the girls at the office and on the road;
he spent about half his working time on the road
servicing accounts (and probably a lot more, for that
matter). For the last few years their sex life had been
non-existent because his diddling on the outside left
little room for her.

As this developed she had considered initiating her own
affairs, but decided it might just make what was a
tolerable situation intolerable. No sense in ruining
what was otherwise a very decent life. Instead, she
confided in her best friend from next door, Caroline
(who was having her own marital problems), and was very
pleasantly surprised to discover something that she
hadn't had even an inkling of.

The mutual sharing eventually led to the disclosure on
Caroline's part that she had, for a long time now, had
a very strong desire for Norma, but hadn't revealed it
for fear of losing her friendship. Norma then shocked
her with her own recounting of the numerous lesbian
affairs she had had in college and made it very clear
to Caroline that she was more than willing have sex
with her if that is what she desired.

It was the best of all possible worlds. They were both
blissful as they sat naked side by side later that
afternoon sipping cocktails following a long drawn out
session of mutual deep tongue kissing, nipple sucking
and frenching each others cunts to a number of orgasms.
Norma was indeed delighted at Caroline's obvious
obsession with her big nipples and loved hearing her
say over and over, "God, Norma, I can't believe how big
your nipples are, they're so fucking sexy! I just can't
get enough of them!"

They both agreed that everyone was coming out a winner.
Norma wouldn't have to start something with another man
which might destroy her marriage. Caroline was now
realizing a longtime fantasy about her close neighbor
and Jake would be left in peace to do his thing.

From then on, Norma made herself available to Caroline
for her pleasure at regular intervals when their mutual
situations allowed. This was usually once or twice a
month and the experiences were always gratifying.
Caroline was a skilled lover and never left Norma
unsatisfied. If it continued this way forever Norma
would be perfectly happy.

At one point when Norma was going to take a vacation
for a few days, Caroline had expressed that she would
miss Norma terribly. Somehow the idea came about that
they would take some photos of Norma - just for fun -
so that she would have something to masturbate to while
Norma was gone. And they did it one evening in Norma's
bedroom while both their husbands and families where
off somewhere else.

It had been great fun, especially since it was the
first time that Norma had ever had an experience
masturbating with a large dildo stuck firmly up her
hungry cunt. When they developed the photos they both
had a set of prints; they even turned Norma on so much
that she had once masturbated while looking at the
pictures of herself!


On Wednesday following that fateful Friday afternoon,
Norma had become so horny that she was almost beside
herself. She needed to come badly just to relieve the
incredible tension that built up fantasizing about her
son, but for some unknown reason she just didn't want
to jerk herself off.

She was tempted to throw caution to the winds and just
get her son by himself and do whatever she wanted. But
common sense prevailed and instead she went next door
to see her friend Caroline, much to the other woman's
delight. The sex between the women that evening was
short (out of necessity lest they arouse suspicions)
but intense.

Caroline couldn't believe the ardor with which Norma
tongued her off while simultaneously finger fucking her
asshole with one hand and masturbating herself with the
other, all at the same time. In the mellow come-down
following their simultaneous orgasm Norma had been
sorely tempted to tell Caroline all about Bobby and ask
her advice, but she restrained herself.

But this was a different deal now, her being involved
with Bobby. She didn't much care whether Jake found out
about Caroline or not; she could always counter that
with his own indiscretions. He might not take so
kindly, however, to having his son being sexually
involved with his mother. So she would have to find a
way to keep this whole thing secret. In so doing she
might have overreacted and became over cautious to the
point of torturing her son. She was well aware of this,
but felt the caution was justified. She promised
herself that she would talk to Bobby the first real
chance she got.

And she wondered how her son was taking all of this
after a week's time. She had a good idea that it was
constantly on his mind because he was always looking at
her and giving her these long soulful looks which she
couldn't return.

But she would make it right for him at the first
opportunity. The phone call from Jake this Friday
afternoon telling her there was an emergency meeting
this weekend at the New York headquarters (yeah, sure!)
was just such an opportunity. That meant he wouldn't be
home all weekend and there would be plenty of chance
for her and Bobby to discuss what had happened and


Friday afternoon rolled around again: one week to the
day following the incident with his mother and Bobby
was sitting home alone trying to figure out how to
approach her. He was dying for another encounter, but
fearful of pushing the issue because he didn't want to
spoil the possibility that it could happen again.

His girlfriend, Ariel, had just called and he had
committed, at her insisting and against his wishes, to
a double date for the evening. That would mean that
they would probably go to a movie and then get
something to eat afterwards. Another couple along meant
that he wouldn't even get any time alone with Ariel,
even if he wanted to be alone with her - at the present
time his focus was solely on his mother.

Not a chance of getting home before eleven o'clock
either. It wouldn't matter anyway, he thought, because
his father would be there. He wasn't looking forward to
another long weekend of being at home with his mother
while having his father always hanging around.

As he sat at his desk trying to do some homework the
phone rang. When he picked it up his heart skipped a
beat. It was his mother. She asked what his plans were
for the evening and when he told her, it sounded to him
like he had just stuck a knife in a car tire. Gosh, she
really sounds disappointed. Maybe she's thinking about
me the way I'm thinking about her. She then dropped the
big bomb: dad's going to be out of town the whole

Bobby immediately suggested that he could call up Ariel
and cancel his date, but Norma told him not to. She
said that it's important for him to maintain contact
with his friends and they sure didn't want any of them
thinking anything was wrong. He reluctantly agreed. She
then told him cryptically that they will have all
weekend to be together and the sound of her voice
saying that makes Bobby lightheaded.

All through getting cleaned up for his date and the
date itself, the only thing he could think of was
Norma. He couldn't wait to get home, no matter how late
it was. And when he finally did get home at 11:30, he
discovered a note from his mother saying that she had
to stay overnight and babysit for his aunt while she
and her husband attended an out-of town banquet, but
that she would be home tomorrow. That was it, although
she did sign the note, "Love, your mother." That's the
way she signed all her notes to him, but now it took on
special meaning. Well, he would just have to be patient
and wait so he headed upstairs to go to bed.

Once in his bedroom he turned on the bed stand lamp and
got out of his clothes. Reaching under the pillow for
his pajamas where he normally kept them he felt
something strange. Lifting the pillow he discovered
what looked like a frilly black piece of cloth, a
single business envelope and a tube of K-Y jelly all
wrapped up in his pajamas.

Picking up the cloth object by one corner he was
stunned to find that it looked like one of his mother's
bras and he couldn't figure out how it got there of all
places. Just the look and feel of it brought back the
vision of his mother sitting on the edge of the bathtub
across from him, topless, while he masturbated. He
pulled the bra right up to his face and he can faintly
smell his mother's perfume on it.

Suddenly he feels the tension in his groin at the
thought of his mother's beautiful breasts encased in
the flimsy bra and he considers the combination of the
bra and the tube of lubricant. His mother must have
left it there when she came home earlier in the
evening. In his excitement he almost forgot about the
envelope which he not picked up. It wasn't sealed, but
he still had trouble getting the flap open and the
contents out because his hands were trembling so badly.

What was inside caused his cock to harden to maximum in
an instant. Wrapped in a sheet of note paper was
another picture of his mother, one he hadn't seen
before, but obviously from the same series that she had
let him look at previously.

This one was a sideways shot of her as she sat on the
edge of the bed with one foot on the floor and one foot
on the bed with her legs bent at the knee. The same
black dildo was protruding from her cunt, but this time
both hands were cupped under her breasts, holding them
out, seeming to offer them to him as she stared
lustfully at him from the photo.

Bobby was once more amazed at the size of the areolae
and nipples on his mother's small breasts. In the dirty
magazines all of the nipples in the pictures were
either tan or pink in color, but the color of his
mother's nipples was almost black matching her hair and
adding to her aura of uniqueness. And they were so long
and thick. It made his cock jump just to look at them.

He was so taken by the combination of the picture, the
jelly, and the bra that he almost disregarded the piece
of stationery the picture was wrapped in until out of
the corner of his eye he noticed it had writing on it.
Reading it now caused him even further excitement. It
was from his mother and read:


Dearest Bobby,

I'm so sorry that we haven't had a chance to talk since
last Friday. It's my fault. I've wanted so badly to
discuss with you what happened. Please don't think I
have been avoiding you but I feel that this must be
kept very discreet as I'm sure you're aware. Since your
father will be gone for the entire weekend we will have
plenty of time then.

I know you've probably been thinking about this a lot
and I haven't intentionally wished to make you suffer
alone. I'm sorry too that I wasn't able to be here
tonight so I hope the little surprise I've left you
will keep you happy until we can see each other

If my guess is right, you're probably thinking a lot
about the promise I made you. I've been thinking a lot
about it too. I fully intend to keep my word and go
through with it. Just please be patient - the time will
come - soon.

About my little surprise. I know when you see what I
left it will be pretty evident what I intend for you to
do. I don't want you to suffer through the night
thinking about me. I'm going to be thinking about you
too. But before you do anything (you know what I mean)
I want you to wait for my phone call. I'll call about
midnight when everything here is quiet. Please wait,
OK? Talk to you then, dear.

Love ya,
Your mother

P.S. Please, please tear this note up as soon as you've
read it and flush it down the toilet. I would just die
if it ever fell into the wrong hands.


Bobby couldn't believe it. He was beside himself with
joy. His mother hadn't forgotten him after all.

Although excited, Bobby was level headed enough to take
heed of his mother's warning about destroying her note.
He wanted to save it and savor it, but he knew that
might be dangerous. Therefore, he reread it again and
again and then headed for the bathroom where he ripped
it to pieces and dropped it into the toilet. He flushed
twice just to make sure it was completely gone and then
went to his mother's room to fetch her cordless phone;
he wanted to be in his own room when she called.

No sooner had he returned to the room than the phone
rang. Looking quickly at the his bedside clock he saw
that it was exactly midnight. With trembling hand he
activated the ringing handset and muttered, "Hello!"

"Hi, Bobby. Everything OK?" his mother asked

"Sure, mom. Everything's fine."

"Did you get the surprise I left for you?"

"Uh, you mean the uh, the stuff under my pillow."

"That's right, dear. The K-Y jelly and the envelope
with the picture and the note.? Oh yeah, and my bra?"

"Yeah, mom. I got it all."

"Did you do away with the note, I hope, like I said?"
Norma inquired.

"Yes, ma'am, I did."

Sensing that maybe something wasn't quite right Norma
asked, "Are you by yourself, Bobby? You sound strange."

"Yeah, mom. There's nobody here but me."

"Did you lock all the doors after you came in? Are you
sure you're OK?"

"All the doors are locked. I guess I sound strange
because I'm really nervous, mom."

"I understand son. Tell me, are you naked right now? If
not, I'd like you to get totally undressed, OK?"

"I'm already undressed. I was going to put on my PJs
when I found the stuff."

"Uh huh. Are you hard, Bobby? Is your penis good and

The question took him by surprise following so closely
on the heels of the previous mundane dialog and he
hesitated for what seemed ages. Again, sensing her
son's uneasiness Norma said, "Why don't you take a
close look at the picture I left for you and tell me
what you think. By the way, where are you right now?"

"Well, I'm in my bedroom. I got your cordless phone and
I'm here sitting on my bed." There was a pause while
Bobby propped the picture up against the base of the
nightstand lamp. Then he said, "Gosh, that sure is a
great picture."

"I thought you'd like it, Bobby. But you never did
answer my question: are you hard yet?"

Somewhat embarrassed, Bobby started to answer, "Uh..."

"What I mean, is, do you have an erection right now,
dear? Do you have a hard-on from thinking about me,
about us. Does looking at that picture of me make you

"It's one of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen," he
blurted out, meaning every word it.

"And you're a real expert with the pictures as we both
know," Norma couldn't resist saying playfully.

"Aww, mom..."

"I'm sorry, darling. Just kidding. I guess you're real
sensitive about that, huh? But it's OK. I like looking
at pictures too. As a matter of fact, I even once
looked at those pictures of myself while I was jerking
off. What do you think of that?"

"You did?" Bobby asked, incredulously.

"Uh huh, I did. Really. Sometimes when I do it I look
at myself in the mirror. I guess that sounds kind of
perverted, but I do. I get excited watching myself
masturbate now and then. Haven't you ever looked at
yourself in the mirror while you jacked off? Try it

Feeling a little guilty because he'd already had that
experience and had enjoyed it he nonetheless said,
"Yeah, I've done that before."

"You have?" Norma said, surprised. "Well - then you
know what I mean. Maybe one of these days you'll let me
watch you do it while you're looking at yourself, huh?"

"I'd rather look at you any day, mom."

"Well, anyway. What do you think of the picture?"

"Like I said, it sure is neat."

"What do you like best about it?" Norma's voice was
getting husky and that was having a further effect on
Bobby as he became aware of how hard his erection was.
"Do you like the way my breasts look?"

"Sure I do," he answered. "They're the most beautiful
I've ever seen. I can't believe how big and long your
nipples are - and how dark they are. I've never seen
anything like them before."

"Good, I'm glad they turn you on. But you still haven't
told me yet; is your penis hard?"

Bobby was now losing some of his shyness as his mother
continued speaking such a sexy manner and he answered,
"Yeah, mom, it's hard alright."

"How hard is it, darling? Is it as hard as my nipples
in the picture?"

"God, it's really hard - harder than it's ever been
before. And it's sticking straight out. Just like your

Bobby could now faintly make out that his mother's
voice was a little breathy as she said, "Dear, why
don't you put some of the K-Y jelly on your prick. Go
ahead and do it - I'll wait."

"OK." Bobby set the phone down on the bed and fumbled
with the tube of jelly until he had gotten a big gob of
it smoothed all over his cock. He then picked up the
phone again and said, "I'm back."

"Uh huh. OK. Are you rubbing yourself, dear?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. I'm rubbing myself, too. And it feels really
good. Does it feel good for you?"

"You mean you're doing it, too? You're, uh..."

"Yes, darling. I'm masturbating right now as I'm
talking to you. I'm really turned on thinking about you
sitting there on your bed pumping your hand up and down
your slick cock. I can just imagine the expression on
your face. Why don't you look at my picture, if you're
not doing so, and tell me if there's anything else you
like about it."

"Well, I, uh, I like your legs a whole lot. I think
they're really sexy."

"God, Bobby. Just think about this - what I'm doing to
myself right now. I'm now running my hand up and down
the back of my leg and it feels sooooo good. My legs
are really sensitive and I just love to feel myself up.
Now I'm up at my cunt again, frigging it. Are you still
jerking yourself?"

"Yes," was all Bobby could come out with as his mind
conjured up the picture of his mother feeling up her
leg. And then he remembered the bathroom scene and
said, "Mom, would you do something for me, please?"

"What is it - what would you like?" she said, her voice
even more ragged now.

"Uh, would you play with your nipples again. You know,
like you did the other day when we were in the

"Of course I will. Just for you. Would you like to know
what it feels like?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, it feels just marvelous. I'm now twisting my
right nipple between my thumb and two fingers. I'm
pulling on it and rolling it around and it's getting
harder and longer. The more I tug on it the longer it
gets. It's like you getting a hard-on, but not quite as
big. You really like to look at me playing with my own
tits, don't you."

"Uh huh," Bobby mumbled.

"And when I play with them it sends nerve jolts right
down to my clit. Sometimes when I'm really sensitive
and haven't had an orgasm for a while I can even make
myself cum just by jacking off my nipples."

In the heat of his passion Bobby just couldn't help
himself and he asked, "Mom, I really loved what we did
last week. Do you think we can do that again? Will you
let me look at you again?"

"Yes, darling, I will. I want it to. I've been thinking
about that all week and hoping it would happen soon. I
want you to know that I get tremendously excited
watching you jerk yourself off. I love to see your hard
penis squirt. There's nothing else like that in the
world, dear."


"Yes, darling?"

"Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure... what is it?"

"Uh... oh gosh, I don't know how to say this...

"Well - just ask dear."

"Well, I... uh... would it be OK if... uh, sometime
when we're... uh, doing it... if I... would you let
me... would you let me squirt off on your tits?"

There - he said it. He'd been thinking about sperming
her tits all week long and the answer he got back was
not what he feared, but what he had hoped his mother
would say: "Ohhhh, Bobby. I'd love to have you cum on
my breasts. I'd just love to watch all that jism squirt
out of your lovely hard prick onto my tits. Of course
you can."

Bobby was so excited now that he couldn't hold back and
he almost shouted, "God, mommmmm - I'm gonna cum -
right now!"

"Me too, lover. Here I cum. Oh, christ, here it cums.
It's cumming, darling. Oh, god, I'm cumming all over my

"Jeez, mom. Me too. It's squirting all over the place.
Ooops, I even got some in my face. Ohhhhh."

Both Bobby and his mother continued to frig themselves
through their climax not saying anything but listening
to each others labored breathing. When it was finally
over Norma was the first to speak.

"You still there, Bobby?"

"Yeah, mom. I'm still here. How 'bout you?" And they
both laughed.

"OK, dear. I want you to go to bed now and rest up for
tomorrow. I'll be home sometime in the morning. As
quick as I can get there. Sweet dreams, darling."

"Bye, mom."


Norma declined the invitation to stay for breakfast and
visit with her sister. She was anxious to get home to
see her son. Rather than having satisfied her lust, the
previous evening's phone call and subsequent sex play
had only inflamed her that much more.

It was eight o'clock as she pulled in the driveway and
she hoped Bobby was still asleep so she could get
cleaned up and make herself attractive for him. As she
entered the house and went to hang up her coat she
heard him moving around in the kitchen and was a little
disappointed. She then called out, "Hi, Bobby, it's me
- I'm home."

"Hi, mom," she heard him call back.

As she entered the kitchen she saw her son sitting at
the table eating toast in nothing but his undershorts.
Walking by him toward the coffee pot she tousled his
hair and said, "Hi, sport. You OK this morning?"

"Yeah, sure, mom." was all he said and he seemed a bit
shy or embarrassed. That would be natural, she thought.
After all, how many people her son's age had ever
engaged in phone sex with their own mother?

Norma got a cup of coffee and then went and sat down at
the table with Bobby, but didn't say anything. She
waited instead for him to strike up a conversation.
When he remained silent and wouldn't look at her she
finally decided to break the deadlock.

"Are you OK, Bobby? Do you feel OK?"

"Sure. I'm fine."

"Then what's the matter. You're acting as if I'm not
even here."

After a short pause he said, "Well, I guess I'm just a
little embarrassed about last night."

"Does that mean you don't want to look at me or talk to
me anymore?"

"Oh, mom, no. It's just that - well, you know."

"No, Bobby, I don't know. Tell me. Remember, I'm your

"Uh huh. That's part of the problem, I think."

Norma didn't say anything so Bobby blundered on, "I
mean, you're my mom and I know that what we did isn't
supposed to happen between a mother and son."

Gently Norma leaned forward and laid her hand on
Bobby's bare arm saying, "Yeah, I know. And I
understand your feelings. I have that same problem
myself so can we at least talk about it?"

"Sure, I guess."

"Would you like to just stop doing it, dear. That is,
do you think we should just quit and pretend like
nothing ever happened. I'd be willing to do that if
that's what you really want."

"Aw, gee, mom. I can't stop thinking about you. You'd
think after last night I could at least get some sleep,
but I woke up dreaming about you."

"And were you excited?"


"And did you do it again. Did you jack off again?"

"That's the hard part. I felt so bad and just wanted to
forget it all, but I was - you know - hard again."

