part 2
Say My Name 2

As Ember’s hair begins to flare up into flames, Tucker thinks quickly, trying to find a way out of this situation. “WAIT! You don’t want to kill you’re biggest fan, do you?” Ember begins to loosen her grip, as she looks at Tucker strangely. “You’re…my biggest fan?” “Yeah, you Rock…out loud!” Tucker says, trying to appeal to her vanity side. “That’s why I was onstage singing one of your songs.” Ember’s a little wary of believing him. “So why do you hang with the Snow-Haired Pinhead?” “Uh…so I could get a chance to see you?” Ember releases her hold on his throat, buying into his story. “But…why were you dressed up as a Pop Star?” She sighs, not really wanting to remember the road she took to this point. “Because kid, not everyone wants to Rock out loud.”

Ember remembers back when she first thought of her plan, but it wasn’t as easy at she thought it would be. She went to multiple Record companies to get signed, and she ended up having to suck Cock (literally) just to have a chance. She remembers everything sexual she had to do to get to this point, and the humiliation she felt. She takes off her headset and watches as it transforms back into her Guitar, as frustration and anger build inside of her. Tucker smiles, though it’s a small, barely noticeable grin. His hands are behind his back, tightly gripping the Fenton Thermos. “Good thing Danny lent me the Fenton Thermos. Just gotta wait for the right time…then she’s all mine.”

Outside in the Audience, Danny is still a bit shocked by Tucker’s actions. But he snaps out of it when he realizes he may be in trouble. “I told Tucker not to play hero. I just hope he still has the Fenton Thermos.” Quickly, Danny dashes towards the bathroom area. He quickly jumps in a Port-A-Potty and begins his transformation. “GOING GHOST!!!” After a brief flash of light, a beam forms in the middle of his body. The beam splits in two, one going upwards & the other going downward, transforming him from meager Danny Fenton, to mighty Danny Phantom. He phases out through the back of the Port-A-Potty, so not to bring attention to his identity. Unfortunately, he forgets to change the door from Unoccupied to Occupied, leaving a long line of fans outside waiting. Danny makes a beeline for Backstage to save his friend, when he’s sidetracked by, of all people, Paulina. “Inviso-Bill!” she yells out, startling him and sending him falling to the ground. “What’re you doing here?”

Backstage, Tucker is about to open the Fenton Thermos to trap Ember, when Ember reaches out and grabs him by his collar. Tucker panics, thinking the jig is up. “Oh no. She must’ve seen the Thermos and recognized it. I’m doomed.” She pulls him close and, much to his surprise, plants a deep kiss on his lips. The shock of it causes Tucker to drop the Fenton Thermos, which falls behind a trunk and out of view. Ember pulls away from the kiss and smiles. “Thanks, runt. You made me realize what a fool I’ve been. There’s only way for Ember…and that’s the way of ROCK!!!” Tucker is still stunned over the kiss, and is ready to faint. “Actually, the name is Tucker…WHOA!!!” As he falls he reaches out his hand and grabs the dial on Ember’s Guitar, turning it to the Heart Symbol. He brings his other hand around and tries to catch himself, but ends up strumming her Guitar, sending out a Love Wave that infects the entire arena and everyone inside. Tucker sits up and shakes his head, stunned somewhat by his fall. Suddenly, something is tossed onto his head. Tucker pulls it off and looks at it, recognizing that it’s a pair of pants. Leather Pants. He raises his head, and notices Ember standing there, bottomless, wearing her black tank top & Rock Boots. “You wanna prove you’re my biggest fan?” She walks over to Tucker, who’s on his knees, and puts her leg over his shoulder, giving him a clear view of her throbbing pussy. “Lick it!”

Back in the audience, the Love Wave fades after affecting the whole crowd. Danny, unaffected because of the Fenton Phones, quickly realizes what’s going on. “I know that sound. That’s Ember’s Guitar, I should’ve known she was behind this.” He’s about to speed off to stop her when he feels someone grabbing his wrist. He turns to see Paulina, who gives him a seductive look. “Why are you off in a rush, Inviso-Bill? I thought we could spend some time together.” She pulls him close and lays a deeply intense kiss on him. Her tongue moves inside of his mouth like a serpent, as her hand explores downward into Danny’s pants. Danny is enjoying this moment, but quickly realizes that something’s wrong and pulls away. “WHOA! What are you doing?” “Showing you the benefits of being with me.” Paulina says, as she drops to her knees.