"Uh huh. And what did you do."

"Well, I decided I'd wait for you to get home. And the
worst part is, I hoped it would happen again."

"Does that mean you want to do it some more?"

Bobby lowered his head and folded his hands in his lap
and muttered, "Uh huh."

"Look at me, darling." When Bobby moved his head and
looked into his mother's eyes he became so filled with
lust and love that it almost took his breath away. "I
know that what we've done isn't exactly, uh, right,
Norma continued on, but I'm willing to go on doing it
if we can both agree to a couple very simple rules."

"Rules?" Bobby asked.

"Right. I think everything will be OK if we agree to
two things, actually. First, there should never be any
touching. We should never touch each other. Everything
will be alright if we just watch one another, I think."

When she hesitated, trying to gauge her son's reaction
he asked, "And... the second thing?"

"I feel it would be best if we limited stuff to once a
week. And only when your father's away. Would that be
OK with you?"

"Sure, I understand that. But does that mean that we
can just watch and that's all?"

"Yes. I don't think we should get involved any further
than that, dear.

It might lead to consequences neither one of us wants."

Bobby stayed thoughtfully silent, but she could read
the disappointment clearly written all over his
features. The frown on his face told the whole story
and it tugged at her emotions because she felt a strong
sense of frustration herself with the conditions she
had just laid down.

Finally Bobby looked up and said resignedly, "I'll do
whatever you want, mom. You've always known best and I
sure don't want anything to happen to you."

"That's so sweet of you, darling. All in all, I think
it's best for us both. We'll see, though, won't we. Now
- how are you feeling just right now?"

"OK. I can accept that."

"No - that's not what I mean. I've been thinking about
you all night and all the way home in the car from your
Aunt's." Bobby now caught the sudden shift in his
mother's tone, but asked anyway, "What do you mean,

"I mean, that I'm really horny, Bobby. And if we
weren't in this situation I would simply go upstairs
and frig myself off. But since you're here, would you
like to discuss the promise I made you last week and
again last night?"

Bobby's interest picked up immediately and he said,
"What's to discuss?"

Seeing his eagerness, Norma said, "Whoa, young stud -
not so fast. I want to talk about this first, if it's
alright with you."

"Uh, OK."

"Tell me now what you think I promised you."

"Well, last week you kinda promised me that sometime or
other that you'd let me watch you do it."

Norma was rapidly becoming excited again as she could
see the results of her offer causing Bobby's shorts to
begin tenting out and wanting to use the conversation
to further stimulate herself as a sort of verbal
foreplay she decided to milk it for all it was worth.

"Watch me do what, Bobby?"

"You know, mom. You said you'd let me watch you
masturbate," he said impatiently.

"Uh huh. And..."

"And what?" It was tough trying to get her son into her
little verbal game. It was plain that he just wanted to
get on with it. But Norma was not going to let him have
control of the situation.

"And... I want to know if you still want to do that. Do
you still want to watch me jerk off?"

"Of course I do!"

"And when do you want us to do this."

"Why not right now?"

"Well, I'd need to get cleaned up first."

"That's OK. I'll wait."

"Now, how would you like this to happen. Tell me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, would you like me to get dressed up for you?"

"You mean you're going to do it with your clothes on?"
Bobby suddenly sounded let down.

"No, silly. I mean, would you like me to dress up the
way I was in those pictures?"

"No shit!" Bobby exclaimed. "Ooops, sorry mom, didn't
mean to swear like that."

Ignoring his little outburst Norma continued, "Would
you like to see me the way I was when I was doing it
then. In the half bra and garter belt and stockings and
heels - you know, like some of the women in your
magazines? Would you like to see me dressed like a
slut?" The tone and sound of her own voice was now
turning Norma on.

"Oh wow! That would be great. You mean, I'd actually
get to see you live just like you were in those

"Sure. If that's what you want?" Norma said playfully.
"Is that what you want, Bobby?"

Suddenly Bobby began to catch on and said, "I'd really
like that, mom. I'd just love to see you all dressed up
in those sexy things. You'll look great that way. And
it'll even be better to watch you do things to yourself
when you're all dressed up. Wow!"

Now she knew she had him. "And what kind of things
would you like to watch me do to myself, Bobby," she
asked huskily.

When Norma looked down she saw that Bobby's shorts were
stretched out in front meaning he probably had a full
hard-on. "Is the thought of looking at your mother
while she masturbates turning you on, dear?" she asked
coyly as she nodded her head toward his crotch.

"Kind of obvious, isn't it," Bobby replied and blushed.

"Come on, Bobby, tell me what you'd like me to do for
you while you watch. Don't be shy."

"Well, whatever you want, I guess."

"What's the thing you want to see me do most to myself?
What do you fantasize about most?"

"Uh, OK, do you think you could do it with that thing
in you? You know..."

"You mean with the dildo?"

"Yeah, with the dildo. I'd love to see that live."

"Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that wasn't mine
and I don't have one. But wait," Norma acted as if a
sudden thought just came to her. "I think there's a
cucumber in the refrigerator I could use. Except it'd
be awfully cold."

"A cucumber?! Holy cow! You'd put a cucumber in you?"
Bobby exclaimed amazed.

"Sure. I've jacked off before with lots of things in me
besides cucumbers."

He couldn't believe his ears. His own mother admitting
to such lewd behavior. It was the sexiest thing Bobby
had ever experienced and made him want to grab his hard
prick right then and there but he refrained.

"I know," Norma mused, "While I'm upstairs getting
ready you can get the cucumber out and warm it up with
your hands for me. Would you do that?"

"Sure I would. Oh mom."

"You're really getting hot now, aren't you, Bobby?"

"Uh huh." he answered looking into her eyes. Norma was
very excited herself and decided to cut off the blabber
and get on with it.

"Well, I've got lots planned Bobby, but why don't I go
get ready.

You wait here and warm up the kuke for 15 minutes while
I change. It's now nine o'clock. You wait until 9:15
and then come on upstairs, OK?. I'll be in my bedroom
and you can just come right in."

So saying, Norma rose and headed upstairs while Bobby
turned in his chair and opened the refrigerator door.
Rummaging around in the vegetable bin at the bottom he
actually found two cucumbers; one was considerably
larger than the other and he decided devilishly to take
the bigger one. Eyeing it, he couldn't imagine how his
mother was going to get the thing into her cunt because
of its size. He then proceeded to start warming it in
his hands as she had asked, rubbing it up and down and
twisting his two hands around it.

God, how he wished he had one that big, he thought. He
was so aroused now that he considered just doing it
right then, but decided it'd be better to wait until he
could watch his mother. Then they'd do it together,
only face-to-face instead of over the phone like last

Bobby waited impatiently for the fifteen minutes to
pass, each minute seeming like an hour. When it was
time he jumped up and almost ran to the stairs. Once
upstairs he slowed down and walked to his mother's
bedroom where the door was closed. He knew she said he
could just walk right in, but he'd never done that
before and knocked softly out of habit.

He heard his mother's sexy voice say, "It's open dear,
you can come in," as if from a long way off. When he
entered the room she was nowhere in sight, but he could
smell her perfume. Then he heard her say from her walk-
in closet, "Did you bring it with you, Bobby?"

"Yes ma'am, I did."

"Good, just lay it on the nightstand by the bed."

He put the cucumber down and sat down on the edge of
the bed facing away from the closet. After about a
minute he saw out of the corner of his eye his mother
walking around in front of him. The sight was not what
he expected at all. Instead of the sensual picture he
had imagined, he saw his mother completely covered from
head to toe in her long plaited bathrobe.

The only thing showing was her head with its long wavy
black hair cascading down her back and her hands with
their long slender fingers and bright red painted
nails. Still it was kind of enticing wondering what was
underneath the robe even though he'd seen the pictures.
But this was going to be different he thought.

Suddenly his mother came to stand in front of him and
looking down at him said, "Now - before we get started,
remember, you have to abide by our agreement, OK?"

"Oh, sure mom. I agree..."

"And just to be sure that you're not even tempted, I
need you to cooperate in one little thing, OK."

"Yeah, sure. What is it?" he asked quizzically.

"I want you to stand up, turn around and put your hands
behind you."

"You mean like this," Bobby said, as he complied with
her instructions.

Norma said, "Right." And reached into her robe pocket
producing a man's necktie with which she promptly began
to bind Bobby's wrists tightly behind his back.

Surprised and not knowing what his mother was up to he
asked, "What are you doing. How come you're tying me
up, mom?"

"Just want to make sure you can't act on any
temptations you might have, dear," Norma replied
smoothly, finishing the job.

"Aw, come on, mom," Bobby said, feeling disappointed
and wondering how this was going to work out with his
hands bound behind him. "How am I going to get to do it
myself, tied up like this?" He sounded to Norma a
little worried now.

"You're not, darling," Norma replied in a bitchy tone
of voice. "I promised you that you could watch me. But
I didn't say anything about you doing it at the same
time, now did I?"

"Well, no I guess you didn't. But that's not fair." he

"All's fair in love, war and sex, dear son," Norma
replied. "Don't worry, everything's going to work out.
Trust me, OK?"

"OK, I guess."

"I just want your undivided attention while I put on
this show for you and I don't want you breaking it up
by doing anything else. When I'm finished, then we'll
see..." and she let the sentence trail off.

She then told her son to turn around again and to sit
on the edge of the bed. As he turned around he noticed
that his mother's back was to him and he lowered
himself down still looking at her robe-clothed back.

Suddenly the entire robe fell to the floor revealing
his mother's back to his gaze. Norma didn't move except
to cock one leg up so that she was standing with her
hands on her hips in a sexy pose with her ass thrust
enticingly toward his face. Bobby was dumbfounded.

The view of his mother from the back was stunning. He
could see even from this point that she was dressed
exactly as she had been in the pictures. Now, however,
he could see her bare ass up close and reveled in how
beautifully big and well shaped it was. And, oh, those
long, full legs encased in sexy nylons. God, he just
wanted to reach out and run his hands up and down his
mother's big legs.

Still Norma hadn't said a word, just knowing that her
son was feasting his eyes on her backside and deciding
to let him get a good look at her from that angle.
Finally, she said, "Like what you see, Bobby?"

"Oh, god yes, mom. You're beautiful."

"Am I sexy too, dear?" she asked teasingly.

"You know you are, don't you, mom?"

"Want to see more, do you?"

"Oh yes, please. Turn around, please," Bobby pleaded.

Slowly Norma revolved until she was halfway around and
then stopped giving her son a side view of her. Now she
looked down at her son with the most sexually
smoldering expression on her face that he had ever
seen. Compared to his mother, the women he had seen in
magazines all appeared to be pretentious. She was the
sexiest thing alive. And she WAS alive and this was
real and actually happening. His cock throbbed so hard
now that it actually began to hurt.

"How's this, dear," Norma queried, noticing that Bobby
hadn't yet taken his eyes from hers. "Don't you want to
look at my tits?"

Bobby's eyes dropped to her bosom where he took in her
small breasts with the amazingly long dark nipples.
They were held up and out by the partial-cupped bra
which left her nipples and most of the areolae exposed;
the areolae being so large that a portion of their
lower half was hidden by the bra cup. After a moment,
his gaze fell down to her legs which to him were almost
as exciting as her tits.

"Do my tits still turn you on, Bobby? Do they?"

"Yes, ma'am. The nipples are so big and sexy," he said,
aware that this expression was fast becoming a litany,
but not being able to help himself.

Hearing this Norma almost asked him if he liked them
badly enough to want to suck on them, but then
remembered the rules she had laid down and caught
herself. It wouldn't be fair to him to taunt him that
way, she felt, even though she would love to have him
suck on her nipples. God, in the condition she was in
right now she would probably cum on the spot the minute
his lips and tongue touched them.

Then she turned to face him full on and his eyes went
immediately to the junction of her thighs where he
spied what had previously only really been hinted at.
His mother had a large crop of black pubic hair which
entirely covered her cuntal area with a small arrow-
like trail leading almost up to her navel.

As he continued to look at her crotch he noticed all of
a sudden a trickle of moisture starting to run down her
right thigh. Before even thinking about it he looked up
and said, "Uh, mom, do you need to take a pee? You're
getting wet down there. It's OK - I'll wait."

"Oh my god, Bobby," Norma exclaimed, surprised at her
son's naiveté, "no son, I don't need to pee. What
you're seeing is a result of the excitement I'm
feeling. When women get excited they excrete fluid."
She was then going to further his education by
explaining to him that the purpose of the fluid was to
facilitate fucking, but again, that would raise the
specter of more than they agreed upon and she didn't
think it would be fair to him. Thus she remained silent
and just let him wonder.

After letting him silently stare at her for what seemed
ages Norma finally said, "Shall I get started, dear?"

"Uh, gee, whatever mom," he answered, still in awe at
the sight of his mother dressed like a wanton slut.

Norma then moved to the wall and retrieved the ottoman
there and pulled it over and positioned in about three
feet directly in front of where Bobby was sitting and
sat down facing him. "I want you to stand up for a
minute," she said.

Bobby arose with difficulty, his hands being bound
behind him. When he finally got up, Norma reached up
with both hands and slowly lowered his undershorts down
over his hips, pulling the front way out and over his
massive erection which was now sticking straight out
not more than a couple of inches from her lips. For a
second she considered just giving in and almost opened
her mouth to take his cock, but again restrained
herself. Suddenly the undershorts were down around his
ankles and his mother ordered him to again sit which he

"Spread your legs wide apart, Bobby. I want to see that
magnificent hard penis of yours. God, it's so big!" As
she looked at it, she could see that it would twitch
and throb every second or so and wondered whether Bobby
was on the verge of cumming.

Looking up at him finally and seeing that she had his
attention she put the forefinger of her right hand in
her mouth and began to suck on it. Getting her finger
good and wet she then cupped her right breast in her
left hand and squeezed the areola, making the nipple
jut out. Then she began to stroke the nipple,
inundating it with her saliva covered finger.

"This is how I usually start out masturbating, Bobby. I
get myself good and hot by playing with my tits and
nipples. They're so sensitive," she moaned and she
continued fondling her breasts while her son gawked at

"Then, when my pussy is good and wet I still play with
my nipple and start to stroke my cunt lips." Now Norma
put action to her words and released her breast and
lowered her left hand to her groin and insert two
fingers in the massive dark jungle. As Bobby looked
down he could now make out through her pubic hair two
plainly swollen lips, shiny and pink.

Nested between them and protruding downward was what
appeared to be a very small but distinct penis-like
projection. But his mother didn't touch that part of
her, running her fingers all around it and finally
diving one finger up and inside her fuck canal. When
she withdrew it, Bobby could see that the finger was
coated with a clear slimy liquid which she then used to
coat her clit.

Still fingering her nipple she now began in earnest to
stroke the area around her clit in a slow but steady
circular motion, saying, "God, that feels so good.
Can't take much more of that though. I'll cum in a
second." So she stopped.

Bobby was disappointed until he saw Norma lean toward
the nightstand and retrieve the cucumber. Holy shit!
her thought to himself, she's actually going to use it.
And she doesn't even look scared?

Norma then stood up and moved to the side of the
ottoman and said, "Now for the main event, huh." She
put one high-heeled foot on the ottoman and spread her
cunt lips apart with her fingers. With the cucumber in
the other hand she moved the tip to the entrance to her
cunt and started to twirl it. Then while still twirling
it she began to slowly push it in and Bobby was
flabbergasted to see it start to disappear into her.
And she didn't even cry out, but just started to moan
real loud. He couldn't believe it.

Bobby watched in total awe as his mother slowly worked
the cucumber into her twat, twisting and turning,
slowly in and out, bit by bit until almost the whole
thing was up inside her.

"Are you enjoying this," she asked, not looking at him.
"Does it arouse you to watch your mother fuck herself
with this big fat cucumber?"

All Bobby could do was grunt, "Uhhhh."

Without sitting down, Norma turned and looked at her
son and said, "Now for an added attraction," and she
reached over and opened the drawer of the nightstand
and reached inside. When she withdrew her hand Bobby
could see her holding two plain ordinary clothespins
and wondered for the life of him what she was going to
do with them. Then she sat down again on the ottoman
facing him with the cucumber still firmly embedded in
her cunt.

"I can see from your expression that your wondering
about these clothespins. Well - the sensations aroused
in my nipples and cunt by having them clamped on my
nipples is absolutely exquisite, let me tell you. And
since we're going all out today for your pleasure I've
decided to give you the whole show."

Norma took a clothespin in one hand and spread the jaws
open. Then with her other hand she pulled one of her
nipples straight out and affixed the clothespin
directly over it and let it close. The look on her face
was almost one of agony and Bobby started to get a
little concerned until she said, "Oh god, that hurts so
good." Then she did the same with the other clothespin
to her other nipple.

Bobby was now beside himself with lust, love and other
mixed emotions he had never before experienced. He was
painfully aware of the rigidness of his cock as it
stuck up from between his thighs and throbbed under its
own volition. Actually his whole groin was now
throbbing, not only his cock, but his stomach muscles
and his asshole as well. It felt like he was going to
cum any second now and nothing was even touching him.

Norma was aware of his state and felt she had better
hurry herself along or Bobby would blow his load before
she finished. With the cucumber in her cunt and the
clothespins clamped painfully to her nipples she once
again stood up. Now she turned three-quarters sideways
to Bobby so he could see her from both behind and part
of her front. She bent over then and turning to look at
his lust crazed face said, "And now for the best part."

With one hand holding the cucumber in place she put the
middle finger of her free hand in her mouth and began
to suck and lick it while she continued to stare into
her son's eyes. Bobby couldn't believe it when she
removed the finger, loaded with spit, and moved it
around behind her to the region of her ass.

"Well, want to know what's next," she panted.

Bobby could only nod his head in assent as his mother
replied, "Now I'm going to jack off my asshole, Bobby.
I'm going to stick my finger in my rectum and finger
fuck my ass till I cum." And she did just that.

No sooner had Norma gotten her finger buried in her
rectum and began to finger fuck herself than Bobby was
overcome with the blatant lust of the scene being
played out before his eyes and felt his whole body
begin to spasm. Suddenly his whole body went rigid and
in disbelief his entire pubic region seized up mightily
and held the seizure for a long moment before it
released and began a rhythmic series of incredibly
strong spasms, each one sending forth a jet of white
jism from his rampant cock.

Some even landed on his mother's side and hip as he
continued through the orgasm, watching his mother
watching him sperm while she continued to frantically
finger fuck her anus. The combination of the clamps on
her nipples, the cucumber in her cunt, her rapidly
frigging finger up her ass and the sight of her son's
spasming turgid penis sent her over the edge as well
and she entered a really strong climax.

When they were both through, Norma fell forward onto
the ottoman from exhaustion and she released the
cucumber as she steadied herself with both hands. It
slid slowly from her cunt and plopped unceremoniously
onto the carpet behind her.

Bobby simply fell sideways, hands still bound behind
him and continued to stare at his panting, sweating
mother as the after spasms of orgasm continued to
course through both of them.


Following the dramatic events of Saturday morning both
Bobby and his mother had been so exhausted that they
slept until late afternoon. Norma was the first up and
made them a beautiful dinner in the middle of which
Jake, father and husband, unexpectedly showed up. It
seems that everything had been settled and he was back
home again. That put a crimp on mother and son's plans
for the rest of the weekend. Actually from that point
on for some time.

There didn't seem to be a spare moment when they were
both home together that something didn't get in the way
of their getting together again. From time to time they
would give each other long knowing soulful looks, but
that was all that passed between them. For his part,
Bobby was so hyper that he had to masturbate three and
four times a day just to keep the tension down and to
allow him to think of other things besides his mother.

Each time he did it he replayed the events from that
Saturday morning when his mother had put on a
masturbation display he still found difficult to
believe happened. Now matter how often he jacked off,
the moment he began fantasizing about his mother bent
over in front of him with clothespins on her long
nipples, that huge cucumber stuck up her cunt while she
frantically finger fucked her own asshole he came
almost immediately.

As a result of that incident, Norma had a constant
reminder for days afterward because her nipples were
extremely sore from having been clamped with the
clothespins. No matter what kind of clothes she wore
she was always subconsciously aware of the tenderness
in her breasts. When the acute soreness began to fade,
however, she sought to re-intensify the feeling by
wearing rough materials without a bra, which she didn't
really need, so that it would rub her nipples.

Like her son Bobby, she too masturbated frequently,
more than she was used to in the past. And she also
fantasized about their second time together. Her vision
of the incident differed, however, in that she
concentrated on the sight of her son sitting on the
very edge of the bed, hands tied behind his back with
his enormous hard penis jerking untouched in the air as
it shot spurt after spurt of thick jism, some of it
landing on her. She had never before seen a man cum
without some sort of tactile stimulation and knowing
that she alone had aroused her son to such a point was
something she would never forget.

Norma was entranced with her son's penis. To her it was
the ionized focal point of all her lust and passion. It
baffled her that given her sexual experience she should
have become so obsessed with just this one organ, but
she was and she just accepted the fact and gave in to
it. The only regret she had was that she had forbade
any physical contact between her and her son; they had
both agreed to it and she was determined to hold to it
for the sake of both of them.

She knew her son was in agony, but she couldn't help
him without putting their situation in jeopardy. She
felt the same pangs of frustration herself, she was
sure. They would just both have to wait until
opportunity presented itself and not get foolhardy. He
was young and restless and probably innocently unaware
of the tragedy which could befall them at any turn so
she took it upon herself to be strong and control the

Two weeks had passed without incident or opportunity
until, on Friday afternoon Norma got home from work and
got a phone call from the office pleading with her to
drive the twenty miles to Charleston and pick up some
badly needed documents at their branch office there.
Jake, her husband, was already home and just lounging
around - god, she could kill the bastard - and Bobby
was downstairs in the den watching television. He had
probably hoped, as she had, that they would be able to
use this time to be together.

She reluctantly agreed, therefore, to make the trip and
was set to go out the door when the idea occurred to
her. She turned and went upstairs to the den. Walking
in she said, "Hi, sport. Wanna take a ride?"

"Hi, mom. Where to?"

"Oh, I just have to run over to Charleston and pick up
some papers for work. Won't take long. Just thought you
might like to ride along."

Bobby considered this for a couple of seconds and then
said, "Sure. Why not." Grabbing his jacket he headed
upstairs behind his mother. As they climbed the steep
stairs Bobby's eyes were right level with his mother's
legs just a couple of feet in front of him. Just then
he would have given anything to be able to reach out
and feel them up, to bury his face in their fullness
and kiss them and lick them with his tongue. It gave
him an almost instant hard-on which he surreptitiously
had to adjust as they reached the top of the stairs.

It was a pleasant late afternoon drive on the back
roads to Charleston and Norma enjoyed the ride through
alternating farm fields and woods. She was painfully
aware, however, that Bobby was not looking at the
wonderful fall scenery; his eyes were glued to her legs
as she drove. The above the knee skirt she had worn
that day had ridden up on her thighs giving her son a
pretty good eyeful.

Watching the constantly curving road, she couldn't look
over at him long enough to see whether he had a hard-on
or not, but she was pretty sure that he did. Neither
wanted to bring up the topic which was foremost on
their minds, especially with the thought of another
weekend at home with Jake around and no way to get

About half way there a straight stretch of road came up
and Norma now took the chance to take a long look at
her son. When she looked over her suspicions were
confirmed. He was looking straight down at her legs and
they had a glazed look about them. Then she dropped her
eyes to his crotch and saw that instead of just a hard-
on he had his hand in his pocket and was obviously
playing with himself. She was so surprised that she
almost ran the car off the road, but managed to keep it

"For god's sake, Bobby! If you have to do it, then go
ahead and do it, but don't try and hide it."

"Uh, do what, mom?" he asked, surprised as he looked

"You know damn well what," Norma said almost angrily.
"Do you think I was born yesterday?!"

"I'm sorry, mom," he answered contritely, "I really am.
It's just that I'm so turned on and I didn't think you
would notice."

Her own frustration was coming out as anger toward her
son and she knew it and didn't like it. Attempting to
smooth things over she said, "I know. I'm sorry I
snapped at you. I guess I'm just a little jealous about
what you're doing and can't do it myself. And I'm
really pissed off that it's been 2 weeks now and
there's still no hope in sight. I'll try to be more
patient, OK?"

"Gee, mom, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to upset
you, honest."

"No, no, it's OK - really. If you want to masturbate,
why don't you unzip your pants and take it out and do
it." She picked up her purse and handed it toward him
saying, "Look in here. There's some Kleenex. That way,
when you cum you won't make a mess of your clothes."

Without saying anything Bobby took the preferred purse
and rummaged around coming up with the tissues which he
set on the seat with the purse. Then he proceeded to
unzip his pants and reached his hand in and with some
difficulty finally managed to work his large erection
through his underwear and out his fly. Hesitating he
asked, "Are you sure this is OK, mom?"

"Of course it is, darling. I understand. But you'd
better hurry or we'll be to Charleston before you get a
chance to cum."

Bobby hesitated and then said, "Maybe I ought to wait,
then. If I wait, will you let me do it on the way

"Sure, if that's what you want. Maybe that's best

"OK, I'll wait then." And he pulled his pants over his
cock and tucked it back in as best he could.

"Have you been jacking off a lot, Bobby?" Norma asked,
once again taking her son by surprise with the
frankness of her speech.

"Uh, yeah, I have, I guess," he answered in a low

"More than once a day?"

"Yeah. Sometimes three and four times."

"Jesus, that's a lot isn't it?"

"I've gotta do it, mom, otherwise I go nuts cause I get
so horny I can't think of anything else and can't get
anything done. Especially my schoolwork."

Just then they came to the city limits. As they entered
the outskirts of town, Norma spotted an old seedy motel
and for one crazy moment considered just renting a room
for a couple of hours and throwing caution to the wind.
But the urge passed as quickly as it came and she drove
on finally arriving at the business. She went in and
got the papers and was back in the car in a jiffy and
they were again headed back home.

No sooner were they clear of the town than Norma said,
"OK Bobby, if you want to do it, go ahead."

Bobby reached into his pants again and had an easier
time of getting his cock out this time because he was
now only half hard even though he noticed that his
mother had made sure that when she got in the car her
skirt was all the way up on her thighs to where he
could make out the swell of her pubis under her

"My legs don't turn you on anymore," Norma mock pouted
when she noticed his condition.

"No. It's not that. I was just thinking that I have to
play a game tonight and maybe I shouldn't do it. The
coach said that sex was bad for us 24 hours before a

Norma didn't know what to say to that, but she didn't
want to let this opportunity go to waste. Thinking fast
she reached up with one hand and opened her suit coat
wide. Then she began unbuttoning her blouse. When it
was open she then took the front clasp of her bra in
her fingers and pushed it together until it too was
open. As she pulled each cup of the bra to the side and
exposed her breasts to her son's view the draft from
the half open car windows created a chill on her and
her nipples became instantly erect.

Bobby's eyes took this all in and his cock sprang to
life again.

Norma glanced quickly over at him and seeing her
actions had the desired result she remarked, "That
ought to help, huh?"

"Oh, god, mom," Bobby moaned as his hand went to his
stiff cock and he began to jack it.

"Does it feel good, Bobby? Does it, huh?" she asked in
a sultry voice. And before he could answer she went on,
"I just love to watch you play with yourself. I haven't
had a chance to really tell you how much I enjoyed our
little session last time. Did you like it too?"

"I can't talk, mom. The sight of those hard nipples and
your big beautiful legs is... oh shit, here it comes...
ohhhh... unghhhh..." and Bobby's cock once more let
loose a torrent of semen which flew all over the place.
When the spasms passed he just flopped back against the
door and closed his eyes.

To Norma's disappointment she had missed most of the
action but she was aware of one thing. "Uh, dear, you
forgot to use the Kleenex."

"Oh hell, I'm sorry," he rejoined and roused himself
out of his post orgasmic lethargy. He picked up the
Kleenex and starting haphazardly swiping and the tracks
he'd left. When he got all he could see he then cleaned
himself off and was about to ditch the soaked tissue
out the car window when his mother said, "No, don't do
that. That's littering. Here, give it to me."

"But it's soaking wet, mom," Bobby protested.

"It's OK. Just give it to me."

He gently laid the cum soaked Kleenex in his mother's
outstretched hand. To his amazement, she took the
tissue and began to rub her full lips with it, leaving
a viscous outer coating of his come over her lipstick
after which she proceeded to snake her tongue out and
lick it off. She then put the tissue once more to her
mouth and began to suck on it and said, "Hmmmmmm, you
taste really good, darling." It may have been a mistake
she thought, but she just couldn't help herself.

Bobby continued to stare in disbelief at what his
mother had done and it had such a stunningly erotic
effect on him that he began to get hard again. But then
he noticed his mother trying to get herself
straightened up as they were getting close to home so
he tucked himself back in and zipped his pants. Seeing
Norma was having a hard time driving and dressing he
offered his help.

Norma said, "Sure, I'd appreciate it if you could get
me buttoned up - that is, without copping a feel. Think
you can do that, sport?"

"I'll try," he said, as he moved closer to her.

"The bra clasps in the front, OK. That's it, just hook
it together. Good. Now just button my blouse."

Bobby was indeed tempted to try and touch his mother.
He was so close to her that he could smell her
excitement mixed in with her perfume. He could even
feel her breath and the heat from her exposed skin on
his hands and face, but his senses told him it was best
to abide by her wishes.

No sooner had he gotten her blouse buttoned than they
turned the corner leading down to their house.


As soon as they got out of the car, Bobby raced
upstairs and got changed for his basketball game that
night. He was out the door not long thereafter and
probably wouldn't be back till late.

Having witnessed her son's masturbation in the car and
having subsequently gotten a good taste of his cum from
the soiled Kleenex that he had used to clean up with
had gotten Norma really randy. As she sat or walked
around the house she was constantly aware how swollen
her entire cunt area was and how it seemed to itch for
the services of her own finger. Something vague was
holding her back, however, and prevented her from
simply locking herself in her room or the bathroom and
bringing herself off.

Having had a silent dinner with Jake, her husband, she
retired to a recliner in the basement den to watch the
news. But she couldn't concentrate and her mind kept
wandering back to the sight of her son jacking his cock
while looking at her as she drove back from Charleston.

A couple of times she had almost taken a detour down
one of the many dirt farm roads leading off the two-
lane, but each time she declined to give in to the
temptation feeling it would only lead to their
eventually touching each other. That was something she
was determined to avoid at all costs even though her
fantasies were filled with thoughts of getting her long
slender fingers around her son's big prick. And not
only her fingers.

She wanted to devour him. The thought of Bobby's big
cock filling her mouth and throat brought to mind how
much she wanted to have contact with him. Contact with
someone. She needed to have sex with someone she could
at least touch. Jake was going out to see Bobby's
ballgame, as usual, but maybe Caroline was home. She
went to the phone on the wall and called next door.

Caroline was glad to hear from her. And yes, she'd love
to visit, but not before eight when Brad, her husband,
was leaving with Jake to go to the same ball game.
Norma said she would be over as soon as she heard
Brad's car pull out of the driveway.

Hoping that Caroline would be in the mood for some
hanky-panky, as she called it, Norma went upstairs to
clean up and she was next door as soon as Brad and Jake
were gone. It didn't take long before both of them were
hunkered down on the sofa drinking white wine in front
of a nice blaze in the fireplace.

In a matter of minutes Norma found herself for the
second time that day with her blouse open and her bra
undone as she sat on the edge of the sofa. This time
Caroline was kneeling between her wide-spread legs and
sucking on one of her nipples; she seemed to be just as
horny as Norma.

Enjoying the sensations of Caroline's lips and tongue
working on her erect nipple, Norma's mind began to
fantasize what it would be like to have Bobby sucking
her breast and she was suddenly overcome with a need to
confide her troublesome situation with her best friend.

Reaching down with both hands she grabbed Caroline on
either side of her head and pulled her away from her
breast. She then bent her own head and gave the
startled woman a deep tongue kiss which she broke off
almost as soon as it got started saying, "Sorry, love,
but I've got to talk about something."

A worried expression crossed Caroline's features as she
replied, "I hope it's nothing serious. Are you in some
sort of trouble? Did I do something?"

Norma leaned back into the cushions while pulling her
blouse closed in front of her and said, "No. It's not
you. It's me. I must be crazy." And she hesitated,
trying to figure out a way to explain what was going on
between her and Bobby.

Seeing what looked to Caroline like reluctance she
quickly put it, "Come on, Norma, we've never had any
secrets before. What is it?"

"Well..." and there was another long pause before she
launched on breathlessly, "I'm not sure how to say
this, but Bobby and I are having an affair - of sorts."

"You're what!?" Caroline flubbered. "With your own

"Uh huh. With my own son. I know - it's wrong, it's
even illegal. It's perverted, it's dirty, it's
lecherous, it's filthy, it's nasty and lewd and I just
love it. I can't help myself."

"Holy shit, Norma! How did this all happen. And what do
you mean by `an affair of sorts'?"

"Well, I haven't exactly fucked him, but..." and Norma
launched into the whole story while Caroline sat and
listened without interrupting.

Thirty minutes later Norma finished the tale and sat
back exhausted and feeling a little bit relieved that
she had finally been able to share her secret with
someone she could trust.

There was a couple of moments of silence which Caroline
finally broke by saying, "Wow. You sure have a lot of
will power. I'd have been fucking his brains out from
the git-go. Anyway, I'm glad you told me. You just
really needed to get this out, didn't you. And don't
worry, I won't tell a soul, honest. Your secret's safe
with me."

"Thanks - I needed to hear that, I guess," Norma
replied, relieved.

"Yeah, well. Now I know why you've been avoiding me
these last few weeks. And I don't blame you. Tell you

"What?" Norma asked.

"I've got an idea how you're feeling, especially after
what you said happened just this afternoon. You must
really be uptight. What I want you to do is settle back
here while I do you, OK." When Norma started to protest
Caroline said, "No! Now just listen to me. I know what
you need so just do what I say, OK? So just settle back
and enjoy this and don't worry about me. In fact, just
close your eyes and think about Bobby while I do this
to you, OK."

Norma just nodded her head and slouched down while
Caroline reopened her blouse. Leaning down next to her,
Caroline began once more to manipulate Norma's
tumescent nipple with her lips and tongue while she
reached under her skirt and began to fondle her large
hard clit between thumb and forefinger. With her other
hand she reached into her own slacks and began to
masturbate herself.

It wasn't even a minute before Norma's cunt drenched
her best friend's hand with girl cum as her body shook
with each wave of her orgasm. When the spasms passed,
Norma just lay back and looked over at her friend and
watched as Caroline finished herself off.

"Wow, that was short and sweet," Caroline said as she
withdrew her hand from her waistband. "Wanna talk some

"Not really. I'm super tired. I just want to go to

"Yeah, I understand. I'll bet you are worn out. Go on,
go home and get some rest. We can talk later."

Norma leaned forwards and kissed Caroline lovingly and
said, "Thanks for listening. You're a dear." Pulling
herself together she was out the door in a flash and
sound asleep the minute she hit the bed.


Two weeks passed and it was another long dry spell for
Bobby and Norma. Still remaining super cautious both
acted as normal as possible and trudged on day after
day hoping for a break. None came along. Norma did
visit a couple of times with Caroline, but neither one
seemed in the mood for sex so they just wound up

Norma was now of the opinion that maybe it would be
best if they just stopped the whole business, but
neither she nor Caroline could come up with a strategy
that wouldn't be devastating to Bobby. The only thing
they thought they could hope for was that Ariel or one
of his other girlfriends would grab his attention - or
maybe something else - and divert his interests and
sexual energy in that direction. Otherwise they were

When the two weeks had rolled by and it was Friday
again there didn't look like a thing they could do.
Bobby had a ballgame at Oakmore the next evening and it
was decided that Jake and Norma would drive the hundred
miles to see the big game.

Even though Brad couldn't make it, Caroline wanted to
go as well. After the game they could all get together
with Bobby and go to this swell pizza place in Oakmore
for a late supper. Bobby could then ride home with them
instead of taking the team bus back. That would save
his dad the trouble of having to pick him up at the
high school so late that night.

Southfield played a magnificent game that evening and
Bobby was the star. Flushed with victory he, his
parents and Caroline had pizza at Gino's Pizzaria.
During the meal Bobby sensed something strange at the
table. At first he couldn't put his finger on it and
figured maybe he was getting "signals" from his mom,
but when he started to pay attention to this he noticed
that she didn't act out of character at all.

She spent a lot of time talking to Caroline and him and
virtually ignored his dad which was par for the course
and nothing unusual. After some time he began to notice
that Mrs. Bishop seemed to be giving him what he
thought were weird looks.

It was difficult to divine, but she seemed to look at
him differently although he couldn't quite explain it
to himself. And each time he looked over at her he
noticed that she would look him directly in the eye as
if no one else were at the table and she never broke
contact; he was always the first one to look away.
After awhile it got almost embarrassing and he simply
quit looking at her altogether.

Caroline Bishop had been their next door neighbor and
Bobby's mom's best friend for just about as far back as
he could remember. She was a blond woman of medium
build except that she had large breasts. She was cute
in a "pixyish" sort of way which didn't especially
appeal to Bobby, but she was always nice to him and
paid him well for cutting her grass and doing odd
chores now and then.

To him, Caroline was just one of those sort of neutral
people in his life; she was just there, neither liked
or disliked. So why all of a sudden after all these
years would she being acting funny like this? Or was he
just imagining things. Bobby thought he was probably
just very tired and hung over from the excitement of
the ball game. He finally decided it was he and chalked
the whole business up to his imagination.

Getting in the car for the two-hour drive back to
Southfield it worked out that his mother sat up front
while his dad drove. That put him and Caroline in the
back seat together. After just a few minutes his mother
said something to him which he didn't hear. When she
finally got his attention he said, "Sorry, mom. I guess
I just dozed off for a second."

Caroline jumped in immediately with, "We know you're
tired, hon. You've had a big night. Why don't you just
lie down here and go to sleep." Scootching all the way
over to the left of the seat up against the door she
patted her lap and said, "Come on, you can rest your
head in my lap and sleep till we get home."

Not one to argue, especially now being so tired, Bobby
turned and lay back, adjusting his frame as best he
could to the confines of the seat with his head resting
on Caroline's soft skirt clad thighs and staring at the
dark roof.

"Comfy, dear?" Caroline solicited.

"Uh huh," Bobby purred as he dropped almost immediately
into that half conscious state most people enter when
riding in cars. He felt Caroline stroke the top of his
head a couple of times and then he was out.

The next thing Bobby remembered upon waking was the
gentle motion of the automobile moving down the highway
which had lulled him to sleep. As he opened his eyes he
noticed it was still dark and that his head was still
in Caroline's lap.