She tugs down on his pants, pulling them down along with his boxers to reveal his already hardening Cock. She licks her lips at the sight of it. “Mmmm, I think I can wrap my lips around this.” Danny’s shocked at the aggressiveness Paulina is showing. But that feeling quickly fades when he notices what’s going on around him. Everyone in the audience has taken off their clothes and partnered off. It’s the start of an Arena-Wide Orgy. “Oh my god, Ember’s Guitar affected the whole crowd.” Danny says. But before anything else can be said, he feels Paulina’s warm, moist lips wrap around his shaft. She takes in the head, and rubs her tongue all around it. This catches Danny off guard, as he places his hands gently on the back of her head. He wants to leave, he wants to go help Tucker, but he can’t bring himself away from Paulina’s mouth.

Back Backstage, Tucker has buried his face between Ember’s legs. He’s furiously licking her clit, and up & down her pussy lips, causing her to gasp & moan with each moment. She grabs Tucker’s head with both hands and holds him there. Tucker’s afraid for his life, but at the same time really aroused. “Oh man, I can’t believe I’m eating out Ember! She’ll probably kill me after this…but it’ll be a good way to go.” Tucker plunges his tongue inside of her, delving between her lips. He palms her ass with one hand and grips her leg with the other. Ember grits her teeth as she feels his tongue moving inside her. She’s close to her climax. “Oh god…Yeah! OH YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” She clenches her fingers into Tucker’s beret, and squirts her love juice into his mouth. Taking her leg off of his shoulder, she picks up, who’s licking his lips of her juices. “Not bad at all, Baby pop.” She says, with a growingly devious grin. “You ready for the Main Attraction?”

In the audience, Paulina is going to town on Danny’s Cock, deep throating it as far as it can go. Danny is leaning on a trunk as Paulina bobs her head back & forth on his shaft. She then takes his Cock out of her mouth and strokes it in her hand. “Betcha never had a deep throat like that before.” Danny just grins and nods his head. “And I want more, I wanna feel your cum in my mouth.” She firmly grips his Cock and licks his balls, right before she puts his member back in her mouth. She works her head faster this time, as Danny can feel himself on the brink of a climax. “Oh crap…I think I’m gonna…” He’s not able to finish his sentence, as he spills his seed inside of Paulina’s mouth. After a minute, Paulina releases his Dick from her mouth, and swallows his load. She looks up at him with an anxious grin. “Yummy, ghost cum.”

She stands up and pulls down her spandex pants, revealing her pink panties with a heart on the front. She pulls them down and takes them off, before wrapping her arms around Danny. “How about you take me for a ride, Ghost-Boy?” She rises up, and guides herself down onto his erect manhood, cooing as it slides inside of her. “Ooh, Ghost-Boy!” Danny has a look of grimace on his face, as she grabs her legs to hold her up. “Damn, she’s so tight.” Danny thinks. “I can barely fit in there.” She finally slides all the way on, and begins to bounce up & down. Slow at first, but she begins to pick up speed. Danny looks at the stage, and in the back of his mind he hopes that things are going alright back there. “Tucker does have the Fenton Thermos,” he thinks. “If it is Ember back there, he’ll know what to do.”

Backstage, Ember has on the ground against the wall. She grips his erect pole with a smirk on her face. “Hmm, maybe you are one of my “biggest” fans.” Without hesitation, she straddles Tucker and fits herself onto his Cock. She begins to grind on him, but she doesn’t waste time by going slow, she starts to bounce up & down on his Dick at a furious pace. Ember leans in close and begins to talk dirty in Tucker’s ear. “Oh yeah, Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Dipstick! Ram it in me!” Tucker is in disbelief. “Holy crap, she’s talking dirty to me. This is like a dream.” He grips her ass again, this time with both hands, and basically holds on for dear life. Ember clenches his shoulders tightly and pushes herself away from him a little, as she closes her eyes and gets into it. “OH YEAH!!! Come on. Say my name, Dipstick. SAY MY NAME!!!” “Oh, Ember!” Tucker yells out. Ember’s hair then flares up, as she begins to feel more power.