Moving his eyes to the right a bit and looking up he
was startled to see one large bare breast capped with a
puffy pink nipple vaguely visible in the low light
jutting out between the folds of Mrs. Bishop's
unbuttoned blouse and jacket. Then he looked up further
directly into Mrs. Bishop's lust filled eyes. Just as
he was about to exclaim his surprise, she gently
clamped her right hand over his mouth and gently shook
her head back and forth. Confused and not knowing what
to do he just lay unmoving.

Very, very slowly Caroline began to lift the palm of
her hand from Bobby's mouth. When it was completely off
she began to slowly trace the outline of Bobby's lips
using the lightest of touches with just the tip of her
finger while maintaining a firm lock on his eyes with
her own. When she had circled his lips twice and come
to the center of his mouth she began to incrementally
apply pressure with her finger until his lips began to
part and she could feel his teeth and their slight

Bobby wouldn't open up just yet so she started moving
the finger around on his teeth and gums and he got the
idea. She snaked her finger between his teeth and
finding his tongue she started to gently toy with it.

Caroline could see from the cornered animal look in his
eyes that Bobby was frightened, but that quickly
disappeared as he closed his lips around her finger and
began to suck on it. Soon her finger and his tongue
were involved in a pleasant duel inside his mouth, but
it didn't last as long as either would have liked.

When her finger was good and wet she removed it and
brought it to her bare breast where she applied the
spit to her nipple which began to shrivel into erection
before Bobby's eyes. Using her other arm to support the
back of Bobby's head, she began to apply a slow upward
pressure and it only took a second for him to figure
out what she wanted. Giving in to the pressure as she
brought his head up slightly, he opened his mouth and
glued it right over the center of her large puffy pink
areola and began to suck.

This caused an involuntary, but slight gasp to escape
Caroline's lips. The sound didn't go unnoticed by Norma
up front in the passenger seat talking softly to her
husband so as to keep him awake while he drove. Sensing
the nature of the what she heard coming from behind her
she refrained from jerking her head around; she felt
this was something she didn't want to draw Jake's
attention to and she was right. When she did finally
glance into the back seat she almost became unhinged
and it was with the greatest effort of her will that
she managed to remain outwardly calm and unruffled.

She let a few moments pass and then turned again, this
time for a longer look just to verify what she thought
she saw the first time in the dim light. Nothing had
changed. There was her son curled up with his head in
Caroline's lap. And there sat Caroline with her jacket
open and her blouse undone and one of her big tits
hanging out of her bra cup. And Bobby was sucking one
her nipple. What a scene! Goddamn her!

Norma was filled with an instant rage and anger at what
she felt was betrayal by her best friend. How dare she
do this? she thought. But she also knew that to do
anything at the moment with Jake right there was to
risk giving away the entire situation. She was struck
powerless and she knew it and it made her even madder
that she knew Caroline knew it.

With all the enmity she could muster she moved her eyes
up to Caroline's and found the other woman staring
right back at her with an equally serious expression on
her face. They held this emotion filled tableau an eon
until Caroline had the gall to wink. That broke the ice
and Norma couldn't help but to emit a low throated
chuckle. Hearing that her husband queried, "What's so

Norma just shook her head and said, "Oh nothing. Just
something that came to mind." After all, what else
could she say?

A quick take of the situation on Norma's part revealed
to her that she wasn't about to try and break up the
backseat lustfest. On the contrary, there was a part of
her that wanted it to continue; she was getting turned
on by the thought of her son sucking on her best
friend's nipple. If she couldn't get into it she was
damn well going to watch them so she shifted her
position putting herself half turned in the seat and up
against the car door. This way she could plainly see
everything that was going on in back.

As she became increasingly aroused Norma still retained
a part of her earlier resentment at Caroline's brash
behavior until she realized with a start that she was
actually jealous; she wanted it to be she who was in
back with Bobby, having him suck her breast.

In order to have an excuse to be constantly looking
back, Norma began an inane conversation with Caroline,
rattling on in a steady stream about some dumb subject
or another. The initial sound of his mother's voice
startled and frightened Bobby and he jerked his head
around to look up over the seat at her. But she
wouldn't look down at him or acknowledge him in any
way; she just kept rattling on about some church social
or other. Caroline took his head and pulled it back
against her bosom and he resumed sucking her breast.

As Norma chatted on and Bobby continued to nurse,
Caroline reached down with her right hand and began to
lightly rub Bobby's side, all the time working her hand
lower and lower until it was directly over his crotch.
Here, she found exactly what she had hoped - a huge
lump of muscle straining the fabric of his pants. She
began to rub the lump in a circular motion with the
palm of her hand until she had located its exact form
and position and she couldn't believe the size of it.
Having done so, she didn't linger long.

She very cautiously began to unzip the fly on Bobby's
pants. When she had it down she found the opening in
his shorts and inserted her hand inside, grabbed his
hot cock and began to wrestle with it in an attempt to
free it from its confines.

Sensing rather than feeling the upcoming groan from
Bobby's throat, she tightened the pressure of her hand
on the back of his head, mashing it into her tit and
muffling the moan brought on by the feel of her hand on
his sensitive bare cockflesh.

Eventually she managed to get his massive cock loose
and immediately wrapped her hand around the hard pole
and slowly began to jack it up and down. Then she
looked up at Norma and saw the lust in the other
woman's eyes. It amazed Caroline that Norma could gawk
at the scene before her, obviously enraptured by it,
and continue to chatter away as she was doing.

And indeed it wasn't easy for Norma to carry on this
mostly one sided conversation as she took in the scene
of her best friend having her breast sucked by her son
while he was being masturbated by her. Her own crotch
was throbbing in sympathy and she would have given
anything to have been able to dive over the seat and
join them.

Before the thought was even completed she saw her son
stiffen, let out a slight groan and then saw his cock
erupt a long stream of white cream onto the sleeve of
Caroline's leather jacket. Caroline continued to milk
Bobby's hard penis which continued to squirt come. When
it appeared that he was finished, Caroline quickly said
in a clear voice, "Ahem, uh, Norma - do you happen to
have a Kleenex with you. I think I've got something in
my eye."

Norma smiled inwardly to herself as she dug a Kleenex
out of the purse on the seat beside her and handed it
back. Caroline took it and proceeded to clean Bobby's
semen off her coat sleeve. When she was finished, she
looked up to make sure Norma was looking at her and
then proceeded to bring the sopping tissue to her mouth
where she ran it around her lips a couple of times,
coating them and making them gleam, before beginning to
noiselessly suck on it. The irony of the situation was
not lost on Norma, whose anger was once again silently
starting to flare at the obvious fun Caroline was
poking at her.

When Caroline was done sucking some of Bobby's cum from
the Kleenex she opened the window and threw it out then
slowly licked her lips clean with her tongue while she
smiled innocently at Norma. God, what audacity, Norma
fumed. I'm going to wring her fucking neck the first
chance I get.

During all of this Bobby had been quietly moving around
and trying with a modicum of success to get himself
zipped up again without alerting his father to what had
happened. He was painfully aware of the fact that his
mother had taken in the whole event, but he sure didn't
want his father to find out about it.

Caroline helped him along when she said, "Come on, big
boy. Time to get up. We're almost home. Rise and shine,
now." And Bobby sat up allowing Caroline to reinsert
her breast into her bra and button her blouse.

When the car pulled in the driveway a few minutes later
they all got out and Caroline headed immediately across
the lawn to her own front door, waving and saying,
"Night, all." No way was she going to give Norma the
chance to corner her alone after what she had pulled
off tonight. And they both knew it.

Jake, Norma and Bobby trudged into the house as if
nothing had ever happened.


Bobby awoke the next morning to a puzzling sense of

As consciousness came to him he knew something was
different, but wasn't immediately sure of what.

Then he began to sort through the events of the
previous evening and was thunderstruck at what he
thought had happened. But he still wasn't sure; it all
seemed like a dream. In fact, it had kind of happened
in a dream - of sorts.

He remembered falling asleep in the car as it sped home
only to awaken groggily to the sight of Mrs. Bishop's
bare breast jutting out from her open blouse not an
inch from his eyes. The ensuing events now tumbled into
his memory ending with them getting out of the car. By
that time he was so exhausted he just dropped his
clothes on the floor of his bedroom, hit the bed, and
fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

As he now looked around the room this was verified by
the pile of clothes lying on the floor by the bed. Holy
shit, he said to himself, I don't believe this really
happened. And mom saw the whole thing!

Summoning his courage he headed downstairs and saw his
father out front talking to Brad Bishop from next door.
Hoping yet fearing that his mother was in the kitchen
he headed that way, intending to get some breakfast.

And there she was, dressed to kill in a short skirt and
beautiful silk blouse with and apron on, cutting
carrots with a big chef's knife. As he walked by she
didn't look up or say anything so he said, "Hi, mom,"
but didn't hear any reply from her. Waiting a couple of
seconds he tried again with another, "Hi, mom. Good

"Don't 'hi' me you... you... you filthy, you perverted
sex maniac," she hissed, the venom in her voice sharper
than the knife she was wielding. Before he could utter
a word she continued, "Do you know what you did last
night? Do you? Get out of my sight. Right now!" she
ordered in a tone of voice that would brook no

Holy shit, Bobby said to himself as he quickly exited
the kitchen and climbed the stairs back to his bedroom.
Once inside he shut the door and sat on the bed. He
felt horrible. This whole business was a mess and he
didn't know what to do. As he sat on his bed feeling
helpless he heard a slight knock on the door which then
opened and his mother stepped in.

She walked over and stood beside him as he looked up at
her with eyes beginning to well tears.

"I'm sorry, Bobby. Truly, I am. I didn't mean to snap
at you like that - honest. I'm not mad at you. It's
just that I don't think that what happened last night
was right. It was horrible what Caroline did to you.
Will you forgive me for speaking to me that way, huh?
It wasn't your fault," she said softly, putting her
hand on the back of his head. Then she leaned down and
placed her soft, firm, full lips right on his and gave
him a kiss like she'd never given him before.

"Forgive me? Please?" she said again, pulling her head
away, her eyes pleading with his.

Bobby could feel his cock start to swell as he
answered, "Sure, mom, I'm sorry..." but he was
interrupted by the loud voice of his father from the
foot of the stairs as he shouted, "Hey, what's going on
up there? Bobby, are you out of bed yet? Norma, it
smells like something's burning in the kitchen."

"Oh hell," Norma said, turning and hurrying from the
room leaving Bobby alone once more.

Bobby didn't see his mother for the rest of the day.
She had gone shopping and didn't return home until late
afternoon, just in time to make dinner. And he had a
date that night with Ariel.

During the church service the next morning, Norma
surprised Bobby right in the middle of the sermon by
gently taking his hand in her gloved one and holding it
until they again had to stand to sing. Bobby's mind was
going in all directions. What did it mean, he pondered,
first that kiss yesterday and now she's holding my
hand? Maybe she just feels bad about what happened the
past couple of days and for being so mean to me
yesterday morning. It could also mean that she's
changed her mind and maybe now we'll get to touch each
other, he hoped beyond all hope as he looked down and
her full legs beautifully encased in nylons.

Norma did indeed feel bad about the way she had treated
her son in the kitchen on Saturday morning and she knew
the anger she was feeling was misplaced; it should be
directed at that bitch Caroline for seducing her son in
her presence. And with her husband right there in the
car with them, of all things, where she completely shut
off from interfering due to the risk of exposure. Well,
she was going to get back at Caroline for this. She
didn't know how, but she was going to do it.

Right after she had shouted at Bobby in the kitchen she
felt so guilty that she went upstairs to apologize to
him. He seemed so sad and forlorn, sitting there on the
bed. It looked like he was ready to cry. He was so
young and so naive, but oh so sexy. She couldn't help
herself as she stroked his head and tried to reassure
him. And when he looked up at her with tears in his
eyes she just couldn't help herself.

She leaned down meaning to just give him a little peck
on the cheek, but somehow her mouth was drawn to his
lips and she just laid one on him. Even though it was a
closed mouth kiss, just the feel of his beautiful Roman
lips on hers almost made her forget her resolve and she
was on the verge of grabbing right there. The only
thing that saved her was Jake calling about the stuff
on the stove.

It was lucky her husband had intervened or else who
knows what might have happened. Heading downstairs she
knew she had almost crossed the line and if she
remained in the house today she would probably take the
first opportunity to do so. Therefore, she decided to
head over to Charleston and do some shopping, have
lunch and take in a movie she had wanted to see. Being
by herself would give her time to sort the whole
business out.

Norma didn't remember much about the movie as she drove
home because for most of the show her mind was occupied
with formulating a plan to get even with Caroline. And
now she knew what she was going to do. It might take a
little time, but she knew her best friend and the plan
would eventually work.

Sure enough. Norma and Caroline usually at least talked
to each other on a daily basis, either by phone or
across the fence. And then there were those
intermittent episodes when they were both in the mood
and they would find the time to be alone when they
could bet each other off.

It was Monday while she was at work that she got a call
from Caroline, but refused to take it. Then Monday
evening the phone rang. Her husband answered it and she
told him that she wasn't available. Over the next
couple of days Caroline tried with increasing frequency
to contact Norma. Norma avoided it each time with some
excuse or other.

When Jake announced on Wednesday morning that he would
be heading for the annual week-long convention is Las
Vegas on Friday, Norma's plans were finalized. In fact,
she was almost ecstatic. First and foremost, she would
have a whole week alone with her son.

She had returned to her old resolve of not touching him
or letting him touch her. But to hell with the once a
week rule she had set down. They couldn't even find the
opportunity to manage that! So she planned to make up
for lost time while Jake was away. If Bobby wanted to
get off a hundred times a day with her it would be OK!

She was disappointed to learn, however, that Bobby had
a date on Friday night which he couldn't break. Nor did
she want him to. There would be plenty of time later
on. And that gave her the evening to use to set her
plan for Caroline in motion. As a matter of fact, when
the evening was done, so might her year's long
friendship with her be over. Time would tell.

Jake was right on schedule and took the plane out at
12:52 for Las Vegas. Good riddance and hello Bobby, my
love! she said to herself when Jake had called from
29,000 feet up on the new airplane telephone to let her
know he had gotten off alright. Heaven at last!

As Norma had predicted, Caroline knew Jake's plans
because her husband Brad and he were such good buddies.
Immediately on the heels of Jake's call from the plane
the call came in from Caroline. The office secretary
was a little surprised following a week of non-too-
polite refusals that this time Norma would take the

"Hello?" Norma said politely.

"Hi, Norm. It's me, Caroline. Can you talk."

"Oh, hi, sweetie," Caroline virtually crooned. "Sure,
I've got a couple of minutes. What's up?"

"Well, I've had some time to think things over and I've
been trying to get hold of you all week."

"Yeah, I've been super busy, dear."

"Uh huh. Well, as I said. I've thought it all over and
I really need to apologize for what happened last
Friday night. I don't know what came over me all of a
sudden, but it was like I was just powerless once
things got started. I'm really sorry, Norm. Can you
ever forgive me?"

"Nothing to worry about, honey. I understand."

"Do you really?? You mean you're not mad at me?"

The relief in Caroline's voice was just what Norma
wanted to hear.

"Not anymore, I'm not. I was a little miffed for a
while there.

But I understand what happened. The devil made you do
it, huh?"

Norma said with just the slightest trace of sarcasm.

In her relief, it went completely over Caroline's head
and she said coyly, her voice dropping a bit, "I want
to make it up to you, love. Really, I do. I know Jake's
gone and maybe Bobby's got a date tonight? Brad's going
bowling. Do you think we can get together for a while."

"Sure, I don't see why not. And besides, it's been
another dry week and I'm ready for something."

"Yeah, I figured you might be," Caroline said
enthusiastically. "So am I. And to make up for my less
than prudent behavior, I'm ready and willing to do
anything you want. You can do anything you want to me
or I'll do whatever you want to you. It'll be your
night. How does that sound?"

Norma cackled out loud as she said, "Right, slave.
You're all mine, huh?" fearing that maybe she had gone
just a bit too far.

She needn't have worried, though. Caroline was so
anxious to make up with Norma that she unwittingly
said, "Yesss. I'll be your love slave for tonight." And
then she added in her sexiest voice, "And you'll love
every minute of it, I guarantee."

More than you know, bitch, Norma thought to herself.
She had the slut right where she wanted her. This was
going to work out better than she had hoped. Not
wanting to push her luck she cooed, "I can't wait,
love, but I've got to go, now, and finish up this
contract. Bobby'll be gone by seven, but I'll need some
time to get ready so why don't you come over to my
place about eight?"

"You don't want to come over to my place like always,"
Caroline queried.

"No. With Jake gone, it'd be better if you came over to
my house," Norma said, already envisioning what she had
in mind for this cradle-robbing whore.

"Ok, I'll be there at eight. See you then, lover. Bye."
And she hung up. Great, Norma said out loud to herself.
It's all set.

Tidying up her office, Norma bade the staff farewell
for the weekend and headed for Charleston. Once there
she headed for the nearest adult bookstore she could
find. Inside, she browsed around looking for just the
right video, but not seeing one she went up to the
counter and flummoxed the help with her request.

Yes, they did have a few of that variety, but the keep
them under the counter. From these, Norma found what
she was looking for, paid for it and headed for the
nearest hardware store where she picked up a number of
items. Then she started back to Southfield to preview
her purchase and make use of the hardware items.

When she got home she immediately started watching the
video. She was looking for just a short portion of it
and wouldn't know what she wanted till she saw it. And
she wanted to get it done before Bobby got home from
basketball practice. As she settled down on the den
couch to view the tape she thought that this kind of
stuff wasn't really her bag, but some of the actors and
actresses were gorgeous and the sex mingled in among
the other activities was arousing.

She considered masturbating while she watched but then
decided she wanted to hold off until she could cum with
her son. Besides, it was getting late and she still had
some things to do. Having finally found a section of
tape she could use, she rewound it to the spot she
wanted and pulled it from the machine to hide it in the
bookshelf until that evening. Then she gathered up the
small bag from the hardware store and headed for the
basement. Twenty minutes later found her in the
kitchen, whistling to herself while she began to make
dinner for her and Bobby. Tonight was going to
something else again, she mused.


During the week, Bobby had plenty of time to think
about what had happened to him and came to the
conclusion that he was indeed a very lucky guy. For
one, his mother, the most beautiful woman in the world
and who aroused him sexually no end, was allowing him
to use her to satisfy his sexual needs. He knew it
wasn't acceptable by so-called community standards, but
he was to the point of not caring. Additionally, it
finally occurred to him that he had been fortunate to
have the incident with Mrs. Bishop in the car on the
way home from the game.

That was the first time ever in his life that he had
ever sucked a woman's breast - that he remembered, of
course - and the first time ever he had had another
person make him cum. That is, if you didn't count the
few circle jerks with his buddies before they
discovered girls. His only regret was that it hadn't
been his mother that it had happened with. But he was
sure that that would eventually happen, sometime.

Every time he thought over the marvelous experience of
being jacked off by Mrs. Bishop while he sucked on her
nipple he got horny and this would drive him to
masturbation. When he began playing with himself he
would envision back to how it felt to have that lovely
piece of fleshy gristle between his lips while her
worried it with his tongue.

He did notice that Mrs. Bishop's nipple and areola were
nothing like his mother's; her areola appeared to be
pink in color and looked puffy and swollen as it stuck
out from her large breast. He wondered if it were
possible to get the whole areola into his mouth at
once. And her nipple itself was short and stubby, not
real long and thick like his mother's.

Bobby considered also how different it had felt to have
the soft insistency of a woman's hand jacking his cock
and wondered how often Mrs. Bishop had done this in the
past. She seemed to be a real expert at it so she must
have had a lot of practice. But when it came right down
to it as he thought about the experience his mind would
inevitably wander to what his mother's nipple would
feel like between his lips and how her hand would feel
jacking him off. God, if only...

So, each time he had a masturbation session he would
start off thinking about Mrs. Bishop but would cum with
visions of doing those things with his mother. And here
it was Friday again, he rejoiced, as he sat in English
class reading Ibsen's "Doll House." He wondered if any
of Ibsen's characters did the things he and his mother
had done and suspected that just maybe the author
wasn't telling the whole truth.

Bobby considered skipping basketball practice, but it
wasn't within him. He went and couldn't wait for it to
be over. When it was he hurried home to find dinner
already on the table and his mother dressed to kill and
in what seemed to be a jubilant mood. He rushed up to
her and started to give her a big kiss, but she ducked
and said, "Not yet, buster. Sit down and eat your
dinner. Don't you have to be out of here pretty soon?"

"Wow, you look great. Got a date tonight or something,"
he joked.

"Yeah, with your father finally gone for a while, I

"Who with, mom?" Bobby asked, all of sudden serious to
the point where Norma could hear some jealousy in his

"With whom, dear, with whom. Don't they teach you
proper grammar in English class these days?"

"Yeah, OK, with whom, then?" he said impatiently.

"Guess! I think you know him."

Norma enjoyed watching the puzzled expression on his
face as it slowly came to him that she was referring to

"Aw, mom, you know I have a date tonight," he moaned.

"Sure, but you'll be back later and unless I miss my
guess, you won't be too worn out, eh?"

"It'll be pretty late, though."

"Just tell the pretty young lady your mom said you have
to be home by eleven and you won't be lying," Norma

"OK. We'll see what happens."

"Tell me, Bobby," Norma said seriously, "have you
managed to fuck Ariel yet?"

"MOM!" Bobby almost shouted.

"Well, I guess not, huh. Have you at least got to feel
her bare tit?"

"Come on, mom, you know she isn't like that," Bobby

"Not a slut like me, you mean?"

"Mom, for god's sake, you're not a slut."

"Oh yes I am. I'm being one right now talking like this
and I'm enjoying the hell out of it."

When Bobby couldn't come up with an answer to that she
went on, "Well, do tell. Have you gotten your hot hand
inside her top yet and managed to feel up her tits?
Does she have sexy fucking nipples like mine?"

She could see her son was flustered hearing her talk
this way, but she also knew that underneath the
embarrassment his crotch was probably starting to feel
a little thick.

"How about a blow job? Or at least a hand job, eh? Have
you gotten her to jack you off yet?"

"Mom," Bobby began, exasperated, "she doesn't let me do
those things. Yeah, I tried to feel her up a couple of
times, but she wouldn't even let me put my hand on her
tit. All we've ever done is kiss, OK."

"Poor darling," Norma mocked. "You must be so
frustrated with the little tease. Do you get a hard-on
thinking about her, huh?"

It was clear he had had enough when he answered, "I get
a hard-on thinking about you, mother. Wanna see it?

"Not right now dear. Be a good boy and finish your
dinner, now."

"You're not making it easy, you know."

"I know. I'm sorry. Just trying to lighten things up a
little," Norma lied.

"More like trying to heat things up, I think." And she
knew he knew what she was up to. But it was all in fun
and both of them smiled just a little tensely.

"I'm off," Bobby said as soon as he finished dinner.
"The show's early tonight and I don't want to be late.
See ya when I get home!"

"Bye, dear. Be a good boy, hear. And if you can't, at
least save some for your poor mother, OK?" They both
laughed at this.

Norma felt wonderful. Bobby would be home late enough
so she would have plenty of time to deal with Caroline.
Now all she had to do was change her undergarments and
put on the sexy see-through blouse and high heels she
knew would get Caroline worked up in no time.

Upstairs she changed into the outfit she kept hidden
for special occasions. It consisted of a fire engine
red long line bra with half cups and garter straps. To
go with that she put on her special sheer nylons and
really high heels. Then the short black skirt that
barely covered her ass which she had purchased a while
back, but never had the guts to wear in public.

On top she put on the shear, see-through white silk
blouse that fit her snuggly all over. As she donned it
she could feel the coolness of the fabric and to her
delight it made her nipples, bare above the bra cups,
pucker from the chill. Then she carefully brushed her
long hair and left it loose. To top everything off she
used just a hint of perfume and applied deep red
lipstick in a thick layer to her full wide lips. And
finally, the black velvet choker went around her neck.

As she stood viewing herself in the full length mirror
she felt she had never looked more stunning and sexy.
If this doesn't get that lesbian bitch hot, nothing
will, she smiled to herself. She was actually getting
turned on looking at herself.

Downstairs in the den she turned off all the lights and
lit candles and then retrieved the bottle of champagne
from the fridge. We'll start upstairs, but I'll have
her down her in a flash - right in my little web where
I want her! And then the fun will start.

Meanwhile Bobby had picked up Ariel and they had walked
to the local theater, but as soon as they got there she
began complaining about menstrual cramps. They were
really bad and she wanted to go back home a go to bed.
She apologized profusely to Bobby, who at the same time
was not about to argue with her; he couldn't wait to
get home to his mother and this was his way out. Hot

He dropped her back home with solicitations for a
restful night and then walked quickly toward his own
home. He decided to even take a couple of shortcuts
which would bring him up the dark alley in back of his
house. He normally avoided going this way because it
was pitch black back there and there were a couple of
dogs he wasn't too sure of, but tonight he was in a
hurry and would risk it.

Just as he got behind his house he spied Mrs. Bishop
come out her back door and go through the gate in the
fence into their yard. He hadn't seen her all week and
knew that his mother was avoiding her so he wondered
what was up now. Something made him hesitate there in
the dark and he stood and watched Caroline go in the
back door of their house.

Sensing something, but not knowing what, he decided to
very, very quietly enter the house. Maybe he could find
out what was going on. Mom was mad at her for last
Friday night and he was curious how this was going to
fall out. Ever so gently he opened the back door into
the kitchen. Luckily, the lights had been turned off as
soon as Caroline had gone in so he didn't have to worry
too much about being spotted.

He didn't make a sound as he moved through the door and
closed it behind him. He could hear voices in the
living room as he moved to a spot between the kitchen
door and the refrigerator. There was just enough space
for him the conceal himself and he could no make out
their voices plainly.

The first thing he heard was his mom saying how much
nicer it would be for them if they went downstairs to
the den. He almost panicked as he saw them enter the
hallway toward them, his mother in the lead, but
managed to remain stock still. They then turned to the
door leading down to the basement and proceeded
downstairs without saying a word.

This was even better! Bobby thought to himself. He
could get downstairs and to a sort of closet from which
he could hear and see without being seen - that is,
unless somebody came looking for a mop or something. He
waited just a second or so and then moved on tip-toe
towards the stairs.

It was no problem going down because the stairs, like
the basement den, was heavily carpeted and muffled
noise really well. The only dangerous part was the
short space where he would have to cross from the
bottom of the stairs to the open closet and that was
going to be risky, but he would be hidden by the stair
paneling to that point. So he would just listen until
he thought the time was right and then make his move.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, their voice
became plainly audible again and he heard Mrs. Bishop
say, "God, Caroline, you're absolutely gorgeous
tonight. Did you get all dressed up for little ole me?"

"Of course, dear. Who else would I go to this trouble
for?" To Bobby's ears there was the slightest sound of
insincerity in her voice, like the tone she used with
him during dinner except it lacked the obvious humor.
Then he heard a gentle rustling of what sounded like
cloth and his mother saying, "Be careful, darling. I
don't want to muss my lipstick just yet."

SAY WHAT?! Bobby's mind shouted at him. What the devil
was going on. Now he was really afraid to move, but was
really curious what was happening. There was silence
again and then he heard the sound of liquid pouring and
the clink of bottle on glass.

"Here's to us, Caroline," Norma said.

"And here's to tonight," Bobby heard Mrs. Bishop reply.
For some reason his heart was now going a mile a
minute, but he wasn't sure why.


After having gotten spiffed up for the evening's
events, Norma waited quietly for Caroline, going over
in her mind exactly what she wanted to happen and how
to effect it.

Caroline was nothing if not punctual and sure enough,
right at the crack of eight Norma heard her at the back
door. Upon entering, Caroline noticed that there
weren't very many lights on so she called softly,
"Norma, you here?"

"In here," Norma called back from the living room.
Leaving the kitchen Caroline turned that light off as
well. When she first saw Norma sitting in an easy chair
with her legs crossed and smiling up at her she was so
astounded by the pure sexuality emanating from her
friend that she was speechless; she just stood there
for more than a minute and gawked without saying a

Then she thought she felt a cold draft, but wasn't sure
that it wasn't just her body getting used to the heat
radiating from Norma. Not knowing what to say she
finally came up with, "I'm sorry. I meant to bring some
wine. Shall I go back and get it?"

Norma continued smiling at her in that funny sexy way
and said, "No, I've already got some. Why don't we go
downstairs to the den, it'll be more cozy down there?"

"Sure - fine - lead the way."

Both women got up and Caroline led them downstairs
where the room was illuminated by a few strategically
lighted candles.

"Have a seat and get comfortable, why don't you. I've
even got some champagne here. It's a special night,
huh," Norma said.

Caroline was so entranced that she didn't respond,
being satisfied to watch Caroline's every move and
admire how absolutely arousing she looked. Finally she
said, "God, Caroline, you're absolutely gorgeous
tonight. Did you get all dressed up for little ole me?"

"Of course, dear. Who else would I go to this trouble
for?" Caroline went over to the wet bar and got the
champagne from the cooler and brought it back over
setting the bottle on the table and sitting down beside
Caroline in such a way that it was obvious she was
expecting a kiss.

Caroline didn't miss the cue and leaned forward,
putting her arm around Norma and started to pull her
toward her when Norma resisted and said, "Be careful,
darling. I don't want to muss my lipstick just yet."
She then moved away from Caroline and reached for the
bottle, picked up the glasses already laid out on the
table and poured for both of them.

"Here's to us, Caroline," Norma said.

"And here's to tonight," Caroline answered back. They
clinked the glasses together and each took a healthy
sip, Caroline to steady her aroused nerves and Norma to
give her the courage to go through with her plan. Then
Norma looked over at Caroline with all the lust she
could bring forth and asked, "Were you really serious
about being my love slave tonight, dear?"

"I couldn't have been more serious," Caroline returned,
her voice almost a croak as she gazed into Norma's
eyes. "I'll do anything you want. I owe it to you for
the dirty trick I played on you last week."

"I know, but I don't want you to do it for that reason.
I want you to do it just because you want to.

"Yes. Completely. And I want to do this. I want you to
tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything."

"Good. I was hoping you'd say that. Well, slave," Norma
continued in what sounded like a mock commanding voice,
"here's what I want you to do. I want you to finish
that glass of champagne and then I want you to stand
up, right in front of me, and slowly take your clothes
off until you're just in your undies."

"Yes, master - I mean mistress. Whatever you desire,"
Caroline responded playfully. Eager, she downed the
rest of her wine in one gulp and slowly rose and stood
right in front of Norma. Reaching one hand up she
proceeded to unbutton her blouse at a snail's pace
while staring at Norma's face. She took off the blouse
and let it drop to the floor. Then she unzipped her
slacks and let them drop to her ankles and stepped out
of them. Next she bent over and removed her loafers and
socks and tossed them aside with a flip and stood up
again saying, "Is this what you desire, mistress?"

This might work out better than I imagined, Norma
thought, she's really getting into this slave shit. But
just wait!

"Very nice slave. Now - I want you to kneel before me
and spread your legs real wide. That's it. No, don't
touch me - you're not allowed to touch me unless I say
so. Understand?"

"Sorry, mistress. Yes, mistress, I understand. And I
know I'll be punished if I disobey," Caroline responded
once more in a kind of pretend servitude tone of voice.
Ha! You have now idea, Norma mused at this.

"Good. Now do just as I say and there might not need to
be any 'punishment."

"Yes, mistress."

Settling back, Norma now took on the air of a regal
ruler addressing a serf as she said, "Well. You know,
Caroline my slave, I don't think I've ever just sat and
watched you masturbate yourself without being involved
and that's what I want you to do. Right now. I want you
to start playing with that hot, wet cunt of yours. And
don't stop until I tell you to. Just use one hand. And
with your other hand I want you to start squeezing your
breasts and rubbing your nipples. I want to see them
real hard. No go on and do it. Satisfy my voyeuristic

Caroline didn't even hesitate as she simultaneously
lowered one hand to her crotch and dug into her
fuckhole for the copious moisture there and spread it
forward, while with her other hand she reached into her
frilly white bra and pulled her breast out and began
squeezing it and twisting the nipple with finger and

After a moment or so Norma said, "Very seductive, my
little chattel, very seductive indeed. Are you getting
warm, dear."

"Oh, yessss, mistress, I'm getting HOT."

Norma let her continue until she could see from the
flush of Caroline's face and upper chest and her ragged
breathing that she must be nearing the plateau.
Suddenly Norma commanded in a loud voice, "Stop! Right
now, stop!"

Caroline froze in an instant and let out a soft mewl of

"Good. That's enough of that for the time being," Norma
said, having a hard time controlling the pace she
wanted to keep. "Now I want you to stand up again -
yes, now, do it. And go over to the bar and get the
ties that are lying there."

"Ties?" Caroline said, looking puzzled, but turned and
noticed what Norma had referred to. She then swayed
over to the bar and picked up the ties and brought them
back. Standing once more directly in front of Norma and
assuming a subservient stance she held out her hand
with the ties and Norma took them.

"Now since you're my slave and I can see clearly that
you're on the brink of misbehavior I think I'll head
that off before it starts. Hold out your hands together
in front of you."

"Yes, mistress," Caroline replied meekly as she
fulfilled Norma's order.

Norma shook one of the ties loose and proceeded to bind
Caroline's two wrists together tightly and firmly as
she had done that night with Bobby.

"Why do you feel you need to tie me up, Norma,"
Caroline inquired with just a hint of trepidation.
Suddenly Norma lashed out with her open right hand and
cracked Caroline hard across the face.

"Shut up you bitch. No talking unless spoken to. Do you
understand?" Norma barked in a low voice. This wasn't
the same Norma of a couple of moments ago and Caroline
was startled by the sudden change. But all of a sudden
Norma softened and leaned forward and kissed Caroline
on the cheek and said, "You just have to learn to obey,
OK?" very gently.

"Sure - OK." Caroline answered hesitantly, not sure
what was going on.

"Now," Norma continued in a more business like fashion.
"Let's see. For my next request I think I'd like you
blindfolded. But don't worry this won't last very
long." She picked up another tie from the couch and
wound it around the other woman's head, fitting it
snuggly over her eyes and tying it at the back.

Sure that Caroline couldn't see, Norma then went to the
wall behind the couch and loosened the nylon cord tied
off there and let it fall through the eye hook she had
just recently installed in the ceiling rafter. The
other end of the cord slowly descended until it was
right in front of Caroline. Then Norma went over and
tied the end of the cord around the ties binding
Caroline's wrists and returned to the tie off point at
the wall and said, "I want you to raise your hands
above your head, darling."

Without a word, Caroline complied. When her bound hands
were stretched above her head Norma took up the slack
in the cord and tied it off once more to the cleat she
had installed there leaving the poor woman hung from
the ceiling and virtually helpless.

When she once more stood next to Caroline she viewed
her handiwork and stated, "Very sexy. Yes, very sexy,"
as she reached up and slipped the blindfold from her

Showing open concern now Caroline said, "Don't you
think this is going a little bit too far, Norma?" and
once again Norma lashed out with the palm of her hand,
this time catching Caroline's big breast from the side
with a resounding crack.

As the woman let out a shriek Norma just said in an icy
voice, "I said. No talking unless given permission
first. I thought you understood that. Do you understand

"Yes," was the only response she got from what was now
a very frightened woman.

"You're going to like this next part a whole lot, I
just know you will, dear," Norma said as she walked
over and switched on the television and VCR. "I want
you to watch very carefully. I think you'll enjoy
this." She then picked up the remote and switched on
the tape machine as she came back to Caroline's side.
Then they both looked at the screen as the set warmed
up and a picture came on. They both watched fascinated
as the tape began to play.

During all of this, Bobby remained stuck on the stairs,
hidden behind the partition. He could hear well, but he
couldn't see anything and he was dying to get a view of
the action, but there was no way he could do so without
revealing himself. Without being able to watch, what he
heard sounded really weird to him, but it had him
totally absorbed. The whole situation was really
strange, but highly charged and his cock was swollen
with excitement.

"Ah, here we go," Norma said as the video picture came
up, "pay attention now my little slave." As they both
looked on, the scene before their eyes was very similar
to their own situation. It showed a nonde, well
lit room in the center of which was a young, good
looking brown haired woman suspended from the ceiling
the same as Caroline was except her hands were held
together with handcuffs. And standing facing her was
obviously her mistress. Only this mistress was dressed
in a totally black leather outfit including a thin
leather mask. There wasn't any audio, but it was
obvious that the leather clad woman was lecturing the
bound woman and as she did so she would casually fondle
and toy with various parts of her body.

Pausing the video with the remote control, Norma then
said, "Caroline, dear, I really want you to watch this
very closely, because this poor girl's story is you own
fate for this evening. I want you to know, also, that I
really love you, but you're now going to have to pay
for having seduced my son."

Before Caroline could utter a response, Norma
simultaneously reached a hand up and cupped Caroline's
bare breast while she leaned forward and began licking
all over her entire face with her wet tongue, even
sticking her tongue in the other woman's nostrils,
before shoving it deep into her mouth. She remained
there, kissing Caroline and feeling up her tit for the
better part of a minute before she finally pulled her
head back.

Keeping her hand on the bound woman's breast, Norma
took one step back and then grasped Caroline's stubby
nipple between thumb and fingers and pulled out hard
while twisting it viciously at the same time. Caroline
let out a howl as the pain shot through her tit, but
Norma seemed not in the slightest concerned. Instead
she used the remote and once again started the video.

Within seconds, the tall, leather-clothed mistress in
the video did the same thing to her victim and it had
the same result. Then she stepped forward and roughly
inserted one of her hands between the suspended woman's
thighs and began to masturbate her. Norma followed suit
and did the same with Caroline, only exclaiming, "My,
my, aren't we wet, though. This must be really turning
you on."

But there was no response from Caroline although her
face was now contorted with the combined effects of the
pain in her breast and the hand diddling her cunt.
Responding to the feel of Norma's hand fondling her
pussy, her suspended body began to writhe.

"Like that, do you, darling. Well good. I thought you
might. Let's just keep watching. It gets better."

Not really knowing what he was doing, Bobby's hand
moved down to his now hard cock as if it had a mind of
its own and he began to rub himself through his pants.
Doing so he could feel a wet spot already there from

Growing impatient, he considered taking his cock out
and jacking off to the arousing sounds, but decided
against it for fear of making some inadvertent noise
and getting caught. So he just sat and listened some
more and tried as best he could to fill in with his
imagination what he couldn't see. He was especially
mystified by the remark his mother had made about Mrs.
Bishops atoning for having seduced him. Maybe that was
what that shriek he heard was all about.