Back in the audience, Paulina is riding Danny like a wild bull. She leans forward and kisses him deeply, smothering his lips with hers. After a minute, she pulls back from him, leaving a small line of saliva connecting the two. Danny closes his eyes, as he feels himself plunging deeper inside of Paulina with each stroke. “Damn…she’s so tight! I…can barely keep up with her. It feels like I’m losing it.” As those thoughts run through his mind, he slowly begins to float in the air, holding up Paulina all the while. Danny looks down and notices that he’s more than a dozen feet off the ground. “Holy Crap!” Paulina is too into the action to notice. “I know, Inviso-Bill! It feels like we’re floating on air.” Danny quickly realizes the irony. “It’s because we are.” He thinks. “This must be some side effect from my ghost powers, but…” He doesn’t get the chance to finish his thought, as he can feel a familiar tingle, signaling that he’s close to popping his top. Paulina is feeling it too. “OH, GHOST-BOY!!! THAT’S MY SPOT!!! I’M GONNA…” Paulina tosses her head back, as Danny bites his lip, and they both climax at the same time. He fires his load inside of her, as they slowly float back down to the ground. They lay there on the ground, with Paulina resting on top of Danny. “This is like a dream come true.” Danny can’t help but smile, knowing he enjoyed it as much as she did.

Backstage, Ember’s hair is a fiery blaze as she rough rides Tucker’s Cock. Tucker closes his eyes tight, as he can feel himself about to blow. “Oh man, this feels so good. I’m about to erupt.” He then opens his eyes, and becomes filled with determination. “No…it’s to soon. I want to be inside her longer!” He shoots his head forward and passionately kisses Ember, which shocks her enough to make her flames die down. He then rolls her over so that he’s on top. Ember’s completely caught off-guard, as Tucker drills her deep, making her moan and scream with each thrust. He’s pumping in & out of her like a machine. “Now say MY name, Ember. SAY MY NAME!!!” “OH, GOD!!! TUCKER!!! YES!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!” Ember screams out, as she wraps her legs around him and locks them. Tucker’s fighting the feeling, but it’s a losing battle. He can feel himself about to burst inside of her. “Oh…crap…I’m gonna…” He doesn’t even get the rest of the sentence out before his sprays his load inside of her pussy walls. Ember lies there, enjoying the sensation of his cum filling her up. Tucker falls face first between Ember’s breasts. He feels weak, and unable to move. He knows Ember can do whatever she wants to with him, but he also doesn’t care. As his Cock still rest within her pussy, and he slowly passes out, the last thing he hears is Ember’s voice. “After this, you’ll never forget my name, Baby pop.”

An Hour Later…

The effects of Ember’s wave have since worn off, and everyone in the audience has returned to normal…as normal as you can be after a Theatre wide Orgy. Tucker wakes up to find himself fully clothed. He notices a photo that’s resting on his chest. It’s a signed photo of Ember, and it reads, “To my “Biggest” fan, Tucker.” A cocky grin comes across his face, but it quickly fades when he hears someone coming his way. He stands up and hides the photo in his pocket, then is reminded about Ember. “Oh no, I let Ember go! How am I gonna explain this to Danny?” At that moment, Danny, in ghost-mode, floats in to check on Tucker. “Tucker, I figured it out! It’s Ember, we need to…” “I figured it out to, Danny.” Tucker says. “But she, uh…hypnotized me with her guitar…and escaped! Yeah, she did that. Why didn’t you catch her?” Danny begins to panic, not wanting Tucker to know about his “encounter” with Paulina. “Umm…I was…also hypnotized. Yeah, she got the whole arena! Everyone inside.” “But not outside, fellas.”

Danny & Tucker turn to see Sam leaning in the doorway. She’s holding the Fenton Thermos in her hands. “I caught Ember as she was escaping backstage, while you were knocked out, Tucker. Apparently for some sick reason, she used her powers to create a huge Orgy in the Theatre. She must’ve knocked you two out before she did it.” Danny & Tucker nod their heads nervously, not wanting to let Sam know otherwise. “Heh, guess you missed out on the party, Sam.” Tucker says nervously. Sam raises an eyebrow to him. “Yeah, a bunch of people joining in random sex acts without rules or restrictions? I’m Glad I was outside.” The two guys laugh as the exit from backstage and make their way out of the arena. Sam stays behind and waits until they are out of view. Once they are, she furiously kicks a Trunk and growls in frustration. “WHY CAN’T I EVER GET LAID?!?”

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