Norma said, "Would you like to see what you're not
going to have tonight, Caroline?" as she began to take
off her clothes slowly and teasingly. All she discarded
though was her blouse and short skirt so that she was
now standing in the sexy red longline bra, nylons and

"I wore these just for you Caroline. I hope you like
the outfit.

I want you to get at least a little enjoyment while I'm
punishing you."

"Please, Norma. Do we have..." and her remark was cut
off with another hard swat to the cheek from Norma's
hand. "Remember the rules, cunt! No talking unless I
tell you to!"

"But you said..." and again Norma slapped her face and
said, "I didn't request an answer. When I do you'll
know it. So just shut up until then." And then she
stepped forward and kissed her deeply again,
confounding but arousing Caroline even further.

Then the women's attention was once more drawn to the
action on the TV screen as the mistress moved to one
side of the tied up woman. From out of nowhere a riding
crop appeared in her hand and she waved it in front of
the woman who showed real fear on her face. Next, the
mistress drew back her arm and brought the crop sharply
down on her slave's ass. This wasn't play acting; it
was the real thing. Caroline looked fearfully over at
Norma who remained still, however, watching the screen.

After they had watched a couple of minutes of the slave
on-screen being flogged, Norma turned to Caroline and
asked, "Well, you fucking cunt, do you think you will
enjoy THIS part of this evening's festivities, huh?"
And she paused to take in the surprised look cross
Caroline's face as Caroline realized that Norma fully
intended the same treatment for her.

"You wouldn't do that to me, would you Norma? Oh, come
on, please."

"Wrong again, you cunt-slurping whore. I fully intend
to whip you quite severely. That is, severely enough so
that you won't ever forget this evening for the rest of
your life. Now, are you ready to get on with it?" The
question was rhetorical so Norma didn't expect an
answer as she reached under a sofa cushion and withdrew
a three-inch wide, thick leather strap about four feet
long which she at once doubled over in half. "I don't
have a riding crop, but I think this'll do quite
nicely. Don't you?"

"Oh, no... Norma... not that... please," Caroline
begged, her voice laced with real terror.

Norma once again slapped Caroline across the face,
saying, "That's for talking again without permission.
But that won't be anything compared to what you're
going to receive from THIS!" and she held the leather
strap right up to Caroline's terrified face. "Have you
ever been whipped with a leather strap like this, dear?
It really hurts. I mean REALLY hurts. And I'm going to
whip you really good."

"You can't do this Norma! It'll leave marks and Brad'll
see them!"

Caroline cried.

"Leave marks, I should think so indeed," Norma sneered.
"Yes. I fully intend to leave marks. Not only on your
body - those'll heal eventually - but on your soul as
well. And furthermore, that's all bullshit about Brad
seeing those marks. You told me you haven't had sex
with him in months, you lying cum-sucking cunt. And
even if he does see them, that's your problem. Just try
telling him the truth about where they came from.
Anyway, it'd probably get that perverted mind of his so
inflamed he'd just rape your filthy ass. Hmmmm, not a
bad idea, is it, huh?" and she chuckled.

"Now. Let's see," Norma pretended to ponder, "where to

Stepping to Caroline's side she quickly reached out and
yanked the frightened woman's panties down to her knees
in one deft movement baring her large round jutting
ass. "At least your fat ass is good for something, you
slut. It gives me a nice big target to aim at."

And with that Norma reared back and cut loose with the
strap with all her might. It came down squarely on
Caroline's ass with an astounding whack which caught
Bobby unawares, sitting spellbound, and listening, and
he jumped at the sound.

Not a second later Caroline let out a blood curdling
shriek as the pain of the lash seared through her body.
Stepping back to admire her work, Norma saw a wide red
stripe covering the middle of her victim's buttocks
from hip to hip.

"From the sound of it, you really liked that. Let's try
another one." And once again she brought the strap down
with a loud crack. It had the same result as the first
lash and Caroline howled from the pain.

Norma saw tears streaking down Caroline's cheeks and
stepped up to her and began licking the tears away.
Mistaking Norma's action for a softening, Caroline
whimpered, "Please, Norma, I'm sorry, please don't hit
me anymore."

Norma didn't slap her this time for speaking unbidden,
but simply said, "No more?" with mock incredulity.
"Darling, I'm just starting!"

"Ohh, please, Norma. The pain - I can't stand the pain.
It hurts so much," she cried.

"But, lover, it's supposed to hurt. I told you it
would, didn't I. That's why I'm whipping you, don't you
understand. I want to hurt you. I want you to feel
extreme pain for what you did to me and Bobby. You need
to feel it." Even to her own ears, Norma's
justification for her actions sounded hollow, but she
was determined to carry out her plan anyway.

"Three more on that fat ass of yours and then we'll
take a little breather," Norma said, even as she raised
the strap and brought it down again and again and
again. Carline's behind was now one big bright red
blotch as she sobbed, slumping forward in a futile
attempt to alleviate the unbearable effects of the

"God, that's fun. I never had any idea how satisfying
it would be to make you suffer. I love it!"

Continuing to work herself up into a lather, Norma
positioned herself in front of Caroline and grabbed her
jaw forcefully in her free hand and lifted the crying
woman's head. She bent and once more began licking the
tears from Caroline's cheeks and then began kissing
her, running her tongue all around her lips and into
her mouth. Drawing back she said , "Well, darling, have
you had enough?" to which Caroline replied, "Yes, yes -
oh, it hurts so much. I've had enough."

"That's too bad, Caroline, because I haven't and I'm
not finished yet. But I am done whipping your ass so
take a guess at what's next." Norma said, her voice
taking on a really mean and hard edge.

Caroline looked at her wide-eyed with the dawning
realization of what was coming and said, "Ohhhhh,
noooo. Please. Pleasepleaseplease don't do this, Norma.
I'll do anything you want - I promise - but please
don't do this."

"That's right, keep it up, you little slut. Keep on
begging. It's music to my ears. But let's see, now. We
don't want anything to get in the way of your enjoyment
so we need to make a little adjustment here," and she
reached over to Caroline and insert her hand inside the
bra cup that still concealed one breast and pulled it
roughly out. She caressed the tit gently and pulled
lightly on the nipple and bent down and tongued it for
a couple of seconds, making it hard. Then she raised up
and moved back and to one side.

"Nooooo, pleeeeeease," Caroline wailed, throwing her
head back between her extended arms

But it was to no avail as Norma once more swung her arm
back and around bringing the strap fiercely across
Caroline's exposed breasts which were being held out by
the bra. Just as before it left a broad red strip right
across the middle of both tits and Caroline howled
again from the pain.

After having lashed Caroline's breasts twice more,
Norma suddenly felt a let down. It was enough. She just
didn't want to do this anymore, so without saying a
word she marched over to the wall and undid the cord
from the cleat and slowly released the tension on the
line, watching as Caroline's arms came down in front of
her. She was afraid for a second that the woman might
faint, but she didn't as she remained standing,
sobbing, with her head down.

Norma went over to her and first undid the cord and
then loosened the ties binding Caroline's wrists. As
soon as they were free her hands shot immediately up to
her painful breasts and she began to massage them
gently as her face drew up in a grimace. Then she put
both hands behind her and began to massage her rump at
which point Norma hurried around and looped a tie
around her wrists and made them fast together again
behind her back.

Startled, Caroline inquired, "What are you doing now,
for christsake?"

"Quiet, you bitch, or I'll string you up again and
start all over," Norma commanded.

Seeing that her hands were tightly bound, Norma went
and sat on the edge of the coffee table and leaned back
on her hands as she spread her legs.

"Down on your knees, whore and get over her and suck my

You're going to make me cum. Be quick about it, too -
or else!"

Caroline obeyed meekly and dropped to her knees in
front of Norma, lowered her head to her sopping pussy
and began to french her out with her lips and tongue as
Norma leaned back on her elbows and played with her own
tits and nipples.

Bobby, still concealed behind the stair partition,
listened in dumbfounded silence to all of these events.
He couldn't believe what was happening and his emotions
were in a disordered heap. Never before had he seen
this cruel, vicious side of his mother; he had no idea
it existed.

What was more unnerving to him, however, was the fact
that his mother was this very moment having her cunt
eaten by another woman! He knew there were lesbians in
the real world, but never for a minute suspected that
his mother might be one. His young and simplistic mind
was having trouble reconciling that someone could enjoy
sex with both men and women as was now apparently the
case with his mother.

At once he felt extremely jealous, but this was hinged
with a growing eroticism at the sound of Mrs. Bishop
sucking her off. Soon he heard the unmistakable sounds
of his mother approaching an orgasm and wished that he
could witness what was happening, but knew he couldn't
risk even a peak for fear of being caught.

When Mrs. Bishop had finished her off, Bobby heard his
mother say, "Well, at least your fucking mouth still
works, bitch. Now - pick up your clothes and get the
hell out of here. Right now. I've had enough of you for
one night. Go on, get out of here."

The tone of her voice more than the actual words roused
Bobby out of his reverie and he suddenly realized that
he needed to move very quickly. As silently as he could
he moved his cramped muscles and began to ascend the
stairs and just in time. No sooner had he once again
hidden himself behind the kitchen swinging door than a
sobbing Mrs. Bishop, dressed in only panties and bra
and holding the rest of her clothes bundled in one arm,
came into the kitchen and went quickly out the back


Having barely gotten hidden in the kitchen and
witnessed Mrs. Bishop's hasty retreat out the back door
Bobby wasn't sure what to do. Then he heard his
mother's footsteps at the top of the stairs as she
entered the hallway. Luckily for him she headed to the
living room.

When he was sure she wasn't moving around, he very
cautiously went to the back door and then opened and
closed it loudly as if he had just come home. Then he
turned on the kitchen lights and went directly to the
refrigerator and opened it as he usually did every time
he came home. Typical teenager, he thought to himself.

Just as he closed the fridge door without having taken
anything he heard his mother call from the living room,
"Bobby, is that you?"

"Yeah, mom, I'm home," and he turned and headed for the
living room.

There sat his mother on the sofa. When she saw him she
asked, "Hey, you're home real early. What happened?"

"Uh, Ariel got sick just as we got to the theater and
wanted to go home. Uh, woman problems - you know."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Kinda spoiled your
evening, huh?"

"Nah, not really. I'd rather be home with you anyway."

"Oh Bobby, you're so sweet."

Bobby couldn't take his eyes off Norma. He'd never seen
her so alluring before. As he sat at the opposite end
of the couch from her he could plainly see her big dark
nipples and areola through the sheer material of her
blouse. Noticing to where his attention was directed
Norma remarked, "It's a nice outfit, don't you think?"

"Uh, yeah mom, real nice. How come you're dressed up
like that?"

"Oh, no real reason," Norma teased, "I just felt like
it. And I knew you'd like it too, huh." Bobby just let
it go although he was strongly tempted to pursue the
issue. He was still feeling the pangs of jealousy. As
these thoughts crossed his mind he got a strange look
in his eye. Norma caught it almost instantly and said,
"What's the matter, son? Something wrong?"

Bobby hesitated a second, but then, to change the topic
he said, "Mom. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, darling. What is it?"

"Well, I know you said we can never touch each other,
uh, you know, sexually. But do you think it would be
alright if I kissed you? I really want to kiss you,

Norma considered this for a moment and said, "Wellll.
I'm not sure it's a good idea, but I do know that you
sure deserve something more than I've been giving you
so far. Did you lock the back door when you came in?"

"Oh shit. No, I didn't. I'll do it right now," and he
immediately got up and went to do it. Then he heard
Norma call "While you're out there would you get the
bottle of wine out of the fridge? And bring a glass,
too. Bring two glasses if you want some. And turn off
the kitchen light when you come back."

While he was fetching the wine and glasses Bobby came
to the decision that he would not bring up the incident
in the den this evening. It would just ruin things for
him if his mother found out that he knew all about what
went on down in the den even if he hadn't seen
anything. He especially wasn't going to bring up the
business about Mrs. Bishop sucking her off. He was sure
she didn't want him knowing about something like that!

In a minute, Bobby returned with the wine bottle and
two glasses. He unscrewed the cap on the cheap wine and
poured both of them a glass, handing his mother hers
before retaking his seat on the sofa. Norma then raised
her glass to him and said, "Here's to us and a happy
few days together."

Without saying anything, Bobby raised his glass to
Norma and took a healthy swig. Norma keep the glass to
her mouth and sipped from it, sensing her son's
nervousness, but she didn't say anything. Bobby was
silent also and didn't seem to know what to say or do,
so Norma finally broke the deadlock with, "I thought
you wanted to kiss me, dear?"

"I do, mom," he said timidly.

"Well. You can't do that from over there very well, can

"I guess not," he answered, but still didn't make a
move to get closer.

"Bobby. Why don't you come and sit over here next to
me. That way, when you get up the courage, you'll be in
a position to kiss me before you lose your nerve,"
Norma said, teasingly. "Is there something the matter?"

Bobby slid over the cushions and came to rest next to
Norma, sitting squarely forward, but close enough that
their thighs were just barely touching. He could feel
the heat from that contact and he could also now smell
the aroma of sex from her body intermixed with her
normal smell as well as a trace of her perfume. The
combination was intoxicating and made him ever so
slightly lightheaded.

"No, nothing's the matter. It's just that I'm really
nervous now that I'm alone with you."

"We've been alone before, love. As a matter of fact, if
memory serves me right you even jacked off in front of
me a couple of times. And now your nervous? About
sitting here with your mother?"

"Well, you know. I mean, I've never kissed you before.
You know, not in that way."

"What way, darling?" Norma continued to bait him.

"You know."

"No, Bobby, I don't know. But why don't you show me
instead of just talking about it, OK?"

"Can I really, mom?"

"Sure, if that's what you really want. I told you, you
could, didn't I?" Norma's voice was getting slightly
gravelly now as she began to feel aroused from the game
she was playing with her son and the thought of what
was about to happen.

"Well, yeah," Bobby answered, turning toward Norma and
looking at her wide mouth with its full lipstick-red
lips that arched so sexily. The thought passed through
his mind at that point that he had never before noticed
just how sexy her mouth was and he said, "Gee, mom,
you've got a really sexy mouth, you know that?"

"All the better to kiss you with, my dear," she joked,
but it was only half a joke and Bobby didn't miss the
implied invitation as he leaned forward impetuously and
mashed his own mouth against Norma's, taking her by
surprise. She let the contact remain for a couple of
seconds before pulling away and saying, "Whoaa. Take it
easy. I hope you don't kiss your girlfriends that way;
you might knock out a few teeth," and she chuckled at
her own humor. Bobby, however, didn't think it was
funny and felt embarrassment from his mother's

Deciding on a gentler manner Norma said, "Why don't I
kiss you instead, OK. That way you can get an idea from
me how I want you to kiss me. Would that be alright?"

"Sure, I guess. You've had a lot more experience at it
than I have."

Norma set down her wine glass and took Bobby's as well
and put it on the coffee table. Then she bade him
settle back and enjoy as she adjusted her body up
against his side, mashing her pointed breasts into his
arm. Not knowing what to do with his shaking hands he
just put them in his lap. Reaching up, his mother put
both her hands on each side of his head and leaned
forward, just brushing his lips with hers with the
lightest of touches as she looked directly into his

"Keep your eyes open, Bobby. There's nothing sexier in
the whole world than open-eye, open-mouth kissing," she
breathed against his closed mouth. Next she slid the
tip of her tongue out and began to lightly lick his
lips all around ever so gradually applying pressure
until her tongue found its way up against his teeth.

Getting the hint, Bobby opened his mouth slightly, but
Norma continued to snake her tongue around his outer
mouth, between his lips and gums, back and forth from
one side to the other. At last she put her tongue
between his teeth and sought out his tongue.

When contact was made their two tongues began a slow
dance, twining and twisting wetly around each other in
Bobby's mouth. Eventually, he got up a little nerve and
moved his tongue around his mother's and slid alongside
it until he was in her mouth. She pulled her tongue
back and the dance continued in her mouth.

When she pulled away a couple of minutes later she
could see from her son's expression and the feel of his
hot breath as he panted in her face that he was very
aroused. Again she bent forward and, licking her lips
first, making them lusciously wet, she placed them,
slightly parted against his and without any tongue
action began to slide them around and back and forth.
When he tried to reciprocate, Norma mumbled an "uhn
uhn," and continued her motions, letting her lips, now
swollen from her own excitement, go slack so that they
felt rubbery and somehow lewd to him.

Norma then surprised Bobby by beginning to lick his
lips, then increasing the area she was licking to
include his chin and cheeks and forehead and finally
his nose where she even stuck the tip of her tongue
inside. As she was doing this, an overwhelming feeling
of tenderness intermingled with lust overcame Bobby and
he whispered hoarsely, "Oh mom, I love you so much."

"I know, darling, I know," she said back, as she
continued to lap his face with big swipes of her moist

"Jeez, that's so fucking sexy, what you're doing to me.
Oh - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk that way."

"It's OK, love, you can say whatever you want. I love
to hear you say things like that. It sexes me up when
you talk dirty to me. I want you to say those things if
you're feeling them."

"Yeah, I know. It does the same to me. And I sure am
feeling them right now."

Norma tried to slow herself down, but she was so
excited she couldn't help herself as she reached up
with a hand and grabbed his tongue with her fingers and
said, "Stick your tongue out - way far out - yeah,
that's it," as she put her fingers into her own mouth
and made them wet. Then she grabbed his tongue again
and began to jack it with her fingers as if she were
masturbating a miniature cock.

"Do me at the same time, darling, just like I'm doing
you, OK," Norma said as she stuck her tongue out as far
as she could between her fire-engine red lips. Bobby
fondled her tongue as his head reeled with pleasure and
then he grabbed his mother's head in both his hands and
mashed his mouth to hers before he returned the favor
and began licking her face as she had done to him.

After a minute Bobby fell back to catch his breath and
Norma looked at him and said, "Are you good and hot
now, darling? Is your cock hard? Is it leaking cum

"Yes, mother, my cock is really hard. It's so hard it
hurts. You've made me really fucking hot."

"I'm glad, dear. I'm glad you're so fucking hot," Norma
hissed, "I'm hot too. My cunt is all swollen and
squishy from our kissing. It's so fucking sexy, kissing
you. It even makes my asshole throb."

"Jesus," Bobby said as he looked deeply into his
mother's eyes. "Mom, is it alright if I take out my
cock. It's so hard. I want to take it out and show it
to you, OK. I want you to look at it. I'm so fucking
hot I want to watch you looking at my cock."

"Oh, yesssss, son. Do it. Take out your big hard penis
and show it to me. Let me look at it. I want to see it
so badly. Go ahead - pull it out!" Norma chanted as she
lay back and watched her son unzip his pants and reach
inside and work his enormous erection through the
opening in his shorts and pants.

When it was all the way out at last and Bobby was
holding it by the base so that it stuck straight up
Norma said, "It's so big, honey - god, it's so big.
Does it feel good now, to have your big prick sticking
up like that while I look at it?"

"Uh huh. I love having you look at it. Sometimes I even
fantasize that you look at it long enough that you make
it cum all by itself, without even touching it."

"You mean, like that time upstairs when your hands were
tied. You came that time without any touching, didn't
you? You must have really been hot then too."

"I sure was. I've never been so sexed up before, just
watching you with that cucumber in your pussy while you
finger fucked your asshole. It was just so sexy. Are
you sure it's alright to talk like this, say these

"Of course, darling. I love to hear them and I love to
say them myself. Talking dirty makes me VERY horny. And
the filthier the better. Tell me, have you ever finger
fucked your own ass?"

"No, I haven't. The only thing that's ever been up
there was a long time ago when you used to give me
enemas. When I was a kid, remember?"

"Sure, I remember. But I think I'd like to watch you do
that to yourself sometime. Do you think you would mind?
Maybe we could do it together, huh? How does your cock
feel now, Bobby? It looks like it's ready to burst."

Bobby was beside himself with lust as he watched his
mother staring at his twitching penis. "It feels really
good. Do you like it, mom?" he said as he slowly began
to stroke himself.

"I love it Bobby, I just love it, it's so beautiful
when it's all hard and jacked up like it is right now.
I'll bet you'd really like to masturbate it right now,
wouldn't you? But I want you to hold off. Don't do it
just yet. I want you to get just as excited as you can
- so that you almost can't stand it anymore."

"OK, I won't. I'll wait if that's what you want.

There was a moment of quiet as Bobby dropped his head
to stare at his mother's long full legs still sheathed
in the sheer, black, shiny nylons before he said, "Mom,
I need to ask you something else."

"Yes, dear," Norma answered dreamily, still staring at
Bobby's huge twitching erection which now had a large
bead of pre-cum leaking from the head.

"I know I'm not supposed to and I hope you won't get
mad for my asking, but I'm so hot I just can't help
myself. Honest. And I won't get mad if you say no."

"What is it?"

"Mom - can I feel up your legs. Please," Bobby asked,

"Yes. I guess it's OK to do that. But please, Bobby,
don't go any higher than my knees, OK?. Promise?" Norma
was still determined to hold to her no touching policy
although this minor excursion away from it couldn't
hurt that much. After all, it was only her legs he
wanted to feel.

"Sure, mom. I promise."

"Before you do that, though, wouldn't you be more
comfortable if you just took off your pants. That way I
can look at your balls as well as your prick. Would you
do that for your mother?"

Bobby didn't say anything, but stood up and unfastened
his pants and shoved them and his undershorts right
off, first one foot and then the other, taking shoes
and socks in the process. Standing up again he stuck
out his midsection right in front of his mother's face
so she could see up close how hard his prick was and
how full of cum his balls were.

"Tell you what, Bobby. I'll make a deal with you."

"What's that," Bobby said, willing to sell his soul to
the devil at the prospect of getting his hands on his
mother's legs.

"I'll let you feel up my legs if you'll let me watch
you fuck yourself in the ass with your finger while
you're doing it. How's that for a deal?"

"If you want me to, sure. I'd do anything for you, mom.
You know that."

"I know, darling. Here give me your hand and I'll make
it good and wet for you."

Bobby held out his left hand which his mother grasped
and inserted his middle finger into her mouth and began
sucking on it. Then she took the finger out and laved
it with her tongue, depositing a gob of saliva on it
for him to use. Bobby moved the hand to his behind and
was just ready to insert his finger when Norma said,
"Wait. Turn sideways, Bobby, so I can see you sticking
your finger in your rectum. I want to watch it all,

"Sure," he said, turning to his right so his mother had
a view of not only his finger ready to penetrate his
ass, but she could also see his cock sticking straight
out in front of him and his huge ball sac hanging below

"This OK, mom? Can you see everything alright?" he
asked and when she just nodded he slowly began to stick
his finger in himself, turning and twisting it as it
pressured the anal sphincter. As it went in further he
was so sensitive that it caused all the muscles in his
groin to contract violently and before he knew it he
was up and into a full blown orgasm.

His mother watched mesmerized as Bobby's cock swelled
up and rose to point slightly upwards before it began
to throb as it shot out a huge stream of white cum into
the air in front of him. Bobby moaned and grunted now
as he started to finger fuck his rectum rapidly as his
cock continued to spasm orgasmically, jerking up and
down on its own, squirting jet after jet of jism onto
the carpet.

When his cock finally stopped spasming and started to
lose its rigidity, Bobby removed his finger from his
ass and plopped himself down on the sofa beside his
mother and closed his eyes. He felt a slight
disappointment that it was all over before he had even
go started. And he hadn't even gotten to touch his
mother's legs.

Then he heard his mother say, "Well, that was quick
sport. And you didn't even get to feel me up. You must
have really been aroused. But it's OK. I loved every
second of it," as she leaned over and kissed him

"Yeah, I guess I was, huh."

"Wanna go upstairs and take a rest? The night is still
young, don't you think?"

Hearing in his mother's voice the promise of more good
things to come, Bobby roused himself with some effort
from his post orgasmic lethargy and took his mother's
hand as they both started for the stairs.


Norma and Bobby walked drowsily, side by side, up the
stairs and entered his bedroom. With a big sigh of
exhaustion, Bobby plopped himself down on the bed on
his back. Norma looked lovingly down at him and said,
"Hang on for a few minutes, lover, while I go freshen
things up, OK?"

He seemed so cute and innocent, lying there in only his
shirt, Norma thought as she stared down at his prick,
now shrunken to a fraction of its erect size.

"Sure, mom," Bobby mumbled, eyes closed and arms akimbo
on the bed.

Norma left the bedroom and freshened herself up in the
her own bathroom, applying a fresh layer of lipstick
and adding a touch of perfume. She was by no means
finished for the night and even though Bobby was her
son, she wanted to be as sexy for him as she could.

When Norma returned to his bedroom she could tell
immediately that he had fallen into a deep sleep.
Although she felt disappointed, she understood; it had
been a long day and the new experience he'd had with
the extended kissing session and subsequent anally
induced orgasm he had brought himself to had probably
just tired him to exhaustion. Feeling somewhat
frustrated, but accepting that he needed his rest,
Norma laid down softly next to him without touching and
drifted off herself.

When next she opened her eyes, she was surprised to
find that dawn was breaking and the room was no longer
dark at all. Then she remembered where she was and
looked over at Bobby, still fast asleep on his back
with only his shirt on; it looked like he hadn't
changed position all night long. As her eyes drifted
down she right away took in the sight of his penis
which was now rock hard, the head extending all the way
up past his navel. Must be one of those early morning
piss hard-ons, she thought. God, was he big.

Norma thought that never in her life had she seen such
a large cock as her son's. She rolled slowly to her
left side and supported her head on her hand as she
stared down at his magnificent shaft. All the while she
looked at it she could feel her insides start to churn
from the residue of the previous evening's unfulfilled
arousal brought on by teaching her son how to kiss and
lick her face and then watching him finger fuck his own
asshole to an astounding orgasm. And even though
Caroline had been forced to french her cunt to orgasm
earlier in the evening, she hadn't cum while she had
been with Bobby and was now falling victim to that

As she continued staring at his cock she even reached
out her hand at one point to grasp his hard-on,
thinking she would awaken him in the most pleasant
manner he had ever experienced. Every once in a while
his prick would twitch involuntarily and as she looked
up at his eyes she could discern movement behind the
lids telling her he must be dreaming of something -
hopefully something sexy. But then she took her hand
back, remembering her resolve to not let the situation
develop to that point with all its possible pitfalls.

A couple of minutes passed and Bobby began to stir.
First he stretched and then settled again and reached a
hand down and slowly began to stroke himself. As his
breathing quickened he came slowly awake and finally
opened his eyes partially only to be shocked by the
sight of his mother lying beside him, still fully
dressed from the previous evening and watching him rub
his hard-on. Out of some sense of propriety he quickly
jerked his hand away, but Norma said, "It's OK love,
you can keep frigging yourself if you want. It's a
lovely sight - you know I love watching you do it. But
don't cum yet, OK?"

Bobby gave his mother his sweet sexy smile as he said,
"Sure, mom. I won't cum, but I want you to kiss me with
those sexy fucking lips of yours."

Norma quickly leaned over and placed her lips against
those of her son and moaned as she ever so slightly
moved her mouth on his. "Were you having a pleasant
dream just now?"

Pulling away slightly Bobby said, "Dream? Hmmm, no, I
don't think so. But I sure do remember last night real
well. God, that was great."

"You liked that, huh." It was a statement and not a

"You bet I did. I never had any idea my ass was so
sensitive. Did you like watching me do that?"

"Uh huh," Norma chortled still watching her half-awake
son play with himself languidly.

"Would you like me to do it again for you. I will, you
know, if you want."

"Do you think you're up to it so soon in the morning?"

"I'm always up to it when it comes to you. You know
that, mom."

Ah, youth, Norma thought, always ready for action. And
then an idea began to form in Norma's mind and she
said, "I know, darling. But I have an even better

"What's that?" Bobby queried.

"Well... I'm not going to tell you just yet. I'm going
to let it be a surprise. But first - now don't get mad
- I want you to get up, take a shower, and go make
breakfast while I run an errand. I'll be gone for about
an hour and when I get back you'll get a surprise I
think you'll really like, OK?"

"Yeah - sure, mom. If you say so," Bobby said, sounding

"Trust me, dear. I know you're really going to love

"OK, mom," he said, slowly sitting up on the opposite
edge of the bed. Norma got up as well and without
saying another word left the room and headed down the
stairs. As Bobby entered the bathroom he heard the
front door close and shortly thereafter his mother's
car pulling away.

It was actually just a little over an hour when Norma
returned from a quick trip to Charleston and came
through the front door carrying a plain brown paper
shopping bag. Taking off her jacket she headed for the
kitchen to find Bobby sitting at the breakfast bar in
his undershorts and tee shirt. He looked fresh and
ready to go and sounded really eager as he asked,
"What's the surprise, mom? Is it in the bag there?"

"Uh huh," was all Norma answered as she poured herself
a cup of coffee and sat down on the stool next to him.

"Can I see what it is," he said, staring down at his
mother's sexy, crossed sexily right in front of him,
the skirt she still had on from last night riding high
on her full thighs. The sight was enough to get his
cock to begin thickening. Then she noticed his gaze
rise to her chest as he stared at her breasts supported
by the red half bra, the huge nipples plainly visible
through the transparent material of her blouse.

"Sure. Go ahead," Norma said and Bobby reached for the
bag, opening it and putting his hand in. He withdrew a
long, soft yet firm rubber double dildo. He looked at
it in a puzzled way and asked, "What's this for. I
don't... " but he never got the rest out as he realized
from closer examination what it was.

"Oh - I see. You want me to use this on myself - up my
ass - instead of my finger. Is that it?"

Norma answered silently with a lust filled smile.

"But what about the other end? What's it for?"

"Guess." Norma said amused as she watched her son
ponder the possibilities. When he at last seemed to
have the riddle solved he blurted out, "Wow! Holy shit.
You mean... "

"That's right, Bobby. It's just what your imagination
is telling you. Think you'll like it? Huh?"

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed, "let's go."

"Not so quick, my love. Before we get down to business
there's something else we have to do first. Something
we haven't done in years, but I think you'll like it as

"What's that?"

"Come on upstairs and I'll show you."


When they got to the top of the stairs Norma said,
"Dear, I want you to go into my bathroom and wait for
me there, OK? And take your little surprise with you -
we'll need it - eventually."

If there had been any doubt in Bobby's mind about his
mother's intentions, it was erased when he saw the
lascivious look on her face. So he headed down the hall
as Norma opened a large hall closet and began rummaging
around. Bobby went through his mother's bedroom into
her bathroom and stood waiting there until she arrived
a couple of minutes later with a wide flat box in her

"What have you got there?" he asked.

"You'll see. Here - give me our toy. We won't need it
just yet."

Bobby handed his mother the big double dildo and Norma
set it and the box she was carrying on the sink counter
and opened it. Inside, Bobby saw a red rubber water
bottle and what looked like a long, thin hose curled up
on top of it. Then he remembered from years back what
it was and he started to get anxious.

"Don't tell me you're going to, uh, do that to me
again, he said, remembering how much he had hated what
at one time had been a regular weekly ritual.

"You mean, give you an enema? Well, darling, yes. I am
going to give you an enema. For what I have planned I
think this is quite appropriate. It's really best if we
clean you out first. It'll make what happens afterward
that much more pleasant. And believe me, this time
around I think you'll find this enema somewhat more
pleasurable than the last time you had it. Trust me."

Norma took out the water bottle and turned the water in
the sink on, letting it run until it was the right
temperature. Putting the water bottle under the faucet
she let it fill up as she turned to her son and told
him to strip naked.

Bobby hesitantly removed both his tee shirt and
undershorts, but fear of what was about to happen had
caused him to lose his erection. When the bottle was
full to near bursting Norma retrieved a bottle of
mineral oil from under the sink and added some to the
water and attached the hose, making sure the clip was
clamped shut. She then took the douche nozzle and
affixed it to the other end of the hose and hung the
whole contraption from the shower curtain rod next to
the toilet.

This done she stepped back and turned to Bobby who was
still standing naked with a look of great doubt on
face. Noticing that he had lost the arousal he had down
in the kitchen and sensing he needed some encouragement
she said, "Why don't you just sit down on the toilet
dear while I make myself ready for this," and began
unbuttoning her blouse. Bobby sat as instructed while
Norma removed her blouse and undid her skirt and took
it off as well.

She now stood in front of her son in the half-cup long
line bra and matching red panties, the nylons and the
heels. As Bobby looked up at her she asked coyly, "Do
you like the way I look, lover? Am I as sexy as those
women in the magazines you look at when you masturbate?
I feel so - so sexed up standing in front of you with
my tits exposed. Can you see how swollen and hard my
nipples are Bobby? Just like your cock. It makes me
want to jack off my cunt having you look at me like

"Oh, yessss - you know I love the way you look, mom,"
he answered.

"Tell me. Isn't it better looking at me when you jack
off, rather than pictures? Even if I am your mother?"

Bobby simply nodded, hypnotized by the sight of his
mother's breasts.

"Still like my tits, don't you - even if they aren't
very big?" she said as she reached up with both hands
and began to play with her nipples, bringing them to

"Wanna know a little secret?" Norma asked

Again Bobby just nodded, watching his mother fondle

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" she half teased.

Another nod and a barely audible, "uhn uhn."

"Well - after that first time in the bathroom I, uh,
borrowed one of your magazines; the same one you were
looking at that day. And I jacked off to the same
picture you were looking at. That woman sure had nice
big tits, didn't she."

"You mean you..."

"That's right, darling. I like looking at pictures of
naked women when I masturbate, too. Just like you do."

Bobby's eyes were still glued to Norma's breasts and it
was just a matter of seconds before Norma noticed his
prick was now standing almost straight up between his
legs; a bead of pre-cum had leaked from the tip and was
running down the underside of the rigid shaft. As she
continued to pull on one nipple with one hand, she
stuck the forefinger of her other hand in her mouth and
sucked on it, making it wet.

Then she reached the saliva laden finger down to
Bobby's lips and began to spread her spit on them as
she said, "I understand it really turns men on -
watching a woman play with her own breasts. Does that
excite you Bobby? Do you like to watch me play with my
tits, huh?"

"Uh, yeah, it does, mom," he said somewhat hoarsely as
his mother's moist finger caressed his lips and worked
its way into his mouth to play with his tongue.

"I also understand that men really get turned on
watching a woman suck her own breasts, but mine are too
small for that. Would that excite you if I *could* do

His mouth being otherwise occupied for the moment,
Bobby could only nod his head slightly as he swallowed

"Well, I'm really sorry that I can't do that for you,
darling. The best I can do is to lick my nipple - I
can't actually suck it. Thank god I was blessed with a
long tongue and big nipples, huh. I do this a lot when
I masturbate by myself, you know," Norma said removing
her finger from her son's mouth and using that hand to
push her small tit upward, tilting the long fat nipple
toward her mouth.

Lowering her head and sticking out her tongue she first
let a long stream of saliva drip from it until the
nipple was completely soaked. Then she began to lick
the nipple she was offering herself and the sight was
driving Bobby crazy.

"I see in some of your magazines that there's some
pictures of one woman sucking another woman's tits. Do
you think it would be exciting to watch another woman
suck my breasts. Do you think that would turn you on?"

Bobby couldn't believe he was hearing this from his own
mother, but then his mind turned to the previous
evening's activities in the den and he conjured up an
image of Mrs. Bishop sucking on his mother's nipples
and the vision caused his cock to jump as he once again
nodded his head.

"Tell me, Bobby. Have you ever looked at those pictures
of women sucking each other's tits while you jacked
off. Have you?" Norma said. She was now so aroused
herself that she was finding it hard to talk.

"Yeah, mom, I have. I think it's really sexy. I'd
really like to watch another woman suck your tits, too.
Did you ever have that done to you?" he asked,
wondering whether she would tell him about anything she
had done with Mrs. Bishop.

"Have what do to me, honey?"

"You know, have another woman suck your nipples?"

"Uh huh, yes I have. And I'll tell you about it
sometime if you'd like. But not now. Now it's time for
your enema. God, this has gotten me horny. Are you
horny, love?"

It took all her willpower, but Norma managed to stop
fondling herself and reached for the hose hanging from
the rubber bag. Holding the douche nozzle in one hand
she stepped directly in front of Bobby and said, "Now
open your legs wide, OK? And believe me, you're really
going to like this."

Bobby did as he was told and spread his muscular thighs
as wide as they would go. Norma inserted three fingers
in her mouth and got them as wet as she could. Then she
leaned forward and inserted her hand between her son's
thighs and under his buttocks being super careful to
avoid having her arm come in contact with her son's
rampant prick. Norma began to feel around the crack of
his ass and when she touched the taut muscle ring of
his anus his body gave a sudden jerk. This brought his
hard penis in contact with his mother's forearm which
caused him to jerk violently again.

"My, my, you are sensitive back there, aren't you,
love. But please try and hold still. I don't want to
injure you with these long fingernails."

Bobby was now confounded by a number of different
feelings and emotions, but he was most aware of his
mother's fingers gently pressuring his rectum. She
worked there ever so slowly until she had gotten the
entrance to his ass good and wet and the tip of her
middle finger past the anal sphincter, but then she
stopped to let him get accustomed to the feeling.

Norma's biggest fear at the moment was that he would be
so sensitive that he would cum just as quickly as he
had the previous evening when he was finger fucking
himself back there. But he didn't, although she could
feel the muscles clenching her finger contracting and
releasing. She felt the same contractions with her
forearm which was now up against the side of his big
hard-on towering almost straight up.

"OK?" she asked softly and when he nodded she began to
probe further up his ass, working her finger in and out
while twisting it back and forth at the same time until
she finally had most of her finger buried in his

The feeling was exquisite to Bobby. He was tense, but
that only added to his arousal as he felt her moving
her finger around. The sight of her breasts hanging
down from her bent over position, her face right next
to his and the combined smell of her perfume and cunt
were making him dizzy. God, how he wanted to reach out
and touch those tits, but thought better of it.

Then Norma withdrew her finger from him and took the
douche nozzle from her other hand and began to insert
it up his ass. It was actually smaller than her finger
so he hardly felt it go in. When Norma had the nozzle
positioned as far up his rectum as it would go she
said, "I want you to hold this in with your hand,
Bobby. Here - put your hand under you and take hold of
it, OK?"

Bobby reached under him with his right hand and took
the juncture of the hose and nozzle from his mother's
grasp as Norma stood up and reached for the clamp.
Norma undid the clip, but held the hose clamped with
her fingers as she said, "Ok. I'm going to let a little
of the enema go now. If you start to cramp up or it
hurts just say so and I'll stop."

She very slowly lessened the pressure of her fingers on
the hose and Bobby began to feel the warm water enter
his bowels. It was an amazing sensation and nothing
like he had feared or remembered. Looking up at his
mother standing above him, her turgid nipples jutting
out from her huge dark areola not a foot from his face
he was even more surprised when Norma raised one of her
legs and placed her high heel softly on his thigh, her
long, full leg right in front of his face.

"You never did get a chance to feel my legs last night
did you? I think you said you wanted to, but you fell
asleep first, huh? Well - why don't you do it now, if
you want to. Go ahead, feel up my leg," Norma croaked,
her voice cracking from her own arousal as she looked
down at her son's twitching prick.

Bobby stared at the nylon sheathed leg right in front
of him and said, "Are you sure it's OK, mom? You won't
mind? Really?"

"No, Bobby, I don't mind. I know that's what you want
to do. And I want you to do it. Go on, feel my leg,

Bobby reached up with his left hand and hesitantly
cupped the back of his mother's large calf in his palm
and began to slowly squeeze it. Then he started to run
his hand up and down the back of her leg from ankle to
knee and back again a number of times.

"Does it feel good, Bobby. Do you like feeling my leg?"

As the water continued to trickle into his insides the
pressure was having an effect on Bobby's libido and he
was almost beside himself with passion. "Jesus, mom,
yeah, it feels so good. I love this. I love feeling you
up. Your legs are so beautiful. I've dreamed of this
for so long..."

"I know, love. I've wanted this for a long time, too.
It feels so great having you feel up my legs." After a
short pause Norma said, "Would you like to kiss my leg,
Bobby. Would you like to lick it with your tongue. Go
ahead - do it. I want you to. Give my leg a tongue
bath. Lick it all over. Make it good and wet for me."

As Bobby leaned forward and laid the flat of his tongue
on the side of his mother's leg, Norma noticed that the
water bottle was almost empty and reset the clamp. As
he began licking his mother's calf he forgot about the
enema nozzle stuck up his ass and let go of it so he
could hold her leg with both hands as he kissed it.

The reaction was immediate as his water bloated insides
spasmed once. The douche nozzle was blown out of his
asshole and a powerful jet of the enema shot out of his
rectum. Remaining calm, Norma leaned over him and hit
the flush lever on the toilet as another spasm released
even more of the enema and then it came in a steady
stream as her son was engrossed in feeling and kissing
and licking her leg.

When Bobby appeared to have evacuated all of the water,
Norma removed her leg from his grasp and set her foot
on the floor. "Now I want you to clean up, dear, and
then come meet me in the bedroom."

As Norma moved back, Bobby stood up unsteadily, his
immense prick waving in front of him and stepped into
the shower. Norma left the bathroom as Bobby turned on
the shower and closed the curtain. But it wasn't two
minutes later until Norma heard the water shut off and
Bobby came into the bedroom toweling himself, his hard-
on still sticking straight out from his crotch.

When he saw his mother sitting on the edge of the bed,
thighs spread wide, playing with her pussy he gave her
a quizzical look to which she responded, "I'm just
keeping it warm for you, darling. And no need to worry;
even if I did cum, it wouldn't make any difference
right now. I can cum a dozen times to your once. But
I'm glad to see you resisted jacking off in the shower;
I don't want you to cum yet. When you do I want you to
sperm my tits with your hard penis, OK? Like you asked
me if you could once? Remember?"

The thought returned to Bobby and gave him a rush. He
was about to drop the towel right there on the bedroom
floor when his mother said, "Go put the towel back in
the bathroom, dear, and fetch the gift I brought you;
it's time for another little surprise. And bring the K-
Y jelly, too. It's in the medicine cabinet above the


When Bobby again entered his mother's bedroom she was
still seated on the edge of the bed with her legs
spread wide, masturbating. Seeing him she said, "Come
over here and stand right in front of me, OK."

Bobby walked over and stood directly in front of Norma,
his stiff prick pointing directly at her face. "Why
don't you set that stuff down for a minute." He did as
instructed and tossed the large double dildo and tube
of K-Y jelly toward the head of the bed.

"God, lover, your prick is huge. I can't believe how
big you are. You didn't get it from your father, that's
for sure!" and she emitted a short burst of mirth at
this. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm really going
crazy. I never imagined giving you an enema could get
me so aroused. It never did before. Before we go any
further I've just got to jack myself off or I won't be
able to function. Be a good dear and just stand right
where you are so I can look at that fucking sexy hard
penis of yours while I cum, OK?"

Bobby didn't say anything, but put both hands on his
hips and jutted his straining cock out toward his
mother's face. All she would have to do is lean forward
just a little and she could take it in his mouth, Bobby
thought and hoped. But Norma remained motionless except
for the increasingly rapid movement of her hand in her
pussy. Her face and upper chest were now blotched with
red spots and her breathing had grown ragged as she
masturbated her cunt furiously while staring transfixed
at her son's hard-on.

"Damn, I'm so fucking hot," she said, "I just love
having you watch me jill off as much as I enjoy
watching you. It's just so fucking lewd."

Looking down at her, Bobby wondered if his imagination
were playing tricks on him; his mother's nipples now
appeared to be about twice their normal size. And then
he saw what had in fact happened. In her excitement the
areolae had puckered up and pushed her nipples even
further out than normal, becoming the back part of the
nipple itself and swelling outward. He was fascinated
by this transformation, but didn't have long to study

In less than a minute Norma's legs suddenly came
together trapping her vibrating hand between her
thighs. Her body went rigid as the peak of her orgasm
slammed into her and she grunted loudly as each spasm
came and went until she was finished and flopped back
on the bed, arms widespread. Bobby fell to the bed on
his knees beside her and leaned down to gently kiss her
mouth saying, "Gosh, mom, that was powerful. Are you

"Oh, Bobby, yesss - it was so good. I needed that.
Thank you, son, for being so patient," Norma said,
grasping for breath. "Give me just a minute to recover
and it'll be your turn."

At that point the thing Bobby wanted to do most was
just lie down full length right on top of his mother
and stick his big dick up her drenched cunt. The desire
was almost overpowering in its intensity and it would
be so easy to do. So before he made that mistake he
pushed himself up to his knees and back onto his feet
at the side of the bed.

He knew the rules and didn't want to get his mother
angry at him and ruin whatever she had in store next.
He was learning quickly that Norma was a master of the
erotic and whatever her next surprise was, it would be
worth denying himself the risk of an impetuous moment.

Looking at his mother's breasts, which in her present
position made them flatten out and appear that she
didn't have any breasts at all, he saw that the nipples
had returned to their normal state and the large
areolae had once again reappeared. It crossed his mind
just then how amazing it was that women could be so
much alike, yet so different.

He thought of Mrs. Bishop's large swelling breasts and
puffy, pink areolae and contrasted them in his mind
with his mother's and wondered if Mrs. Bishop's nipples
reacted the same way when she excited. The answer
evaded him, but another question took its place and
found voice as he said, "Mom, would you tell me now,
like you said you would, about another woman sucking
your breasts? I'd really like to hear about it."

"God, you're a curious kid, you know that. But, yeah,
I'll tell you if you really want to know. First though,
I want to do something else and then when we're set
I'll talk to you about it."

Sitting up now, Norma reached over and grabbed the
long, thick rubber double dildo and held it out to her
son. "Here - take this," she said as she then picked up
the tube of K-Y jelly as Bobby took the dildo from her.

Opening the tube of lubricant she said, "Hold your toy
over here and let me put some jelly on it." Bobby
reached the dildo to her and she squeezed out a gob of
the clear stuff onto the nearest head. "Now give me
your hand as well - that's it. Now I want you to grease
up your butt really good with this stuff - but be
careful! I don't want you to cum right away like you
did last night."

"Aw come on, mom. You don't really want me to put this
in me, do you?" Bobby asked incredulously.

"Uh huh, I sure do. I know this is something new for
you, but I think you're going to really enjoy this.
Remember - trust me, OK. Now, move over here and put
one leg up on the bed. It'll make things easier."

Bobby was having doubts about this whole business, but
went ahead and set his leg on the bed, reaching around
behind him with the jelly on his fingers and began to
gingerly apply it to his anal area.

"That's it, darling. Get it good and slick. Now use
your finger and get some of it inside your ass." As
Bobby did this and began pushing some of the jelly up
his rectum with his finger Norma took his other hand
and steadied the dildo as she smeared jelly over half
its length from the knobby tip to where his hand
gripped it.

"Ok, good. Now go ahead and put that beautiful little
toy up your ass, love. Go on, but just take your time.
Don't force it. That's it," Norma coached as Bobby
moved the head of the instrument to the entrance of his
ass and, using both hands now, applied enough pressure
to get the head in, forcing wide the anal sphincter,
now tight from his obvious nervousness.

"Ahhhh," Bobby moaned and closed his eyes as he felt
the big knobby end of the fake cock pass the ring of
muscle and enter his rectum. He didn't need his mother
to tell him what to do now as he began to slowly twist
and turn and push the rubber cock further into his ass.
It was nothing like he had ever felt before and he had
the fleeting thought that this must be what it's like
when gays fucked each other and he now understood a
little of what women must feel like when they were
being fucked in the cunt.

In a lust filled daze he continued to work the dildo
further and further up his ass until he heard his
mother's voice say, "Hey, whoaaaa. That's enough, son -
don't let's be selfish about this, now. Leave a little
for me, OK."

Leave a little for me???? Bobby's confused mind
questioned. But he didn't have time to ponder that as
he felt Norma's hands on his hips, gently guiding him
as she directed, "Now get down on the bed, dear," and
she turned him and pushed gently so that he cam down on
the bed on his one hand and knees, the other hand still
holding the dildo in his ass.

"Now move up toward the head of the bed and turn over
on your back - that's it," Norma said, still helping
him as he propped himself up on a pillow against the
headboard. In this position he found that he had to
keep his legs and thighs somewhat back toward his chest
so the dildo sticking from his ass wouldn't be
pressured into the mattress. Norma now got up on the
bed and sat facing him. "Now spread your legs a
little," she said as she stretched her legs out toward
him and began pushing herself forward in his direction.

"What are you doing, mom?" Bobby asked puzzled.

"Just be patient - you'll see." Norma then raised her
right leg and laid it over Bobby's left thigh while
moving her left leg under his right thigh. "Now move
just a little toward me, darling."

Still not knowing what his mother was up to he did as
he was told and moved down toward her until Norma laid
back on her one hand and reached forward and took hold
of the dildo projecting from his rear with the other.
Seeing the surprised look on his face she said, "Get
the idea now, lover? Huh?"

To Bobby's amazement, Norma guided the exposed end of
the rubber cock right at the entrance to her sopping
wet cunt and leveraged herself even closer to him,
managing to get the head in. When she had a couple of
inches inside her she stopped moving and just stayed
partially on her side, propped up on her elbow.

"Wow, mom!" Bobby exclaimed.

"Neat, huh," Norma retorted as she slowly began to
slide the dildo further into herself causing it to
slide in the opposite direction in her son's asshole
and making him jerk involuntarily. "Hang on, Bobby,
you'll get used to it in just a bit."

Using her hand in a back and forth motion, Norma began
to set up a regular motion with the rubber cock
imbedded firmly in both their openings. As close
together as they were there wasn't much room for
movement, but it was sufficient to set up highly erotic
charges in both of them as they now stared lustfully
into each others' eyes. Norma could also see that her
actions were causing her son's large erection to twitch
violently and she asked, "You're not going to cum yet,
are you Bobby?"

"God, I'm awfully close. Maybe you'd better stop for a
moment or so."

Norma quickly stopped the action of her arm and just
lay motionless and looked at Bobby who was now plainly
sweating all over.

"Feel good?"

"Oooo, yeah, it does. Does it feel good to you, too?"
he asked.

"Of course it does, silly. Now tell me, was I wrong?
Don't you like being fucked in the ass?"

"You were right," Bobby answered and quickly
considering the situation continued, "but say, who's
fucking who here?" and chuckled in spite of himself.

"Damn it, Bobby, it's 'who's fucking WHOM.' Can't you
get that straight?" Norma chided, but decided not to
push it. As it worked out, however, the comical nature
of this aside worked in both their favors as it
lessened the sexual tension to the point where both of
them backed off from the brink of climax.

Not wanting to completely lose the erotic thread Norma
said, "Oh well, let's just say that we're both getting
fucked and doing the fucking. How about we're both
being double fucked? Sound OK with you?" and this time
they both laughed aloud.

When the humor passed, Bobby jumped in with, "Mom, tell
me now about having another woman suck your breasts -
please." This little verbal surprise caused Norma to
adjust the hand she was using to manipulate the dildo
so that she could grasp it and at the same time rub her
swollen pussy lips and engorged clitoris with the side
of her hand. In so doing it also moved the rubber cock
inside Bobby's asshole which caused him to moan and
say, "Whoops. Be careful, please."

"Sorry, darling. Do you really want to hear about

"Yes, sure. God, I'm so hot right now I'd just love to
SEE anybody sucking on you're nipples, but especially
another woman. Did you really like it?"

"Yes, Bobby, I really liked it. Well, maybe not so much
at first because I was scared. I mean, scared about
having sex with another woman. You know, the first

"Uh huh. Mom, are you a lesbian?"

Norma was taken aback by both the question and the
seriousness of her son's voice as he asked it and it
took her a second to ponder her answer. "No, Bobby, I'm
not a lesbian. Lesbians lead a lesbian lifestyle and
I'm not interested in that. But I do like having sex
with women as well as men and I've been doing so since
I was a freshman in college. That's where my roommate
introduced me to it."

Bobby considered what his mother had said and made the
not quite gigantic leap in his mind to the next
question unaware at the moment of the can of worms he
was about to open. "Mom, I know you're mad at her for
what happened in the car, but do you like Mrs. Bishop?"

When he saw the sudden change in Norma's facial
features as she added two and two together, Bobby knew
that he had irreversibly crossed the line and that
there was no going back now. Norma paused just long
enough for him to get in and try to rescue the
situation. "Mom, I gotta tell you something and I hope
you won't be mad, but I heard what happened down in the
den last night."

At that, Norma sat bolt upright, tearing herself from
her end of the double dildo and said, "You what...?"

For the next five minutes Bobby gave an uninterrupted
monologue of the events he had witnessed, finishing
with, "...but I never actually saw anything. I hope
you're not mad at me."

"No, my love, I'm not mad at you. I'm just sorry that
you had to be subjected to that sad little scene. That
was something I wish I'd never instigated and that
you'd never know about. I can't imagine how you feel
about me."

"Well, I'm a little bit jealous right now."

"Why should you be jealous. Tell me."

"Because I love you, mom."

"I know you do, son, and I love you too."

"No. I don't mean like I've always loved you. I mean I
really love you. You know, like being in love. Do you
love me the same way - even just a little?"

The sweet sincerity of her young son's words pulled at
her heartstrings as she said, "You know I do,
sweetheart. I do love you. Just because I also like
having sex with women doesn't mean that I don't have
different feelings for you, you know."

"You said you like to have other women suck your
breasts. Does that mean that you also like to do other
things with them?"

"Yes, Bobby, I like doing other things as well."

"Do you like to suck other women's tits, mom?"

"Uh huh, yes I do."

"And do you like to eat their cunts, too? And do they
eat you?"

"Yes. Uh huh."

"And do you do those things with Mrs. Bishop?"

After a second's hesitation Norma nodded her head and
said, "Yes."

"And you suck her tits and she sucks yours and you give
each other orgasms and stuff."

"Yes. As a matter of fact, Caroline is just as crazy
about my big nipples as you are. She can't seem to get
enough of playing with them and sucking them."

"Well, that's why I'm jealous."

"I don't understand, Bobby. What do you have to be
jealous of?"

"I'm jealous because Mrs. Bishop can suck your tits and
cunt and you won't even let me touch you and you won't
really touch me. I love you, mom, and I want to be able
to do those things too. And I really want to fuck you.
I don't understand why Mrs. Bishop can do those things
and I can't." Bobby said with a definite sadness to his

"Oh - I see," Norma answered. "I'm so sorry, dear, but
you've just got to understand that because I do love
you that I feel it's just best if keep a certain
distance. And as much as I would love to have you fuck
me, it's absolutely out of the question. The risk is
just too great and if anything ever happened it would
ruin your life - and mine too. You don't want that to
happen, do you?" she pleaded.

"No, I guess not." And Norma could tell the resignation
in his voice was genuine.

Most seriously Norma said, "Son - you need to know that
I suffer just as much as you do. I want those same
things, but some things just aren't meant to be. So I'm
just trying to make the best of it for both of us. Can
you understand that?"

"Sure, mom. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stir up

"It's OK, Bobby. I know you didn't. Let's just try to
enjoy each other the best we can, OK?" but Norma could
see from his now rapidly shrinking member that the
situation had deteriorated. In an attempt to reverse
the impending course of events, Norma forced a sexy
smile to her face and leaned forward to grasp the loose
end of the dildo still sticking out of her son's rear.

"I guess you're not much in the mood anymore, but I
still am. So would you just mind if I get myself off
with this and then we can sort things out more?"

"I'm sorry. Sure - go ahead," Bobby said

In the process of getting the dildo back into her cunt
Norma began moving it around, noticing that it was
indeed having an effect on Bobby when she saw his half
hard prick start to twitch and expand again.

"Why don't you just lie back for a minute or so and let
me finish myself off, OK? And if you wouldn't mind too
much, it'd be nice if you'd rub my legs while I'm doing

"Sure - I'd love to," he said as he cupped the back of
his mother's full calf with one hand, moving it up and
down as he squeezed it. Norma then resumed her previous
movements with the dildo and began jacking it in and
out of her cunt and her son's anus alternately. In no
time at all she could see that Bobby's penis was once
again hard and throbbing, just as her own clit and cunt
lips were.

"Jesus, Bobby, I'm going to cum real quick. Is it OK?"

"Yeah, sure mom," he panted, once again excited to his
previous level, the rubber cock in his ass doing a
number on his prostate. "I think I'm gonna cum to -
real soon."

It was one of those unplanned moments as both Bobby and
his mother sat up at the same time facing each other.
The action caused the dildo to bend in the middle
between them, but it stayed put in both his ass and her
cunt. There was now no room for Norma to move it so she
quickly switched her hand to her clit and began to
furiously jack it with her fingers.

Suddenly, Bobby came up and to one side so that his
rigid prick was now on a level with his mother's bare
tits. He let go of the leg he had been feeling up and
started to jack off his penis as he screamed, "Here it
cums, mother - here - it - cums!" and a long, thick gob
of viscous sperm shot out of his cock directly onto his
mother's exposed right nipple.

Seeing this pushed Norma over the edge and she went
rigid, but managed to almost shout, "Oh, yesss, Bobby!
Cum on my tits! Cumonmytits, you fucking horny prick!
Do it! Sperm my tits, lover! Jism my breasts!"

As she frantically jerked her pussy and spasmed, he did
too, sending blast after blast of semen onto both of
his mother's bare breasts until they were speckled all
over with jism. Norma reached up with one hand and
started to smear it all around her chest, scooping up
some of the copious load with two of her fingers and
bringing it to her mouth and then leaning forward to
kiss her son, licking his lips with his own sperm and
pushing it into his mouth with her tongue.

As the climax began diminishing they both put their
arms around each other while still kissing deeply,
Norma rubbing her cum soaked bosom against her son's
sweaty torso, moaning and panting into each others'
mouths as Bobby sucked on her tongue and lips. Finally
they broke apart, the dildo forgotten for the time

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